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If we know little about men in ancient Greece, we know even less about women, and that little bit mostly comes from Greek and Roman literature. But let me try to make some sort of list for your better understanding, and here are ten facts about both genders and their lives in ancient Greece that might surprise you.
Laura Tolomei | 16/11/2016
We've all hit slumps in our writing from time to time, we just cannot get the words on paper, or not everything we write reads as we want it to. Often when this happens, it means we need to take a step back from our writing and find another activity that will help our racing mind. For me that activity is often yoga. These are my favorite three yoga asanas or poses that help me to write better and more productively.
Laura Tolomei | 5/11/2016
Especially for Halloween, I've collected the bloodiest excerpts taken from my Erotic Romance with an Edge. Which is not just my trademark.
Laura Tolomei | 24/10/2016
Many authors just blog about whatever they’re working on, their cat or dog or the summer trip they took. This is fine of course, but…if you want to use your blog as a showcase for both your books and your author brand, there is a better way. Here are four things you can start doing today to increase traffic to your author blog.
Laura Tolomei | 29/8/2015
Have you been thinking about creating an author’s street team? Not sure if it’s for you? There a lot of reasons that authors decide to create street teams, creating a wider marketing reach, reaching new fans and getting new readers, the idea of spending less time on marketing and allowing others to help you, and the list goes on. But…
Laura Tolomei | 21/8/2015
The idea of a street team first became popular back in the 1970’s when record label’s would approach savvy young teenagers and get them to hand out music posters.
Laura Tolomei | 9/8/2015
Burnout is something we all suffer from as authors from time to time. We have a new book out and we’re trying to market it, and write the next book at the same time, maybe we have a day job as well. Trying to do too much can easily lead to author burnout. It’s hard to write the next story if you’re worried about your child being bullied at schoo,l and the fact you don’t have much time to blog or promote your current release.
Laura Tolomei | 25/7/2015
If you’re an author and you’re serious about writing, then chances are you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer, and on your smart phone, or tablet. All these lovely technology gadgets may seem to have made our lives easier, well okay, they have but there is a downside to being constantly “plugged in” to gadgets.
Laura Tolomei | 15/7/2015
The concpt of Spiritualism is that there is a spirit world, and that humans have the ability to communicate with that world and its inhabitants. Spiritualism has been around for a very long time, though it didn't always have that name.
Laura Tolomei | 17/6/2015
with readers and promoting their books for years to come. Not all social media sites are created equal. While you houldn’t overlook any social media site, as an author there is such a thing as stretching yourself too thin. The idea then is to find up to three social media sites to use to share your book information, events and other fun stuff and then to use them exclusively. Here are my top three social media sites.
Laura Tolomei | 9/6/2015
Many authors don't think of LinkedIn as some place that they can sell books. While it's true that this is more a social media tool for those who are professionals, if you write whether it be fiction or non-fiction then you're a professional writer and can use LinkedIn to help build your author brand.
Laura Tolomei | 4/6/2015
The act of dowsing means to search for something that our eyes don’t see. What this means is that you can dowse for anything invisible that you’re trying to find.
Laura Tolomei | 22/5/2015
Most of us that love m/m romance, have to wonder when we read about gay Romans and other historical figures how their worlds viewed homosexuality. Well, wonder no more, because historians have a relatively good handle on how the Roman world viewed homosexuality, and it’s not exactly what you might think.
Laura Tolomei | 15/5/2015
Do you have an author’s newsletter? Do you want one if you don’t have one, but don’t have a clue about what to put in it?
Laura Tolomei | 25/4/2015
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