No amount of bodies can ever replace you, Princess!

“What about men’s appeal?” Playing it like she had not had the most outrageous orgasm of all her sex-filled night, she wriggled her butt to screw him deeper.

“I like them well enough.” Shifting, he allowed her legs to fall back on the mattress and to press his weight on her again. “But their straight lines leave little to the imagination.” Reaching down, he stuck three fingers in her overflowing slit. “Or to surprises.” Then stuffed them in her mouth, forcing them down to demand their immediate cleaning.

She complied readily, obediently licking each with a voracity that took him off guard.

“Do they now?” Again, she had no qualms in meeting his new dare and upping the stakes, pushing her hips up and down.

Which was the best way to stiffen his stick to its previous monster size.

“Then your choice of a lover is interesting, to say the least.” Still, it did not deter her from pursuing a track of her own. ‘Cause Christopher Templeton is as sensual as a woman, if not more.” Her tongue tracing the edges of her upper lips gave him the impression she would have loved to show his angel just what she meant. “And there are many who think he’s too good looking for a man, which of course he is.

“You forget that he was my phase mate first,” he was quick to block where she was going. “And that makes all the difference. ‘Cause, before it starts, we know nothing of sex or of what our tastes will turn out to be.”

“Liar!” Small wonder she would call his bluff. “The demon has always been beyond a mere phase, and you knew it from the start.” She sounded sure of herself. “You claimed him as your own the first time you laid eyes on him.”

Unbidden, the memory of his first glimpse of the blond head coming around the bend of Black Rose’s hills on that bright summer day came to the fore.

“I was there, even if you don’t remember me.” And it hurt her. To the point her brilliant green gaze became opaque like it had the first time he had admitted it.

Which made him all the sadder he could find no trace of her in the sharp images of his past, still wondering how and why something should have wiped her out so completely.

“The look you gave him was unmistakable,” her voice turned dreamy as though she was reliving the moment. “You couldn’t believe your eyes something so beautiful existed.”

“All right, so I lied.” He grinned. “And just for the record, the angel is still the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.”

“And he manages to turn you on despite the fact he’s a man,” she snapped.

“That’s his secret.” Because somehow and against any rationality, he knew he would have been attracted to the striking creature no matter what his gender. “Not to mention the source of his power.”

“Power has got nothing to do with it,” she scoffed. “You simply love him too much.” She seemed driven to make a point out of it. “Beyond anything else in this world.”

He thought he detected a note of jealousy, though perhaps his heightened senses were playing tricks on him.

“Wrong.” He goaded her just for the fun of it. “Love has got nothing to do with it or with him for that matter.”

“How could it not?” Her pitch rose, “He’s your kindred spirit—”

“All right, Princess, you want to talk about my angel?” Pulling out of her snug confinement, he sat cross-legged next to her.

“Only if you want to.” Standing down all at once, she blushed violently, trying to make it pass as though it would be his decision rather than her heartfelt wish.

“After all the sharing I’ve done, is there something you still don’t know about him?” Not allowing her to avert her gaze, he held a finger under her chin. “Something that I’ve left out?”

Not that he minded this new turn of the conversation.

His angel was something so private that he had never talked about him with anyone. And that was a real shame.

The way he felt about the stunning blond had made him wish he could shout it out loud more than once.

“Nothing except…” What he feels for me.

No, she had not actually said it, much less thought it.

Yet he had no problem reading it from her troubled expression and her sudden reluctance to keep talking.

“No way am I gonna tell you that.” However much his heart went out to her, he would not make her task any easier. Nor would he provide any sort of information that would risk the fragile balance he had managed to establish between the three of them.

If things were to work between them like Arthur himself had stressed, Chris and Ylianor would have to find a way to each other that was independent of him, a link they would have to forge on their own without his help.

“Why not?” On the offensive, she flashed angry green eyes at him.

“‘Cause I’m not gonna help you get to him.” He raised a hand to stop her objections. “Listen to me. I know you’re trying to find a way to him…” And he to you, he added without sharing the thought. “But whatever you need to know, you’ll have to ask him yourself.” He pecked her nose. “‘Cause I can’t betray his confidence, since it’s none of your business anyway.” Not exactly true, still he gave it a cold and heartless inflection to steer her away from bright ideas.

“You made it my business, the moment you decided to drag me into this torrid love affair of yours.” Green eyes flashing in open challenge, she replayed his passionate declarations to Chris.

Both of them, the first right after their arrival at the Hall, and the second after they had left it.

“But since you don’t want just sex from me, I’m entitled to know where I stand between the two of you.” Impossible to miss her smug satisfaction at having come up with a plausible excuse to get him talking about his angel.

Which deserved his applause, had not his need to protect her already messed with his priorities.

With his cock, too, for this new twist had an arousing side effect that jerked it impatiently.

“Fair enough, but not like this.” First, he flipped her on her stomach. Then jabbed her legs wide apart and crashed into her velvety and exceedingly moist pussy. “Now what exactly do you want to know?”

“Everything,” she breathed hoarsely.

If from the excitement shooting through her every fiber or the thrill of having won a victory of sorts he neither knew nor cared.

Not that it mattered in the least. It was kind of evident she wanted to turn this into a new cock-wrenching game.

“And start at the beginning.” Now, this sounded like an order pure and simple.

And if he let it slide, it was just because she had just earned a resounding punishment.

“When we met?” Provoking her on purpose, he increased the speed in her slit. “Or when our phase started?” His shaft fully embedded, it was drowning in a sea of thick honeydew that was sucking it beyond the balls.

“When you knew he belonged to you.” All right, it was official.

She wanted to play coy.

Too bad he was ready for her.

“That would be when I cracked his ass.” Not true, of course, just the dull throbbing of his imperious monster clouded his perceptions a bit. “Back when our phase started.” Back when he had branded the angel as his own.

Or why else did everyone consider phase mates as privileged relationships, above pledges themselves?

“‘Cause like with you, I was the first to split him open.” Changing his rhythm, he was afraid he would soon lose track of the conversation. “But his ass kept me hooked way beyond a normal phase.”

And still did, if he had to tell it all.

“And that makes my claim to both of you all the more legitimate and valid.” This did it.

Made her drip all over like a faucet in search of release.

Kind of obvious she wanted to come. And had he not picked it up from the wriggling of her butt that eased his cock’s furious pumping, he had no doubt on spotting her hands attempting to slip beneath her belly to fondle her cunt.

Something he blocked at once, gripping her harder than before.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Quick to catch her, he clamped her wrists. “You’re forbidden to come until I say so.”

To avoid just such possibility, he changed their position, sliding her to the floor and twisting her arms behind her back.

On her knees, his frame immobilizing her to the bed, she really had no way to climax. But for good measure, he also shifted his aim, going from cunt to ass with one swift shove.

“Master, please.” That her whimper had nothing to do with his forceful possession was evident since she had not even flinched. “I could give you so much more if you let me come.”

Now she was asking for it worse than before.

“What for?” Upping the stakes, he taunted openly, “I already have who satisfies all my needs.” Adjusting his position, he banged his whole humongous length into the hot sheath of her back channel, balls included. “‘Cause that fire of his consumes me yet gives me new life every day more.” This was another undisputable awareness he had begun reckoning with ever since learning of his angel’s true nature. “And it makes me so fucking hard to know I’m the only one able to control it.”

Out of all the knowledge Arthur had piled on him during his brief stay at the Hall, this had really blown his mind.

“Same fire that attracts people like crazy despite its dangerous side effects.” Because it could burn them quicker than lightning, though it did nothing to prevent them from wanting to play with it. “I guess the risk adds to his charm.”

At his newest slam, he changed aim to sink in her deliciously drenched slit. She thrashed in plain dissatisfaction, going as far as struggling to free her hands.

“No, just makes him more of a bastard.” The tension of having to restrain from an orgasm made her aggressive. “A cruel bastard out to hurt whoever stands in his way.”

“So, he’s different from anyone else.” This much was incontrovertible, however close he was to a spill. “Always has been. Always will be.” Which in itself would have been enough to set Christopher Templeton apart from any other human being. “‘Cause he’s an angel and a demon.” The pumping so frenzied, he switched holes again and was about to lose it all in her splendid ass squeezing him like crazy.

Ylianor shuddered. Not out of any pain. From the frustration of having her arms still trapped behind her back and her clit pounding. So furiously, it might swell at any moment.

“And he’s mine.” He said it fiercely, possessively, with all the erotic undertone he could muster. “So, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” It was as much as he could take.

With a loud groan, he unloaded every last drop in her capacious butt.

“And that same fire is the reason my angel will never fall short on sex and lovers.” His cock flopped out of her ass. “Even if none of them mean anything to him.” But he did not budge, flattening her to the bed worse than before.

“Except for Arthur.” Of course, she became frantic, rocking on herself and throwing back her ass, blatantly seeking the fulfillment he had denied her.

“Yeah.” No surprise her Virt would have alerted her about something the angel took pains to conceal from everyone, himself included. “He’s different.” It took no effort to acknowledge this.

He had perceived it right after he had gotten back together with the stunning blond man, going as far as endeavoring to persuade him to let such feelings out in the open. Something Chris refused to do, no matter how attached he was to the old man.

And it was a real pity. “Still, he won’t admit it—”

“Not even to himself.” She had no trouble connecting all the dots. “But he’s a fool if he thinks he can hide it from an aura reader.” Complacent and deeply content with herself, her lips curved in a snarl. “He’s so full of it he can’t help showing it to me.” Then her tone became huskier, “And had I not picked it up from him, Arthur’s lights did plenty of talking in the short time we were together.”

By now, her hip spin had become a torture that had engorged his shaft to solid rigidity once more.

“You’re right.” He slid it in the crack between her ass cheeks. “He doesn’t want to admit it.” Nor would he ever if he knew Chris any. “I just hope he doesn’t discover it when it’s too late.” He shrugged. “But that’s the way he is, a beautiful angel who considers his playmates as mere sex toys.”

Speaking of which, the sex toy pinned against him was driving him crazy.

And it was having such a definite effect that a slight adjustment had him impaling her slit.

Wet, hot and snug, it fitted his beastly size like a glove.

Then again, she had not come before, so he had expected nothing less.

“The problem is that he doesn’t see people as individuals. Just sees their gender and the sex he can get out of them.” Screwing the whole of his long thick length proved to be effortless. “That’s all he wants from them, no matter how often I told him to look beyond it—”

“That’s all you want from them, too.” Rotating her hips, she sucked him to the hilt. “Only difference is that your aristocratic taste keeps you away from most of them.”

“That’s because they have to interest me as people first.” He was quick to set the record straight. “Sex gets me right at the heart of them, so why should I bother if they have nothing to offer besides a heated fuck?” Or so he had always justified it to himself. “Which happens with those at my same level alone.” With the one notable exception whose cunt he could not get enough of today. “Which also explains why I don’t have sex with servants.”

“Then why are you fucking me?” Of course, she was quick to spot his inconsistency.

“‘Cause I can’t resist your magnificent ass.” He made it sound as though it would be the sole thing worth his notice about her.

So what if it was the farthest thing from the truth?

It still made his excitement soar to the stars and his equipment engorge to the spasm. And he knew he had to have it again.

Out of her cunt, he lifted her back on the bed. Knees and elbows digging on the mattress, legs so far apart balance could be a problem, back bent, ass pushed up and out, she was more cock-wrenching than ever. Not to mention tight, which was no small advantage considering how large her back ring had become by now. And that was a definite turn-on for his greedy piece drilling a new path to her guts.

“Or your body.” After sinking to the hilt, he hammered in hope she could provide more space.

That none was available was kind of a given. He had stretched her to the limit, so no amount of ramming would get him past it. Still, not a good reason to slow down.

“That, like my angel’s, does plenty of talking.” Clutching both her buns, he hurled them wide to give himself the extra drive that might allow him to reach her throat going from the back way. “It calls me every time you sway this magnificent ass of yours.” Since she had never stopped flinging it back, he took it all. “And I can think of nothing else but making it mine.” Which was exactly what he was doing right now. “Of cracking it with one single blow.” To validate his point, his new shove almost inserted his balls along with the rest of him. “And goddamn you,” he added with his breath coming short from the need to explode. “I still can’t get over how easy it is for you to arouse me.” If he managed to hold it together for another minute, it was for the sake of honesty. “To the point I failed my primary objective tonight.”

“What was it?” She loved his enslavement so much that her pussy had become a true ocean of honeydew moistness.

“That I could ignore you or erase my need to have you over and over.” Which was an impossibility he would have to reckon with, not just for tonight.

Forever, if he was any judge of it.

“For no amount of bodies could ever replace you, Princess.” Acknowledging this was liberating in a way, however many doors it threw open.

No, however complicated it would all turn out to be, given his angel’s jealousy and his princess’s competitive nature.

“So, I deserve a prize.” Hopeful but not too much, she twisted her head to try catching his gaze.

“Hmmm…” Letting go of her ass, he bent to fondle her taut nipples. “Not sure you do.”

Moaning softly, she pressed her mouth into the mattress as though to keep herself from begging.

“Not sure you’ve been good enough,” he teased mercilessly.

Actually, he could not ask for a more obedient slave at the moment. Her restraint was not just evident. It was admirable, given how she had not made any move to touch herself.

“And this pussy is way too hungry for my taste.” To increase the heat for both of them, he brushed the puffed edges of the drenched folds.

Ylianor almost jumped on the spot. Too intense the shock of pleasure, he feared she would come in spite of him.

“No coming.” He pinched her clit and halted her flight. “Remember?”

“Yes, Master.” From her meek tone, he knew she would comply however crushed she was by his decision. “I remember.”

“Good.” That he might not make it to the end of this new fuck was becoming clearer with every stroke soaking his fingers to the bone.

It was the goddamn truth. And he was so getting off on it that everything scorched unbearably.

“Now open your legs more.” Squatting further on the mattress, she eased his penetration beyond her guts and gave him full access to what was driving her insane. “What will you do if I let you come?”

“I’ll do…” Kind of obvious her mind had gone blank.

His rimming her swollen slit was messing with her coherence.

“Everything,” she blurted out eventually. “Anything you ask me.”

His own cock about to burst, it was time to take pity on her.

“Then come now for me, Princess.” Pulling out of her ass, he slammed in her cunt and nailed her inflated clit just right.

And Ylianor shattered under the astounding contractions shattering her body to its essential components. Everything going up in smoke except for her voice, screaming like there would be no tomorrow.

He was right along with her, unable to sustain her tide if not by spilling his very spirit in her pussy.