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Review by LallaGatta – An Imperfect Crime

    An Imperfect Crime by Fred G. Baker

Online Book Clhb An Imperfect Crime by G. Baker had me hooked Frome page 1 thanks to an intriguing prologue that soon turns into a reality with dire consequences. Read full review on Online Book Club! An Imperfect Crime - ...
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Review by LallaGatta – The Lost Man by Jane Harper

Burning hot and mysterious, I couldn't have asked for more! True, I do love sweltering heated climates, but no book ever gave me the same sensation I have when I'm sprawled under the sun of a crowded beach in the middle of August. More than the heat, Mrs. Harper made ...
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Review by LallaGatta — Blanket Immunity –

Online Book Clhb As I am a crime and legal thriller fan, I delved into Blanket Immunity by Adam Van Susteren with a certain gusto and anticipation. Read full review on Online Book Club! Blanket Immunity - ...
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