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Who Is Isis? Discover her also inside my book DIVINITAS

Isis was and still is in some respects, one of the most revered goddesses in history. She was so respected that the Greeks and even the Romans worshipped her just as much as her faithful Egyptians.
Isis has her roots in ancient Egyptian antiquity. Even if no one is completely sure where or when her worship began, it is far in Egypt’s past. The daughter of Nut and Geb, one of Isis’s roles was that of goddess of magic. She was also considered a funerary goddess and the protector of the dead because of her resurrection of her brother and husband Osiris.
The story of how Isis became so revered is a gruesome one in some respects. Isis loved her husband Osiris, but their brother Set was jealous and murdered and dismembered him throwing the pieces to the crocodiles. Isis put him back together and blew life back into him. It is said that after this he fathered Horus, before going to rule the underworld. Despite being ruler of the underworld, he still found time to visit Isis and his son. Isis’s ability to put Osiris back together and breathe life into him is one of the reasons she became …

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Characters are People Too, or Letting the Lovers Have Problems

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Before I start on my journey down Lover’s Quarrel Lane, I want to thank Laura Tolomei for loaning me a little space and time on her unique blog. While I’m at it, thank you readers for stopping by and letting me wax on about the subject.

Here’s the deal. Sonny James and Luki Vasquez run into a great big problem in Finding Jackie. An existential problem, you might say, because identity—especially Luki’s identity—lies at the heart of it. So it almost seems the problem was lying in wait for unsuspecting Luki and Sonny to trip over it. It rears it’s head (as problems often do) when Luki decides to be a bit sneaky about something he’s pretty  sure Sonny won’t be happy about. Like this:

As he walked into the Federal Building—a skyscraper downtown on 2 nd Avenue—Luki’s thoughts returned to the reason for his visit, and the fact that he was deceiving Sonny. A little. For a good cause! He reviewed his justification. Carrying a badge isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And hell, Sonny doesn’t ask my permission. If he can do his seminar all day long and into the …

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Black Rose #MFRWhooks

New Release!

Virtus Sex
Author: Laura Tolomei 

Published By: eXtasy Books 


Maybe she has worked at Black Rose. But hard as he thought of the many women employed at his home over the course of his twenty-one years of age, he found no trace of a name to associate to this startling creature.

“Hem…” The woman cleared her throat. “May I help you?”

“I’m sorry, Milady.” Snapping out of his odd musings, he shifted on his feet. “But with the storm and all, I seem to have lost my way to—”

“Black Rose?” There was a note of incredulity in her voice he found a bit taunting.

“Well, I guess you know where I live.” Then again, everyone in the village knew of Black Rose.

“Also who you are, for that matter.” The hint of a smile curved her lips before she made a show of bowing. “Welcome to my humble home, Prince Duncan Caldwell.”

“All right.” No surprise here, either. He was the local celebrity after all. “Since you seem to know all about me, may I enquire on your name, Miss…”

“Ylianor.” Angling her head, she leveled her gaze with his. “Just Ylianor.”

“Who’s …

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