Whoever mentioned women?

“I’ve always preferred sex over drinks.” A naughty smile crossed his lips. “I had the crazy notion there was a special person waiting just for me. To hop from one bed to another seemed the best strategy to find him, so I did a lot of…hopping.”

Unable to tear his eyes away from the compelling green gaze, the pirate grinned. “Not the faithful kind, I suppose.”

“Never believed in it. I always liked fooling around with whoever caught my fancy, but mostly my…dick.”

A shiver ran down Drake’s back as the dream returned forcefully to the fore. Martin’s look seemed unequivocal and for a moment, the pirate wondered what it would really feel like to taste something completely different. His shaft twitched, reminding that, in the haste to get something to drink, he had not bothered with underwear. So what if Martin notices it? And a delicious thrill ran down his spine. “With your looks, I’m sure women must’ve been all over you.”

“Whoever mentioned women?”

Drake was not sure he had heard correctly over the painful thumping in his ears that drowned every other sound. But Martin’s hand gripping his rising shape left little doubt to his meaning.

“They’ve never been, nor will they ever be, my first choice.” Then he dipped his head.

Before the pirate had the time to recover his wits, Martin’s warm palm was already holding the rigid stem, skillfully freed by nimble fingers. Drake gasped at the unexpected pleasure of the devil’s warm tongue wrapping around the bulging head, swelling its already considerable size in the matter of seconds and unleashing a fierce battle between violently conflicting emotions. A part of him protested to the treatment, insisting he end it immediately, stopping Martin’s seductive lip slide and returning the cock to the safety of his pants. But it was already too late, Drake realized, settling more comfortably against the couch’s back to facilitate Martin’s avid attentions.

And the devil did not wait for further invitation. Drawing the demanding cock inside, he sucked greedily until Drake felt his tip touching the edge of Martin’s throat. With a groan, he pushed up his hips to take the fatal plunge, but Martin stopped him by curling his tongue around the bulging head, holding it steady while continuing to lap it generously.

Drake leaned back. A blowjob had never satisfied him in his life. Women simply had no idea where a shaft wanted the tongue to lavish its wet attentions, following their own inspiration, which often did not consider a man’s likes or dislikes. Besides, he had the feeling most did not even like doing it and he was more than fed up with half-hearted attempts. So he usually did not encourage the practice, fearing it would only disappoint him in the end. Martin though, knew exactly where to direct his slithering tongue and how much pressure to apply. Running smoothly on the long length, he inflamed the base of the bulging head, driving Drake crazy with scorching desire, especially by squeezing his balls lightly, sometimes dipping down to suck them before returning to his favorite part of the equipment.

Drake groaned again in sweet delight. Not only did the Irish devil love cocks, judging from the energy and passion he devoted to them, but he also paid a special tribute to an area most women neglected. In fact, Martin’s every effort worked in one direction alone, to make him come. And surprisingly enough, the pirate knew he would for the first time in his life, his cock responding beautifully to the exciting stimulation. Drake had never felt it harder or thicker as it pressed on Martin’s cheek, hit his palate, strained to plunge down the throat, battled against the tongue’s vicious attacks. It felt blissful, especially after Martin’s hands stepped up their tantalizing skin slide, matching the pirate’s steady hip swing until his stunning release filled the blond devil’s mouth with repeated powerful jets of hot fluid.