Training my ass! I never wanted her more!

By the gods, what have they done to you? The words stuck in his throat at the sight of her, while his shaft had a reaction all its own.

Totally wrapped in ropes, she was the most cock wrenching sight he had ever seen.


Around her neck a collar held several cords running down her body and covering it completely except for the strategic parts, like snakes enveloping her in their spires. Four thick twines wrapped around her arms, crisscrossing them from shoulder to wrist, leaving the elbows free to bend. Thinner strands curved downward—two circling her breasts and hips before winding around her thighs, two at her back overlapping the front ones, coiling around her waist then pairing up with the legs’ bondages, which did not hamper the knees’ movements. Needless to say, her ass and cunt were absolutely available to any and all solicitations, while her mouth was gagged shut.

“Like her?” Craigan’s contemptuous smugness was almost intolerable. “It’s the way I like to treat my most disobedient servants.” With a visible effort, he rose from the couch. “Now let me get a look at her.” Then went over toward Brady dragging Ylianor to the middle of the chamber. “Like I said, I heard so much about her, but during the Fitting I only had eyes for the leader, much like everybody else.” As he confronted her, Chris noticed there was no trace of fear in her determined posture, standing tall and proud, head up, green eyes flashing in defiance.

“Lower your head when a master looks at you.” Brady hit Ylianor’s head with a wooden tool Chris had not seen before.

Rising, he reached sleeping beauty more to stare icily at the man who dared hit her. There was something about him Chris did not like, a haughty air that did little to win him over.

“Well, well, I may have underestimated the gossip after all.” Walking around her, Craigan inspected Ylianor, as if she were a horse he was thinking of buying. “Let me see her face,” he ordered Brady, who immediately yanked back her hair. “Chris, you sly dog.” Chuckling softly, Craigan glanced first at her, then at him. “I almost believed that nauseating pledge crap of yours.” Moving to a side, he neared his phase mate, also up and gawking at sleeping beauty from the moment she had entered the room. “Right, Theo?”

“Hem…” Looking disoriented, Theo shook his head free from whatever fantasy crowded it. “Now I understand why you were the life of the party, Lord Templeton. If you offered this morsel to just anyone—”

“It’s all part of her training,” Chris mused.

“Training, my ass!” Craigan’s beady eyes blazed. “You pledged to her ‘cause you don’t have to close your eyes to imagine you’re with the leader.”

“Her looks definitely help.” Since it was a lie, Chris made it sound as convincing as possible.

“It’ll be an extra pleasure to try her.” Craigan nudged Theo. “Though I have the feeling you want to be the first.”

“I won’t take anything vital, Crai.” Obviously deferential, Theo stepped forward to peer at Ylianor. “Just her mouth for now, if it’s all right with you.”

At Craigan’s nod, Brady pushed sleeping beauty to her knees, but before he could remove her gag, Chris intervened. “Allow me.” It was the most exciting detail of her attire—to have to free her mouth gave more the idea of control, which he could certainly not leave in just anybody’s hands. So he unlatched the rope and let Brady crush her face against Theo’s groin.

The hard cock was soon out of its confinement. Not as giant as Craigan’s, it was still a remarkable piece that found its way down her throat without any hesitation. Then again, Brady’s iron clutch gave her no choice besides choking on it.

“By the gods, she’s delicious.” Evidently in rapture, Theo swung his hips forward to get deeper.

By the gods, I never wanted her more!