Master BS!

“The training is finally working.” Duncan stuck a finger in her ass that opened to receive more. “We might just get the slave we always wanted.”

“You mean the one who doesn’t turn things against her master and services his needs exactly the way he wants them?” Drawing back from the thick piece he was clasping, Chris sniggered.

“Ah-ha, so she tricked you, too?” The fingers increased to two, then three.

“There’s no end to her damn tricks, lover.” Yanking her hair, Chris threw back Ylianor’s head to stare in her eyes. “But I never thought you had the nerve to do it to your primary master.”

“Oh, she did and shamelessly, too.” He increased the pressure on her rear. “Playing me like I was a first-timer discovering his Virt of sharing feelings.”

“Didn’t go any better with me.” Chris pressed her neck back to her task. “Mocking me with her master bullshit until she got exactly her way.”

“I say she deserves punishment.” In spite of his words, his hand slipped under her belly as she continued to suck the demon’s now huge shaft. “A rich one…” The sensual glide from her cunt to her clit was about to make her come. If only the prince insisted a little more on the swollen knot above her trap, she would have no problems in—

“Without her coming.”

Chris’s soft snarl caught her off guard.

How did the demon always manage to read her body so clearly? “Otherwise her ass will be too wet for a decent fuck.”

“Insatiable angel.” Duncan chuckled.

“Sorry, lover.” One last long intake of the bulging head poking his nose, then Chris got up. “This is too good to pass up.”

So they switched positions, the demon going behind her, the prince plopping down on the free seat and forcing her head on his demanding shaft. That they treated her as an object was exactly what she wanted. In bed, she was learning it was the best way to get more out of them, also because their command was always illusory. Then again, it was all a game, which worked for all of them, so she raised her buttocks higher to facilitate Chris’s aim.

If she expected no sort of preparation, which was his style, she was wrong. He used her cunt’s wetness to drench the edges of her narrow hole, sticking two fingers in her slit. Then doubling back, a suffocated moan escaped her lips.

“Mmmm…I thought the purpose was for you to have fun in her ass, not for her to come even before you took it.” Keeping her head down on his enormous piece, Duncan’s hips rose to dig into her mouth.

“You think she’s that close?” It was a rhetorical question, of course, considering how the demon was always one-step ahead of her.

“I don’t see how she can last one second more.” Then again, so was the leader as he reached her cunt the same time Chris’s fingers did.