Does this mean I can finally touch you, Pirate?

Drake hardly waited for the elevator doors to close before trapping Martin against the metallic wall, his palm straying to the interested crotch while his mouth attacked the devil’s, finally free to give in to his greatest craving.

Anticipating his move, the blond Irish reacted viciously, his tongue striking out to clash against Drake’s fiery muscle to start a silent battle, each trying to gain an advantage while their cocks became harder as the pressure increased spasmodically.

The pirate was too taken by Martin’s intoxicating taste filling his senses to notice much else besides the wet tongue invading his space, slithering like a seductive snake, sweeping his palate with repeated strokes, trying to reach his throat and wanting to take possession of everything. Drake responded fiercely, rubbing the muscles together, grazing the edge of the devil’s pointy teeth, drinking from him as if he were man dying of thirst until he could not breathe anything but Martin.

“Does this mean you changed your mind, Pirate, and I can finally touch you?” The Irish teased sarcastically, pulling slightly back to allow for breathing.

Drake grinned, gripping the rigid bulge pressing on his stomach to squeeze it tightly. “Oh, I demand it, because you’re gonna get fucked the whole night through,” he explained, stroking the shape through the clothes.

The elevator doors sliding open caught them by surprise, but fortunately, no one was around. In fact, the entire floor was in semi-darkness, only the emergency lights brightening a path Drake knew blindfolded. Walking fast, he led Martin to his office, as dark as the rest of the floor. Getting inside, he locked the door behind them, pushing the devil against it to continue his mouth’s hungry game, surprised at how much he liked it. He could not get enough of Martin’s taste and smell inebriating his senses like a glass of expensive champagne.

The Irish, on his part, seemed more than eager to let him explore his infinite nuances, switching to complete surrender as their kiss deepened, becoming sweeter.

The new twist only enflamed the pirate’s erotic tension exponentially. Painfully hard, he pressed against the devil’s stomach, requesting more up-close attention and turning into stone the moment the devil’s hot breath burned at his crotch. When Martin’s nimble fingers freed the rigid dick, Drake could not suppress a gasp at the shock of the warm palm gripping the thick stem forcefully. He had craved this moment in so many dreams that for a second, he feared it would end before it even began. Breathing deeply, he controlled the wave of pure bliss rushing to the fore, reality far exceeding any passionate fantasy he had entertained since Thanksgiving as the pleasure increased with Martin’s tantalizing handling that drove the enflamed equipment to his open mouth. The pirate gasped again as the confined space closed on his bulging head, his hips pushing to get the stem inside, too, while trying to reach Martin’s throat.

The devil wrapped his tongue around the throbbing shaft, restraining his attempts at choking him.

But Drake pushed forward to break through the devil’s defense, his cock sliding in search of a better fit, hitting cheeks and palate at length.

The Irishman increased the pressure of his hold and caught it again with a tight tongue curl, probably giving himself time to breathe before plunging into another hard suck. Having learned by now where to hit, lick and lap to give Drake the greatest pleasure, he stroked insistently on the same point, sometimes trailing down the long stem to circle the base, stopping at the balls before fitting more than the pirate thought possible. Never once did Martin’s tongue cease its relentless tease on the soft skin, slipping underneath sensitive spots to rub them forcefully until every muscle twitched with burning desire.

How Martin knew exactly where to direct his wet attention was a mystery, but this time, it would not be enough. The yearning to possess the Irish devil overwhelmed every other need, which he could not postpone any longer. With an abrupt gesture, he stopped Martin’s sensual bobbing, then bent down to his ear. “Get up. Time to get seriously fucked.”

“Thought I’d never see the day.” Grinning widely, Martin grabbed Drake’s outstretched hand.

Bringing him to the desk, the pirate made him lie down on his back, then seeing the hard cock jutting proudly in front of him as if demanding immediate action, he gripped it firmly, appraising its thickness, its length and its hunger. The dick responded by twitching in peremptory demand for something more, but ignoring its request, the pirate merely slid his palm up and down the long stem, acutely conscious of how different it was from his.

“Why don’t you taste it, rather than just play with it?” The soft Irish accent challenged.

Bending his head, the odd, piercing smell hit his nostrils, unleashing a new wave of excitement. It was his first time ever and Drake was not quite sure how to go about it.

“Just open wide and slide all the way down to the base.” He placed a hand on his head. “Then suck hard.” Pushing him forward, Martin showed him what he meant.

Drake felt his mouth literally swallowing the hard bulge straining in his space. Like a wild cat, it moved frantically, obviously trying to fit where Drake felt he had no room. But the devil’s steady push on his head helped the pirate adjust to his new guest and got his tongue to react by curling around the thickness, mostly to keep it from invading his territory, trying to pamper it, as he would have liked another to do to him. With continuous licks, he explored the hidden crevices while rubbing the soft skin vigorously. Martin moaned and Drake felt a surge of pleasure merely thinking that, in his own inexperienced way, he could return a fraction of the intense bliss the devil had always provided.

“Wait!” The Irish accent croaked, grabbing Drake’s long hair. “It’s not fair you should have all the fun. Why don’t you get up here?”

“On the desk?”

Martin opened his arms wide. “There’s more than enough room for both.” He determined after testing the maximum width.

Drake watched the desk for a moment, enjoying the picture of the fair devil sprawled on it, his light colors reflecting even in the poor lighting. “All right, but I want you naked.”

Readily agreeing, Martin quickly discarded his pants on a side, together with the underwear.

Without clothes, his cock seemed even bigger, the pirate noticed as he climbed on the desk to savor it while shoving his own into Martin’s open mouth.

In giving and receiving, maybe as Peter had said, was the secret to happiness. The pirate felt completely at ease sucking the straight, full dick pushing inside his mouth while his drowned in the devil’s velvety wetness. At the same time, his fingers worked incessantly at exploring Martin’s ass, easily accessible thanks to the widespread legs. The first finger nudging the tight entrance, which seemed even more enticing in this position, slid effortlessly inside, soon followed by others, increasing the pressure and thickness of his shoves. Unlike most women, Martin’s flesh had yielded immediately to his probing, opening up and swallowing Drake’s fingers without a moment’s hesitation. In fact, the more he pushed, the more it wanted until the devil had to beg. “Take me, now. Just stick it in and fast, because I haven’t wanted anybody to take me as much as I’ve wanted you to.”

Thrilled by the admission of his naked desire, Drake shifted position, his few, last remaining resistances melting like snow in a desert. “And I want you, too.” He groaned hoarsely, pulling back before he spilled his guts. “Like I never wanted anybody before.”

Almost bursting in anticipation, the pirate pulled out a condom, fitting it while gazing at the Irish’s enticingly irresistible figure propped on the desk, ass pushed out and face pressing on the wooden surface. Drake had him pull up further to raise the ass to his convenience, then nudged the tight hole. Just like with his fingers, the flesh immediately gave in, welcoming his thickness as it wrapped seductively around it. With every move, the pirate penetrated deeper inside until nothing remained out except the balls. With a groan, he increased the velocity as Martin matched his every thrust with an incredibly elegant ass swing. Mesmerized by the movement, but mostly by the man himself, Drake plunged into the tight flesh, rubbing harder against the narrow walls with every powerful shove. And the ass relaxed more to accommodate him better, making extra room where the pirate thought there was none to spare.

“You fucking son of a bitch! How many cocks screwed your ass to make it so welcoming?” He whispered hoarsely, bending on his ear.

“You can’t even come close to guessing.”

“I wouldn’t be so proud. I can hardly feel a damn thing back here.”

“You like the tight fit better? It’s just a matter of position.” Pulling away, the Irishman crawled up the desk again to lie on his back. “Try me now.”

Drake immediately picked up his legs to cradle them against his chest, then shoved forcefully through the exposed entrance. One push and he broke inside, sucked in by the hungry hole wanting to have him all at once. As Martin had promised, the flesh felt tighter in this position, the walls adhering snugly to his entire shape and squeezing it in a crunch. No further adjustments needed, he continued his frantic thrusts as Martin submitted to each one, unable to move on his own. He accelerated before catching sight of the swollen cock staring in his face. Unbidden, the urge assailed him unexpectedly and he was too far gone to think clearly so he bent, hankering for one more suck of the tempting piece of meat.

This was their undoing, resistance crumbling on both sides with the first jets hitting the pirate’s throat causing a powerful shove that drowned the rubber in steamy, dense fluid until neither could move or breathe from the intensity of the experience.