Not my fault her ass is so damn accommodating!

The demon grabbed her, too, to trap her between them. “I think we can spare some time with a friend of yours, lover.”

“She didn’t look much like a friend of mine just five minutes ago.” The prince grinned.

“Hey, not my fault her ass is so damn accommodating!” Catching her head, he pushed her backside against Duncan’s crotch, after having removed the annoying underwear. “But I can remedy easily.” He spread her buttocks. “Why else would I have worked so hard to enlarge it?”

“You must be right.” Grinning widely, the prince shifted his weight on an elbow, curling around Ylianor, his aroused cock brushing her ass. “What are friends for?”

Sticking a finger inside, the demon opened the narrow hole wider until a moan escaped her lips at the amazements of how much she craved something more in spite of what she had already possessed. “To help you, of course.” Then grabbing the erection, he positioned it at the narrow hole’s entrance, and Ylianor felt the nudge before the hard shove made it penetrate.

“And what about you, Angel?” Another shove and the shaft slid deeper.

“Oh, not to worry. A friend of mine—”

“The same one?”

Chris beamed. “Yeah, I guess it is, lover.” Taking Ylianor by the neck, he shifted her position. “Anyway, he told me the great thing about women are their multiple holes. But you know how I am—”


“Exactly. So I didn’t believe him for a long time.”

Following the prince’s thrusts, Ylianor went along with his erotic sway, her ass sucking the huge erection to the hilt.

“But now I know he’s right, so I damn well want to make up for the lost time and take my fill of every hole.” Pushing her neck forward against his crotch, he made her slide until she had his cock in her mouth.

Quick to comply, Ylianor drew it in, still half limp from its earlier exertion, yet already growing with every lick, lap, suck, kiss her tongue lavished on it.

“And not just for pleasure, right, Angel?”

“Why limit the lady’s enjoyment?” Grinning cruelly, Chris pulled Ylianor’s head up by yanking the long hair. “Isn’t that right, sleeping beauty?”

His amazing blue-gray eyes, filled with something she could not quite define, took her breath away. Flushing violently, she swallowed hard before repeating what she had already told him. “I’d want you whatever way you came.”

“I’m impressed,” And Duncan’s smirk hovered between serious and facetious.

“I’ll be more if she keeps sucking the way she does.” But before pushing her head back on his shaft, the demon kissed her, a brief, wild, hard kiss that pushed his tongue all the way to her throat, then swept the entire cavity, sending her back to her duty a second later.

Twitching, Duncan’s cock seemed to grow even thicker at the scene, making the wetness between her legs unbearable as it drenched her thighs, too, dripping despite her position did not allow for much movement, trapped on a side, her back and front both held in place by two demanding organs wanting to fill her more than she thought possible.

Chris’s in particular, had grown huge, preventing her from swallowing it whole, rather straining in the confined space as she tried to coordinate a semblance of tempo between her head and ass, failing miserably.

“The lady’s not too comfortable,” the demon mused, holding her head in place.

“Then let’s make her so.”

A gleam flashed in the blue-gray eyes for he obviously understood what the prince meant. “Absolutely, lover.” Stopping her head, he rolled her on Prince Caldwell at the same time the latter turned on his back, pulling her along with him by holding her hips.

Together, they made her back lie on Duncan’s chest without letting the cock fall out of its comfortable hole, spreading her legs around his waist to expose the whole cunt.

“Just don’t wait too long, Angel.” Duncan brushed his fingertips on her clit, and Ylianor thought she would die of pleasure. “I don’t know how much longer I can take her magnificent ass without coming.”

“Not too long, I’m sure, lover.”

Ylianor opened her mouth to assure she would beat them both, but Chris closed it by, taking possession of her lips, cunt, her very core, as he crashed into her, hard tongue and shaft sweeping the cramped space Duncan had managed to spare.

His final aim was the prince himself. After he had silenced her, the demon’s lips slid to his lover’s in a passionate kiss.

At first, Ylianor felt it, too, as though it were her own. Then it was her own, their mouths too close not to intercept hers the moment she turned her head on their side. Their tongues darted out blindly, and her mouth filled with the demon and the prince’s taste until it was one flavor alone. Like when their energy coalesced into a single unity.

Prisoner of their whims, it was impossible to resist them further. With a shock of pleasure, she realized they were her masters. Not just one. She surrendered to both.

Now juggled up and sideways, she had no choice but to ride their tide, swept along with their passion, swelling uncontrollably as they drove her into bliss, her convulsions sucking their stone-like erections to the balls and squeezing them dry, increasing the intensity of their floods despite her forced silence.

But it did not seem important, not after they soared high above to their dimension away from the world, from which they never wanted to return.