My dear Lady Templeton

“Good morning, sir.” The young man standing in front of his door seemed weighed down by the heavy load on both hands.

“Good morning…” Oh, fuck! Why can’t I remember his goddamn name?

“It’s Thuly, sir.” Smiling in total understanding, the man did not seem to mind he had to repeat his name every time he was in Chris’s presence.

No, make that he seemed to expect it.

“Right, Thuly.” Chris moved aside to let the servant through. “You can put everything on the table.” The trays he carried were filled with food—from steamed to fried vegetables, beans and lentils, steamed rice, eggs, a wide array of cheeses, bread, butter, jam, honey, scones, wheat and honey cakes, muffins, everything topped off by steamy tea and a brick of milk that Thuly set on the table before laying everything else down.

“You woke up with an appetite this morning.” Thuly grinned as he returned to the door, the trays now empty.

“Let’s say someone needs to keep up their strength.” And it’s not me. He watched the young man step out. “Oh, stick around ‘cause I may need you later on.”

“I’m all yours, sir.” No doubt about it, Thuly had enjoyed playing with him and Ylianor a few days earlier, with his mate being their slave and pampering the young man front and back until Chris had decided to claim his ass.

Once he left, Chris closed the door and turned to the bed, not surprised to see the huge green eyes staring at him. “Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.” He could not help the smile either. “I have ordered the biggest breakfast to date for you—”

“I’m not hungry.”

“I don’t give a damn! You’re going to get up right now and stuff yourself or next time you fall unconscious, I’ll leave you wherever you are, were it also in the middle of the road.” His tone was colder than he intended, but she needed the scolding and badly, too. “And you’ll have to crawl your way back.” He pulled out a chair from the table and gestured at her. “Are we clear?”

The look of defeat crossed her eyes. “Crystal.” Her low mumble was barely audible.

“Then get your ass over here and fast.”

As he sat down, he watched her tumbling off the bed and going to the bathroom before she settled at his side, naked.

“And more beautiful than he could remember.” He suppressed several images lest he forgot she needed food more than sex now. “I don’t mean to sound harsh, sleeping beauty,” his tone inevitably softened. “Like he said, sex…” He selected what he knew she liked best, piling it on her plate. “Our kind of sex takes a lot of energy.” He placed the filled dish in front of her, not so full that food jumbled together, still with enough to help her regain a measure of what she had lost during the evening. “His only mistake was to spoil you so much you’ve gotten used to relying on his never ending supply. But now he’s not here with us—”

“I could reach him with one thought.” Insolent, not to mention a little malicious, she challenged him to prove her wrong.

“I know you can.” That Ylianor and Duncan kept a channel of their own was no news, much like the fact they had decided to maintain it always open, to avoid sleeping beauty from becoming too isolated and vulnerable. He had been jealous of it at first, of their intimate sharing. Until he had come round to the idea their trio required them to be couples first, with strong and independent connections of their own, before they could hope to be as one whilst remaining three. “I also caught you doing it a couple of times during our trip here.” Oddly, he was getting to a point he was more aware of it. Since the pledge, he had the impression he actually heard distinct words rather than the rumble that used to signal their silent conversations. “But do you really want to be so dependent on him you can’t make it on your own?”

“I…” Without a doubt, she had never thought of it in quite these terms. On picking up her fork, she brought the first eggplant to her lips. “I guess I don’t.”

“Then you’ll have to use more traditional means to get your energy—food and sleep.”

Her mouth too full, she gulped down the eggs. “I will. I promise.”

“Good.” He turned his attention to his own plate. “And this will only improve your performance.”

“So you were disappointed last night?” She nibbled on the rice and beans, head lowered on the dish.

The barely heard whisper caught Chris off guard. “Disappointed?” After laying down his fork, he tilted up her chin. “How could I ever?” He gazed deeply in her green depths. “There were cocks that came back for thirds and fourths, simply to have one more go at your ass.” He scraped up the last of her vegetables and fed her. “Others couldn’t get enough of your mouth—they practically monopolized it the entire evening long.” He did the same with the surviving rice and beans. “What I was most proud of was that they were all turned on by the way you moved. I mean everyone’s equipment jumped out of their crotches, literally, on seeing the two guys taking your ass together.” He moved the empty plate aside, bringing forward the one he had filled with the sweet stuff. Then he paused until she washed down the earlier food with a generous sip of tea with milk. “To think those two fools had no idea what they were doing,” he scoffed. “If it wasn’t for you, they’d have never managed it.”

“I…” She blushed violently. “I learned from the best.”

“You also put it to good use.” Bringing wheat cake to her lips, he waited until she took a generous bite of it. “The way you rotated your hips to screw first one, then the other…” Chris’s shaft jerked at the memory. “A few men came simply by watching you. Believe me.” He made her finish what was left of the wheat cake before moving on to a scone.

“Does this mean I deserve a prize?” Blazing green eyes held his captive.

“Not really.” Handing her the honey cake, he urged her to swallow it. “I still had to carry you home unconscious.” Not to mention worrying me sick over your condition.

“But it won’t happen again.” She almost jumped on her chair in the effort to prove herself.

“I know it won’t, ‘cause I’m making sure of it right now.”

How? In spite of the question flashed in her eyes, she was smarter than to ask it outright. Instead, she drew back in the chair and focused on a piece of cheese, chewing it slowly. Again, the odd wave of tenderness hit him so hard he would have picked her up and held her in his arms, which he did not. He was her cruel master. If his methods were not harsh, she would never learn to listen to him. So he pursed his lips and went to ring the servants’ bell.

“You called, sir?” Expectant grin, Thuly entered after a soft knock.

“Please send over Sophy and Eiley.”

“Hem…” The man’s hesitation was understandable. “Immediately.” He bowed and left at once.

His mate was equally in the dark. Chris had thought it over carefully. In order for it to be a punishment, he had to resort to her same gender. If it would make the sex harder for him, it would make her furious at the comparisons he would be drawing on purpose.

“All right, I’ll get you ready for this.” Taking a rope, he tied her wrists behind her back.

“Aren’t you going to require my services?” Puzzled, she tugged her arms.

“Whatever for?” Picking her up, he placed her on a side of the bed. “I’ve requested two women who, from what they tell me, are more than capable of satisfying a man’s needs.”

“But you don’t like—”

“People change, sleeping beauty, especially their tastes.” At the knock, he went to the door. “And mine have no intention of staying the same.” Opening it, he half bowed. “Good morning, ladies.”

“Lord Templeton.” Evidently taken aback by his attitude, Sophy, the blondish skinny one, hovered uncertain on the threshold.

“Please come in.” Stepping back, Chris made way for them.

“Lord Templeton…” The second woman was darker in hair, bigger and plumper. “What an honor.” Or maybe the fact he was stark naked made them nervous.

“The honor is all mine.” He knew he had a gorgeous body, so he made no attempt to hide it. “My brother, Bran, has told me a lot about you.” Sophy was his favorite, so Bran had spared no details about her skills. “And I couldn’t wait to try you first…hand.” He flicked his shaft a couple of times.

“What about your mate?” Eiley sent Ylianor a nervous glance.

“That’s just the point.” Ignoring her was easy, particularly since she was behind his shoulders. “She’s not very…experienced, and I can’t get through her thick head what I want her to do.”

“So you want us to show her,” Sophy was quick to catch on.

“If you ladies don’t object.” For good measure, he jerked his cock again.

“Object?” In Sophy’s silent exchange with Eiley, Chris read all their suppressed desire, probably stemmed from years of considering him unreachable. “It will be a pleasure.” Falling on her knees, she replaced his hand with her mouth.

Mostly mine. Chuckling inwardly, Chris turned to face sleeping beauty while directing Eiley down alongside Sophy.

As he had imagined, Ylianor’s eyes were wide with fury and something closely resembling jealousy. That the two women were not bad, she had no trouble judging from the increase in his equipment, which became a sizeable erection the moment the two tongues started fighting over it.

Chris groaned. Nothing like competition raised the stakes and made a person give her best, just like the two women wrapping mouths and hands around his demanding cock. Sophy, the more accomplished, managed to suck him to the hilt every time she had him to herself. Eiley sucked hard with a delicious cheek pressure, though she choked too easily. Together, they licked and lapped his entire length, focusing mostly on the bulging head swelling out of proportion.

“Oh, girls, you’re really good.” Still, Ylianor’s reactions turned him on far more than anything the two had managed to accomplish so far. “So good I may just spill it right here.” So what if it was a lie? It sounded credible as he made a show of it, shoving his hips and getting stuck all the way down to Sophy’s throat. “But you look so tempting…” Another lie, only this time sleeping beauty caught it. “I’m going to request more.”

“We’re at your complete disposal, Lord Templeton.” Eiley beamed proudly.

“Then start rimming Sophy’s ass.” No way he was going to take Eiley’s huge behind. It was just too feminine for his taste. Sophy, instead, had a nice tight rear that was more in tune with his cravings. “And you…” Yanking Sophy’s hair, he stared at her. “Don’t you dare quit!”

“Don’t worry, Milord.” Bouncing back on the rigid shaft, she jerked it a couple of times. “I had no intention of leaving it unattended.” Shifting position, she let Eiley take off her skirt and underwear, settling so her ass pushed back at the tongue tip darting forward. Then she resumed the wet pampering with a loud intake that plunged him back into bliss.

“With an ass like yours, who needs to worry?” Chris followed her swaying with a hungry cock twitch. “It’s magnificent.” Well, this was not quite true, but he took the extra effort to make it sound very convincing.

Agitated, Ylianor squirmed. The pressure was getting right where most needed, and he felt sorry for her…well, almost.

“And irresistible,” he concluded, taking out his erection and reaching Eiley, still working on Sophy’s narrow hole. “I’ll continue here. You can see to it her cunt is as wet as it seems.” Considering the glow, he did not need to touch it to know she was drenched.

Obediently, Eiley slid underneath Sophy. The blondish woman spread her legs, and Chris had no trouble seeing the tongue flicking on the throbbing clit before gliding down to the pussy. Ylianor was also extremely fascinated, her eyes glued on the erotic dance, her own body screaming for attention, which he had no intention of giving. In fact, he wanted to make her feel worse. “Here, dear, help me out.” Catching her by surprise, he stuck two fingers in her mouth. “Be a good girl and lick them thoroughly.” His lips curved in a snarl. “I need to test if Sophy’s ass is to my convenience.” That Ylianor was suffering was evident from the hurt flash crossing her eloquent green eyes. “And I can’t ask you anything more complicated than this.” Still, she did not dare disobey.

Turning away, he stuck three fingers in Sophy’s narrow hole, which swallowed them whole. More than ready for him, he adjusted his position and shoved until only his balls remained out. It was nice and cramped, nothing like Ylianor’s. Still the purpose of this game was another. “Fuck, Sophy!” So he made the best of it and pumped like it was the best thing ever happened to his shaft. “They told me you had a great ass, but I never thought it was this good.”

“That’s because you’ve never been interested in it, Milord.” Sophy giggled.

“Right, Lord Templeton,” Eiley had to put in her two bits worth. “You had to get pledged to realize women existed.” In spite of being out of line, he let it slide. “I hope we can be of assistance, whenever you’re in need.” If they only knew his real motive, they would have both kept their mouths shut.

“Right now, you’re both very helpful.” It was not a total lie. His erection scrunched in the confined space was finding it increasingly easy to like the situation. Eiley licking and massaging his balls was also a divine addition he savored every time he slammed deeper in Sophy’s guts. Too bad neither was enough for an orgasm.

At Sophy’s climax, he perceived a general tightening and a convulsion that pressed her hips on Eiley’s face before banging on his cock. “All right, girls, I need to switch.” Pulling out, he rolled Sophy to a side and turned Eiley around until her cunt was in front of him. She was so wet Chris wondered what he could possibly feel. But again, it was beside the point. All he required was to drown in her heavy molasses while keeping his gaze fixed on Ylianor, which seemed like the last straw for her, his sleeping beauty crumbling inside not a very nice sight.

“Will you allow me to make it better for you?” Sophy’s eyes blazed. “I know how to make her dance for you.” At his nod, she leaned on Eiley, reaching her clit with a velvety tongue tip.

It was all the woman required. As he pumped her trap, Eiley rotated her hips to screw him deeper and grind the tongue tip. He had to admit it was getting more exciting, in spite of the fact he could feel nothing inside her.

As though realizing his less than full enjoyment, the witch changed mood. No more defeated look, she appeared more in control now, her smug expression saying it all. Damn you, sleeping beauty! To prove her wrong, he raised Eiley’s legs and broke in her ass.

Evidently not expecting it, the woman stopped swaying for a second. Still, his cock was so drenched it slid right to her guts, without any obstacles, and rammed, regardless of her urgency to adjust. Lucky for her, she quickly came round to it, partly thanks to her friend’s expert laps, partly to his coaxing.

At this point, though, Chris was only interested in Ylianor’s reactions. Raising his gaze, he caught her eyes squarely on him and knew the game was up. The fucking witch was daring him to come—the gods damn her worthless hide forever! So he would, simply to spite her.

After a few more shoves, he pulled out demanding they both put their mouths at his service. Jerking furiously, he could not take his gaze off Ylianor, which worked just fine to make him spill it eventually, however much it grated on his nerves she was the cause for it. Not that it changed anything for the two women at his feet drinking his sperm, what did not land on their faces or hair. And once they were through, he could not wait for them to be gone.

“Lord Templeton, you can only fool yourself if you think this show was a punishment.” Ylianor sneered the second they were alone.

“My dear Lady Templeton, I just need a little more practice with women before I can truly enjoy them.” Yanking her hair, he threw back her head and stared in her eyes. “Then I’ll have no trouble finding one that’s better than you, so I’d watch my step very carefully if I were you.” Then claiming her mouth put an end to their discussion.