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Welcome to my Erotic Halloween!

Looking for some special reads this Halloween?
Check out my selection of horror books. Meet my characters. And get thoroughly hot and thoroughly scared!
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Nothing satisfies Lilly. Not even working at The Dungeon BDSM Club as a bondage slave for hire. A slave looking for her true master. None have fit the bill so far. Until Terry. He spins her craving to fever pitch. And she might just fall in love with him, if she could only be his slave. Not just his. Julien and André’s, too. His gorgeous Creole lovers. Because they are the perfect Masters. But also keepers of the Black Room. On Halloween, she’ll discover just how bad and dangerous their pain-lust game can really be. Will she be able to fulfill their true needs? Or will she perish in the attempt?
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Lilly – a bondage slave for hire
Terry – owner and manager of The Dungeon club
André – Terry and Julien’s lover
Julien – Terry and André’s lover
Can you take a regular bondage slave for hire and turn her into …

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Ancient Romans: Myths or Facts?

Almost everything modern people know about the ancient Romans comes from movies, and fictional books, and unfortunately much of the historical information regarding the ancient Romans is incorrect. Here are five myths about the ancient Romans that many people think are fact.
1. All ancient Romans wore togas. This is in fact untrue, the toga was considered formal wear and as such was only truly worn for either formal occasions, by the very wealthy, as burial clothing, and in an odd way by some prostitutes. Most ancient Romans had everyday clothing in the form of tunics.
2. A vomitoria is a place that Romans go to vomit up all their food after they eat to excess, so they can go and eat to excess some more. This is a myth. A vomitoria was actually a passage in an amphitheater that allowed people to get to and from their seats quickly.
3. Ancient Romans were significantly shorter than modern Romans. Skeletons discovered in Pompeii and Herculaneum actually give the idea that ancient Romans were taller than modern Romans.
4. Hadrian’s purpose in building Hadrian’s Wall was to keep the Barbarians from overrunning Roman territory. Historians now think it was built for …

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Do Readers Care About Characters Backstory?

There is nothing more boring than reading a ton of backstory crammed into scene after scene in a book. At least for me, now don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in the character’s motives, why she might hate men in general. Or why he hates women, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do the backstory.
Here’s the brutal truth, your readers don’t care why your main character Matilda hates polka dot dresses or doesn’t eat banana splits. And they don’t want to hear about it, ever. The just want to know when the action is going to start. And they want you to keep it going. If in the middle of the action you put these boring facts, you are quickly going to lose readers and book sales.
So, what do you do about the backstory, especially since every character has one? Here are three ideas for what to do about backstory.
1. Kill it all together!
That’s right!
Don’t add in any backstory and instead keep the action going. Resist the urge to write up long character bios before you begin writing your book. While it is important to keep track of important facts such …

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