Mmmm, he looks delicious!

As if they were waiting just for those words, the three grabbed me and brought me to my knees. No erotic preparation this time, no sensual arousal except for theirs, I realized falling on the hard ground while Threstian pressed my face to his crotch, his hands working fast to free the stirring erection from its confines. A slave to their passion, this was Lord Brahany’s wish all along, I thought, trying to steal a glance at him.

And that’s exactly what you are today. A smug satisfied smile curved his lips, well knowing the three hungry cocks wouldn’t allow me any distractions, not even for a second, keeping my mouth busy with their pressing demands.

Since there were three of them, I couldn’t dedicate too much time to anyone in particular. To be honest, they were all magnificent specimens, which I couldn’t help admire in spite of my tastes. Having sex with milord hadn’t changed my inclinations one bit, I reassured myself more than once during the first long winter I spent at the castle. Cunts, not cocks, remained my first choice, even if they were as huge, thick and well-shaped as these three trying to fuck my mouth all together in one single stride. Opening wide, I swallowed the first one and since it slid straight to my throat, I wrapped my tongue around the bulging head to stop its devious move as I was learning to do with my master who had an insatiable appetite for my warm mouth. At the same time, I jerked off the other two hard cocks pushing on my cheeks, trying to keep them satisfied by sliding the skin up and down. Hardly pleased, Kristioff grabbed my head and shifted it to his convenience, shoving his erection deep until he almost gagged me since he was blocking me to hinder any escape while he banged as fast as he liked, with the predictable result I choked every time he came crashing in, pulling out the second before I threw up. Luckily, Threstian felt his turn had come, so he stole me from his friend, sticking another thick piece of flesh into my bruised mouth, even if I had to admit he had much gentler manners. To thank him, I sucked hard, running my tongue up and down his long length, trying to enfold his balls, too, before Kadrisky claimed his turn again.

They passed me around, never letting me linger on any single equipment, almost fighting among them to have my mouth’s complete attention. I sucked, licked, lapped, teased, brushed, stroked, wrapped, held, clasped, gripped, jerked, slid, swallowed, gagged, choked along their every whim until my jaw, not to mention everything else, was sore from their harsh treatment, although my cock didn’t seem to mind. To set the record straight, it strained painfully in the open air, standing high in its proud splendor to show the world how much I was enjoying it.

After having followed my head bobs, Kristioff licked his lips as he raised his gaze to the Seigneuros. “Mmmm, he looks delicious.”

“You can’t tell until you’ve tried his other hole,” the master instructed thickly.

“We can?” Threstian eyes grew large in excitement, squeezing his shaft in anticipation.

From his tentative tone and the fact no one had touched my ass so far, I understood the Seigneuros didn’t often give them such liberties, perhaps making them stop at a simple blow job, rather than go all the way. And the permission aroused all three to a spasm.

“You must,” Lord Brahany ordered curtly, “because the puppy has to learn what it means to receive.” And you’re going to receive more than your fair share.

I couldn’t even argue my point. A pair of strong hands had grabbed my ass to spread the buttocks wide apart. “I’ll be the first.” I heard Kristioff’s voice tell the others before addressing whoever was holding my butt. “And you, keep it wide open.”

“Sure, Kristioff.” It was Threstian talking. “And maybe you even want me to stick it in for you.”

“Why not?” Kristioff replied hotly, obviously excited at the prospect. “Come on, Threstian, shove it into his sweet tight ass.”

I braced myself, feeling the bulging head stroking the narrow entrance from the outside, probably Threstian’s way to be delicate, then the brutal thrust cut off my breath. With a single push, Kristioff was inside all the way to the balls, which couldn’t fit despite his earnest attempts to get them inside, too. Instead, they tickled the sensitive spot between my ass and my balls, slamming against it every time he swung forward, his drive steady and with a precise rhythm.

When Kadrisky shoved his cock in my mouth, ramming it at the same tempo Kristioff was keeping in my ass, my hand wrapped around my rigid shaft to pamper it while the rest of me was busy sucking bulges front and rear.

“Stop him immediately, Threstian!”