I need some serious fucking tonight!

“I need some serious fucking tonight.”
Letting the bridles fall, not one look in Ylianor’s direction, the leader followed immediately. Chris hurried inside, up the stairs, his desire now completely out of control, going crazy if he did not have a rigid cock to nurse within seconds. Duncan’s equipment was exactly what he needed, already hard as he entered the bedroom and claimed it from by avid hands rubbing above the clothes. Unable to resist further, he dropped to his knees to replace them with his mouth, impatient for the taste of something real, not Ylianor’s witchcraft. The erection was just as he wanted it—pungent smell, acrid taste, huge size growing bigger with each tongue stroke rushing to cover it all, however impossible the task. He sucked it to the throat anyway, hoping for a rapid come.

“Oh, no, I’m not going to make it easy for you.” Evidently reading his intentions, Prince Caldwell dragged him to the bed. “Not since you’ve decided to deprive me of my…no, of our slave.”

“Oh, come on.” Lying on his back, Chris raised his legs to help Duncan take off his pants. “I know you love her—”

“Wrong, Angel.” Pants on the floor, the prince elevated the naked legs until the thick shaft aimed directly at Chris’s butt hole. “It has nothing to do with love…” Then he shoved his way inside, forceful. “All to do with sex.”

“Hey…” Chris had to pause, the thrust having cut off his breath and not because of pleasure alone. “You already broke her every fucking hole—”

“Wrong again, Angel.” Bending to reach his ear while adjusting the fit, Duncan’s breath tickled. “I left her best piece to you, knowing how much you’d like to take it yourself.”

“You mean…” Chris’s shaft spammed all together. “You didn’t touch her…” Shifting position, he let the leader’s cock slide to the hilt and screwed it firmly inside.

“Yeah, I left that magnificent ass of hers to you, ungrateful bastard.” Finding a rhythm, Duncan pumped repeatedly. “And it was the damnest, hardest concession of my life ‘cause it’s so fucking tempting. If her cramped cunt was any indication, I got hard just imagining how tight her ass would be after no one’s used it for so long.”

“Robbie probably did.” Enlarging the narrow space, Chris moved to match the tempo.

“The fool didn’t touch it.” Another slam and the erection dug into Chris’s ass. “And neither did I ‘cause I wanted you to have it first.” He straightened to change rhythm while planting the cock deeper with each ramming. “It must be delicious to ravage it—”

“Don’t remind me, lover. I can almost taste it.” To prove how excited he was at the mere thought, he accelerated their dance. “It’s a damn generous offer of yours.”

“Generosity has nothing to do with it.” Again, Duncan bent to whisper the words, his stomach pressing on Chris’s swollen piece. “Unlike you, nothing turns me on—besides fucking you, I mean—more than sharing her with you.” He highlighted the concept with a powerful thrust that made Chris wonder whether it would come out of his throat. “Sure, I like her to myself from time to time, but you never got it into your thick head the game’s always between you and me, never between me and her.” The hip swing increased and for a moment, Chris thought he would lose it, words melting in Duncan’s sensual ass fuck that rubbed their flesh together in a fiery friction, getting hotter with every bang. “That’s why I want you to be her master, the same as I, so we can be truly equals.”

“Her ass is part of the deal?”

“From now on, her ass belongs to you.” Long black hair falling on Chris’s shoulders, he did not pull up, simply stayed half-lying down so that the hammerings coincided with a firm slide of Chris’s cock. Similar to a hand job, only faster, their bodies coming together created a snug spot, hot and irresistible. “Which means I’ll have to ask for your permission every time I want to use it.”

Then Chris lost it for real, the sperm shooting spasmodically from the uncontrollably jerking shaft. But true pleasure was yet to come. “Wait up.” Recovering, he slid back, unplugging the erection still screwing his ass. “I’ll bring her right over.” Then he shuffled out the room, stopping in front of the door.

Lit candle in hand, Ylianor was coming up the stairs with a determined look on her face that warned she would not take no for an answer.

“Ready to get fucked?” Well, lucky for her, he had no objections now. “There are two starving cocks demanding your attention.” He got closer. “And they’ve almost ran out of time.”

“One certainly has.” Repressing a giggle, she glanced at the mess on his stomach, glowing in the half-darkness.

“Which requires careful cleaning.” Picking her up was no effort, so thin he could have carried her single-handedly.

“So now I’ve become a useful tongue?” She snuggled to his chest, making the tide rise dangerously.

“No, your best feature is still your ass.” Returning inside the room he lay the candle on a nightstand, then dropped her on the bed, right next to Duncan’s sprawled form, so fucking exciting with the long hair scattered on the sheets, black eyes blazing and shaft still erect. Unable to resist, Chris kissed him full on the mouth. “Our slave’s here, Reverend Leader.”

“About time.” Stretching, Prince Caldwell grabbed Ylianor and brought her close, right between them. “Since someone’s got to clean you off first…” Holding her neck, he guided her to Chris’s stomach as her obedient tongue removed the seed traces. “Then me…” Evidently judging she was done, he swung her head around and pressed it on his cock.

“What I want is one thing alone.” But before propping up her ass to his convenience, Chris watched her tongue slide down the base of the erection that twitched in pleasure, lips soon following to engulf it completely, or at least trying. If it was nearly impossible for him, it was definitely out of the question for her smaller mouth however commendable her efforts that got Chris hard again as he set about rimming the narrow hole. Off the intriguing dress—he appreciated it, had to admit—she was completely naked underneath and already wet. He could smell it, no need to thrust his fingers in her cunt, which he did anyway to bring some of the juice to the rear where it was most needed, sticking it inside also to test just how tight she was.

“Angel, don’t distract my slave,” Duncan teased at Ylianor’s moan with consequent throwing back of her butt, holding her neck as to avoid any unwanted breaks.

“Sorry, lover, but this ass is way tighter than you prospected.” Another decisive finger shove, then Chris bent and replaced it with his tongue, gentler for sure with its luscious laps around the edge. Tip enflaming the desire he knew Ylianor would not resist long, he drenched it to prevent problems, his naturally, certainly not hers.

She seemed to accept his assessment, or maybe the prince kept her too busy sucking the erection that strangled her at times, judging from the loud coughs and abrupt setbacks despite Duncan’s clutch. Still she wriggled her ass so delightfully, Chris knew he could not waste a second more, just had to have it on the spot without further delays, ready to aim—

“I have a better position in mind.” Prince Caldwell stopped him. “Take her face up…” Rising, he reached Chris. “So I can use a piece of ass, too.” The tongue traced his ear. “Since I didn’t get to finish my business before.”

“But…” Won’t it hurt her more? Strange as it was—Duncan wanting to cause pain to his beloved princess, something he would never willingly consent to ordinarily—the thought did not go into words because Chris caught Ylianor’s surprised glance that told him the two of them discussed it sometime before, not right at the moment. In fact. Chris was sure they had not head-talked since leaving the Turner’s, his mind free of their familiar background rumble.

“Since when do you worry about her pain?”