Since when are you my master?

“Do you trust me?”

“Do I have a choice?” A bit defiant, she stared back at him with an unspoken challenge he put down to her inexperience and to the novelty of it all.

“You always have a choice, Princess.” Stroking her breasts, he toyed with the raised tips to increase her desire. “But when your master orders—”

“Since when are you my master?” Perplexed, Ylianor’s arresting green eyes flew wide-open.

“Since always,” he breathed huskily. “You belong to me, and that’s what I felt when I laid my eyes on you. I had no idea who you were, yet I knew you were mine.” His tongue played in her ear. “Which makes you my slave.” He spelled out the word, so there would be no misunderstanding.

Not because he truly believed she could be his slave. Because this game was turning out to be more arousing than he had anticipated.

“Now, are you ready to submit to your rightful master and owner?” At these last words, his cock tugged so hard he feared it would go ahead and take her without consulting him.

Straightening, he did not touch her anymore. It was part of his act—to make her feel cold and empty was sure to hasten her acceptance. So he waited, reading the conflicting emotions crossing her beautiful face, until she simply nodded.

“Not good enough.” No, not even close. “You’re not getting off the hook that easily. I want a verbal answer. Do you recognize me as your master? As the man who will always command over you, take you and use you if and when I please, ‘cause you’ll be nothing more than a slave to me?”

“I…” She shifted, probably wanting to get away.

Clamping her hips, he did not allow her to budge. Her answer was too important at this stage of the game.

“Yes, yes.” Out of breath and out of excuses, she went all limp. “I do.”

“You do what?” Inflexible, he did not allow her to avert her gaze.

“I accept you as my master,” she blurted as though in a hurry to get it over. “And I’ll be your slave.”

“Then turn around.” However much he wanted to flip her around himself, his game required she did it herself. “And I’ll show you what pleasure is.”

She obeyed at last.

“By the gods…” He had to catch his breath. “What a magnificent ass!” And he knew just who would appreciate it the most. “One that begs to be possessed.” Amused, he watched her wriggle it as if to show her appreciation at the comment. “And if you keep shaking it like that, I’ll just take it and not give a damn about you.”

She stopped moving all together.

So he admired the firm consistency, the round shape and the perfect size. So perfect, he knew the high buttocks would not lose their enticing shape no matter what position she took.

“Get on your hands and knees.” His voice thick with lust, he made it sound more like an order than he originally intended. “And bend your back.” Still, he wanted to test his theory.

And his cock’s yelp of craving was proof enough he had been right.

Definitely, his blond angel would just love to play with an ass like hers, if only she were not so…feminine.

Blocking off his thoughts of Chris, he clenched both ass cheeks and spread them. The crack between them was a further turn on. So straight and narrow, it led to the tight ring in a seductive slide he had noticed only in Chris. Then wetting his finger, he rimmed the tiny edges, and it pulsated. Out of fear or pleasure it was hard to tell.

For sure, he had to seduce it into submission, and nothing worked better than his tantalizing circles, or than his tongue urging the tight hole to surrender with drenched laps. At her first moan, he dipped two fingers, which she sucked to the hilt. So he increased the pressure to three, then four until Ylianor’s swaying confirmed what her pliant flesh had already told him.

She was ready.

All he had to do was nudge his stiff monster to her rear hole and break through its virgin confinement. One forceful thrust and the fathead cracked her ass, flinging wide open what had been exceedingly small just a second before.

“No, wait.” Tensing all together, Ylianor tried to scuttle away. “It hurts.”

“Like it was burning?” Whatever it was, he immobilized her so she could not get away from him.

“I think…” In obvious distress, she lifted her back to level it with her ass.

“Relax, Princess, and breathe.” Gently, he pressed his palm on her back. “But lower your back ‘cause I didn’t give you permission to raise it.” He made it sound harsh on purpose because he was still in charge. “Now tell me what you feel exactly.”

“It’s more of a burning sensation.” Even if the position was sure to hurt her more, she complied, pushing up her ass higher in the air.

Which only made it more fabulous.

“All right, it’ll soon pass.” The tip of his erection still stuck inside, he forced himself to bide his time. “Just breathe slowly and deeply.”

“I wish I could,” she snapped ironically.

“Here.” Grinning, he bent her way. “I’ll help you.” Slipping a hand between her legs, he zeroed in on her cunt, stroking her dripping pussy while brushing forcefully the tender clit.

Just a few rubs, and Ylianor could not keep still. But in throwing back her butt, his greedy cock managed to sink inside her cramped space and penetrate deeper at every swaying. To think he was not moving at all. She did all the work and beautifully, too, until nothing remained out except the balls.

Fuck! Was she tight! So tight, she would soon explode from her voraciousness to gobble up what was too big for her untrained rear ring. To him trying to accelerate such explosion, it was pure bliss, and the urge to stretch and enlarge her even more took precedence over any other concern. Because he would not rest until he had split her apart.


So he pumped, slow at first to give her time to get used to it, faster when she began responding enthusiastically. With every shove, her ass gave in that tad bit more to drive him crazy, coiling around his thick long length and refusing to let it go. So he claimed it all, sliding to her guts and out once she truly opened up to him.

Stuffed to the hilt, squeezed to perfection, Duncan was about to lose it. Hurry, Princess. To help her, he had never ceased his sensual play on her cunt and clit, rewarded by her matching his thrusts, which in turn heated up everything, including the friction of their skins rubbing against one another. I don’t think I can resist much longer, but I’d hate to leave you behind.