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The act of dowsing means to search for something that our eyes don’t see. What this means is that you can dowse for anything invisible that you’re trying to find.
Laura Tolomei | 22/5/2015
The holidays can be very stressful for authors, especially when you have new books out during this time. On top of the whole figuring out what gifts to purchase, and who to buy gifts for, getting your holiday cards out on time, planning meals and visits, or vacation time, and the dreaded day job if you have one, promoting your books can put them over the top stress wise.
Laura Tolomei | 17/12/2014
Where to Start Congrats! You’ve finished your collection of short stories, novel, novella, or any other manuscript musings! You’ve decided to self-publish since you’re just starting out and you know you don’t have the resources for a top-of-the-line graphic designer. So where do you go?
Morgan Gallagher | 27/3/2014
Do you have a self-published book? Thinking about self-publishing because you’re tired of giving some of your profits away to publishers?
Laura Tolomei | 16/2/2014
Contrary to what many newbie authors think, all authors even ones on the New York Times Bestseller list get bad reviews. Just because you have a bestselling book doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be others who think your book is well not that great. One of the keys to being a successful author who keeps their readers is in how you handle bad reviews.
Laura Tolomei | 13/12/2013
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