“Martin and Drake are an explosion of hot male loving.” Coffee Time Romance Review

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SERIES: Soulmate, Book 2

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

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GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Contemporary, Romance, Holiday, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m

ISBN# 9781771110365


HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

PAGES: 205

WORDS: 59.119

RELEASED: 1 December 2011

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Martine Jardin


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All right, so he did it! Marin seduced me. And the sex is fantastic, blows my mind every time, no complaints there, if that thing about being his soul mate didn’t still bug me. Yet there seems no way around it except…can I do it? Do I want to do it? No, I don’t know if I’m ready to surrender. Me, the pirate, and to the blond devil, no less…talk about fucked up destiny!


Soulmate Sex

((PG excerpt)

Drake turned to the devil. “Weren’t you a bit harsh?”

“Don’t you start, too, Pirate.” Annoyed, Martin swung his gaze to the door. “He’ll never learn if I treat him nice. He’s gotten this foolish notion he loves me that isn’t going to get him anywhere.” Again, he stared at Drake. “We both know it’s best if he forgets about me all together.”

“You could’ve let him down easier.”

“I tried countless other times before, honest. It never worked. Believe me.” The devil leaned toward the low table in front of the couch. “He just doesn’t get it.”

“So you’re willing to throw away such a good lay?” Drake teased. “’Cause he’s good, I gotta hand it to you. And you know how little I value men for sex.”

“Oh, he’s good, all right. It’s just that sex doesn’t cut it for me.”

“Come on, Devil.” Playfully, Drake punched his arm. “You’re the sex maniac here, remember?” Then sat next to him. “The one who has wild, indiscriminate sex with whatever comes his way.”

“That was in the past.” Turning to a side, Martin rested his back on the couch’s arm stand.

“I didn’t notice you taking many breaks lately.” The pirate’s lips curved in an ironic snarl.

“Oh…that’s just…” For show. Drake was sure he heard it. “For old time’s sake, a legacy from the past, when I thought the only way to find my s—”

He stopped abruptly. “My you know what was by hopping from one bed to the next.”

“Instead you found him during a normal Thanksgiving spent in your wife’s company at some strangers’ place.”

“Yeah, go figure.” Suppressing a laugh, Martin’s eyes flashed mischievously. “Destiny sure has a strange way of working, considering I’d spent half my life in bed with strangers thinking they might be the ones.” Shifting position, he stretched out his legs. “I guess I used sex to prove my point, not caring much about the people I was doing it with. Once I knew they weren’t what I was looking for, I quickly moved on to someone else. No use wasting time over them.”

“But with Eric, you hit it off after we met.” Pulling the devil against his chest, Drake massaged his neck and shoulders with a firm, steady clutch designed to unwind his tense devil.

“That was different. I used him to get my mind off you.” A crooked smile twisted his lips. “Not excusable either, I know, but I didn’t have many alternatives back then.”

“And now?” Deepening the rub on the tired muscles, Drake worked to turn it into a seductive stroke.

“Now I’m here. I don’t need him anymore.”

“He just wants your attention.”

“I can’t give it to someone who wants to turn it into a commitment or a tie. And I stand by what I believe.” He grinned at Drake. “But you seem to be the only one who understands this.”

“’Cause we’re connected, right?”

“You said it, not I.”

“Well, I don’t mean it in any destiny-related thing—”

“You mean the sex, right?” Rascally pushing him down, Martin toppled him. Then the mouth closing on Drake’s lips and the hands working on his crotch effectively cut off any further conversation.