His favorite playmates

“Hot damn,” a burly man’s voice halted Chris in mid-step on his flight down to the underground pools. “Who the fuck is that?”

The hard stare following the words definitely got his attention, though he acted like he had not even heard. No use giving anyone this kind of satisfaction, not even if the man’s gigantic cock deserved all his notice.

And thank the stars it did, for he had been about to turn back and retrace his steps to Duncan’s alcove. Not out of any interest. More because he was still burning from the affront of having her intercede for him. And if that had not been enough, his erection flaring up like she was the most cock-wrenching thing of his whole life certainly would have.

Irritated beyond words, he could not forgive her. And it so grated on his nerves that it had just earned her the most resounding punishment ever. And since her slave state rendered her more helpless than usual, it would have been the perfect occasion for his revenge, had the man’s comment not stopped him on his tracks.

Not all the man’s credit.

Troy kneeling in front of him and devouring the very equipment that was making his mouth water was the exact distraction Chris had been looking for. And best of all, alongside the first man there was another, his phase mate from the looks of it. Equally large in build and height but with darker hair, he had an even more impressive equipment.

“Who?” Standing next to Troy, hand firmly clamped to his neck, Patrick looked up. “Oh, that’s Chris, otherwise known as Lord Christopher Templeton.”

“The vice-leader’s son?” To make everything perfect, this second man had also raised his gaze the moment he had reached the landing and glued it on him, craving stamped all over it.

“The one that has Arthur so smitten?” The first man seemed equally enthralled by him.

“The one and only,” Patrick confirmed with a snigger.

“And he’s so good at it that Arthur hardly looks at any of us boys nowadays.” There was a hint of regret and envy in Patrick’s words that testified to the leader’s favoritism for him.

Which had everyone at the Hall jealous and envious, not just Patrick.

At both men’s feet, Troy’s head bobbing between the two with loud sputters proved just how giant both pieces were, to the point that the two men were holding him by the shoulders to restrain him from jumping back whenever one of the two went too deep. And judging from their ferocious blows, Chris guessed they managed to center Troy’s throat more times than not.

Still, it did not dampen Troy’s excitement or the stone-like consistency of his shaft. If anything, it seemed to make him more voracious as he tried stuffing his mouth with both pieces at once. And even if it was a physical impossibility, he pushed himself to the limit, suffocating rather than drawing back, not once lessening his enthusiasm or his very submissive attitude.

Then again, Troy was a slave, so nothing else could he do than satisfy everyone’s whims accept his own.

But Chris was a guest. He had a choice Troy did not. And he would use it to his full advantage, particularly since both beefy men seemed unable to tear their eyes off him.

“Then good thing we were Arthur boys before he came along.” The lighter haired of the two chuckled. “Right, Shydan?” He elbowed his phase mate.

“Absolutely,” Shydan was quick to confirm.

Like men starving for a come, their massive frames tensed as he resumed his descent down the stairs. To taunt them further, he strode past them, all the while making a show of ignoring them. No acknowledging them, not even with a stray glance their way, Chris kept going as though his intended direction had nothing to do with either.

He was gorgeous and too sensual for his own good. What else was new?

People at the Hall could never stop gawking at him with mouths agape, lusting after him like after no one else Chris knew. It had happened so many times that he had lost count. So, nothing arousing as far as he was concerned, had he not caught in the two men’s eyes the certainty they would possess him no matter what.

And it melted his butt right there and then, though he would be damned if he would give them even an inkling of it.

“But maybe it’s not too late to teach him a lesson or two,” Shydan added as though he had caught on to his game.

Chris disregarded this comment like he had all the previous ones. Straightening his shoulders, he kept going as if he had a pole stuck up his ass until he reached the pool’s edge. With slow and deliberate fastidiousness, he took his sweet time in undressing. Mostly in convincing the extremely tight-fitting pants to slide down his legs.

That both men were eating him up as he wriggled his butt to ease the pants’ descent was kind of a given. Even with his back turned to them, he needed no eyes to confirm his perception. Their avid stares were drilling him to the spot.

Which did not prevent him from diving into the cool water, as had been his intention all along.

Swimming underwater, he made sure to shake his buttocks some more, just to keep their interest raised. Not that he needed it. He had them hooked from the second he had stepped on that landing, so no surprise he should find them waiting for him when he appeared on the opposite side.

“You like to show off.” Shydan grabbed him from under one armpit. “Don’t you?”

“Of course, he does.” His phase mate clutched Chris’s other armpit. “Can’t you see he’s just a slut looking for juicy cocks?”

Together, they hauled him out of the water.

“That’s exactly what he’s gonna get.” Grinning broadly, Shydan forced him to the ground. “Enough to last the whole night through.” Clamping his head, he pushed it toward the giant rod twitching in impatience. “If not longer.”

No choice left except to open wide and choke on the swollen length shoving to his stomach. No, further down, for Shydan rammed like he wanted to reach his bottom from the top.

“Hey, let me have him.” Brusque, the lighter-haired man yanked and snapped his head to the side, uncaring that Shydan’s stick fell out of his mouth.

This was another monster going straight for his guts. Something Chris did not intend to allow. Wrapping his tongue around the thick gland, he blocked the dangerous lurch down his throat, while sucking it to the root.

“Fuck you, Brome.” Extremely pissed off, Shydan wrenched his head back on the first beast. “He’s mine now.”

Again, the cock had no compunctions in sliding way beyond his comfort zone. And it would have come out of his ass had Chris not been such an expert of greedy shafts wanting only to strangle him.

“Wanna bet?” Unruffled by his phase mate aggressive attitude, Brome snatched his head back on his shaft. “I was getting to like this.” His shove did not just pierce his throat.

It almost carried the balls along with the rest of his impossibly large fat crown.

“Hey, boys, there’s no need to fight.” Patrick’s soothing tone calmed down both heated tempers. “Not since Chris can satisfy you both.”

“He’s that good, uh?” Shydan’s husky breath sent shivers down his back.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Patrick chuckled, probably fixing the engorged erections they were trying to stuff down his throat. “But if you’re getting cold, you can always use his hands.”

“What a splendid idea.” Quick to take advantage of the offer, Shydan grasped one of his hands and brought it to his erection.

Obediently, Chris’s palm wrapped around the stem and jerked it at a delicious rhythm he knew would drive Shydan insane.

Then before the other could complain, his other hand went to help him with the blowjob, which had only gotten more scorching. All the bulging head’s fault, it and its crazy notion that he could swallow it whole were making him gag more times than not.

In vain, he tried coughing it back.

Both men were now holding on to him, preventing him from going anywhere except on their huge cocks fucking his mouth like there would be no tomorrow.

Now Shydan had returned his mouth to his own greedy piece, grown only more enormous after his jerking it. So, Brome had intensified his rhythm, not pausing once on the beat both were following.

And since he needed no instructions from the likes of them, he began bobbing between the two rods on his own, without waiting for their prompt. Dosing his intakes, he managed to suck them as hard and as deep as they deserved, for they were really two pieces of a kind. And they would soon make him lose all perspective and demand they tame his behind with all the force they could muster.

“This little slut is getting too hot for his own good.” Chuckling, Brome tossed back his head. “Aren’t you?”

“What if I am?” Provocative on purpose, Chris stared the man in the eyes.

“Then we’re happy to oblige.” Shydan pulled him to his feet not too gently. “And crack that tempting little ass of yours until you beg us for mercy.”

Ha! That’ll be the day!

The one thing his wild nights with the Arthur boys had taught him was that his rear could take just about anything. No amount of pain or cocks ever stifled his appetite for more sex.

Quite the opposite.

The more he got the more he wanted, as though for him it was never enough.

Clutching his armpits again, the two men dragged him to the nearest stone cot and made him kneel on it.

“Now, slave, get your ass here.” Brome’s order was evidently for Troy.

“But don’t get up,” Shydan was quick to cut in. “We rather prefer it when you crawl.” He laughed.

“That’s right.” Brome joined in his phase mate’s hilarity. “And be sure to shake that ass.”

“As far as shaking an ass, I doubt there’s anyone who can beat Chris.” Patrick sounded truly impressed. “Or that can have sex for so long without ever getting tired. Arthur has him service everyone in the attic before he whisks him off to his room. And he takes it all without failing once.”

“Just means he’s a real slut.” Brome smacked his lips in anticipation.

“Sorry, Patrick, but I ain’t taking your word.” Shydan’s lips curled into a snarl. “Have to try it firsthand before I can believe you.”

“You mean first cock,” Brome roared elated.

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Shydan grinned. “And if your slave would get a move, I’d have already started.” Since he was being too idle, he stuck his cock down Chris’s wide-open cavity.

“Not his fault,” Patrick complained. “You guys wanted him to crawl, so he’s slowed down—”

“Slowed down my ass!” Yanking Troy by the hair, Brome dragged him forward. “He just wants to take his sweet time.”

“Instead of licking this slut’s behind.” With a vicious blow, Shydan speared his guts.

Well, almost.

If he survived this time as well, he had to thank his skill in blowjobs. Plus, the prospect of having someone pampering his backside made him overlook such trifles as suffocating before he had the time to enjoy it.

“Here you are.” At Brome’s words, Chris felt the pressure on his butt. “Now make it real wet ‘cause we don’t want to waste any time with it.”

Stomach knotted in anticipation, he flung back his buttocks at Troy’s first gusty lap. The warm surface flattened on the cleft, covering his butt ring and dripping wetness all over it. If Troy kept this up, he would soon drown in a sea of moisture all targeted at his tiny entrance. Then the tongue slid from his butt hole to his balls in one single sweep.

And Chris’s head began swimming.

After brushing his scrotum forcefully, it returned up, thick enough to plunge into the puckered opening.

Inevitable for a groan to escape from his lips despite Shydan’s shaft ravaging his mouth. Nothing could halt his extreme bliss when it came to his ass, his most sensitive spot by far, like his lover had learned as early as the onset of their phase. Now swaying to beg for more, he managed to capture Troy’s tongue and suck it as far as it could possibly go. And Troy played along, thrusting inside and out like he was fucking the butt for real.

“You were right, Brome.” A vicious slam had Shydan’s beast embed to Chris’s throat. “He’s a real slut, and he’s getting wetter by the second.”

“So much that I think he’s about to come.” Evidently watching the scene, Brome chortled amused. “Even without your cock.” This was for Shydan.

“Not gonna happen!” Removing his shaft from Chris’s capable cavity, he shoved Troy aside. “If he comes at all, it’ll have to be with my cock up his ass.”

The fathead brushed his buttocks, and Chris hoped he would not have to wait long. He was already going up in smoke from the sheer craving of having something big and stiff stuff him to his ears, something like Shydan’s monster.

“Hold it!” Not of the same advice, Brome blocked his phase mate’s near penetration. “Why should you have him first?”

“‘Cause I said it first.” Sidestepping Brome, Shydan crashed in his behind with the force of a horse galloping at full speed.

In other words, it enlarged the narrow channel all together and all at once.

In other words, Ouch!

But since no one was paying any attention to him, he did not utter a sound, simply adjusted his position so that the equipment would have no impediments in sliding without hurting him in the least.

“You’ll have him as soon as I’m done with him.” Which would not be any time soon considering how much thicker Shydan’s equipment had become the second Chris gave it full access. “You might have to wait a while, but you’ll get your chance. Trust me.”

Provided there would still be an ass to use. For at this point, Chris doubted there would be much of it to give around.

“Ha, as if you’d leave something for me.” Evidently not stupid, Brome had no trouble beating to the chase.

“Your problem.” Uncaring about his phase mate’s protests, Shydan increased his pumping to a frantic beat aimed at perforating his guts. “Not mine.”

Brome spat, “Why you—”

“Come on, boys. I already told you there’s no need to fight.” Once more Patrick’s intervention proved providential. “Chris can take both of you no problem,” he snickered. “It’s near impossible to consume him, and everyone at the Hall knows it for a fact.”

“Got it, Brome?” Sounding smug, Shydan slammed in his behind worse than before. “Just be patient and you’ll get your turn.”

“Patient my ass!” Brome scoffed irritated.

Kind of obvious the man was furious.

Chris would have been, too, had he to come second in cracking someone’s behind.

“Not just patient.” Without any warning, Patrick yanked his hair and tossed back his head. “Remember his mouth is idle at the moment.”

“You’re right.” His mood perking up, Brome wasted no time in nailing his stomach with the tip of his erection.

Which sent Chris reeling back.

“Hey, watch it!” Annoyed, Shydan pushed forward.

Chris had no idea why the man would fret. His and Brome’s cock had decided to meet somewhere in the middle of him. And the way they were both going at it, Chris had no doubt they would succeed sooner or later.

Which to him was only good news.

No way could either spoil his pleasure now. In fact, their ramming front and back could only add to his extreme arousal at how everything felt so unbelievably good. To have them split him in two was his ultimate goal.

Filled to the rim and more was his aim when it came to sex. And since no man alone ever managed it apart from his unparalleled lover, with all the others his pleasure always hinged on the quantity rather than the quality.

“Sorry pal.” Not taking any real heed, Brome seemed to make it a point to zero in on his guts with the next few thrusts that shoved his entire massive length way beyond the mouth’s limited space.

“I said watch it.” Again, Shydan responded by inserting his balls inside with the rest of him despite the obvious boundaries.

Of course, this had become a game between the two of them. And Chris was getting off on it, on the notion that he was the contention ground for the phase mates. And all that cramming front and back, not to mention a stone-like cock throbbing in sheer lust, was pushing him over the edge every second more until a new order snapped his attention back to the here and now.

“Slave, suck his cock!” This was definitely Shydan’s voice.

And this was definitely the end for him.

At Troy’s hot lips engulfing him whole, Chris burst.


“Stop!” Vaguely, he heard Brome shouting, “Don’t you dare come!”

Too late.

His seed gushed frantically, landing all inside Troy’s mouth, gobbled up in an instant that mercilessly did not slow down the blowjob. As though nothing had happened, Troy kept up the sucking and got his cock hard again.

Which thankfully was not an end, rather the beginning of his long, luscious night in the company of his favorite playmates in the world. Cocks!