This is a story about a comic book writer who dreams of a flame haired woman and makes her the heroine of his next comic book adventure. What he doesn't realize is that she really exists in another dimension, and on Halloween she can cross through. She takes him back to her dimension (which can only be done by having sex) so that her lover can tell him her story. In the beginning of the book, everything is as normal as you would expect the author introduces a few characters, but does not give them enough time or description. It isn't clear, at first whom the book is actually about, and it switches from reality to unreality rather suddenly. There are a lot of questions raised by the authors explanations of this magical place, and a lot of holes in those explanations. The sex scenes however are all that anyone could hope for, if a little too raunchy for my taste. The ending could have used a little more buildup so that the event would seem like more then a mere fact.

Reviewer for Love Romance Readers