Why don't we make it more difficult for her?

Not In The Game Deleted Sches

What do you say we make it more difficult for her?”

“For her?” Seemed to him, he and Duncan were in serious trouble just because she was there. “What do you have in mind?” Resigned to have the fastidious woman torment him also during his favorite activity, Chris groaned.

“Just a more fitting attire.” A broad grin split the prince’s handsome face, before he swung his gaze on her. “Strip,” his tone became colder. “And kneel.”

That Ylianor scrambled to obey Chris guessed it from the frantic movement he caught with the corner of an eye. Not that he bothered to look. He much rather preferred keeping his gaze trained on the black one that was now locked on his.

“This way, she won’t be able to hide how badly she wants us.” Duncan chuckled.

“If you really want her to suffer, there are more efficient means to do it,” his mouth blurted the words before he had the chance to think.

“Like tying her down?” For someone who had never loved any kind of bondage, the prince seemed to have a surprising ability to be one-step ahead of him.

“Exactly.” Well, maybe this might just turn out not so bad after all.

“All right.” Letting go of Chris’s hair, Duncan reclined on the couch. “Can’t wait to see what your fertile imagination will come up with.”

If this was not a dare, Chris did not know what was. So he straightened and went to a small chest next to the couch. Opening the lid, he spotted several pieces of ropes and took them all. Then he whirled around and saw her.

Body slightly trembling, she regarded him coldly, almost defiantly. Like she had the night he had carved her to bits, she seemed to be expecting the worst from him, ready to sustain whatever cruelty he would inflict. And goddamn it, he just loved it!

So much, his equipment had a very visible jerk, something she had no trouble noticing and counting as a measure of victory over him.

Ha! He would just have to show her worse than he had planned, and nothing would work better than the low table beside her.

“Get on the table and kneel,” he snapped.

If Ylianor obeyed, she was not as prompt as she had been with Duncan, which was just as well. She was just giving him one more excuse to be a vicious bastard.

Going around her, he clamped both wrists and tugged them backward. Hard and merciless, he wrenched both arms until her hands almost touched the floor. And she had to arch her back if she did not want to break it. Just perfect this way, he crossed over her arms, fastening just above the left elbow to the right ankle, the right elbow to the left ankle. Then he reinforced the bondage by tying more rope around both ankles and elbows until Ylianor could not budge an inch.

“By the gods!” Rising from the couch, Duncan approached her. “I suspected you were good at this, but never thought you could be such a master.”

“Had a lot of practice while playing my…games.” Unwilling to dwell on just how many of his victims he had tied down in order to torture more easily, Chris got up and reached Duncan.

“Only thing, Angel…” The prince was eating her up with mere glances alone. “I’m not sure you achieved the desired effect.”

So Chris looked, too.

And he could have kicked himself for having done such a splendid job of it, for she was so scrumptious with her cunt pushed up and out that he would have taken her himself.

“The important thing is that she’s at our complete mercy.” Annoyed, Chris tried downplaying it. “So that whatever you want to do to her, you’ll have plenty of chances to do it later—”

“I’m not sure I can wait that long.” In front of her, Duncan brushed the defenseless cunt. “She’s just too inviting.” Which was so wet, honeydew stuck all around his fingers.

“But I haven’t finished sucking you.” Irritated by now, Chris clutched Duncan’s beast possessively.

“Oh, you will.” Detaching his paw, the prince straddled the low table. “Don’t worry.”

Then one thrust was all it took for him to sink into her velvety pussy.

“Lover, I thought we had agreed this was going to be a lesson for her.” Unable to tear his gaze away, Chris watched the swollen rod disappearing inside of her before pulling out, slick and drenched on all sides.

“That’s exactly what it is.” Keeping a steady tempo, Duncan penetrated to the hilt once more and out again. “So you better make sure she doesn’t come.”

“Easier said than done.” Chris smirked.

One thing he had fast learned about her—she was a slut worse than he would ever be. Not just because she loved cocks, and his and Duncan’s in particular. She seemed built to give and receive pleasure. A mere touch and she could easily climax. That was how immediate her response was. No wonder she came as many times as she did during a single fuck.

Which so fucking turned him on that he could not stand it!

And now that Duncan’s erection was so deep inside her, she was losing it already. Chris could bet on it, so again it was more of a challenge on Duncan’s part.

“But I’ll try.” Bending over, Chris reached for her taut nipples and twisted them brutally.

If Ylianor did not jump from the pain, it was only because she could not. No way could she move, not even if in excruciating pain, which to Chris was a further turn-on that made his cock leap from inside his pants. So he took it out and jerked it while pinching her most sensitive spots, loving the way her skin cringed torn between pain and pleasure.

Yes, because Duncan had stepped up his dance and was now slamming inside her. And she was so liking it, her clit throbbed wildly from the need to burst.

Which was not an option, so Chris became more ruthless in hurting her.

But the only way to make her suffer for real was removing the fantastic cock splitting her apart at just the right moment. And since Chris could feel her orgasm as it built from her pussy upward, he snatched Duncan’s marble beast the second before she exploded and gulped it to his stomach.

“Fuck, Angel.” Of course, Prince Caldwell was coming all inside his mouth.

While Chris was trying to hold it together somehow. Because between the heavy jets shooting down his throat and her bitter lemony taste exploding all inside him, he was losing it himself.

“No, no coming for you now.” Blocking Chris’s hand, Duncan drew back. “I want you to come inside her.”

“Again?” Like in a nightmare, he could not seem to be free of her. “Lover, in case you didn’t notice I haven’t done anything else in ages besides coming in side her.”

“This time, it’ll be different.” After tearing off his pants, Duncan dragged him to the low table, placing him in front of her arched-up slit. “This time, it’ll be your choice.” Driving Chris’s cock forward, he screwed it inside the yielding opening.

Boy, talk about wet and tight!

So fucking tight, Chris was about to unload what was pressing on the tip of his erection.

Amazing how in this position, her pussy felt like a narrow strip of cramped flesh that enlarged beyond its maximum capacity with every one of his blows. And best of all, the sensation of tightness never diminished. Just too constricted, her slit could not accommodate him without an effort.

Then Duncan shoved in his ass, and for Chris it was the beginning of the end.

It was simply too good to last. To have his lover ramming his rear ring was always a treat in itself. To have it combined with her crushing effect on his shaft was too much, also because his pumping coordinated with Duncan’s beautifully.

“Now to teach her the real lesson,” Prince Caldwell whispered in his ear.

“What lesson?” Chris spat. “She’s loving this too much for any lesson to be effective.”

“Wrong.” Hot breath tickling in his ear, Duncan bit his earlobe. “The way to teach her a lesson is to show her who is in control.” Grasping Chris’s hand, he brought it on Ylianor’s cunt. “And you’ll be in charge of her orgasm simply by stroking this very hungry clit of hers.” Using both their fingers, Duncan dipped and circled the pounding knot. “While if you don’t want her to come, simply pinch it, and it’ll stop whatever surge of pleasure she’s building inside.” He let his hand fall. “So again, the choice is yours, Angel.” Bending him slightly, the prince heightened his beat. “Just be quick about it, ‘cause I’m not going to last any in this delicious behind of yours.”

Neither was Chris, for that matter.

Already the scorching waves had coiled around the long gland and were pushing the sperm to the exit. And she was right along with them, would have probably beaten both him and Duncan to the finish line, if he did not hurry to put a stop to it.

But when he went to squeeze her clit in a way that would prevent it from bursting in pleasure, he found that he much rather wanted her to come.

Yeah, as strange as it sounded, he craved her come more than her pain. Which was puzzling to say the least, yet so very exciting that he could not waste time wondering about it. He merely lightened his touch and dived into her honeydew as though his life depended on it.

She froze, probably not expecting this turn of his.

Then his slow, forceful rubs won her over, and she tensed to get more. Astonishing to say the least, considering how impossible it was for her to budge, still her body arched further as though wanting to gobble him up—cock and fingers together.

Then she screamed and shattered under his touch.

Boy, had Duncan been right!

There was no describing the feeling of having complete charge over her, knowing that one twist of his fingers could prolong or end her exquisite pleasure. And it was all up to him!

So, just for the fun of it, he made her come again and again. Then at her fourth climax, he could not keep it together anymore.

Opening his ass wide to receive his lover’s furious slams, he lowered on her and his load swamped her dripping slit, just like Duncan was doing to his rear.

Had everything stopped right there and then, it would have been great sex. What made it extraordinary was Ylianor’s energy blending inside his and driving away the dark cloud of rage he had been nursing since leaving the Nephis Valley. Then she pulled Duncan into this seductively immaterial embrace, and it was like they were one.

At least for a moment.

A long moment.

The moment she remained coiled around the both of them, trapped like when they fucked her together before her energy dispersed, and Chris was back in the shelter.