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A Tolomei treat!

Title: Visionquest
Author: Laura Tolomei
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 9781554877249
Released: November 2010
Format: Ebook
Price: $5.00
Length: 118 Pages
Genre: Horror Romane, Erotica, Gay LGBTQA+, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Reviewer Name: Sassy Brit


When Ilenio's father, Corias’s tells him his baby sister Elianij is very ill and may die without expensive medical attention, he doesn't know what to do. But he doesn't have to. For, as if by magic, that decision is made for him after a chance meeting with Lord Brahany, the Seigneuros of Griphonis Castle, he swoops in and buys Ilenio from his father for a substantial amount, to keep him at his castle as his servant. For the sake of his sister, he has no choice than to accept.

But when Ilenio reaches the castle and the Seigneuros reveals his plans for him, and the reasons he is having nightmares, the truth is unsettling. He is a Visionario, someone who sees and feels evil as if it were part of himself. Now he must train to to be a powerhouse of strength, a guiding light through the dark times ahead, as together they set out to uncover the evil which is maiming and killing small animals, and doing very nasty things to the young boys of Iotaris Valley. Two men. One connection. And time is running out.

I was excited to be able to read Laura Tolomei's new book, Visionquest. It holds a familiar dark, violent appeal, which runs through many of her other books, yet she has spread her wings and written in a different point of view, first person, giving this story a fresh feel which works very well. For a short read I soared through this new erotic, fantasy title, where two men are connected in more ways than they are yet to learn. A Tolomei treat!

Sassy Brit

Check it out!


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