At tue Game

And can I say how damn proud I am of how ready you were to take him on?

It was time I put all my training to good use. The drumbeats so high, they almost covered her thought. Now I’m ready to take on anything.

I wouldn’t boast if I were you, Lady Templeton, Chris snapped, half-teasing, half-serious. ‘Cause in the next hour, I’m going to make you regret your words.

When I said anything, I mean anything serious. She baited on purpose. So far, Lord Templeton, you’ve proved to be the least of my challenges.

Her escort having reached the platform, they set down the tray.

Don’t flatter yourself, Lady Templeton. His snarl curved his thin lips in a cruel twist. Especially when you don’t know what’s in store for you.

As if it could be anything damaging, she scoffed.

The three men, one of them also carrying a chest under an arm, dragged her to the center of the makeshift stage.

You have long lost any power to hurt me—

Not that of mastering you like you should’ve been from the beginning, and—

Angel, why don’t you continue this discussion on stage? Eyeing him, Duncan could tell how aroused Chris was getting with just the words to enflame him. Where you should be right about now?

You are absolutely right. Getting up, Chris was about to set foot on the platform when he turned around and bent on the prince’s ear. “Any last minute instructions, lover?”

His hot breath tickled.

“Any last minute orders to hurt her more or less?” Of course, he was talking, not thinking. How else to cut her off from their conversation?

“I’d go with the discipline and domination.” Duncan eyed Malcolm, who had shifted closer to the platform as though unwilling to miss any of the action.

“Not too much violence.” Emotions were already running higher than the leader had planned, the added expectations making the mix explosive at best.

“Got it.” Still, Chris lingered. “How about a kiss to seal our agreement?”

“You mean to humiliate her publicly?” It was daring. “To show her who the master is?” It was exciting. “To get back at her for always beating you at your own game?” It was damn irresistible. “Don’t you, Angel?” It was so Chris!

“I mean to spice up our game.” Confronting him now, the blue-gray eyes locked on his. “After how you touched me, everyone expects us to have sex. But if I know you any, it’s the last thing you’re going to give them.” He smirked with a knowing look brightening his blue-gray eyes. “So I figure I’d get at least a kiss out of you and in front of everyone.”

“Like the one I gave the princess during our first Game?” The words hardly out of his mouth, Chris’s lips attacked his fiercely.

No, ours will be much better, lover. His tongue getting deeper, Chris wanted the battle, which Duncan had no intention of losing. Wrenching the angel by the hips, he held him with one hand. The other fondled the growing erection, making sure everything was in plain sight, then linked to the princess and overflowed her with the sensation melting his perception down to an enflamed craving.

Which was neither the time nor the place to satisfy.

“You are a cruel bastard.” Pulling away with a great effort, Duncan slapped him on the butt. “Now go to her before I forget all my planning and take your sorry ass here, in front of everyone.”

“Your every wish is my command, Leader.” Mockingly, Chris dipped his head, enough to bury it in Prince Caldwell’s crotch.

A deep inhalation, a puff of hot breath that made the prince’s cock jerk spasmodically, then the intoxicating creature went to the platform to start his other show.

The drums went dead silent the moment Chris set foot on the platform, and now you could have heard a pin drop as everyone seemed to be holding their breaths from the anticipation.

Held between two of the servants who had carried her over, Ylianor twisted to get free as soon as Chris approached. “If you think your little charade with the leader was—”

“Slaves are not allowed to talk.” A whack at her head and Ylianor swayed like a leaf in the wind, her hair falling all over her face. “Their sole task is to shut up and obey.” As his voice carried loud and clear to the farthest corners of the chamber, the biggest of the three servants gave her another slug to the head.

“Well said…” It was obvious Chris was searching for a name.

“It’s Raden, sir.” The man bowed slightly.


It was doubtful his angel would remember the name for too long.

“Just be careful not to spoil the property with those big paws of yours.” Chris glanced skeptically at them.

“Sorry, sir, I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean her.” He pointed at the small chest the servants had left on a side. “Would you mind bringing me that?”

Once Raden complied, Chris opened it and took out a short rope with two large knots in the middle.

“She’s completely expendable.” Going up to her, he pressed it to her lips, until Ylianor had no choice except to open her mouth. “Particularly since the leader doesn’t know if he wants to keep her as a slave.” Then he choked her, commanding one of the other servants to tie the rope behind her head.

What? Furious, she bit the gag suffocating her.

“Didn’t he tell you?” Ironic and detached, Chris surveyed his work before returning to scan the other contents inside the chest. “Must’ve slipped his mind.”

You just want to get back at me for what happened at Black Rose! Ylianor scoffed.

Don’t remind me I haven’t punished you about that…horseman. Selecting more ropes, a noose among them, he returned to her side. Or this game will never end.

As usual with them, playing like they did sent off sparks of pure excitement, both wanting the other while ferociously denying they did until tension literally ate them alive.

“But then, he’s got plenty on his mind as it is.”

And as always, it affected people. The swollen bulges of the three men on stage were proof enough of Chris and Ylianor’s erotic impact.

“Like a delicious new thing he can’t wait to try out as his slave.” Slipping the noose on her head, he secured it around her neck. “For your information, we played with her while you were busy with your darling David.”

There was only one notable exception to Chris’s way of playing today.

“I must say she was surprisingly good.”

Whether it had been Duncan’s convincing arguments or Chris coming to a new awareness, her words and attitude seemed to have lost the power to throw the angel’s control to the wind. And his steady grasp as he tied a long rope to the back of her collar was all the evidence the leader needed.

“Oh, you should’ve seen him when he asked her to stay the night.” Going behind her, he ordered one servant to twist her arms on her back.

“He really couldn’t get enough of her, more aroused than when he’s with you.” He tied her wrists to the long rope in a way that she would choke, if she did not keep her arms perfectly still.

“And I have to admit she was for me, too. She let me do whatever took my fancy without complaining or disobeying any order.”

He was not sharing any images, though he had plenty of them, for in the end Amber had stayed on the entire night long, as Chris had claimed. Evidently, he wanted to save them for later. Not just to erode her certainties like the leader had guessed the moment Chris had decided to play with the woman.

To go for the kill.

“Now kneel.” He followed the order with a push on her shoulders.

I don’t believe you. Of course, she resisted.

But something in her less decisive stance told Duncan she had noticed the switch in Chris and was trying to figure how to beat him anyway.

He would never—

“You don’t have to believe my words.” Giving her a harder shove, he made her fall to the floor. “Just what you’ll see.” Moving to Raden’s side, he whispered something in his ear. “If you don’t choke first with all your thrashing.”

Well, his angel had made her more nervous than she cared to admit.

“Yes, sir, I’ll bring her immediately.” Rushing away, Raden went to a half open door and pulled Amber inside, clad in a sexy red dress. Half dragging her to the stage, he set her in front of Chris, back turned to Ylianor.

“Good evening, Master.” With an elaborate bow, the woman almost touched her forehead to her knees or as much as the dress’s tight fit would give in. “I am so happy you remembered about me.”

“How could I forget?” Smiling seductive like a snake, Chris eyed her up and down. “Only thing is—I’m terrible with names, so if you’d remind me of yours—”

“It’s Amber.” She was trembling from excitement.

“Amber, right.” Slapping his forehead, his irresistible angel made it look like he had it on the tip of his tongue. “Now, just for the record, would you mind going over your night with the leader?” His gaze shifted to the princess.

Ylianor paled beyond colors. The fact he had not provided any images with his claim had reinforced a false sense of security that he was now shattering and not with mere words alone.

Judge from what you’ll see, he sneered.

Because her aura reading Virt told her straight up the sexual relations of any two people, now that it confirmed Chris was telling no lie about this she had the sinking feeling he had spoken the truth about everything else, too.

“Oh, it was incredible, Master.” She licked her lips maliciously. “You and the leader chose me. I really couldn’t believe my luck.” She swayed on her feet as though following a silent tune. “I mean we were all dying to be at your complete service for however long you’d require, so I’d have done anything—”

“And you did.” Still fixing Ylianor, Chris was visibly enjoying her deep discomfort, made worse by her precarious balance and the rigidity of her limbs, her arms in particular.

“So that’s why the leader asked me to stay the entire night!”

“I guess you earned it.” His blue-gray eyes taunted the princess and her strain at avoiding the slip that would choke her. “As I recall, you were quite serviceable, particularly when it came to the leader.” The sardonic twist in his thin lips was for the princess.

“He couldn’t get enough.” In her swaying, she tried to get closer to the angel, without much success.

True—at first glance, Duncan had liked Amber.

“Just exactly what did you do to him? Refresh my memory.”

“Oh, he first went for my ass and that was delicious, ‘cause he’s a master at it. Then he went for my mouth, and I sucked him long and hard. And then I let him use whatever part of me he wanted, until he forgot about everything.”

Not true—from the moment he had cracked the pretty woman’s ass, he had missed his princess, her seductive moves and the pleasure she caused with a mere shake of that splendid rear of hers. Plus, if he had to say it all, all through Amber’s screwing, he had longed for Ylianor’s privileged connection and the added energy play that always made it so much more and so much better with her than with any other woman he had ever been with.

“Which is why he told you he was considering taking you as his slave.”

“Like I told him, it would be an honor.” Her head swung sideways to look at Duncan.

“Don’t move unless I tell you so.” But wrenching it, Chris held it still. “Your only concern now is for me.” His voice became suddenly harsh, “Is that understood?”

“Perfectly, Master.” Immediately retuning her gaze to his blue-gray eyes, she did not budge. “I just hope I can please you now as much as I did that other night.”

“As I recall, you weren’t half bad.” Mollified, Chris let go of her head.

Then the images started. His wretched lover had waited until the very last moment, when Amber’s tale weighed Ylianor further down and made it impossible to doubt her. Upon this weakness, the images crashed like an avalanche, all well selected and carefully chosen to convey the impression of how both Duncan and Chris had loved having sex with Amber. Which was not exactly how it had played out. But since Ylianor could hear only their spoken words, the accuracy of what had happened buried his poor princess six feet under and totally devastated her.

“And you were the hardest to please.” Amber said it so naturally no one could doubt the truth of her words.

And Chris’s huge cock slamming in Amber’s asshole testified to the veracity of her words.

“But I hope I did, in the end.”

“One night is hardly enough to decide who can have the great privilege of being the leader’s slave.” Raising his gaze, he checked on the people in the chamber, then trained it on Ylianor. “Many would do anything for it, but most fail to meet his very high and aristocratic standards.” And you, Lady Templeton, have just blown your chance. “So now it’s up to me to make this very important choice.” He glanced at Amber again. “Which will all depend on what you’ve got to offer.”

“Everything! I’ll do everything.” The young woman jumped on the spot to reinforce her total submission. “I’ll do anything you want me to, anything you ask for.”


“Anything!” She straightened her shoulders as a way of proving she was afraid of nothing. “I’ll service you in whatever way you require to bring you pleasure—”

“What about pain?” He moved that much closer that her body almost jolted from the extreme heat he was giving off.

“That…too.” Duncan did not miss Amber’s hesitation.

Nor did his princess, for sure.

“Then I’ll just have to try you out, ‘cause the current slave has flunked miserably in that department as in all her other tasks.” Flicking his gaze briefly on Ylianor, his bastard lover was making his damnest best to crush the princess into accepting defeat or quit playing all together. “So strip and kneel.” As if he had suddenly lost interest in Amber, Chris went to Raden. “Let me see what you’ve got hiding in your pants.”

“Yes, sir.” A rapid unbuttoning and Raden’s giant cock hung out, begging someone to fondle it.

It’s no use, Lord Templeton. One thing about his princess—she was no quitter! Amber can never give you what I can.

Duncan had to hand it to her, rising to the dastardliest challenge, no matter what the odds.

What can you possibly offer more than she can? More than anyone else can? Apparently disinterested in her, Chris focused on the impressive shaft, weighing and squeezing it to test its firmness. Or that I haven’t taken already?

Which did not fool Prince Caldwell a bit.

And don’t say that energy crap, ‘cause I’m getting sick and tired of it. “Nice piece you’ve got.”

Knowing his angel, he could tell Chris was not as turned on by the man’s rod, as he would have normally been. Ylianor got all of his attention and kept his erection going, her defiance so tempting with the urge to force her into submission, it made Duncan wonder how Chris had not flung every pretense away and gone for her straight up.

“Hey, you.” Turning to the other two servants who had remained by Ylianor’s side, Chris gestured for them to approach Raden. “My friend needs some very special attention.” Lovingly, he stroked the cock that twitched in agreement. “I’m sure you’ll provide the assistance he requires.” If it was not a direct order, it certainly sounded like one.

The two dropped to their knees and let Chris brush the fat crown on their faces, before competing with each other to swallow it. Raden helped them. Bringing his hips forward and rotating them slightly, he gagged either one or the other repeatedly.

On the opposite side of the stage, Amber was getting nervous. Naked on the ground, she looked at Chris as though annoyed his attention had diverted from her. “Master, I’m ready for you.”

Well, so much for her slave attitude.

“Are you really?” Chris watched the two men stealing Raden’s cock from each other’s mouth, before returning to Amber’s side. “I don’t think you understand what it means to be the leader’s slave.”

“I am ready to serve in the way it most satisfies you, both of you.” She lurched as if she wanted to touch him, something he carefully avoided. “I’ll be good and obey your every order.” Again, she swayed in her own dance. “I’ll fulfill your every wish. When you’re done with me, I’ll disappear and won’t bother either of you.” Slowly, she ran a hand down her body. “I’ll call in other slaves for you, if you so request and help them satisfy you.”

Chris caught her hand. “There’ll be no touching until I say so.”

“Sorry, Master.” Apologetic, she looked up, making it a point to stop her gaze on his groin. “I just wanted to show you what I could offer you.”

“I rather prefer what the men can offer me.” His eyes strayed to the cock plunging now in one mouth, now in the other.

And Duncan could almost taste his angel’s mouth wetting at the sight.

“I can give you a lot more, Master.” Opening her mouth slightly, Amber slid her tongue over her lips, inviting Chris to explore her potentials. “Please, try me.”

“I already did, and you weren’t particularly good at it.” Now brutal, Chris did not hide the note of contempt.

“I practiced since.” Scrambling to prove herself, Amber straightened. “And you have such a wonderful cock I’ll die if I can’t get a second shot at it.” Her voice turned husky, “After all, isn’t he the real master?”

“What would you do if I gave it to you?” Changing his attitude, he crushed her face to his crotch.

“I’d adore it, like it deserves.” She buried her face in it. “I’d suck it until it was dry.” It was obvious she wanted to take it out, but with Chris denying permission to proceed, she did not dare. “I’d swallow it until it gagged me.” She continued to press against him. “I’d lick it until I scorched it.”

In all this, Ylianor had kept her gaze trained on him. However rigid and tense she was, Duncan was sure it was the major factor in Chris’s swell.

“All right, let me see if you’ve become half as good as you claim.”

Not waiting for a repeat, Amber fell on Chris’s cock like a child on candy, gobbling it up the instant it emerged from the clothes and sliding her hands up and down its length frantically. Her excitement was so out of control she lacked coordination, simply did everything that came to her mind at once without any order to it.

What everyone else can offer you is just sex, good or bad, still just sex. Picking up their earlier conversation, Ylianor’s tone was neither aggressive nor challenging. What I can give you, Lord Templeton, has nothing to do with any energy crap, and you haven’t had the chance to take it yet.

As she took a deep breath, Duncan knew she was gambling with a new way to play the game.

What I can give you, Lord Templeton, is true defiance.

That Chris’s cock jerked visibly was something the prince was sure everyone in the chamber had noticed.

What do you mean? To pretend it was not that important, Chris stuffed his erection all the way down to Amber’s throat, holding her head thrown back so she could neither pull away nor breathe.

Whether to render her words more effective or watch Amber gasping for air and struggling to get free, Ylianor took her time in answering. I mean that you’ll have to torture me worse than now just to shut me up. But I never will, ‘cause I’ll dare you to go that one-step further. No matter what the consequences, I’ll up the scales and push the level of my pain, so that you’ll be forced to be more and more vicious simply to show me who the master is. From now on, you’ll have to skin me alive just to silence my challenges, and your knife will have to work overtime until what happened in Black Rose last time will only be child’s play.

What? To shout it in both their heads would have spoiled their game, though he doubted was a game at this point. She sounded dead serious and dead on focus, too. If anything could catch his angel’s fancy, this would certainly do the trick. But what struck Duncan most of all was her willingness to raise the stakes beyond any normal safeguard and place her life at risk in order to get him. Was it blind love or pure competition? Was she speaking seriously or playing the game to the hardest edge possible?

At this point, the leader could not tell for sure, not without stopping them to analyze it. And if truth were told, the show had him so completely bewitched that he was falling for everything Chris and Ylianor said and did, as if they meant every word and action.

“Honey, you’ve got to open wider if you want me to like this in any way.” Apparently ignoring Ylianor’s earnest proposal, he concentrated on suffocating Amber good and proper. As for you, Lady Templeton, I don’t give a damn about you or your worthless offers.

Despite his words, Chris’s fire flared up, and before Duncan could intervene, he hit Ylianor with considerable force, further fueled by his shaft securely lodged in Amber’s throat in spite of her gurgling noises. For all response, the princess did not move a muscle. Not even her arms. You will. Nor did she try to deflect the bolt that hit her squarely on the chest. When all these fools you surround yourself will bore you to tears. She wavered, the impact impossible to sustain otherwise. You’ll have no choice except to turn to me. But held her ground admirably well.

You wish, Lady Templeton!

Ha! His angel could talk all he liked. Duncan knew for sure he was fooling no one except himself, for she and her scorching sensuality were melting his senses to the core.

So the extra tension turned him real mean. “And you, slut, I said suck, not choke.” With a callous tug on the hair, he tossed her head further back, almost snapping her neck in the process.

Panting for air, Amber was having an impossible time at keeping up with Chris’s ruthless demands, her unskilled efforts unable to satisfy him in the least.

“Hey, guys.” Spinning to the trio of men, he pulled out of her mouth with a disgusted expression. “She’s all yours.”

“Really, sir?” Approaching, Raden was the first to reach him.

“Yeah, split her ass in two. It might improve her worthless performance.”


“Do yourself a favor and shut up.” Icy cold, Chris snapped, without as much as glancing at her, “You’re not fit to be anybody’s slave, least of all the leader.”

Does that mean I am? Barely suppressed glee, Ylianor jumped at the turn of events.

Don’t push it, sleeping beauty, ‘cause I’m not done with you yet. “Lay her on the table.” He pointed at it.

Raden picked the young woman up.

“So everyone can get their fill.” Chris made way for the other two men. “You two can choke her, while you…” He gestured at Raden, having obviously forgotten his name. “Crack her ass.”

The servant lifted Amber’s legs to his chest and aimed at the tight ring.

“And don’t bother being gentle about it.”

Safe to say, Raden’s harsh shove was far more arousing to the angel than any of Amber’s poor blowing attempts.

“Much better.” Mollified by the show, Chris turned to the other two servants standing next to Amber’s head. “And let me see your sorry ass before you gag her.”

“Yes, sir.” Both men shed their pants, revealing impressive shafts that would have made lesser men’s mouth water at the sight.

Not Chris, evidently.

He had other intentions. Eyes fixed on one man’s attractive behind, while they hovered over her mouth taking turns to stuff it, all the way to her throat judging from her sputtering.

“Now, you.” After checking over the scene, the angel went to Ylianor, still kneeling with her arms twisted behind her back, rigid from tension yet trembling with anticipation at Chris’s approach. “Time to get down to serious work.”

When the angel brushed her skin in untying her wrists, such was her state that a wave similar to a climax washed all over her. And she would have slammed to the ground face down, had not Chris tightened his grip.

“I didn’t give you permission to come,” he breathed huskily in her ear, loud enough for everyone to hear and to cause another wave that Ylianor tried frantically to repress, without the slightest success. “And I’m not giving it now.”

This was pure incredible and potent beyond words! What was happening under Duncan’s very nose was Ylianor handing over to Chris her entire power and the angel using it to make her climax with a mere stroke, which in turn fueled her arousal and his to the feverish pitch Chris had not been able to reach with either the men or Amber’s sexual interplay.

“Have I made myself clear?”

Yes, Master.

He unfastened her gag, letting it fall around her neck. “Say it.”

“Yes, Master.” Apparently uncaring she was breaking one of Cecilia’s major rules, her strained voice, throaty and raspy, exposed her to justified punishment.

“You’re really incapable of being a good slave.” Then again, it was a no-win situation. One Chris took immediate advantage of, yanking her hair and snapping her neck backward. “Disobedient and defiant worse than anyone I’ve ever known.” Then letting go, he untied her wrists from the collar, enabling her to take her first free breath since the servants had brought her on stage. “Now let’s go.”

The breathing a short-lived pleasure, alas, Chris clutched the rope now dangling down her neck and pulled it like it were a leash, forcing Ylianor to crawl as he dragged her to Amber. “Your task is to lick her and her alone.”

Spread out on the table, Amber had more than her hands full. Raden’s cock ramming her ass without respite, he held her legs up in the air for the world to see how large he had stretched her hole, while her mouth disappeared under the assault of the other two shafts.

“No cocks. No me. You don’t deserve any of it. Just her cunt.”

For Prince Caldwell—and for his lover no doubt—these words weighed like stones on Ylianor’s heart, however much she pretended otherwise.

“And I’ll make sure you don’t get any of it, either.” It was no empty threat.

The bastard!

For how else to define him?

The bastard wrapped the rope to his wrist, then went behind the man whose rear had caught his attention before and adjusted it to his convenience.

“Oh, one last rule for everyone.”

Now each and every of the angel’s movements, like wetting a couple of fingers and testing the man’s butt hole, risked to choke Ylianor, even if she was doing nothing wrong.

“If you come, I want to see it.” Replacing the fingers with his hungry cock—rock hard beyond words—Chris claimed the cramped space all the way to the guts, yanking back the princess’s head as he clamped the man’s hips.

Looking at it from the outside, if Chris’s cruelty seemed unbelievable, it only matched Ylianor’s recklessness to a Tee. In other words—they deserved one another like no other two people the leader knew. And to think he had not seen it from the start, driven only by a generic instinct that urged him to pair them together, in spite of their will. The result had been astounding in so many ways, including how effective their performance was in enflaming everyone’s senses. Ungluing his gaze from the erotic exchanges in front of him, Prince Caldwell spent a long moment analyzing the crowd around him. Most people were hardly breathing, staring intently as though fearful of missing the slightest action. The majority of men sported an erection that Duncan was sure would explode at a single touch. The women, instead, were wet through and through, the slaves dripping honeydew all over their low tables. Only Malcolm seemed to have more than a sexual interest in the scene, his attention completely trained on Ylianor alone. Good thing Duncan and Chris’s energy still held him in check, to the point Malcolm could do no harm.

On stage, things had picked up. Ylianor’s tongue flicking on Amber’s clit stiffened all the men’s erections, particularly since Chris was making it a point to gag her often, pulling her rope so that she could not dedicate any fixed amount of time on pampering Amber. Ylianor’s utter enslavement, combined with Chris’s sadistic twist, was pushing everyone over the edge, except for the two of them. That they craved to be alone with each other was as clear as day to Duncan. He could just imagine the sparks when that would come about.

For now, Raden being close to an orgasm had to content him, judging from his accelerated breathing and increased pumping. The other two were about to lose it, too. When it came to Amber, it was difficult to tell how she was doing, practically invisible beneath all the bodies covering her. Not that anyone cared.

After pulling out like Chris had ordered, Raden’s jets together with the two other men joining in transformed Amber’s body in a mass of whitish spunk, pooling between her breasts and belly.

“Now the slave will lick it all up.” Out of the man’s snug ass, the angel’s brusque order made all the three shrunk cocks stand up once more. “Without swallowing a single drop.”

Avidly, they followed Ylianor’s tongue trailing on Amber’s skin and gobbling every smear without any of Chris’s induced chokes. Everyone was at the edge of their seats to catch all the cleaning, which was not often very visible. Ylianor’s long hair covered more than they should have, until Raden pushed them back holding them in place, so no one would miss anything.

To say it was erotic would have been an understatement. There was something about her tongue slithering to lick off all the sperm while four engorged rods circled her that was simply irresistible, especially since her repeated rounds from Amber’s pelvis up to her face teased the four monsters into taking immediate action regardless of whether she had finished or not.

A few men from the audience came after jerking off. A couple more had requested their slave’s mouth services, finally easing the tension Chris had worked so hard to raise. Now what would he think of next?
leeping beauty?"