I’m proud to be your slave in bed, and I want everyone to know it.

“Everyone must already be inside.” The princess’s tone was so soft Duncan barely heard it.

“So we better hurry.” Tugging Black’s bridles, Chris stepped forward.

“Wait, Angel, not so fast.” Ylianor still at his side, the leader detained him. “First, we have to be clear on how we want to enter the Game. Who plays what—”

“I thought it was already settled.” A malicious flash lit the blue-gray eyes. “What else could sleeping beauty play if not our slave?” That it was a tease was clear from his joking tone as well as from the tender expression brightening his beautiful face as he gazed at her.

“Actually, she hasn’t said she would.” Duncan stared at her, too. “Princess, you don’t have to be the slave. If you can’t play the master because your age doesn’t allow it, you can still be the guest.”

Cecilia had crafted a sexual game out of strict rules and regulations that limited what people could and could not do.

“I’ll be happy to play slave if—”

“Nonsense, lover!” Now his eyes locked on Duncan’s. “You are the leader, a master by definition. And we’re here for a definite purpose, which is to talk to that Malcolm freak,” he snapped. “So you need to be in the strongest position possible, as the master of masters.” His tone softened, “If sleeping beauty doesn’t want to be the slave, I’ll take the part.”

“You would?” Again, the voice was so low Duncan had trouble hearing, though he did not miss the intense look she reserved for the angel alone, her huge green eyes fixed on him in puzzlement and relief.

“Yeah, sure.” He shrugged as if it was inconsequential to him what role he played. “No problem.”

Which Duncan knew for a fact would have been a role Chris would have never accepted just a year ago.

“I…I don’t know what to say.” Her eyes swung to the prince. “But I thank you both for the offer.” Again, she spun back to Chris.

And Duncan noticed she waved, as if the soft desert wind blowing sand all over them was making her tremble.

“But I’ve worked so hard to earn this position I’m not about to hand it over to the first newcomer who happens to ask for it.”

At her smile, Duncan also noticed she was all eyes, like her face had shrunk and left space for the green pools glinting under the blue lights.

“Truth is—I’m proud to be your slave in bed.” Bowing, she took a step back. “And I want everyone to know it.”

The intensity of her words left both Duncan and Chris speechless, also because followed by a passionate wave of pure, unabated love that literally took the breath away.

“Well, I guess that settles it.” First to recover, the angel spun to gaze at the building right behind him, which to Duncan, who knew him better than anyone else, was just an excuse to hide how choked up and moved he was by her words and her love.

“Then let’s get on inside and fast.” Wrenching Fuzeon’s reins, Prince Caldwell’s arm circled Ylianor’s waist. “The princess needs to eat and rest.”