Masters, why don't we do things my way for a change?

“If you’ve got a problem with it, let’s skip the woman and deal with it between us men.” Evidently pissed off as though he had read his thought, Chris could barely control his voice.

But before Prince Caldwell could reply, Ylianor was between them.

“Why don’t we concentrate on celebrating the event, instead?” Her ass grinding seductively on his crotch, her hands played with the angel’s cock, while her husky voice tried to cool things down. “And do things my way, for a change?”

“What are you suggesting?” Excited, Duncan dipped to bite her tempting neck, holding her hips against him.

“That you, my love, lie down on the bed.”

“What about me?” Also Chris wanted to play along.

“Demon, you’re always too impatient.” Reaching the bed, Ylianor straddled the prince, her cunt rubbing the aroused cock without allowing it to penetrate. Then she challenged Chris. “I believe there’s something here that requires your immediate attention.” Grinning seductively, she pressed her palm around the hardened stem, sliding the skin up and down, until the angel claimed it entirely with his fiery mouth.

Duncan gasped, the shock at the sudden pleasure surging like a repressed wave. Yes, maybe the princess was right to take control before they let things go out of hand. So he surrendered to the angel’s expert sucks, his luscious tongue wrapping around the bulging head to draw it deep down his throat, struggling to maintain his hold without choking, unable to avoid it in his greedy haste to swallow him whole.

That Chris adored cocks was no mystery, his in particular, but this time Ylianor made it more interesting, Edging closer to the hungry mouth, she pushed her cunt at it, forcing Chris to focus on two different targets at a time, licking now one, now the other in tune with her swinging rotations. Duncan’s shaft twitched in avid approval of the sensual dance, the way she arched her hips forward, slightly raised so Chris’s tongue tip could reach the swell without any particular strain before returning to man his erection, when she did not block his head between her legs.

If Chris’s cock, just inches away from him, had grown triple the size it was nothing compared to Ylianor’s next order.

“Demon, I can’t stand seeing you so neglected while my prince’s mouth is idle.” She smiled mischievously. “Why don’t you take advantage of it?”

The throbbing erection plunged in his mouth almost before the words left her lips. Even without sucking, the long length reached his throat, hovering on the edge of the plunge just as Duncan held it firmly to prevent any dangerous maneuvers. As hard as stone, the veins on Chris’s sensitive skin swelled to the spasm at each repeated stroke that made him tense in anticipation.

Well, they could not hold it much longer, not when Ylianor stopped Chris from sucking and took his place over the prince’s rigid erection, then turned a naughty glance on his angel. “What do you think he’d like most?”

“Your ass, no doubt.” Chris licked his lips, watching Ylianor accommodating on top of Duncan’s cock.

“Then help me screw it inside.”