Race you to the cabin!

"Rydan, Kyraen!" Colsy called out on reaching the camp. "Your turn to get the gear in the tool cabin."

At the direct order, Rydan’s heart sank. The tool cabin was smaller than the bathroom where his lust had taken a life of its own. No way could he imagine getting out of the cramped space without betraying his craving.

"Come on, Rydan." Grinning broadly, Kyraen picked up three of the backpacks the other team members had discarded and left on the soft ground. "Race you to the cabin."

Before Rydan had the chance to protest, Kyraen took flight. Leaving Rydan no choice except to grab the other sacs in a hurry and scramble after him.

"I won." Throwing open the door, Kyraen ran inside.

"Not fair." Unable to stop his rush, Rydan barged through the threshold, bumping hard into Kyraen. "You didn’t…" The words died in his throat as he realized his crotch was pinned to Kyraen’s.

Which was swelling.

Same as Rydan’s.

Without thinking twice, Rydan’s mouth flew to Kyraen’s.

The young man did not push him away. Did not try to avoid their lips from pressing. He opened his mouth, instead. Wide open. Wide enough for Rydan’s tongue to plunge inside. Never want to leave.


It was the only word Rydan could think of as he savored Kyraen’s intoxicating taste. Sweet yet pungent. Steady yet urgent. There was such a mix. Rydan wished he had an eternity to explore all its facets.

What he had was just that one moment of thrusting his tongue as far as he could. To sweep the yielding mouth giving him full access while asking for more.

Then Kyraen slipped a hand inside Rydan’s breeches and caressed his engorged gland. One stroke and Rydan came all over his pants.

Talk about being aroused!

And embarrassed.

"Tonight." Kyraen’s hoarse whisper distorted his voice. "Come to me tonight. My roommate is spending the night out, so we won’t be disturbed."

"Count on it."

It was all Rydan had the presence of mind to mutter before dropping the backpacks and fleeing.

His courage returning that night, Rydan wailed the short distance separating his cabin from Kyraen’s. As promised, his friend’s room was empty save for the man himself. Not that Rydan had any time to check.

On entering, he was hooked into Kyraen’s arms and mouth. In a single sweep, the hot tongue forced its way through his half-closed lips.

So Rydan drowned again.

And again.

And more.

There was no end to the sweetness. To the exchange of tastes, smells and flavors. There was no stopping their equipment from getting bigger and bigger, either.

At one point, they tumbled in bed. Neither Rydan nor Kyraen had detached his lips from the other.

For Rydan, it was a physical impossibility. Kyraen’s unique scent was getting to his head and shaft faster with each clash of tongues.

Delicious, to say the least, the silent battle they were fighting inside their mouths. Arousing, to say it all, for the pressure kept rising.

As if possessing a mind of their own, Rydan’s hands began tearing off Kyraen’s clothes. Tugging first the pants until they slid to the floor. Then the shirt.

The need to press on Kyraen’s bare skin was almost unbearable. Too strong for Rydan to think straight or rationalize his attack.

Luckily, Kyraen’s hurried gestured to rip off Rydan’s clothes indicated the same urgent necessity. Neither paused until the other was completely naked.

Crushing Kyraen under his weight, Rydan continued the intoxicating kiss. His cock digging in Kyraen’s ass crack egged him onward. Mouth surrendering to Rydan’s invasion, Kyraen’s tongue stood down. Without further opposition, it sucked him all the way to the throat.

Which made Rydan want to penetrate Kyraen in every possible way.

The tip of his erection covered the narrow ring of muscles at the end of the cleft. Then pushed to request entry.

Nothing hard or hurried. Rydan had all the time in the world. And since this would be the first time for both of them, he had every intention of savoring every moment of it.

No, his penis would not force its way inside. Rather wait for Kyraen to accommodate it when ready.

The wait was not long. The narrow hole opened up greedily at the first hint of pressure.

So Rydan inched forward. Slowly. Very slowly. His tongue still drilling Kyraen’s mouth. His cock splitting the tender rear.

As though glued to one another, their lips refused to part. Rydan sank deeper into Kyraen’s wet cavity, same as his straining erection in the yielding behind.

An inch at a time, Rydan conquered more ass territory. Sensations were driving him crazy. Never in his life would he have imagined something so exquisite exited.

Not just existed. His for the taking. Like Kyraen’s magnificent ass, sucking his rock-solid gland to the hilt.

When he was completely inside, the need to pump convinced him to break their lips’ incredible contact. Planting his open palms on the mattress, Rydan pushed himself up, immediately possessing the tight butt to the balls.

His. It was all his. All at his complete disposal. All nice and snug around his twitching cock that would not be able to stand the ass squeeze for too long.

Particularly with the arousing view of Kyraen’s buttocks swinging up and down to receive deeper thrusts. Particularly with the sight of his round, firm cheeks swallowing his beast whole.

Kyraen moaning softly told Rydan that time would be short for him, too. So he rolled on a side, bringing his lover’s body with him.

Pliant and eager, Kyraen followed his glide until the two were lying side by side. Cock firmly stuck in the very crammed backspace, Rydan reached around Kyraen’s waist to grab what he imagined was a stone-like erection.

It was more. Kyraen had an enormously beefy piece between his legs. Its circumference barely fitting into Rydan’s palm. Its length longer than Rydan’s, with the fat crown was impressively massive. It would be a pleasure to gulp down the amazing shaft Rydan was attempting to submit with his hand alone. That would definitely be his next step.

Right after the cock stopped jerking so fiercely from its convulsive jets.

Right after Rydan’s own shaft stopped spraying Kyraen’s mouthwateringh his own semen.