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The damn question is…Can you live without the hot erotic BDSCM of the Virtus Saga?

SERIES: Virtus Saga Book 4

The damn question is…

“Yes?” Opening her door, she did not seem surprised to see Chris, simply leaned forward slightly to peer at the dark and deserted hallway. “All alone?”

“He refused to come.” Annoyed, Chris regarded her coldly. “How did you know?”

“Not by spying.” She threw back her shoulders as though daring him to defy her. “Just listened to the gossip. Nobody could talk about anything else tonight.”

“So do I get to ask the damn question in the middle of the hallway?” He glared at her.

For she was making everything more difficult on purpose.

“Or can you at least grant me the privacy of your room?” But if she wanted to see him squirm, she still had a long way to go.

Ylianor stepped aside, then closed the door behind him.

“So everyone’s talking about us?” The room did not offer much in terms of accommodations besides the bed and a solitary chair placed on a side.

“Yes, also your mother—”

“You met my mother?” So he chose the bed, Duncan’s advice echoing in his ears.

“She wanted to meet me.” Ylianor sat next to him. “She’s a …

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Infuriating angel-demon!

Virtus Saga, Book 8

“So what do you say, Princess, if we tell our infuriating angel-demon what he means to both of us?”

Actually, he just wanted to bend Chris’s back and penetrate the tight ring of muscles all the way up to the throat, to celebrate Chris’s escape from death by rubbing their bodies together, then burying himself inside Chris and never pull out.

Ever again.

“You and I together? So that maybe we can finally teach him some manners?”
This new twist would raise the level like few other times before in their fucking.

“I can’t wait to start, Master.”

He needed no special Virt to interpret Ylianor’s immediate peak of excitement.

“How can I best serve your purpose?” Taking a step back, she bowed, having a hard time quieting the incessant throbbing of her slit and clit. “How can I best serve your lover and you yourself in the fulfillment of your pleasure?”

“I’d say we first get indoors.” Even if she had said nothing, he had caught her shiver of cold. Only natural, since the weather had taken giant leaps into the fall while playing Cecilia’s Game. An unusually icy autumn, if he …

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Want to be a Bestselling Author? 4 Experiments Pam Grout Style! Part 3

The first two articles in this series dealt mainly with learning how to change your thinking, and alter the scripts in your mind so you can receive that which you so much want to receive, bestselling author status. I am now going to propose four experiments author Pam Grout style that you can use to prove to yourself that there really is a universe, God, divine Poo Ba or whoever that wants to give you exactly what you want. Honestly, just like Pam I don’t really care what you call it, The Force aka Star Wars, God, Athena, Zeus, or the field of infinite potentiality (that’s Pam’s name for it). However, in order for these experiments to work, you do have to believe in something out there that is greater than yourself, whatever name you choose.

Pam’s books E-squared, and E-cubed and Thank and Grow Rich have experiments and party games that are pretty awesome. These are just games you can play to prove to yourself that there is something out there greater than yourself and that indeed wants you to be happy, or in your case be a bestselling author!
Have fun, and please do let me know your …

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