Had fun in the bathroom?

“Had fun in the bathroom?” Getting up, Leon motioned Janet to scoot all the way to the corner.

“I had a ball.” Her ass wiggled as she complied.

Which kept the two wolves, as Sean had called them, turned on to the spasm.

Pad in hand, a waiter approached, and Leon ordered for them all, wine included. For his blond prey had managed to find it even here in this godforsaken place, a bottle of white Frascati Superiore the waiter himself had no idea existed, much less was available. At least not until the floor manager confirmed it was.

Once served the wine, Leon pressed his weight against her, while Sean trapped her on the left.

“Now be a good girl and spread your legs,” Leon commanded thickly.

No need to glance at the wolves to know he had their complete attention.

She obeyed immediately, sliding down the seat until the plug stuck out of the seat.

Concealed by the table, he pushed up the hem of her sexy dress, uncovering the whole of her shaven cunt. With slow, seductive strokes, he brushed her clit, hardly surprised to be swimming in velvety wet honeydew. For that was what orgasm deprivation could do to you.

Janet tensed and pushed up her hips to meet his hand. That she was dying for it was an understatement. That he would let her drown in her own craving was another euphemism. For he wanted her just like she was, trembling and screaming for satisfaction so that he could push her to a new limit and get her burning hot for the wolves.

As though reading his intentions, Sean grasped the plug and twisted it, following Leon’s rhythm in the front.

Which got Janet to rotate her hips and impale the plastic stick all the way up her guts.

And simply imagining how stretched her back ring must be gave Leon a serious hard-on. And judging from Sean’s acceleration, he was in no better shape.

She ignored both their reactions. Leaning against the wall, she closed her eyes attempting to attain bliss.

Amazing how her body kept trying in spite of all the obstacles and consequences standing in her way. Like his brutality in pinching her clit, to cause her pain on purpose and make her jolt upright.

“I think our friends are getting ready to leave.” Letting go of her plug, Sean lifted his shoulders and stared in front of him. “If only they weren’t so anxious to talk to you.”

So Leon turned, his long black hair fluttering around his shoulders.

The two seemed hesitant to go, like they wanted to approach but did not dare. Or like they would much prefer talking it out among the men alone.

And Leon could totally relate.

“The ladies room is waiting for you,” he breathed huskily in her ear. “So get going.” He rose to allow her through.

This time, Janet did not waste words on stupid objections, simply scrambled up and swung that irresistible ass of hers out of the dining room.

“And don’t hurry back,” he called out before she was out of earshot.

No sooner had Leon sat back down, the wolves were at his table.

“Nice little thing you’ve got there.” The stockier and older man of the two had a deep, raspy voice. “And I believe you’re Mister Leon, correct?”

Age forty-something, he was taller, with pronounced muscles, a large face and beady brown eyes clouded by lust.

He was also the dominant one.

“I’m Big Truck.” He extended an arm. “But off line, the name is Bob.” His big, callous hand grabbed Leon’s and shook it vigorously. “And it’s a real pleasure to meet you in person.”

“Likewise.” Bob’s firm, solid grip confirmed he was indeed the trucker he had claimed to be during the chat that Leon had used to arrange this get-together.

A chat Sean had known nothing about, though he showed no surprise at Leon’s way of doing things. So very used to it, he always seemed to be one-step ahead of the hunter himself.

“And this is my partner, Sean.” Letting go of Bob’s hand, he gestured at his side and caught the faintly ironic flash crossing the dark blue eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” It was his lover’s turn to shake the man’s beefy paw.

“And this is my business associate, Tex.” Bob slapped the younger man on the back.

Late twenties, slim build with regular features, red hair, freckled face and greenish eyes blatantly appraising Sean. It did not take too much brains to figure out where the man’s orientations lay.

Then again, Sean’s looks were simply too stunning not to attract attention, from men and women alike.

Tex leaned toward Leon. “Nice to meet you.”

Grabbing his hand, Leon squeezed it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” And the new handshake was equally strong, even if the hand was smaller.

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine.” This was all for Sean, since Tex had switched his focus and was now smiling enchantingly at him.

No, eating him up with his eyes alone was more like it.

“Mine as well.” Grinning broadly, Sean outstretched the hand that Tex clutched and retained way longer than necessary.

“Please sit, gentlemen.” Leon indicated the seats in front of him.

“Thank you.” Tex scuttled toward the end, scrunching up against Sean, while Bob cramped him on the other side.

“So about this toy of yours…” Bob returned on track. “When we chatted this afternoon, I must confess I had my doubts.” He leaned forward to fix Leon straight in the eyes. “It sounded too good to be true, which is why I thought you exaggerated a bit.” He hesitated as though he was ashamed of his lack of certainty. “But then, you walked in, and I realized you actually downplayed the whole thing.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go that far.” Deliberately indifferent, Leon shrugged. “Like I told you, it’s just a toy we have to deliver to Frisco.” He pressed his back to his seat. “An untrained toy we have to get into shape before we get there.”

“And like I told you, Tex and I might be able to help you.” Not surprisingly, the man had fallen for Leon’s bait with all his shoes on.

Which was just an invention, something Leon had come up with to spice up Bob’s interest and keep him hooked.

Because the last thing Leon would do with Janet was to deliver her to a Frisco Dom. Somehow and against any logic, she belonged with him and Sean, like his so perceptive lover had reminded just minutes ago.

“But before we get down to it, let’s discuss some details, shall we?” Bob glanced at Sean before returning on Leon. “How far have you come with it? Done any serious play like whipping, cropping—”

“Just your average bondage and domination,” Sean was quick to set the record straight. “Nothing painful,” he added.

No wonder his blond lover would catch on to his ruse, even if he had known nothing about it. He was not just the smartest person Leon knew beside himself. He had also the most brilliant intuition of all, which made him the most valued of all of Leon’s employees, both past and present.

“For that, they’ll train her in Frisco.” The dark blue eyes trained on Leon dared the hunter to contradict him.

Relax, sweetie. Leon found Sean’s protective stance strangely touching. I’m totally on board on this one.

He knew only too well Janet had no inclination for it. No experience, either. Completely inadequate when it came to handling deliberately inflicted pain.

Totally unlike his blond lover who had the training of several lifetimes in dealing with very painful, very harsh knife-cutting submissions.

“That’s right.” Leon nodded to confirm Sean’s statement. “Her Frisco Dom has reserved that pleasure for himself alone.” He made it sound final, without any margins for negotiations. “But everything else could be yours for the taking.”

“It’ll be an honor.” Bob lowered his head to emphasize his gratefulness at the offer. “Breaking down a new toy isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but with the right Doms it shouldn’t pose any problem.” He licked his lips in anticipation.

“That’s exactly what we’ve been doing since getting on the road.” Leon chuckled. “And what we’re planning on continuing as soon as our dinner is over.”

“Oh, you won’t be disappointed about that.” Bob looked around the dining room. “The food here is excellent.”

His assurances did not impress Leon. From the bulge of his stomach, the man looked like he could eat just about anything.

“Which is why we haven’t tried any other place since our two-day stopover.”

With the corner of an eye, Leon caught sight of the waiter approaching with two dishes in hand.

Evidently noting the same thing, Bob got to his feet. “Enjoy your dinner, gentlemen.” And Tex immediately followed him. “Once you’re done, you’re welcome to come by our room, number two-o-five.” Sliding out of the booth, he waited for Tex to reach him. “We got some fine old Kentucky Scotch whisky we’ve been meaning to open for just the right occasion.” His eyes twinkled maliciously. “And with just the right company.”

“Okay.” Leon grinned satisfied. “And we’ll bring the entertainment.”