There'll be no coming for you!

Not in The Game Deleted Scenes

“I don’t need proof.” If he did not rush to follow Chris to the door, it was because he wanted to take her with him.

He did not particularly relish Chris’s habit of leaving her out in the cold or of having her just watch. And even if she liked to be a mere spectator while they fucked, it was still no excuse to keep her on the sideline as much as Chris pretended. If he had not challenged it so far, it was because both him and Chris were discovering just how truly arousing this new twist was.

Which was no reason to allow it to get out of hand.

So this time, like it or not, she would play with them no matter what. And since she had rushed to take both Fuzeon and Black to the stalls as soon as he and the angel had dismounted, he waited for her.

“I know.” Catching her arm as she emerged from the stables, he dragged her to the inside of the shelter. “I know that one look at this mouthwatering ass and your cock goes crazy.”

Crushing her face against his chest, he unbuttoned her pants and dropped them to her ankles along with her underwear. Then he spread her buttocks wide apart.

“Now tell me I’m wrong.” For good measure, he stuck a couple of fingers in the tight back ring that sucked them up immediately.

“I…” Swallowing hard, Chris’s gaze glued to her butt rotating to screw more fingers inside.

No, there was no way he could deny the effect it was having on him. Absolutely no way he could hide his cock’s yelp of craving that stiffened it all at once.

“You were saying?” Deliberate in his taunting, Duncan increased the number of fingers to four and twisted them to enlarge her hole.

“Give me her ass.” If it came out as a low growl, it was because Chris could not take the pressure anymore.

It was always like that with his angel. Resistance had never been his strong suit, nor would it ever be when it came to sex.

“Sure.” Jabbing a knee between her legs, Duncan pushed them far apart. Then he pressed her back until she had to flatten both palms on the floor to keep her balance, raising her ass in the process. “But what do I get?”

This was just provocation. Truth was—he would be happy with whatever piece of her he got. Cunt, ass or mouth—it made no difference to him as long as he got to drown in her very feminine essence.

Unlike his angel, he liked women far more than men. Ever since the end of the phase, he had devoted his time and attention to them alone, often getting lost in their seductive allure and their treacherous curves, like Chris liked to scorn them. They had the power to excite him, which men did not with the exclusion of his angel naturally. Nothing was more arousing than pressing his nose, chin and mouth on a dripping wet cunt while lapping all its juice down to his belly. That bittersweet taste always thickened his shaft to a spasm, and with Ylianor, this effect seemed twice as potent.

Partly because of her pungent lemony flavor that was an aphrodisiac in itself. Partly because her cunt was clean-shaven, so very smooth and silky, so very unlike any of his other women. Mostly because she was like a fever in his blood, and nothing he did could quell this insatiable need of to have her over and over. And since it combined with the feeling that she belonged to him like no other person in the world ever would, not even Christopher Templeton, the mix became so highly intoxicating he could never resist it. Then he had complicated everything by sharing his sensations whenever on a bed, also when she was just watching. And that had been a real mistake and the beginning of her enslavement.

Not that he ever considered her to be a slave for real!

Between her Virt and her amazing personality, there was not a slave’s bone in her body. Nor could he ever think that someone who could pass like his twin could ever be a slave.

And no, he did not want to dwell on all the other aspects of her resembling him so much. She shared no single drop of blood with him, so why bother?

Particularly since his father had treated her like his best-loved child, favoring her over his two rightful children. And it still galled him, along with that bit about Prince Charles’s will and the unconventional clause to adopt her into the Caldwell family, as heralded by his touching letter proclaiming his love for her. All things Duncan had yet to digest, so preferred to suppress at the moment.

Much better to focus on this using her like a slave, which had turned out to be the most erotic of his games. In bed, nothing beat treating her as an object of his and Chris’s pleasure, acting as though she were no better than a toy they used to spice up their sex. And the fact she loved it, came on it in fact, had made him cross more than one line, to the point this slave perception had spilled over into reality and he had treated her like one for real. And he was still very sorry he had allowed things to slide so downward he had lost his sense of fairness and balance when it came to her.

Or maybe it was just a matter of Virt. The way it worked, it required them to be as close as no two people could ever be. So close, he picked up just about all her feelings without any efforts, including her love for him. Amazing she would have hung to it for so long. Since she was a little girl, he had been her chosen one. Now eighteen years older and not a day wiser, she loved him like that first time, and it made him uncomfortable he could not return not even a fraction of it.

“Her cunt and mouth.” Quick to come up behind her, Chris took out his beefy cock and slid it over the crack of her ass cheeks. “Or whatever else you want of this worthless hide of hers.” That he was getting in the full swing of the game was evident from his shaft’s visible jerking at these words. “After all, women have always satisfied you one way or another.” He made a funny face. “Except if they were servants, of course.”

“Never bothered with the likes of them.” He just did not like having sex with someone he did not consider his equal.

“‘Cause that aristocratic sense of yours always gets in the way.” At Chris’s chortle, his slides became more decisive. “So what went wrong with this particular one?”

“She’s not a servant.” At least she had never felt as one, though technically she was.

As the daughter of John Meyer, Black Rose’s stable keeper, and Mary Jane Elspeth, a house cleaner to all effects and purposes, her position seemed kind of clear. And no, the fact Prince Charles had been in love with Mary Jane did not improve Ylianor’s social standing any.

“She’s a slave.” Clasping Chris’s firm length, he drove the tip to the tiny entrance. “Our slave, to be precise.” Then rammed it open with a forceful tug of the fathead.

The angel gasped at the sudden plunge into her rear.

“And since I want a piece of her ass, too, what do you say if you tie her up so that we can share it?” Still holding on to Chris’s gland, Duncan screwed it deeper.

“Knew you’d like that!” The angel beamed in satisfaction as his stick disappeared inside her.

“Liked it?” He had been goddamn impressed! “Loved it you mean.” And this newly discovered skill could have so many implications his shaft jerked just at the scenarios he could imagine. “And I can’t wait for you to repeat it.”

“Right now?” Chris seemed way too cozy inside her ass gobbling him up to get moving any time soon.

“Yes, right now.” So Prince Caldwell took charge of his beast again and removed it from its snug confinement.

“All right.” With a resigned look, the angel glanced around the room. “I have just the position in mind.” He went to a chest next to the fireplace to dig out the ropes.

Will it hurt her? Duncan knew he should not ask.

Of course it will, Master, she was quick to set his mind at ease.

That his angel loved pain as much as pleasure, if not more, was something Duncan had long suspected. And nothing like this trip had confirmed it to its extreme consequences.

For the angel cutting her to bits was something Duncan would never forget, however dazed his perception had been.

She shifted on her feet as though she was reliving the same scene. You know that’s the only way he tolerates to have me.

Not entirely the truth.

Still close enough for Duncan to expect something not too pleasant when Chris grabbed her.

“And the way she’ll be, we’ll be able to use whatever we like of her.” Having sprawled her on the dining table, he raised both her arms and legs. Spreading them wide, he fastened wrists and ankles together, before binding her waist to the wooden surface with another piece of rope.

Well, he had to hand it to his angel. His princess did not just lay wide-open and defenseless. She had no way of moving from the constricted position Chris had place her. And she made for such an erotic picture, his erection twitched visibly.

“Like it?” Gaze slipping to his crotch, Chris’s smug expression said he had caught the sign of appreciation.

“A lot.” But if it’s too much to handle for you, Princess, I’ll tell him to—

I can take it. Something about her interaction with Chris always pushed her to the limit, sometimes even beyond what was safe. It was uncanny, as though she could not resist any of the angel’s challenges. No, worse, as though she anticipated them and plunged into danger with her head first.

Which was totally baffling, and Duncan was still trying to figure out why.

Don’t worry about me. To be honest, she did not look too comfortable wrapped up like she was.

“Best part of all—we have free and unlimited access to the whole of her.” None too gently, he pushed her head until it hung down the edge of the table. “And don’t feel too guilty if she doesn’t look too cozy.” Removing all the chairs from around the table, he set them on a side. “She loves it.” Halting midway, he locked gazes with the prince. “Trust me.”

How could he be so sure?

Duncan only knew it because she had told him in such terms he had no doubts she did.

“Don’t overate yourself, Lord Templeton.” Tied, bound and helpless—still, she fought back, even if with words alone. “The day I’ll ever love something you do has yet to come.”

“While the day your master tells you to shut up that trap will never come too soon.” His cock going slab of stone at her provocation, Chris bent his knees. “But I’ll take care of it.” Centering her throat, he shoved.

So fiercely, she would have fallen off the table, had he not seen to it she remained glued to it.

“And get the traces of your worthless ass off my cock.” Slamming again, Duncan was kind of sure he had reached her stomach.

No, he’s gone further down. Sarcastic in spite of her uncontrollable coughs and spurts, Ylianor refused to let Chris have the upper hand. Almost reached my ass.

Can’t wait to see if that’s true. Chris was right—time to quit worrying about her and take full advantage of the situation. “Not that worthless if you were about to lose it just a second ago.” Nearing her backside, he aimed his stiff equipment at the narrow ring.

The way Chris had spread her, she was such an easy take it took no effort to impale her to the guts.

“That was just for show.” Chris shrugged dismissively. “How could you possibly think her insignificant hide holds any excitement for me?”

Maybe ‘cause you’re so deep in her throat you’re about to spill it all for the second time today. “Silly me.” Adjusting his position, Duncan penetrated to the hilt. “I forgot you only like men.”

“Exactly.” A malicious gleam sparked the arresting blue-gray eyes. “And as far as women go, this is the worst one you ever forced me to share.”

This was such a blatant lie Prince Caldwell almost burst out laughing. “Is that right?” Barely holding it together, he concentrated on stretching her narrow backspace to fit his huge dimensions.

“You know it is.” Stubborn, Chris banged her mouth with another of his merciless blows. “At least I had fun with the other women.”

“The only fun you had was denying that splendid cock of yours.” Taken by their playful skirmish and by her ass squeezing him on every side, Duncan tried to keep his attention on the former rather than the latter. “Same cock you’re feeding her so eagerly.”

“Only because her ass is occupied,” Chris retorted.

“All right, let’s switch then.” It was the purpose of this position of hers anyway.

“Hem…” Truth was—whether ravaging her ass or mouth, Chris could never get enough of her. “Sure.” Pulling away, not without a visible effort, he went round the table.

And Duncan had to leave the cramped confinement he had just enlarged to his convenience.

Regretfully, alas.

“It’s better like this, anyway.” Without wasting any time, Chris sank in her behind. “If we linger too much, she’ll come and spoil our fun.”

“So you don’t want her to come, either?” Now why was he not surprised at Chris’s new request?

“I say you make it a rule that she doesn’t unless you say so.” Deliberately cruel, Chris licked his lips in anticipation. “While we get to come as much as we like.”

Somehow, Duncan did not think it would be the same without her climax giving them the extra shot of energy that made it always so special.

“Did you hear that?” The prince lowered his head to catch her gaze. “No coming for you—”

“What if I disobey?” Defiant, her green eyes blazed in protest. “Sometimes, I can’t control—”

“If you do, I’ll make sure to treat you like a real slave at Cecilia’s Game.” It was just an empty threat, of course. Still, he worked hard to make it sound real. “And leave you to starve or—”

“All right, all right.” Arching her back, she slipped more of Chris’s monster up her butt. “I won’t come.” Her gaze was vaguely apologetic. “Promise.”

“Good.” Straightening, Duncan glanced at Chris. “Happy?”

“Ecstatic.” And he celebrated with a ruthless thrust in that yielding rear of hers. “Or I’ll be when you gag her good and proper.”

No, there was really no limit to Chris’s fiendishness.

“You mean like this?” But it was so damn exciting Duncan felt it impossible to resist.

So he went for her ass going through her throat, relishing the feel of the moistness suddenly enveloping him on every side.

Which made her cough like crazy, jolting and tightening her body in the most arousing way.

“Oh, yes, do that again.” Going for her throat, Chris rammed harder. “I love the way she clenches around my cock whenever she’s suffocating.”

“Insatiable angel.” Chuckling, Duncan pumped faster. “You just won’t rest until we—”

“Split her open.” To emphasize his point, Chris stepped up the tempo in her ass.

Which forced Duncan to accelerate, too. And boy did he just love it! Sliding past her tongue’s frantic blocking and having the tip of his erection squeezed by her cheeks was just about unbeatable. And since Chris did not pause one second, her body shaking added that extra thrill that made him go over the edge in no time at all.

The pressure at the fat crown was too much to handle anyway, so Duncan wrenched his cock out of her wet cavity and sprayed his load all over her body. Same as Chris, who had pulled out of her ass and whose jets were now mixing with Duncan’s on her belly and breasts.

With all the juice dripping to the table, she made such an enchanting picture that both his and Chris’s cock became stone like in the matter of instants. For his princess, there was no need of coaxing a new response. She was so hungry she would have jumped out of her skin.

Master, please, she implored with a raspy voice. I—

Shut up, Princess. His tone harsher than he intended, he softened it, Just be patient. “Now give me her ass.” Moving away from her head, he went toward her backside. “You’ve had it far too long already.”

“Party pooper,” Chris snarled amused. “I know all you want to do is make her come, but I won’t let you.”

Frankly surprising how the angel always managed to guess what his intentions were. And this was something Duncan had noticed way before any Virt business had altered his perceptions about what people were capable of doing.

“Aren’t you forgetting who the master is?” Raising an eyebrow, Duncan looked him up and down in fake annoyance.

“No.” Chris’s legs tightened around her head. “And neither should she.” He stuck his shaft to her throat. “Which is why you shouldn’t allow her to come.” Then he pounded her senseless. “Not yet anyway.”

Master, I beg you to be merciful. Her voice sounded strained. Since your insufferable lover will never let me come, not now nor later, if it’s up to him.

Can’t say I blame him.