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What is Dowsing?

The act of dowsing means to search for something that our eyes don’t see. What this means is that you can dowse for anything invisible that you’re trying to find. This can be underground water, minerals, lost jewelry, or coins, archeological areas, artifacts, underground services, and some people even use dowsing to find ghosts. Dowsing like tarot cards is a type of divination, which is most likely the reason that some also use it to find ghosts.
So how does one “dowse?” People dowse in different ways. Some use L shaped rods and others use pendulums, and still others use V shaped rods, or even wands. However, you choose to dowse the practice is very old, and has been practiced for centuries.
One question often asked is “Can anyone dowse?” The answer to that appears to be yes. While some seem to have a natural flair for dowsing, children being big in this group, even if you don’t seem to have that natural flair, most people with careful training can be taught how to dowse.
There are different types of dowsing. One type is called Kinesiology, and this is a type of dowsing where only one’s muscles are used. Muscle …

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7 Tips for Writing Your Author’s Bio That Help Sell Your Books

Writing your author’s bio can be one of the more stressful things about creating your author’s website and helping to build your author brand. Many authors don’t know where to start, how much to share about themselves or how to put together an author’s bio. The thing is while you want your bio to be interesting, you also want it to make potential readers look at your books. So what do you add to your author’s bio that will make readers do that and then buy your books?

Here are five tips for writing an author’s bio that will keep readers coming back for more!

1. Be professional. It’s difficult to take authors seriously when it comes to their books and their writing if they don’t seem to take themselves seriously or behave in a professional manner. So always be professional whether you choose to use first or third person when writing your author’s bio.

2. Be confident. Even if you don’t feel confident on the inside, write your bio as if you are and as if you feel that confidence daily. People tend to be more attracted to people that are confident and they’ll be more likely to buy …

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How Did the Roman World Treat Women?

How the Roman world treated a woman in the depended on her status. If she was part of the upper class, or say the daughter of an Emperor then she had a bit more leeway as to the kinds of activities she could engage in. Women were educated, especially if they were high born, and boys and girls went to type of primary school where they were taught Greek, as well as, Latin.

Even if a woman was freeborn, and a citizen, she could not hold a political position, or even vote for the men she wanted to lead. However, this did not stop Roman women from influencing their world. A few examples are Helena who was an Empress and a huge force for promoting the relatively new Christian religion. Another example of a Roman woman influencing the Roman world is Fulvia who led her own army, and had coins with her image on them created and handed out. So, if you were fortunate enough to be high born, while you could not participate in the patriarchal Roman world, you could do things that influenced what happened.

In a strange twist, highborn women who had acted and created change in …

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