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How to Find the Perfect Graphic Designer for Your Book Jacket

Where to Start
Congrats! You’ve finished your collection of short stories, novel, novella, or any other manuscript musings! You’ve decided to self-publish since you’re just starting out and you know you don’t have the resources for a top-of-the-line graphic designer. So where do you go? What kind of skills are you looking for? Where do you find a great graphic designer at an affordable budget? Luckily, in today’s world there are tons of reputable websites with excellent freelancers who do superb work on time and on budget.

One of the first things you should consider as a writer is what kind of design you’re looking for. What does your book say with pixels? Many designers find it frustrating when their customer asks them to come up with several different designs and claim, “I’ll know it when I see it.” You want to work with your designer on an established idea. It takes quite a lot of time and effort for them to come up with various different ideas from your thousands-of-words book. Do yourself and them a favor and think up a general (or even better specific) idea of what you want before you contact a graphic designer.

Where to …

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Tasting Leon’s Mark, ReScue Series #2, and The Sex, Virtus Saga #1: 5 Tips for Handling Bad Reviews of Your Book

Contrary to what many newbie authors think, all authors even ones on the New York Times Bestseller list get bad reviews. Just because you have a bestselling book doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be others who think your book is well not that great. One of the keys to being a successful author who keeps their readers is in how you handle bad reviews.

Here are five tips for handling bad reviews of your book. As far as I’m concerned, these are iron clad and authors disregard them at their own risk.

1. Wait a day before you respond in any way to a bad review. It’s very easy in the heat of the moment to fire off a super negatively charged e-mail to a reviewer who doesn’t like your book, and saying something you will regret in the morning. Don’t do it, step away from the computer now. Many a newbie author has ruined their writing career and alienated readers by writing a scathing e-mail to a reviewer.

2. Take several deep breaths, in and out, in and out. It will calm your upset and all you to think clearly before responding.

3. Remind yourself that not …

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My Husband’s Review of Literary Nymphs recommended read: Bondage Slave For Hire

[image:image-2]A story begins with its characters. In Bondage Slave For Hire, there’s Lilly, the slave. Then Terry, the Master of all Masters. And Julien and André, the mysterious and dangerous Creoles.

Second off is the plot. With no other wish than to satisfy the Master of all Masters, the insignificant slave is ready to give love through pain. She is so ready to show she can suffer to deserve whatever her Master sees fit to give her. Even if it’s only a kiss. A solitary kiss. For what can be better than a man who is fascinating,
desirable and exciting? Of a man who knows how to command with just one glance? And what about his friends? What is their true relationship? And why can’t Lilly reach a peak without thinking of them?

Third off is the place. The Dungeon BDSM Club is where bondage, pain and perversions jump out the pages and hit you hard and deep. Same place where a slave deserves to die in Halloween’s Black Room.

Fourth and final there’s the anticipation. Halloween is coming, with its load of anxiety and the promise of pain and terror. Who will survive?

I’ve known the author, …

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A Short History of the Tarot

There is much mystery surrounding the origins of the Tarot, and the truth is no one can be certain of its actual origins. That being said, there are a number of theories as to the beginnings of the Tarot. One theory suggests that the Tarot came from Egypt and is in fact
part of the lost Egyptian library. It was also believed that the cards came with the Gypsies from Egypt which was another reason they were thought to originate there because people believed the Gypsy’s ancestors were from Egypt. Another theory states that the Tarot originated in the Middle East from playing cards created by the Moors. And yet another states that they were playing cards created for the Nobles of Italy for a game called Triumph. Regardless, we will probably never know the exact true origins of the Tarot because they are shrouded in mystery.

According to most sources, the Tarot wasn’t used for divination until
the late seventeen hundreds when occultists got a hold of an Italian Triumph deck and decided there was more to the symbolism on the cards than met the eye. Regardless from that time forward, occultists began making their own tarot decks based …

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5 Tips to Help New Authors Use Twitter Effectively

When you’re a new author, figuring out how to market your book effectively so you get book sales is tough. Just trying to navigate the book marketing jungle is enough to make some authors give up before they’ve started. But you don’t have to be one of those authors. You can instead be one of the authors in the know. One of your best tools for effective book marketing is Twitter. Twitter scares many new authors because they don’t know how to use it effectively to sell their books. Here are five tips to get you the new author started:

1. Don’t just use Twitter for advertising your book. This is a quick way to get followers to un-follow you. If you only send tweets when you have a new book out or when you’re trying to get people to buy it, you will lose people. Instead tweet about things that interest you. You could for example find out interesting facts about events in one of the towns where your characters live and then tweet about them with links. Or you could tweet about a job one of your characters has and tie it into your book.

2. Get involved …

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Laura Tolomei: Fantastic Reviews, Audio Samples + More Great News

Blackraven’s Reviewskeeps reading theVirtus Sagaand finding it exceptional! Here’s an excerptfrom the two reviews:
The Game, Virtus Saga #2
If you’re looking for an action-packed, dangerous adventure with engaging characters who are complex, flawed, and at times lovable, a plot that thickens with suspense and angst with the turn of every page, and enough smoking hot sex scenes to keep your body in a state of arousal for days on end, then The Game by Laura Tolomei is definitely the book to read.”Read full Blackraven’s Reviews

The Sex, Virtus Saga #1
“Ms. Tolomei has penned a riveting story that will take the reader through a myriad of emotions that range from anger to sorrow to unbridled passion. Any book that can accomplish such a feat is FREAK-IN-FANTASTIC in my opinion. The characters are well-developed and three-dimensional, the dialogue is refreshing and bold, the emotions are raw and untamed, the world building is amazing and intriguing, and the sex is explosive and uninhibited. I simply couldn’t get enough of this well-crafted story and read it in one sitting.” Read fullBlackraven’s Reviews

My novella, The Moon Priestess …

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What is Spam? How Does It Effect You as an Author?

I have run into more than one author online who has been convinced that sending promotions to groups, e-mail lists that have been opted into, tweet posts, FB posts etc. that are similar or the same are spam. My first thought when I hear an author say, “But I can’t send that promotion out on the groups again it’ll be considered spam!” is that someone hasn’t taken their marketing classes or done their research.
The truth is I’ve run into this more than once and I’m always amazed, especially since the cardinal rule of marketing is that potential readers or buyers need to see something at least seven times before they’re going to be motivated to buy it. For example, do you only see a commercial on television one time? You don’t do you. It’s often played over and over, and while that can be annoying it’s true, it is because they are following that cardinal rule mentioned above. That being said, it only makes sense to put that material or promotion in front of readers at least once weekly. Now, I’m by no means suggesting you post exactly the same promotion every single day. That would not be spam …

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Love Triangles – Tara Fox Hall guest blogger

Thank you to Laura Tolomei for having me here today at Latta Gatta J
Love is in all great stories, be they romances, westerns, fantasy, or even action-adventure. And there is no greater riveting aspect of a great story than the plot device of a love triangle. Would Gone with the Wind be such a classic without the romance between Ashley, Scarlett, and Rhett? Without love triangles, would so many people have flocked to see Titanic, Hunger Games, Twilight, or even The Return of the King?
I remember many teen novels with love triangles from my youth. Usually there was an obvious choice: the good guy and the bad one. Both guys were generally handsome, men of means, and adept at physical combat, be it swords, guns or fists. The good guy was caring, stalwart, and often blond. The bad guy was aloof, sometimes cruel, and prone to rashness that he often apologized for later, as well as often dark haired. Our heroine had a much easier time of choosing in those days, and almost exclusively the good guy in the last few pages won her heart where he asked her to marry him.
Today’s novels are much more complex, …

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Who Is Isis? Discover her also inside my book DIVINITAS

Isis was and still is in some respects, one of the most revered goddesses in history. She was so respected that the Greeks and even the Romans worshipped her just as much as her faithful Egyptians.
Isis has her roots in ancient Egyptian antiquity. Even if no one is completely sure where or when her worship began, it is far in Egypt’s past. The daughter of Nut and Geb, one of Isis’s roles was that of goddess of magic. She was also considered a funerary goddess and the protector of the dead because of her resurrection of her brother and husband Osiris.
The story of how Isis became so revered is a gruesome one in some respects. Isis loved her husband Osiris, but their brother Set was jealous and murdered and dismembered him throwing the pieces to the crocodiles. Isis put him back together and blew life back into him. It is said that after this he fathered Horus, before going to rule the underworld. Despite being ruler of the underworld, he still found time to visit Isis and his son. Isis’s ability to put Osiris back together and breathe life into him is one of the reasons she became …

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Characters are People Too, or Letting the Lovers Have Problems

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Before I start on my journey down Lover’s Quarrel Lane, I want to thank Laura Tolomei for loaning me a little space and time on her unique blog. While I’m at it, thank you readers for stopping by and letting me wax on about the subject.

Here’s the deal. Sonny James and Luki Vasquez run into a great big problem in Finding Jackie. An existential problem, you might say, because identity—especially Luki’s identity—lies at the heart of it. So it almost seems the problem was lying in wait for unsuspecting Luki and Sonny to trip over it. It rears it’s head (as problems often do) when Luki decides to be a bit sneaky about something he’s pretty  sure Sonny won’t be happy about. Like this:

As he walked into the Federal Building—a skyscraper downtown on 2 nd Avenue—Luki’s thoughts returned to the reason for his visit, and the fact that he was deceiving Sonny. A little. For a good cause! He reviewed his justification. Carrying a badge isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And hell, Sonny doesn’t ask my permission. If he can do his seminar all day long and into the …

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