Where do we go from here?

“So where do we go from here?” The demon rolled on a side to stare at her in particular.

“Depends on what you want to do.” Duncan chuckled softly, shifting his position to move closer.

The prince was on her opposite side, sprawled on the same wooden pier above the lake they had reached on their way to the Blandry District. Green, luscious vegetation down to the water, the lake was so wide it was difficult to see form one shore to the other.

“Oh, I have a couple of ideas.” The demon snarled.

“Hey, didn’t you have a date or something?” The leader’s sarcasm laced every word.

“I thought I did.” Chris, instead, did not bother to conceal it. “But someone hasn’t made up her mind yet.” Rather nuzzled the nape of her neck before biting hard.

“About what?” The light tease turned definitely sexier with Duncan’s hand insinuating between her closed legs to pry them apart.

“Nothing we should be discussing in front of a slave.” Chris’s hand slipped beneath her pants, gliding on the sweat she was hoping Stella would dry. “And a dirty one at that.” Without warning, Chris picked her up and flung her into the lake.

The fresh water cooled her boiling flesh immediately as she fell down to the bottom. Not deep enough to pose a problem for an able swimmer like her, as she pushed up to rise to the surface again. Just in time, too. Chris and Duncan, completely naked, were diving in, to get her probably. “Oh, no, you don’t.” Laughing, Ylianor began swimming away, but the wet clothes slowed her down.

“How can you possibly think a slave can escape her masters?” The prince was the first to grab Ylianor’s ankle and glide her to him.

“Not in a million years.” Reaching them, the demon signaled to get closer to shore. “Particularly when her services are required.” Then he took her from the leader’s hands.

“I don’t—”

“Shut up.” Playfully pushing her head below the water, Chris effectively closed her mouth. “Slaves don’t talk.” He reminded pulling her up again.

“Just don’t drown her before we’ve used her, Angel.”

“Not a chance, lover.” Approaching the pier’s pole, Chris straightened and picked her up. “I have every intention of keeping her busy for a while.” Then he started undressing her. With Duncan’s help, he got her naked in a minute, throwing her clothes on the platform above their heads. Then she was obliged to kneel, with the water circling her waist for the very obvious purpose of sucking them.

“You know, Angel, I’ve got a great suggestion on how to celebrate our victory over Virtus.” He pushed her head on his stirring cock, which left her no choice except to swallow it whole.

“I’m all ears.” It was Chris’s turn, yanking her hair to have her focus on his demanding piece. Already bigger than Duncan’s she gagged on it.

“You could get pledged.” The prince returned her mouth to his equipment. It was getting bigger with every lap and increasingly harder to draw all the way to the balls.

“What a novel idea!” Before he could grab her hair again, she bobbed to Chris’s shaft, the pungent odor driving her crazy now. “Why didn’t I think of it before?”

“Because you don’t like women, remember?” Duncan’s hard cock, instead, made her clit throb furiously the moment her tongue wrapped around the firm length.

“Almost forgot.” Chris chuckled, which did not restrain his forceful shoves in her yielding cavity.

“But since you can only pledge to women—”

“I suppose I’ll have to find a suitable one.” The demon’s erection reached her throat again. She would have jumped back had he not held her head in check. As usual, he loved to fuck her mouth, literally. “But where am I going to find one on such short notice?” And it spun her craving to the stars.

“Well, there’s a whole bunch of them at the Hall—the Ellis sisters for instance.” If Prince Caldwell was gentler, he was no less demanding of her skills. The fat crown plunging deeper than she would have consented was proof enough.

“Sure, if I only knew which one to choose.” Chris and Duncan both laughed. She had heard them joke about the Ellis sisters while riding, so knew exactly what opinion they held.

“They weren’t bad, though only as a pair,” Prince Caldwell confessed. So he had slept with both. Again, something she had learned from their exchanges.

“Then I’d have to take them both, which frankly doesn’t seem like much of an alternative.” Swinging her head on him, Chris pretended a hard intake and a vigorous lick, also to the balls, before releasing her head. “Besides, we’d have to reach the Hall just to choose a woman, and I wouldn’t want to waste my leader’s precious time on something so trivial.” It was only momentary. Gripping her neck, Ylianor had to choke on him once more. “Don’t you have someone closer?”

“Mmmm…” On Duncan’s cock, she took her time to pamper it lavishly, getting wetter at the thought of what it could do to her. “I might.”

“Do tell.” The demon’s shaft heightened the sensation of moistness between her legs, which had nothing to do with the water stroking the delicate folds.

“I will, but first I need a change of services.” By now they were both so swollen Ylianor had no doubt they would bust if things remained the same. So she was not surprised when he picked her up and edged toward the pier.

Evidently understanding the leader’s intentions, the demon followed him, trapping her between them. Duncan leaned against the pole, then brought her pussy down on his erection. The first impact left her breathless. To have him again inside her was too good to be true. With a twisting rotation, she facilitated his penetration, enjoying every second of the slow screwing, made harder by the upright position. And without fail, Chris was already working on her ass, sticking two wet fingers in it to have it yield at his command. Well, he need not worry. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, if not more, and her butt opening wide to his solicitations was proof enough.

“Fuck!” Never slow to catch things, it took a mere second for the demon to understand. “Never thought she’d want it so bad in her ass.”

“She can’t get enough in her cunt either.” The prince was totally right. Her slit had reached his balls. Still, she pushed down to have more.

“Now what were you proposing, lover?” A hard shove, demon-style, and Chris got as deep as claiming her guts.

“I know this girl…” Holding her buttocks, Duncan slid her up and down for both their benefits. “Not very clear origins, but she was recently adopted by a very influential family.”

“How influential?” Chris’s cock scorched her behind with its forceful thrusts, as if it could get any further than her guts and his balls.

“Is close to the leader enough for you, Angel?” But the stiff erection pumping her front combined the two sensations into a single unbearable one.

“Could be.” Despite the precarious position, the demon—Damn him!—managed to ram her rear as though he were absolutely comfortable. “As long as she’s not a servant’s daughter or worse…” Now his hot breath tickled her ear. “A worthless slave.”

Shivers of pleasure running down her spine made her fear she would lose it. Instead, she knew she had to hang on to the end of their discussion.

“As I said, her origins are unclear, but the adoption takes care of any negative implications about her birth.” Also for Prince Caldwell, it was getting harder to resist. She felt it in his rapid breathing and his acceleration.

“I suppose you’re right.” At her back, Chris’s thick tone was another sure sign he was close to his own edge. “So given the circumstances, she’d be just grateful to receive an offer from an important family—”

“One of the highest ranking in the High Council.” The pounding escalated all together, ass and cunt hammered by the two rigid pieces breaking her apart in their race for release.

“Right, so she wouldn’t dare refuse a lord—”