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A taste of real punishment from Bondage Slave For Hire #BDSM #excerpt

LallaGatta Erotic Romance with an Edge by Author Laura Tolomei
Bondage Slave for Hire is the first book I’ve read by author Laura Tolomei and it won’t be my last. Ms. Tolomei was very creative in her picture of slaves in this particular bondage club, with everything working toward one night of the year.  This story was very original, and not like anything I have read before. As the story progresses, readers will start to get an inkling of what Julian and Andre are, but still won’t have a clue about Terry until the end. […] The chemistry, and later love, between the four main characters is apparent. The fact that Lilly was willing to do what she did could only have been done for love, even as she was being told she was not supposed to love the three men.” Literary Nymphs recommendation rated Golden Blush Award

[image:image-1]Nothing satisfies Lilly. Not even working at The Dungeon BDSM Club as a bondage slave for hire. A slave looking for her true master. None have fit the bill so far. Until Terry. He spins her craving to fever pitch. And she might just fall in love with him, if she could only be his slave. Not just his. Julien and André’s, too. His gorgeous Creole lovers. Because they are the perfect Masters. But also keepers of the Black Room. On Halloween, she’ll discover just how bad and dangerous their pain-lust game can really be. Will she be able to fulfill their true needs? Or will she perish in the attempt?

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
FACEBOOK: Laura Tolomei Horror Side
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A taste of real punishment
"Ellie, get the fuck out of here."

Terry’s commanding tone seemed to come from another dimension. "Wash up and get ready for the night."

On opening her eyes, Lilly noticed Ellie’s body bathed head to toes in the three men’s seed.

"And take our stuff downstairs." More like an angry bark, Terry’s curt order made Lilly snap to full attention. "Leave them in my office."

"Yes, Sir." Jumping to her feet, Ellie picked up the men’s coats and their shirts, which they must’ve shed some time when Lilly hadn’t been looking.

Inevitable for Ellie to come up to Lilly’s coat, too. Not that she touched it. Far from it. She glanced at it with a sneer, then walked out of the room.

Lilly trembled. Something told her that her Master wanted to punish her and bad for having climaxed without his express consent.

But how could he possibly know?

He had been hammering Ellie’s ass so hard. Lilly was sure he hadn’t paid any attention to her.

Plus, she had not moaned. Not gasped. Not yelled. She had kept silent, in spite of the numerous orgasms shattering her body into a million pieces.

Still, he knew.

And he’d make her pay for it.

It would be of no use to try to explain that she had no choice. That in fact, it had been his kiss, along with Julien and André’s, to spiral her senses into a crazy and unbelievable vortex.

The Master wouldn’t give a damn about her poor excuses. Nor would he care to know she had glimpsed his true essence—the powerful, black and evil one. Or whatever it was, since that memory was fading fast.

Her best bet was to keep her mouth shut and take whatever he saw fit to dish out.

"André, please, bring me that…" Terry gestured her way. "Worthless piece of shit." He paused as his friend got up. "‘Cause if I get my hands on her now, I might just kill her."

"I told you she didn’t deserve your time and effort, Thierry-baby," Julien mumbled softly.

Not enough that Lilly couldn’t overhear.

"She’s no good as a slave." Rising, Julien went to the couch and plopped down on the plush cushions.

"She’s no good at anything else, either," Terry spat. "Kelso had warned me about her, but…" He shrugged as though he had no choice in the matter. "I guess he felt sorry for her."

"I wonder why." At her side by now, André grabbed her, none too gently, and hauled her over his left shoulder. "She’s also as ugly as hell."

That was really unfair. Out of all the disparaging things, true or false, they could’ve said about her, this really hurt.

"Tonight we’ll teach her some manners."

It was Terry speaking with such self-assurance that Lilly became scared stiff.

"We’ll definitely help you." Practically flinging her on the ground, André deposited her at Terry’s feet. "Won’t we, love?"

The question and the heart-wrenching look were for Julien.

"Can’t wait." Reaching his friends at the center of the room, Julien kissed André lightly on the lips. Then he swung his head and his mouth closed on Terry’s, too. "I love it when you’re so angry, Thierry-baby." He stroked the long hair briefly. "But you know you’ve gotta calm down if you want to punish her in any effective way."

"I know." Terry caught Julien’s hand and squeezed it tight.

For Lilly watching from below, their bond seemed stronger now than when they were exchanging the passionate kisses that were about to get her hide skinned to its bare essential.

"So, what did you have in mind?" André took a step forward, enough for Terry to kiss him, too.

"For starters, let’s hang her." Terry peered up. "Then we can use just about anything that’s available here." He spun to the table of toys. "There’s plenty to choose from." He picked up a particularly heavy-looking paddle. "I suggest a combination of each."

"Her ass will be a bloody red pulp when we’re through with it."

There was such a cruel undertone to Julien’s comment that Lilly was sure she wouldn’t get out of the room alive.

"Then let’s get started." André clutched a pair of cuffs and strapped them to her wrists.

The first thing they worried about was keeping her mouth closed, probably afraid she’d scream too loud. Hence a thick ball gag.

Next, Julien handed Terry a blindfold.

"No, I don’t want to make it easy for her." Terry grinned as he caught her eyes, an icy grin that froze her blood. "I want her to see us as we beat the crap out of her." The steel in his eyes gleamed maliciously. "I particularly don’t want her using the closed eyes to escape any of the pain."

To hang her, Terry brought a leather belt. The two ends clasped one at each wrist, Terry had Julien lift her toward the hook. Thanks to André’s help, she was soon dangling in midair.

Julien looked her up and down skeptically. "How about we get rid of her pantyhose and thongs?"

"Yeah, the beating will be more effective if on her bare hide." André nodded.

Next thing she knew, Lilly’s bottom half was stripped. Brutally. The three tearing her stuff off.

Suspended from above, Lilly pretended she didn’t have a body. Kind of hard to do, considering the force of gravity pulled her downward and stretched her arms until they ached unbearably. The fact her frame swung slightly, like a leaf prey to constant wind ruffle, contributed to her helplessness and to the strain of her muscles.

"Let’s start with this, Thierry-love."

The voice sounded like André’s. Too bad she couldn’t see what he had chosen, for he had gone behind her back.

"Perfect," Terry agreed readily.

Then Julien came up front and to her immense horror, she understood how they would go about it.

Julien gripped her hips and stopped her swaying. Soon after, the deafening thud of a flogger made her squirm to try and get away.

With Julien’s iron clutch, escape was not an option.

The trio had made sure of it. Blocking her body’s natural swing would increase the impact of the blows, making them ten times more painful than ordinarily.

And she couldn’t believe her Master would really go to such lengths simply because she had climaxed without his permission.

Just as the scorch of the first flogging was quelling, the paddle smacking her other buttock brought tears to her eyes.

Not that she had any time for crying.

The birch hitting her next was something so hurtful she would’ve screamed had her mouth allowed.

Then it was a cane, a whip, a belt, a crop before going back to the flogger, the paddle, the birch and so on.

Every hit was precise and fierce, even if the three men switched around often. In turn, André, Terry, then Julien again came up front to hold her hips.

This was the most bastardly thing of all. It fucking hurt like crazy. It fucking burned like hell.

Not content, they also targeted the back of her thighs, which hurt even more than her ass cheeks. A couple of blows also to her shoulders.

For nothing was spared to appease Terry’s rage.

How long did they keep at it?

Lilly didn’t have a clue.

First, it was pain. Then it was fire. Then it was neither. Finally, it was both.

Sensations blurred. Every beat, her flesh quivered. Her cunt throbbed. Her ass tightened. Every beat, she wanted more.

It was all too intense that, at one point, her perception faded. Dulled away or she’d have fainted. The more they whacked her, the less she reacted. Blissful at last, she was about to step beyond the threshold connecting pain to pleasure when the most amazingly unexpected thing of all happened. Whoever was holding her hips darted his tongue and drilled her clit. Nailed it. Literally.

Her mouth would’ve dropped open had the ball gag not prevented it.

He didn’t just stop at the first few strokes. He continued in the most delicious brushing, which made her try to sway, despite the firm grasp on her hips and the face crushed to her cunt.

Her attempt was soon blocked from behind. Two giant dildos shoved, one in her ass, the other in her cunt. So forcefully, she feared both would hit the ball in her mouth. Then two blows to her buns in rapid succession and the orgasm wrecked her very core. Shook her to her

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