Master of pain

“Hush, Demon.” With two strides, she reached him. “You don’t have to apologize.” One hand flew to his face, to stroke his cheek. The other raked through his thick blond hair. “I’ve been jealous, too.” And the admission sounded less painful than she had expected.

Liberating in a way, because it had been a load pressing on her chest that she had clung to for far more than necessary.

And as soon as she let it go, she felt the beginning of something new connecting them, something far deeper and more precious than anything they had shared thus far.

Not that she had any chance to realize what it was exactly.

Chris bending and kissing her senseless kind of messed with her awareness. Not just on the account of his tongue ravaging her mouth and sticking down her throat. Mostly because he circled her waist and crushed her against his crotch.

So she went for him. And his reactions be damned!

It was high time Christopher Templeton acknowledged there was something at work between them that went beyond Prince Duncan Caldwell.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed closer. Rubbing and swaying her hips seductively, she dared him to take her and lose control inside of her.

But she was the one losing it.

As he tightened his grip on her, all she craved was to be an object of his pleasure. To use her body whatever way he saw fit, without bothering about her sensations in the least. Pain or pleasure, he could go either way, faster than the bat of an eye. And she was ready to accept whatever he would decide to give her. She would surrender everything like Duncan had taught her during Cecilia’s Game.

For sex and only sex was the demon’s game.

So she would have him however he came, holding nothing back and being content with the mere the pleasure of servicing his every need.

For she was as much his slave as the prince’s.

That he meant to take full advantage of everything she was blindly surrendering seemed kind of obvious from his stone-like beast digging on her belly. Her tongue twirled around his might have had something to do with it as well, if not the kiss deepening to an exquisite intensity.

Uh, she wanted him so badly, she would have jumped out of her skin to assuage the extreme heat enflaming her from the cunt upward. So she slid more forcefully against his frame to jerk his cock, which worked beautifully to get his full, undivided attention.

“So you want me that bad, eh?” Amazing how easily he read her, and how sexy his voice sounded now that he had managed to pull away from her lips.

With a loud groan, he spun her around and leaned her on the bed. Palms flattened on the mattress, feet planted on the ground and legs widespread, he tore off her pants.

“Well, it’s quite a change.” He raised her butt to his convenience. “Considering you always want him alone.”

His thick erection sliding on the cleft between her ass cheeks was driving her crazy.

“But it’s about time you got a taste of me alone, just so you know the difference between us.” His hot breath tickled her ear. “My only doubt is if you’re ready for me, if you deserve me—”

“I’m ready!” Mouth dry in anticipation. “I’m ready!” Stomach falling to her feet. “Take me.” Ylianor arched her back to thrust back her ass. “Fuck me.” That she had never craved anything like she did him seemed undeniable. “Hurt me.” That the mere smell of her was intoxicating her way beyond any safety level was equally undeniable. “Dip your knife. Drink my blood.” Merely imagining the scenes turned her cunt into a pool of excitement. “Whatever is your choice, just do it now, Lord Templeton, ‘cause I never wanted anything or anyone more in my life.”

“Glad to be of service, Lady Caldwell.” He bit her neck voraciously. “But since we don’t have time for the pain, I’ll have to stick to the more traditional way.”

Lifting up, he aimed and slammed into her narrow back ring.


“I thought you didn’t have time for the pain.” Not that she would give him the satisfaction of knowing how much it burned.

Instead, she pretended it was the best thing in the world, bending her back and throwing back her ass.

“So I lied.” Quite proud of himself, he adjusted his fit, pushing again the same fierceness until the hole ceased to resist.

No, make that until her ass cracked.


“That’s who I am, sleeping beauty.” Without once slowing down, he rammed without any consideration for the tiny opening he was stretching to an unbelievable size. “Pain and pleasure.” A size so huge, she was sure it would accommodate his balls, too. “And since the pleasure’s all for him, I guess the pain could be yours if you—”

“I accept!” Realizing she had shouted, Ylianor blushed violently. “I’ll do anything to have it.” Suddenly glad Duncan was not around to see her, she got a grip on herself. “I mean—”

“Sure, I know what you mean.” The impetus of his new thrust had his cock speeding for her throat. “Like you said, not everything is meant for the three of us. Some can be just our own, and I’m willing to go along with it just to have this magnificent ass one more time.”

“If that’s all you want…” And it was a pity that it would be all he ever wanted from her. “It’s yours.”

“No, damn it!” Flaring up, he intensified his beat. “And damn you.” The way he hammered now, she understood he was punishing her. “That’s not all I want.” Catching his breath, he pumped harder, claiming her entire cramped space. “You bewitch me, and it’s something I never thought a woman could do to me.” Wrenching her hips, he slammed against her as though the admission scorched him more than he had confessed.

And he did not want her to miss it or the intensity of his blows.

“That blasted night at the Festival, you were so fucking good, and I was so fucking furious, I just had to punish you.