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NOW AVAILABLE Not In The GameDeleted Scenes from The GameVirtus Saga PlusTo play Master he needs a slave. And she’s his only option. But will his jealous lover tolerate it? Amazon & major e-bookstores!

Virtus The Saga

The Making of a Trio! Because US IS SEX!

Erotic Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance Series that Explores the Dark and Light Sides of Power and Love between Three People

“Eroticism off the charts!” The Romance Reviews (TRR) – Because “US IS SEX!” The Lord Book 8

The Making of a Trio: the Virtus Saga shows how power and love can be equally shared

Now completed, Laura Tolomei's erotic dark fantasy series is continuing to receive critical acclaims. The concept of a world free of violence attracts readers. The fiery MM and MMF sex keeps them hooked to every page. The titles say it all. Book 1 The Sex, Book 2 The Game, Book 3 The Festival, Book 4 The Leader, Book 5 The Pledge, Book 6 The Heat, Book 7 The Princess and Book 8 The Lord—they all drip passion and lust woven inside an imaginary frame ruled by magical powers, divided between good and evil and struggling to survive.

The way it all starts and progresses, nothing is as it seems. Soul-mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled, until Duncan takes shelter in Ylianor Meyer's dilapidated shack. Ylianor has always loved Duncan, and while Duncan is attracted to her, she remains a servant—okay to bed, but not acceptable consort material. Unwilling to accept it, Ylianor vows she will do anything, even come head to head with his insufferable lover, to stay at his side.
But there is more going on than either of the three realize. Lord Arthur Fairchild, Leader of the High Council, knows his planet Sendar is doomed unless the predestined Hero steps in and blocks the darkness threatening to take over. And even if one person alone fits the bill, Arthur does the unthinkable—not only does he summon the Hero, but the Hero's consorts as well. Sendar needs these three special people to become fully aware of their powers and learn how to use them together. Sendar needs these three special people to work together above and beyond their personal issues. Sendar needs these three special people to become one whilst being three to make it through the difficult times ahead. If they do not, the Virtus which holds all of Sendar's secrets could destroy them all.
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The Lord, Virtus Saga #8
The Lord, Virtus Saga Book 8

A real insignificant piece of nothing much All this talk has given me a certain appetite for…Alone at last!Am I interrupting something?At tue Game Damn her twice! From now on, you are a slave Get over yourself! I am his sole interest! (She needed a lesson demon-style) I don't want to pledge! I need some serious fucking tonight! I’m proud to be your slave in bed, and I want everyone to know itInfuriating angel-demon Introduction It's just a fuck, sleeping beauty! Lord Christopher Templeton's Unique Pledge Master BS Master of pain Masters, why don't we do things my way for a change? Meet Mistress Ylianor! My dear Lady Templeton No amount of bodies can ever replace you, Princess! Not my fault her ass is so damn accommodating! Oh, drop the act! You can't wait to be his goddamn slave! Serious Sex She’s all yours! Thank you PrincessThat mouthwatering slave The damn question is... The day I'll miss you or your sorry ass, Lady Templeton, has yet to dawn! Chapter One Full The unfortunate answer to both our questions is... There'll be no coming for you! This isn't going to be about us! It's going to be about her! This was Chris! What sick game are you playing with her? Where do we go from here? Where do you think you're going? Where the fuck am I? (The Sex, Full Chapter One) Who is Cecilia Hurst? (The Game, Full new Chapter One) Why don't we make it more difficult for her? Wouldn't want to ruin his gift, now would we? Ylianor is back! Ylianor is one-step ahead Ylianor steals the show! You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

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