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Review by LallaGatta – Shadowplay by Joseph O’Connor

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Enthralled from the first page…

I couLd not put it down until I reached the end!

“[…] there is a kind of shadowland where the Other always lives. Or at least, never dies. Just goes on. Hard to stumble into happiness if you don’t leave your shadowland behind.

The above quote doesn’t exhaust the marvel that is Shadowplay by Joseph O’Connor, but it gives a fair approximation of the dreamy and compelling style of this fascinating book.

This tale, however, goes well beyond an impeccable writing style. Being based on a true story is an added bonus, but what really gets you are the characters themselves.

They have a ghost-like quality about them that makes them unforgettable. Yet, they’re also defined so sharply, they emerge from London’s fog as though they were still living and breathing. It’s no effort to sink to their very core, even though you’re left wanting more of them. Of their genius and brilliance, too.

I love how the author describes Bram Stoker’s creative process. You see where his most famous character takes shape, and it’s just ironic how he outlives his creator. As an author myself, this book motivates me to keep going in my …

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Full Moon Fever by Elizabeth Black

Guest Author Elizabeth Black



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Full Moon Fever by Elizabeth Black


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William Shakespeare said All the world’s a stage, but he hadn’t counted on shifters under a theater’s hot lights. Lovers Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome live for the stage. Although they have enjoyed the wanderlust of traveling theater for many years, each has grown tired of the road and wants to settle down. They also have a secret. As shifters and no part of any pack, they are lone wolves in every sense of the word. The full moon brings out the beast in them.

Even though their work as gaffers—lighting techs—puts them in contact with a large variety of willing, sexy men and women to share their love, they prefer men. They find a dancer, Luke Pearce, who makes their blood run hot, but Luke has a secret of his own to test them. Add scenic artists and lovers Charlotte and Lina to the mix, and you have a wild and sexy fivesome.

To spoil their fun and to their surprise, Sam and Grant discover another shifter in their midst, but this young person is so inexperienced and terrified she could expose them …

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Review by LallaGatta – 31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan

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Simply amazing, 31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan is well researched, well written, craftly developed and most enjoyable.

The setting is magnificently conveyed. The soot and grime of the expanding New York is a great backdrop to the horrific tales unfolding before the reader's eyes.

The characters are so real and poignant that they seem to jump out of the pages. I particularly like the love story between the defense lawyer, Henry Clinton, and his beautiful wife, Elisabeth. Their deep relationship and true partnership is the one bright spot that warms your heart amidst the darkness of the evils portrayed in this book.

I so appreciate this book that I highly recommend it to all crime and legal thriller fans!

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