Ylianor is one-step ahead

“Damn her twice!” Small wonder Duncan would understand it so well. “I couldn’t believe it then. I still can’t now. She was just a puny, scrawny little thing, yet she was up on that hill daring me with a Virt I thought no one else in the world had besides me.” He shook his head. “I know you can’t remember her, but I swear I will never forget her defiance on that first day. Until then, I had been the superior being, the only one with power, at least the only one aware of it. Everyone else seemed…bland in comparison. No one ever dared to defy me until this frail little nobody waits for me to turn the bend and ambush me.”

“Must’ve made your blood boil.”

“You can say that again!” Just the memory increased his temperature considerably. “Lucky for her, I saw you and didn’t strike back as I would have.”

“Mmmm…wasn’t I too…bland for your tastes?” Prince Caldwell teased.

“You, lover?” Angry with Duncan using his words against him, Chris tried to throw him off. “You’ve never been bland. You always struck me as powerful beyond anything I ever laid eyes on, even if you didn’t seem aware of it at the time.” Without much success. “But what sleeping beauty told us not a month ago confirmed everything I always felt but couldn’t quite define. That little trick of yours of balancing out my two sides must’ve affected me, even if she says neither of us were aware of it.” Defeated, he settled back down.

“So that’s why you stuck around.” Teasing on purpose, Duncan nipped his earlobe. “But you’re probably right. All the Virt we unleashed on that hill so long ago—whether consciously or not—brought us closer together, all three of us, even if in a purely instinctive way.”

“Must be, ‘cause I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not just of you.” Chris frowned perplexed.

Sometimes, this still escaped him. “Of her.” Relaxing in Duncan’s hold, he shifted to a more comfortable position. “Later on, it felt like she was your guardian, the one who had to challenge me so I could prove myself worthy of you.”

“Is that another of the reasons you erased her from my memory?”

“Yeah, maybe.” He squirmed uneasily. Between his jealousy, his rage over Duncan talking constantly about her and his refusal to let Chris’s healing Virt help him after his father died, there was no lack of motivations. “I’d rather have erased her from mine, particularly her outright defiance.” He sighed. “Truth is—I could never forget her. In spite of your mother banning her from this place and of all the years and the time we spent together, I never could help thinking of her every time I set foot in Black Rose or expecting her to challenge me every time I turned that bend.”

“So, when I brought her back, it was like she had beaten you in a way.”

“And I was furious back then.” Not now, though.

Duncan’s cooling effect was doing a great job of that.

“When your mother and sister started talking about a dangerous witch who had taken your fancy, I knew they were talking of her.” He raised his gaze to stare into the liquid black eyes. “I even fucking remembered her name. All the years that passed and never once did I forget it. Me!” Chris smiled broadly. “Can you believe it?”

“Are you talking about the same guy who forgets a name a split second after he’s heard it?” Duncan laughed out loud. “Even if he’s sucked the guy’s cock for half an hour?”

“The one and only.” Chris laughed, too. “That’s why I couldn’t believe it, eit
. Not just about her name. That out of all the people in the world, I remembered her.”

“I don’t see anything odd in that.” The leader chuckled. “Seems to me you’re attracted to power like nothing else in your life, in fact craved it even at that early age, and she’s so full of it you just could never forget her, not even if you tried.”

“That’s another thing I couldn’t forgive her for.”

“Well, it explains why you were so angry with her right from the beginning.” Duncan shifted position.

“Not entirely, ‘cause sex worsened everything.” Chris had to lean forward to get as close as before. “It’s so goddamn fantastic!” He almost roared, “And I couldn’t stand it at the beginning! She drove me crazy, she and that slave-like attitude of hers, which is just a fraud. She’s always been in control of our sex from day one, whether we liked it or not. What really got me was that defiance of hers. In bed, it was pure disastrous, to say the least, exciting the shit out of me. Every time, it was like she dared me to take her, like I had to prove I could take her. And that blew my mind away, ‘cause in all my years of sex, no one ever dared challenge my skills.” Somehow, it felt good to get it off his chest. “And she’s still doing it now, at the Hall.” This, too, grated on his nerves far more than he cared to admit. “I never saw any newcomer learn the ins or out of that place faster than she did.” He looked at Duncan wanting him to pay careful attention to his next words. “I mean, had you come to the Hall not as the leader, as a regular guy, you’d have had a harder time than she ever had.”

“She had several advantages.” Prince Caldwell tried downplaying it. “She’s sister to the leader and mate to the leader’s phase mate. That for sure accounts for something. Plus, I know for a fact you helped her.”

“Just a little, lover. Very little in fact,” he snorted. “As for all the other things, they mean nothing if you can’t prove yourself to the eyes of those wolves going by the name of councilmen and councilwomen of the High Council. What she did really good was to listen very carefully and use my advice in ways I’d have never expected, getting exactly what she wanted and rising straight to the top.”

“Beaten at your own game once more.” The prince could not help grinning.

“Ha! As if my position was ever in jeopardy!” Chris spat, “What I can’t stand at times is how people love her for doing the exact same things I do. Not just at the Hall.” The deep breath he took scorched his lungs. Not easy what he was about to say out loud. “My entire family has fallen in love with her, my father included, and I’ve never seen him falling for anyone.”

“Maybe just for my father…” It was so soft, Chris was not sure he heard correctly.

“Probably, and maybe she resembles him. I don’t know.” He shrugged inconsequentially. “All I know is that, during our stay at Fair Haven, my father asked for her opinions and views on just about anything. Something he has never done with any of us. I mean what could she possibly know about state matters or the Hall? She’s nothing but a newcomer for gods’ sake. Yet, every time she gave him an answer that he seemed to value highly.” Still wondering how she managed it, he continued, “And at the Hall, everyone can’t stop talking about her. Not just for the great sex. For how sweet and caring she is when in fact she’s playing the same games I am, stealing my lovers and using them to get back at me, exactly what I do with hers.”

“But her style is totally different.”

“And it’s winning her consensus as we speak.”

“Pisses you off, doesn’t it?”

No need to state the obvious.

“I wouldn’t have started any of it, if she hadn’t been so defiant. Which brings us back to square one.” He curled his hands in a fist. “Somehow, she gets off on my anger and loves to up the stakes, like the last time we played our bloody knife game and she was uncontrollable, remember?”

“Hard to forget.” Duncan glanced around the office where that particular scene had occurred barely a month ago. “Lately, she’s the one pushing the boundary just a little further, getting you mad that itty bitty more that will make you lose control.”

Although he was not hearing Duncan’s thoughts at the moment, Chris was sure the leader was putting their story in a logical sequence, pieces falling into place to compose a greater picture.

“Why do you think I snapped the first time at the shelter?” Still not his finest moment, carving her up for pure revenge while enchanting Prince Caldwell into inaction. “And again during the Festival after she discovered my secret?” For that—and that alone—he would have burned her to cinders. And he still wondered what had stopped him. “I only used it with you. She had no business taking control of it—”

“Much like she does with your anger and handles quite well…” A skeptical glance, then Duncan pressed his weight on Chris again. “Most of the times, anyway.”

“I already said I was sorry for what happened before your mother died.” He had really lost it then, slashing her as though he meant to kill her for real. “But she didn’t say a word, just took every blow like it didn’t hurt at all—”

“She was doing it for you, to calm you down in the only way she knows how.”

The hardness in his tone told Chris his lover neither approved nor forgave his and Ylianor’s recklessness.

“And you played along—”

“Hey, I steamed off, didn’t I?” Chris retorted, “And she’s still alive and well, isn’t she?” His tone became gentler, “Which doesn’t mean I haven’t learned my lesson and will never try something like that again.”

“What I don’t get in all this is why sex didn’t make it better. Why it didn’t curb some of your fierceness, lessen your rage or something.”

“Like it should have if Virtus was working properly.” Yeah, Chris could see where the leader was going with this.

“My point precisely.” Impressed, the blaze in the black eyes conveyed all the prince’s admiration for Chris’s insight. “Why didn’t Virtus channel all the rage and violence into sex? Why doesn’t it control you like it does everybody else?”

“‘Cause I’m different.” His lips curved in a splitting smile. “I’m special.”

“No, you’re otherworldly. That’s what you are.” Perplexed, Prince Caldwell drew back. “I don’t mean just for this world. For any that might be out there.” His strong hands massaged Chris’s chest. “With your load of anger and violence, you defy even a sophisticated device that someone built for the express purpose of curbing people like you.” His lips twisted in a snarl while his hands moved downward. “It’s not just that sex doesn’t work with you the way it does with everyone else. It’s more that your type of sex seems to fuel the anger and violence, instead of wiping them out of your system and vice-versa, which is really puzzling.”

“You tend to forget, my leader, David took me off Virtus’s control a couple of years ago now.”

It had happened on their second visit to the Nephis Valley, when the four of them, along with Cecilia, had gone to put back the three-sided pyramid with the ticking core, which Lady Hurst had stolen just months before.

“You were like this long before David even set eyes on that damn device,” Duncan snapped. “Besides, the princess and I have been off it for the same time, yet we don’t get so mad or so explosive, not even during the first period when it was harder to manage.”

“You almost burned me when you found out I had erased your memory on purpose.” To stress his point, he raised his head to get closer to Duncan.

“But I stopped at the last moment, didn’t I?” On his part, the prince also went forward until their lips almost touched. “Had our roles been reversed, would you?”

“I…” No!

“That’s my point.” Satisfied, Duncan drew back slightly. “You can become a threat faster than any hurricane, more dangerous than evil Virtus itself.”

“A threat, am I?” Throwing his arms around Duncan’s neck, Chris detained him. “How can the leader of a violence-free world ever abide with such monster?”

“‘Cause you’re also the most uniquely exciting person the leader has ever known.” As near as they were, it took a simple lowering of the head for his lips to kiss Chris’s. “You are really one of a kind. I’m still not sure how you managed it, but you turned the rage and violence into an asset and combined them in your sex to make it something out of this world. Having sex with you is like being inside that hurricane or inside Virtus’s devastation and loving every minute of it.” He held Chris’s face between his palms. “Plus, let’s not forget that, on top of everything else, this particular leader loves you like crazy.”

“He loves me for the sex? The excitement? The blood and knife? The rage? The great person I am? The hurricane? Or—”

“‘Cause you are his kindred spirit above and beyond life itself, above and beyond this reality, and no amount of rage or violence is ever going to change that.”

Just hearing the words melted Chris’s heart down to its core and swelled his cock to a spasm, which was nothing compared to the second Duncan fondled it from above the pants.

Hardly surprising the man should know Chris and his reactions like the back of the hand. More surprising when fondling turned into serious stroking with the opening of Chris’s fly. And when Duncan’s mouth closed on the tip of the erection…well, there were no words to describe the surge of pure pleasure—

“You like it, don’t you?”

Not Prince Caldwell’s voice, also because it was kind of impossible for him to talk at the moment, so Chris glanced around and saw her.

Or rather them.

Holding her from behind, ass crushed to his groin, Farrell was squeezing her breasts.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Chris straightened on his elbows. “Talking of the witch all this time and here she is.” He looked Duncan’s way. “What is she doing?”

“Upping the stakes, what else?” If his mouth had stopped working on Chris’s hungry cock, his palm held it firmly, sliding it up and down at a delicious rhythm. “Using her Virt to show you exactly what she’s doing.” He focused on the image just a few feet away, Farrell taking off her shirt and going for the bare touch and nipple tease.

“Like you did at Belleview when you wanted to be sure the princess saw you with the three servants.”

“Where did she find enough Virt to play a trick like this?” His eyes fixed on the scene, Chris saw her throwing back her rear and grind it against the man’s very visible erection.

“Now that she’s free of her ghosts, anything is possible with her.”

As the leader’s touch deepened, Ylianor spun around and placed her hands on Farrell’s crotch.

“Like she proved during my mother’s funeral, and she has you to thank for that little trick.”

“Me?” Sure, his head was swimming with the burning need to come. Not enough to let things slide, though. “I did nothing—”

“You taught her to use her Virt as an asset, ignoring the flashing auras and narrowing only on some.” Lowering his head, he gave a thorough lap to the bulging head.

“Like with the Hall’s advice, she went much farther than I ever meant.”

No. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he found it hard to believe she could have evolved so far, so soon.

“Nothing about either of you surprises me anymore.” He lifted his head.

Ylianor and Farrell were kissing. Only, at one point, he pushed on her shoulders, and she dropped to her knees.

“Right now, I think she wants to continue the game you started.”

Which, of course, was all Farrell was waiting for to take out a giant cock and stuff it in her mouth down to her throat, considering her gagging gasp and jumping back.

“I’m sick and tired of her games.” Resolved to ignore her, Chris reclined on the arm-stand. “I just want to have sex with you, lover.”

Still, he could not help noticing how relentless Farrell was proving to be, clamping her head and holding it over his shaft to limit her chances of escape and provide himself a satisfying blowjob.

“Sure you do, Angel.”

Duncan’s mouth drowning his shaft again was the best antidote he could hope for to take the woman off his mind. Too bad his eyes kept following the scene, as if with a mind of their own.

She was good. No question about it. She succeeded in gobbling Farrell up almost entirely, in spite of the length and thickness of him. Not a bad looking cock, either.

Chris would have loved to trade places and try it for himself.

Instead, it was plunging down Ylianor’s throat as if determined to reach her stomach. And fending off his most dangerous lurches with the use of her hands did not always work, which made it all the more damn exciting. All the more difficult to resist his need to burst inside his lover’s mouth—

“Hold it, Angel.” Abruptly taking his lips away, Duncan made him sit up. “You might not care for her games, but I can’t stand this heat.” Taking Chris’s hand, he pressed it to his crotch. “And since it’s obvious the purpose of her game is for us to come with her, I’ll let you cool off right now.” Pushing him down on his knees, Duncan grabbed his head and crushed it to the erection straining inside the pants. “Before you start coming inside my mouth.”


A sneaky half smile curving her lips told Chris she had caught their scene.

Well, she could just fuck herself for all Chris cared. Nothing in the world was better than Prince Caldwell’s perfect cock! No other could stand the comparison, so she could just screw herself twice! Chris loved every twist and bump in it. Could have recognized it blindfolded among dozens of others. So lavishing his very skilled blows on it was one of his greatest pleasures in the world.

And to spite her, he pretended not to see the annoying images playing in front of his face.

Ha! If it were only a matter of choice.

In spite of the couch between him and wherever the fuck she was sucking Farrell, his vision was neither impaired nor lessened, as though the show had moved closer to him the second he had shifted position.

“It’s really too bad you don’t live here.” Farrell’s voice was a further distraction. “We could have lots of fun together, you and I.”

“Don’t worry.” To give her a measure of respite, Farrell allowed sleeping beauty to use her mouth in a more traditional way. “I visit often.”

And goddamn if the expression on her face was not for Chris alone!

“That’s great news.” Picking her up, Farrell brought her to the bed.

“I thought you weren’t interested in playing her games.” Yanking his hair, Duncan tossed up his face. “Or did I misunderstand?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Then step on the sucking and down with the watching.” Then he pushed his head down, and Chris choked on the tip of the erection getting stuck way beyond his comfort zone.

Had Farrell not bared her ass in the meantime, everything would have been easier. Instead, Chris could not help his gaze gluing to the perfectly round and firm cheeks staring back at him. But with Duncan’s scold ringing loud and clear in his ears, Chris forced his attention on the twitching piece inside his mouth, which had grown gigantic, a real effort to swallow it whole now, though Chris accomplished it anyway. For too long he had been sucking his lover’s cock not to have learned a few tricks along the way, some still unknown even to sleeping beauty. And rubbing a special spot around the base of the fat crown was the fastest one to make his prince spill it all at once.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Blocking his head, Duncan stopped him. “I have every intention of seeing this thing to the end, even if it kills me.”

“Which is going to be sooner than you think.” Chris pursed his lips, flicking his gaze on sleeping beauty. “As soon as he goes for her ass, he’s a finished man.”

Ylianor’s four-legged position warranted it, however little attention Chris was paying to it now, for the fool preferred to have a round in her slit. Could anyone be more misguided?

Farrell pumped it hard, the gland sliding in and out from between Ylianor’s spread-out thighs.

“So I better hurry.” Dragging him to the nearest wall, Duncan whirled him around. “Take off your pants.”

If it sounded like an order, Chris hardly noticed, caught in the frenzy of anticipation.

“Now bend.” Following the instruction with a push on his back, Duncan positioned him. Ass thrown out and open, the tip of the erection speared the narrow hole, breaking through in a swift slide, also cutting off Chris’s breath.

Always, no matter how many cocks had ravaged his ass, nothing ever prepared him for Prince Caldwell’s rear-splitting sex. Maybe it was the shaft’s fault, its particular shape and size sending shivers of pleasure down Chris’s back the second it came into contact with his butt ring. Maybe it was the claiming itself, not too forceful yet with a distinctive push that turned his asshole to butter. Or maybe it was the hands clenching his hips steady, Duncan’s cool touch incomparable to any other. The only one he wanted more of, given his extreme heat also at a body level.

Whatever it was, nothing gave him the sensations Duncan did by cracking his ass and ramming it good and proper. It liquefied his senses and increased the space available until it went up to his throat. Literally.

“Don’t you come on me now.” Whispering hoarsely in his ear, the prince grasped Chris’s equipment. “You want to show her you can beat her for once, don’t you?”

“At this point, I really don’t care.” It was simply too good to have the shaft so far up his ass, with the added advantage of Duncan’s weight flattening him to the wall, the long hair tickling his ears and shoulders.

Ylianor’s scene had floated to a position where both he and the prince could see it comfortably. It had changed, too.

Or rather, Farrell had altered his aim, getting ready to claim her ass instead. His rigid piece glistening from the honeydew lining sleeping beauty’s pussy, he targeted the tiny entrance, seemingly confident he would penetrate it in no time at all. The fool just did not know how hard Ylianor’s rear was to break open the first time around. At least for anyone who did not know how to coax it properly, an art only Chris and Duncan had mastered. For her ass belonged to the category that you had to know how to possess, no matter how wet the cock.

Farrell’s repeated shoves enflamed Chris to fever pitch. The fact the man was having such hard time was like flames scorching his balls. When the tip finally slammed inside, Chris began to lose it. What was the use of resisting any longer?

As usual with sleeping beauty, once conquered a cock-hold, she opened up completely, which was another trait Chris adored of her and of her style of having sex.

“Don’t think of her.” The leader’s grip on his stone-like rod tightened. “Think of me and of my cock stuck up your ass.”

“Then I’ll really lose it.”

The jerking together with the ass fuck was spinning Chris’s mind, his senses too clogged up with the smell and feel of one lover and with the sight of the other, both bringing him over the edge faster than ever. Practically impossible to slow down or stop all together.

“Maybe a change of position will steam you off.” And me, too.

Chris added the afterthought in his mind alone because Duncan had pulled out and spun him around, crushing him to the wall and ravaging his mouth with a series of decisive tongue sweeps. Their cocks so engorged, they barely allowed their lips to meet.

So Prince Caldwell dragged Chris to the desk and laid him on it, lifting his legs up to re-possess what he had just emptied. One thrust and he penetrated all the way to the guts again, occupying all the cramped space at once.

In the other scene, Farrell had flipped Ylianor over, placing her as Duncan had Chris, legs up in the air to display her magnificence for anyone caring to see. Her butt more manageable now, Farrell banged it all the way to the hilt while her fingers glided on her cunt, stroking her clit and getting soaked in the honeydew, making everything more arduous for Chris.

If he thought about it, which he tried to avoid, he would have gone there and replaced them with his tongue, drilling her swollen knot with the tip of his tongue until she would scream—

“Enough of her.” Shoving fiercely, the prince bent on him. “You are mine now, not hers.”

leeping beauty?"