What’s the matter with you, today?

"What’s the matter with you, today? You can’t seem to do anything right."

"What’s with me?" Andrea turned like a fury, poised to jump on him. "What’s wit you? What the hell is your fucking problem?" He really could not bear the tension one second more. The man’s gaze followed him everywhere, never once leaving him alone, though at a direct stare, he pretended to look elsewhere. Andrea had been far too patient, putting up with Valerio’s swinging moods, trying to understand what was wrong. But now it was really getting at him. Damn him, Andrea had cursed with a heavy heart. "What the hell’s the matter with you?" Andrea shouted again despite his efforts to calm down. "Whatever I do is wrong! How the fuck can I work if you breathe down my neck like a vulture that hasn’t made up his mind if he wants to eat me or—” Fuck me! he finished in his mind. He had moved closer, maybe a bit too much, he realized feeling the Professor’s heat and detecting the straining erection no amount of concealment could hide. "I can’t stand this anymore," he pleaded, resisting the urge to grab the aroused cock.

Valerio took a step back. "I— "

Andrea reached him. "You what? You think I haven’t noticed? Think I haven’t seen how you look at me lately?"

Another step and Valerio backstopped against a tree. "Listen—"

"No, you listen to me, Prof." His assistant was on him, faster than a blink of an eye. "I don’t know what fantasies you’re entertaining or why they make you so nervous, but…" He took a deep breath. "I know exactly the cure." His gaze traveled to the growing bulge. "And I want to tell you, I’m available, in case you decide to use it." Palm pressing on the hard cock, he traced its shape through the fabric.

The shock of feeling Andrea’s touch on his painfully throbbing erection was unexpected, but not like the wave of desire that hit his stomach. Suddenly, he understood Lidia’s needs perfectly, as if they were his own. Standing in the deserted valley, his memory flooded by erotic scenes, all he wanted to do was live them in first person. And his assistant’s offer seemed irresistible.

With a hungry growl, he attacked Andrea’s mouth, his tongue forcing his lips apart to ravish its warm interior. Wanting to posses the blondish man, he started with the obvious, unsure about his moves.

Luckily, Andrea took the lead. Opening his mouth wide, he received Valerio’s tongue, teasingly resisting only to increase his desire. In a fake battle, he pushed back the invader, his tongue wrapping around Valerio’s and clashing seductively while his hands firmly grasped the bulging crotch.

Nimble fingers unzipped the jeans, soon working on the naked flesh jutting proudly from its concealment. The shock of the warm palm holding it tight sent fresh waves of hungry desire through Valerio’s tense nerves, making him crave to have more, but not daring to ask outright. Providently, Andrea had no such hesitations when handling the demanding organ. Bending down, he took it in his mouth and sucked vigorously, tongue wrapping around the long thick length before moving up to the head. Lapping forcefully, the vibrant tongue darted on the twitching dick, sometimes curling around the top, then sliding to the base while sucking it down to the throat. Valerio felt him almost choke in his effort to draw him deeper, but could not stop his falling into bliss.

Drowning in pure pleasure, he moved his hips to make Andrea take more inside and the assistant opened wider to accommodate the extra centimeters. The hands helped, too, sliding rhythmically on the long stem until stopped by the avid mouth. But his fiery excitement demanded more and the Professor wanted to experience everything before his resistance failed. So time was essential.

As if understanding his needs, Andrea pulled back and fumbled in his pocket. "Here," he said, handing him a wrapped condom before unzipping his own pants and settling on the ground in a doggy style.

Prompted by Andrea’s gleaming ass, Valerio placed the rubber without further ado. Falling on his knees, he probed the inviting asshole, feeling the flesh give in easily to his pressure. Nudging the hard cock against the buttocks, Valerio penetrated effortlessly, one shove enough to get him deep inside. Once in place, he moved fast, his tempo increasing with each thrust, as he rubbed the tight flesh holding him captive. Lost in the rhythm, the fire grew out of proportion until it heated up his entire being in a single flash that left him limp and dry, collapsed on Andrea’s back.