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What If Your Inner Critic Doesn’t Shut Up? 5 Ideas to Keep You Writing!

We all have an inner critic!
It’s that individual who is constantly saying things like, “That’s terrible writing, why don’t you just give up?” or “You think you’re a writer? That’s an awful story line, no one is going to read this!” or “You think you can be a bestseller, or make money from your writing, not if you keep writing this drivel!” And the list goes on and on and on. So what do you do when your inner critic who is speaking with your mother’s, father’s, or high school English teacher’s voice, won’t shut up?
Well you can do many things, these are my favorite though:
1. Remember that your inner critic cannot follow through on whatever threat scenarios it might be proposing such as keeping you from being a bestseller, making no one buy your book etc. The inner critic pretends it has the power to back up the threat, but only you can make the decision to stop writing, only you can create the deadly failure scenarios that the inner critic claims are going to happen.
2. Treat your inner critic like you would a real life critic, say thank you for your opinion, and then keep right on writing your novel, short story, or novella. You wouldn’t allow a real life critic to keep you from doing what you most want to do would you? Why allow your imaginary inner critic to do so?
3. Make a list. Make a list of all the deep dark awful scenarios the inner critic is using to try and convince you to stop writing. Do this in long hand in your journal. Then when you’re done, change each one to a positive scenario. Keep in mind that the inner critic is only your mind spouting negative affirmations. When you make a list of the negative affirmations and then make each one positive, you now have a way to change your mental script to help you be even more successful as a writer. For example, let’s say your inner critic is saying to you, “You’re a horrible writer, do you really think anyone is going to buy this book? You should just give up!” Change it to, “You’re a wonderful writer, your book is going to sell by the thousands as soon as it’s published. Keep writing, you’re an awesome writer!” Now when the inner critic pops up, change the inner script to the positive affirmations you just wrote down. Then practice saying the positive ones to yourself daily until your inner critic stops talking to you. Don’t be surprised if your inner critic continues to try and rear its ugly head from time to time, he/she will never actually completely go away, just ignore it and keep changing the negative affirmations to positive!
4. Develop a daily writing practice. Many authors decide to wait until they’re in the mood to write, or until they have more time to write, or until inspiration strikes etc. The inner critic loves authors who don’t have a daily writing practice, and is an expert at helping you to procrastinate. Don’t feel like it, don’t have time, aren’t feeling inspired? Trust me your inner critic will come up with all kinds of ideas as to why you shouldn’t sit down and write. Developing a daily writing practice even if it’s only for fifteen minutes a day will help to shut up your inner critic.
5. Practice daily mindfulness. Mindfulness is where you take time each day to basically to sit still and focus on your breath and your breathing. There are many mindfulness tracks on YouTube that can help you with your daily practice. Here are a few to try out: Mindfulness Bell 5 Minute Mediation, 5 Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation, or 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation. With just 5 minutes every day, you can learn to disconnect from your inner critic.
The inner critic is just the replay of someone or several people in your life who thought they had the right to tell you that you couldn’t do something. The inner critic is just a series of old mental tapes. When you understand that and practice these tips to shut your inner critic up, not only will you write, and be a prolific writer, but you will be a happier person.

Just 30 Minutes to Promote Your Book! Learn How! Learn Now!

On more than one occasion, author friends who have just published their first book have asked me what they can do quickly to promote their book. Contrary to what many authors believe you cannot just write a book, publish it and expect it to make sales. As much as we’d all love for it to work that way, it doesn’t. But there are things you can do to right now in thirty minutes that will help you to promote your book.
1. Schedule three tweets using a service like Buffer right now. Consider using a quote from your book and then a shortened link to your buy page. Also, consider using a few hashtags so you can reach more people than those who follow you.
2. Grab a photo that looks like your hero, heroine or both (make sure you can use the photo i.e. public domain or one you’ve taken or drawn yourself), or a city in your book even, just something that relates to your story, and add the same quote along with a buy link and your website. You can do this in any photo-editing program or even in Canva, which is free! Now post it to FB, Instagram and Google+.
3. Post an excerpt, blurb, cover art and buy links from your latest release to your blog. If you want to get more traction out of your blog posts consider
joining tribes that match your genre on Triberr. Your fellow tribe members will share your post with their Twitter and or FB followers!
These are just three things that you can do regularly to market your book. They’re easy, fast and anyone can do them. Once you’re done you can back to the business of writing!

ReScue Series The Enslavement of Janet:The writing is entertaining. Tthe emotions are clear with every page. great NEW review available!

The Enslavement of Janet

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei
SERIES: ReScue, free read
GENRE: Erotic Fiction
CATEGORY: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary, Gay LGBT, Multiple Partners, Ménage à Trois, Series
Leon and Sean are unsure what they really want from Janet, but the one thing they agree on is that she is their slave. Inviting us to assist in the training is a treat for them and their slave.
Wwill Janet be the only slave?
Or will Leon and Sean became a slave to the charms of Janet?
The writing is entertaining and the emotions are clear with every page. This appears to be a few frames within a longer story.  I would suggest reading the other books in the series to bring this interlude into focus.  The snippet is worth reading for those who enjoy BDSM and stories of sexual slavery.


“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” In front of room two hundred five, Leon spun Janet around, the leather leash he had attached to her white gold collar dangling on one side.
“I’m sure.” Steadfastly, she held his gaze.
He peered deep into her eyes, their color never ceasing to amaze him. To think that they had been as grey as the drizzly sky all day long, yet now they were as green as the foxy dress he had bought for her. Which all added to her allure, however little he cared to share the thought right at the moment.
Not that it was lost on his insightful lover, whose concerned gaze he intercepted on raising his.
Yeah, maybe he was pushing too hard and going too fast, for someone who had just started to taste what sexual slavery was all about.
Sean neared her. “Lynx, we’d understand if you want to back down—”
“I said I’ll do it.” The stubborn creature held up her chin in defiance. “So let’s get on with it.”
“As you wish.” He was through arguing and giving her the easy way out.
Whirling Janet around, Leon tied her wrists behind her back. Sean fitted a medium-size ball gag to her small mouth. And she was good to go.
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Serious Sex is what Not In The Game Deleted Scenes is all about!

Not In The Game
SERIES: Virtus Saga
GENRE: Erotica, BDSM, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Gay GLBT, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f
When Prince Duncan Caldwell has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he’ll have to play Master if he intends to retrieve the pyramid Cecilia stole from the sacred Nephis Valley. And his choice for a slave can only be Ylianor Meyer, however fiercely Lord Christopher Templeton resents her and her overpowering erotic intrusion in a trip that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone. No, make that in a love that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone!
That’s just the beginning of Book 2 of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is as it seems, not since soul mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled until a fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever. This book picks up right where Book 1, The Sex, leaves off and explodes it all—the lust and the leadership, but also the estrangement and the chaos. Mostly the unique connection laced with a jealousy and violence that are unknown to their world. Because this isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. Of three remarkable characters that have to overcome their uncontrollable lust to face the truth about themselves and their planet, in order to defeat the darkness about to devour them. To be as one whilst three! That’s their real challenge. Because, if they can’t learn to share power and love in equal measures, how will they be able to ensure their world’s survival?
“Boy, if this is any indication of how the Game is going to be, I can’t wait to start on the serious fun.” Legs falling down, Chris freed him.
“And the serious sex.” Duncan dropped next to him.
“Do you know of any other kind of fun?” Chris pressed his body closer.
“And just whom were you planning to have this fun with?” Baiting him on purpose, Duncan dragged him nearer.
“Troy of course.” Rolling on a side, Chris was quick to clasp his not so limp equipment. “Then there’s John and Paul, just in case I want to expand my horizons.”
“Or have them expand yours.” With the warm palm circling his cock, his senses could not help stirring.
“And what’s wrong with that?” Defiant, Chris tossed back his shoulders.
“Nothing.” He kept it deceptively inconsequential, as though it would not matter to him one bit. “Except that you still need my permission before you can do anything.”
“Do I have to beg?” Intensifying the pressure on the long gland, the angel went from fondling to jerking. “How can I earn your permission?”
“Are you sure you want to know?” Duncan provoked on purpose.
“I’ll do anything you ask.” Lowering his head, Chris puffed hot breath on the tip of his erection.
Which got him as hard as marble in no time at all.
“For real?” Clamping his neck, Prince Caldwell blocked his lurch to gulp down the way too eager shaft.
“For real.” Twisting upward, the blue-gray gaze locked on his.
And the determined look in Chris’s arresting eyes left no doubt he meant it.
“All right, but first let me check on the princess.” No, he had not forgotten about her, not even if being with Chris tended to make everything and everyone slide away. Princess, how are you doing?
Fine. Hard to miss the rush of excitement that kept her cunt nicely drenched. No, great, ‘cause I’m taking a delicious bath.
In the underground slaves’ quarters, judging from the image floating to the top of his head, a vast place with imposing walls and pools of hot water at the center.
Liar. He chuckled. You can’t wait to start the Game.
That, too. And boy, did she go tense all together at the mere idea. But if I start thinking about it, I couldn’t keep still. The dull thud of her cunt was so loud he feared it would burst just from pounding.
And I might start attacking some of the cute male slaves that are down here. She sounded so hungry she would probably have no qualms in doing it.
Don’t you dare! His tone went all commanding, In case you forgot, we’ve entered the Game, so you’re my slave for real now!
He was certain this kind of talk would spin her senses crazy. It was exactly what he was counting on, and when he heard her submissive, Yes, Master, sorry, Master, he knew he had her right where he wanted her.
Now you be good while I fuck the angel’s brains out. This last was for that competitive side of hers. And he was sure it would push her right overboard.
“Are you done with that nosy slave of yours?” Annoyed as though he had taken forever to talk to Ylianor, Chris jumped on him.
“Can’t wait to start groveling?” Pulling on the blond hair, he dragged the angel to the edge of the mattress and forced the head to drop down. “Or maybe it’s the gagging you’re in sore need of.”
Getting to his feet, he slammed his erection into Chris’s wide-open mouth, the impact fiercer because he cradled the shiny head between his palms and pushed it up same time he shoved for the ass.
No way could Chris avoid choking. No way could he oppose any resistance. Not while Duncan clamped his head to force him to swallow and hold the whole of him until near suffocation.
Until Chris had to burst out gasping every time he eased the pressure to reload for his next blow.
No mercy.
No pity.
He silenced the gurgling and sputtering, interested only to have his cock coming out of Chris’s ass in one piece. He just loved the effect, and nothing would convince him to slow down the fast beat now devastating Chris’s mouth.
No, he was not at all concerned.
Chris could take it.
He absolutely could.
Prince Caldwell knew it for a fact. When Arthur had explained how things in the energy business worked, he had suddenly understood why he and his boys had subjected Chris to all kinds of abuses. It had been the only way to control something only he himself had the Virt to do. For sex was the key to Christopher Templeton, a key no one could use as effectively as he could.
That bit of extra awareness drove him to accelerate the pounding and the explosion flooding Chris’s mouth all the way to his balls.
“That wasn’t half bad.” Pushing the angel up, he tossed him on the bed.
Chris had to swallow a couple of times simply to have enough air to breathe normally again. “Does that mean I have your permission now?”
“Not a chance.” He was getting such a kick out of this stringing Chris along that he saw no reason to end it. “That was just the appetizer.” Kneeling in front of him, Duncan raised Chris’s legs and bent them backward until his feet touched the mattress. “The real fun begins now.” With the angel’s ass flung out as it was, and the not-so-narrow hole gleaming from its own lust, Chris’s rear was a very easy take.
One slam and he was up to his balls inside the confined channel squeezing his monstrous size on every side.
“‘Cause I’m going to come so many times I’ll literally drown your ass.” Ruthlessly drilling to the root, the prince stretched everything beyond its original proportions. “While you’re not allowed to come, not even once.”
“Fuck, no!” Working hard to maintain a measure of balance, Chris tried catching his gaze. “Not fair. You know I can’t resist—”
“You better.” Increasing the rhythm, he rammed the yielding ass to bits. “If you want to do any of that expanding you talked about.”
Truth was that part of him wanted to hammer the angel so bad he would not have any energy for fucking around later. Not that he would ever succeed.
It was becoming clearer that Chris’s inexhaustible fire was the real driving force behind his sex. So how could he possibly think to consume a towering pyre in just a few hours?
Still, and as improbable as this sounded, this new twist was way more exciting than anything he had devised so far when it came to the angel. Which was the reason he lost it without even waiting for Chris to accept his conditions.
“So what do you say?” As stiff like as he had been before his climax, he flipped Chris around. “Do you agree to my terms?” Then scrunched his face to the mattress, flayed his arms out and lifted his butt over widespread legs.
“If I do, will you give me your permission?” Holding on for dear life, the position was not too comfortable for Chris.
Which was Duncan’s precise intention.
“Let’s say it would be a giant leap in the right direction.” No way am I letting you off the hook until the very last moment. “And if you prove to be good, I might even go as far as letting you come.” He knew this would perk up Chris’s competitive side. “Sooner or later.” With the ass staring him in the face, it was time to focus on his pleasure again and play the part he cared nothing about the angel.
So he crashed once more in that delicious behind his phase mate gave around so eagerly, already losing himself in the tight squeeze.
“I bet it’ll be later rather than sooner,” Chris snapped annoyed.
Quite understandably, given how swollen his cock had become, twitching visibly as it slapped against the thighs from the force of his impacts.
Which did not move him to pity. Instead, it spiraled his arousal out of any decency, particularly now that the sperm pressed on the tip of his erection demanding immediate release. Something he decided to grant by pulling out of the snug hole and spraying Chris’s back.
“Well, well.” Jerking his stick to get it ready for the next round, Duncan grinned in satisfaction. “Don’t you just look especially inviting now!”
“Fuck you, lover.” Anger brimming under the surface, Chris was extremely irritated by now. “And your goddamn game.”
“Getting testy, are we?” Laughing out loud, he pushed one leg to the far side, so that Chris lost all balance and fell on the mattress. “And just because you have to hold your load a little while longer.”
“I’d like to see you in my place,” Chris spat.
“I’ll never be in your place.” Stretching on top of him, he dug his stiff beast in Chris’s back hole again. “‘Cause I’m the master,” he whispered hotly in his lover’s ear. “Remember?”
From the intense shiver crossing Chris’s back, it was kind of obvious he had not forgotten.
“Then please let me come.” Changing his tone, he raised his butt to facilitate Duncan’s penetration. “I can’t take it anymore—”
“Your problem.” No question about it. He was getting high on his own play. “Not mine.” And the ass clenching him on every side was not helping any.
Nor was his acceleration once he had occupied the whole of it, slamming faster as though there was any more space to stuff. Yeah, sure, like he could actually reach Chris’s throat from the back way.
Then again, simply imagining it made him spill it all a third time.
By his fourth orgasm, though, he began missing the energy play. Having the angel so restrained was something so unusual and so out of context that everything suddenly became less fun.
So he grabbed Chris and pinned him against the wall. A more comfortable position for sure, even if it would probably not be the one he would allow him to come.
“I’m impressed, Angel.” Stuffing his rear hole again, he made Chris bend his back until it was a horizontal line. “You must really want to fuck around that badly.” Then screwed his erection to the angel’s guts. “‘Cause I never thought you’d manage to resist this long.”
“Don’t remind me.” Speaking through clenched teeth, Chris was making quite an effort of holding everything together. “Or I’ll flood this damn floor right now.” His hand ran to his humongous rod.
“Oh, no, you don’t.” Beating him to it, Duncan took full possession of it. “This is mine, and I’m the only one allowed to touch it.”
At Chris’s loud groan, he feared his game would have to end whether he allowed it or not. But at the last second, the angel managed to control the sperm itching to spill.
“Just let me have one more come in this delicious ass of yours.” Still stroking the huge piece, Prince Caldwell pressed on Chris’s back until he dropped his hands to the floor. “Then I’ll let you come.”
“You’re a real bastard!” If the strain was getting to Chris, he could only imagine how potent his release would be. “You know that?”
“I’m well aware of it.” Stepping up the pumping, he got Chris to bend, palms planted on the floor.
Now he could impale the angel’s butt with a mere flexing of his knees, which shook Chris’s body every time he shoved downward. The position was so overpowering that Chris had to flatten his palms on the floor if he did not want Duncan to topple him at every ramming.
This gave the prince full control over the lithe body surrendering to his every whim, not to mention the speed and force for his fifth come. But that was as far as he would go.
Dragging Chris to the bed again, he sprawled him back down on the mattress. Then he plunged to the root in what had become scorching flesh and reached the angel’s ear.
“Don’t come just yet,” he whispered seductively while sliding in and out of the large back channel. “I want to kiss you first.”
Then he claimed the thin lips, bruising them with a hard intake and forceful tongue sweeps.
Which spelled the end of everything.
Not because Chris arched so far back, he swallowed the balls along with the rest of him.
Because his energy finally coiled around Chris’s and nothing could hold back the tide bursting from his angel.
For the truth of it was that, during sex, they shared energy and Virt as much as sperm. Without the former, the latter now seemed meaningless, maybe because knowing just how much went on in their sex overshadowed any material pleasure. No, make that the energy kicking in laced the sex with a pleasure all its own, alas one he could replicate with no one else except his angel and his princess. And if that was not enough to blow his mind, Chris shattering under his tongue and cock sure was.
The angel was bursting all over like an avalanche had hit him full in the stomach. His shaft convulsed so frantically that he had the weird sensation it hammered worse that his heart. And it had swamped his chest with so much fluid that wet was all he felt. Still, he deepened his kiss and held his own load in check.
If he knew anything about Chris, this first come would not satisfy him. The prince had driven him so far beyond any reasonable resistance that he was willing to bet his angel would explode again in no time at all.
Sure enough, the moment he intensified the rear beat, Chris gasped and spilled his very guts on the prince’s chest.
It could only be his guts. There could be no other sensible explanation considering how much had shot out the first time.
Whatever it was, he could not help a surge of power and love at the thought of how complete his control over his blond angel was. Body, mind and spirit—it was all his, all together, all at once. And that was really the end for him.
Clamping the fiery energy tight shut within his cooler one, his mind touched Chris’s just when his cock got to the end of his race. Not before the angel’s new climax, an unexpected one this time that had his senses spinning out of any reality.
With the ass clenching like it would sever his stick from his body, he let everything go in the rear channel that was already too full for its own good. Then exhausted at last, he collapsed on his angel.
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Not in The Game Deleted Scenes Virtus Saga + Ready to Becomes a Bestseller: Tips & Excerpt

One of the worst things in my opinion that can happen is to write an entire story, and then no one buys because said story has three issues, and these issues kill the story on arrival.
There are three things that will kill a story on arrival in online bookstores. Here they are, and here is what you can do the correct these issues so you will have a bestselling story.
1. You wrote in too much back-story. Readers do not want to read pages and pages, or even one page for that matter that is nothing but back-story about the main character’s past. In fact, this will cause readers never to buy another story from you. So, how do you fix this issue in your current story? First things first, don’t get hung up on going back and changing past stories, leave them alone where they are, readers are looking for new material from you and they want it yesterday! Fix the story you’re working on now and stories going forward. So, what you need to do is go through your story and be ruthless in cutting out any sections that are just back-story fluff. Once you’ve done that, find ways to include the information in dialogue, or if you must show it in a flashback, but keep it short and sweet and use this technique sparingly.
2. In the very first scene, nothing happens, or you try to get your readers excited about something boring like shopping, or going to church, or brushing the main character’s teeth. Please, I’m begging you! Kill these types of first scenes now, today! Your readers are going to get mad at you if you write these kinds of first scenes, and expect them to get all excited. They’re going to ask Amazon for a refund, and or they’ll never buy another of your books, and they’ll also possibly write a review that is less than flattering. If there is not an explosion in the church, if there is not a gunman in the store who takes the main character hostage, if that toothpaste isn’t booby trapped with a deadly poison, do not, I repeat do not have these activities in your first scene. Instead, delete and rewrite your first scene so there is action, action, action, your readers will thank you.
3. You didn’t ask yourself the four most important questions an author can ask. From now on, ask yourself these four questions about each scene you write. Read each scene as though you were the reader and not the author. Is what happens in the scene exciting information to know? Does said information make you want to keep reading? Does what you wrote make sense within the context of your story? Is what you wrote fun to read, and entertaining? It’s easy for us as writers to think, “Oh, that’s good writing!” We get so caught up in playing with words that we don’t realize that we’ve just written a scene about the main character buying oranges at the grocery store. Oh, we’ve got lots of showing rather than telling going on, but it’s showing about the character buying oranges, something our readers aren’t going to care about. Unless those oranges are going to explode, dance the mamba or are full of poison that as soon as the main character touches them, they have a deadly reaction, you need to kill this scene, and rewrite it. Ask yourself the four questions above for each scene and rewrite as necessary.
Writing a story that is “correct” with regards to grammar, punctuation, and showing rather than telling is easy. However, if you have any of the issues mentioned above, you aren’t going to sell many books. If you apply the solutions mentioned, your book sales will go up!
Just like mine will when I’ll release Not In The GameVirtus Saga +, Deleted Scenes from my bookseller The Game, Book 2 Virtus Saga. And even if this new addition will be a FREEBIE (yeah, you read right!), I’ll measure its bestselling worth from the number of readers’ downloads. So just to get your mouth watering, here’s the first taste of Not In The GameVirtus Saga + (Deleted Scenes from The Game, Virtus Saga Book 2), beginning with the opening scene.
“By the gods, lover!” Chris blurted out, short of breath and of suitable expressions.
Could Prince Duncan Caldwell have been fiercer?
No, no way!
Impossible to describe the level of refined ruthlessness he had reached while denying Chris the very pleasure he had worked so hard to achieve.
Could Chris have loved it more?
No, no way!
Impossible to describe how thoroughly he had relished Duncan pushing him beyond any feasible limit, blowing his mind along with all the rest of his body in the process.
“That was…” The most awesome ass-fuck of my entire life! And why don’t you do it again right here, right now? “Goddamn fantastic!” It did not render the magnificent sensations that still tightened his muscles, but it would have to do. “And totally unexpected.”
Which had been the best part of all.
“Just getting in the role.” Duncan grinned, a splendid affair that brightened his handsome features.
And caused Chris a near heart failure.
“Yeah, and making my ass so big no one’s going to want it now.” Half teasing, he stole a peek at his gorgeous prince from under his eyelashes. “That is…if I now managed to convince you…”
“You can’t buy me that easily.” Was he joking or being serious?
And since Chris had the impression it was the latter, why was Duncan bent on giving him such a hard time?
Like he wanted Chris to sweat it out until the very last moment.
“I’ll decide in the chamber.” Cradling Chris’s head against his chest, Duncan raked a hand through his hair.
“Not fair!” Flying off every one of his horses, Chris scrambled to his knees. “Not after I’ve worked my ass off to earn this.”
“Just means you’ll have to work it a little harder.” Prince Caldwell laughed.
“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Challenging, Chris threw back his shoulders as though getting ready for a fight.
“Immensely.” So Duncan tackled him down, pressing his full weight on him. “Why?” Reaching his ear, he whispered huskily, “Aren’t you?”
Yeah, oh, fuck, yeah, but why does a mere whiff of his hot breath make me lose it like a first time phaser?
There seemed to be no way around it.
All tense at first, Chris had gone melting all over the place the second his lover’s lips had brushed against his ear. And the dark cloud of fury hanging over him had evaporated instantly.
“Yeah, I guess so.” Just why Prince Duncan Caldwell would know how to push all his buttons was something still beyond Chris.
And all that stuff about the energy business had nothing to do with it, because Duncan had known how to do it from the first moment he had laid eyes on Chris.
“Must be this Game of Cecilia’s.” To regain a measure of composure, he straightened. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do with you ever since she started it.” He pushed out a heavy breath of air. “Only we never had the right slave for it.”
“Then let’s toast to the one person who has made it all possible.” Letting go of him, Duncan fetched the bottle and two glasses from the dining table. After filling both, he handed one to Chris. “To the princess.” He raised his glass.
“Yes, to your slutty princess.” Chuckling, Chris clicked his own to Duncan’s.
“And to the best way we could devise to turn her into a real slut.” Smacking his lips, the prince drank down the first generous sip. “Which will be all to our advantage.”
“So that’s the real reason you asked her to do it!” Well, he had always believed his lover to be one-step ahead of everybody else he knew, Arthur included and never like in this case was he proving it.
“Of course.” Duncan beamed. “I was thinking only of us. Or did you think I really gave a damn about Cecilia’s Game?”
“Could’ve fooled me.” His arguments had seemed so sensible Chris had taken them at face value. “And her,” he added maliciously. “But I bet she’s too hot right now to care either way.”
For he had no doubt the heat and pressure had gotten to her already.
“She’s literally boiling.” Duncan chortled. “Which means we shouldn’t leave her in that chamber for too long.” After drinking down the last of the amber liquid and getting to his feet, Prince Caldwell picked up the blue robe lying crumpled on the floor and wore it. “Or in Cecilia’s company.”
Would serve her right!
That Cecilia did not seem to have taken a liking to Ylianor was kind of an understatement. That she just might hate her guts was what Chris expected out of a woman he had never been able to stand.
“If you put it that way, I could almost feel sorry for her.” Not really. Still, he played along with his prince’s need to protect the damn witch, though the gods only knew why.
And if they did, they better not tell him!
“Cecilia’s company could get on anybody’s nerves.” At least, this was no lie. “Especially if she doesn’t like them much.”
“You think she hates the princess, don’t you?” From the expression crossing the attentive black eyes, it was obvious Prince Caldwell thought so, too.
“I don’t just think it.” Bending on his knees, Chris uncovered the leather pants he was supposed to wear from a tangle on the floor. “I could bet on it.” Clutching the pants, he rose. “Even if David is a master of discretion, Cecilia must’ve caught on to what happened between him and Ylianor.”
“You mean the sex?” Kind of evident this still grated on Duncan’s nerves, and just seeing it so plain in his face irked Chris like it had the first time the prince had admitted it in the Hall. “Or also that bit about the pledge—”
“I mean everything.” Because there could be no doubt that Ylianor meant more to David than just a heated fuck. “Which is what got Cecilia so jealous she would’ve given you just about anything you had asked for simply to satisfy her curiosity about your slave.”
“Jealous of David, eh?” The way he said it, Chris had the distinct impression Duncan had already thought about it.
“I’m not sure David is her real target.” Because the facts were not adding up. “In case you haven’t gotten it already, the reason Cecilia invited you to all editions of her dam Game, even when you weren’t even old enough is that she thinks you’re the perfect master. And guess who she thinks your perfect slave would be?”
“No, she couldn’t possibly…” The black eyes widened in disbelief. “Not her.” And shock.
Which was totally understandable, since it would make no sense for someone like Cecilia to play slave in a game of her own creation, would it?
Yet, there it was.
“Yes, her.” This was the only explanation that made sense to Chris. “That’s why, when she saw your slave, she must’ve pieced together the little David had told her and drawn the only logical conclusion.”
Since Duncan seemed about ready to leave, he wore the black leather pants, which was an effort in itself. Just getting them to slide up his legs required several tugs and contortions. For they were so tight fitting they stuck to him like a second skin. But when he glanced at himself on a large mirror hanging on the wall, what he saw rewarded him of all the strain.
Perfect! They were just perfect! They clung to him so closely he might as well have been naked. And best of all, they shaped his cock like he was carrying a veritable beast between his legs.
“Now I’m ready to go.” Dressed like this, he would get all the cocks he wanted if it was the last thing he did in his life.
“At least Cecilia knows how to dress her guests.” The nice thing was having Duncan staring at it as though he wanted to rip them off and start all their sex over again. “‘Cause I just love your outfit, Angel.” Possessive palm pressing on what belonged to him, he stroked it forcefully until the engorged blood veins creased the fabric to the point of explosion. “So much that I might just decide to play with you rather than the princess.”
Sure, whom was he kidding?
The mere idea of playing his own game inside Cecilia’s Game excited him so much that no amount of sex with Chris could deflect him from it. And that Ylianor was the only person he could play it with seemed too much of a self-evident truth for Chris to question it.
Which did not mean he was fine with it. Quite the contrary!
“And if I don’t stop this right now, we’ll never get to that chamber.” With a regretful grin, Prince Caldwell’s hands dropped to a side.
“Works for me.” His reasoning and logic flying out the window, Chris’s paws attacked his lover’s engrossed crotch.
Who needed her anyway? And who cared about other cocks when he had the best of them all to himself?
“Not a chance.” Blocking him, Duncan forced him to let go. “If you want me, you’ll just have to wait until I finish playing.”
“‘Cause you’re planning on giving it all to her, right?” Just thinking it made him so mad he hoped she would choke on it.
For real!
“No, ‘cause I’m planning to have you both sweat for it.” The prince suppressed a chortle. “Now come on.” After slapping his butt, he strode to the door. “Let’s get going.”
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The damn question is…Can you live without the hot erotic BDSCM of the Virtus Saga?

SERIES: Virtus Saga Book 4

The damn question is…

“Yes?” Opening her door, she did not seem surprised to see Chris, simply leaned forward slightly to peer at the dark and deserted hallway. “All alone?”

“He refused to come.” Annoyed, Chris regarded her coldly. “How did you know?”

“Not by spying.” She threw back her shoulders as though daring him to defy her. “Just listened to the gossip. Nobody could talk about anything else tonight.”

“So do I get to ask the damn question in the middle of the hallway?” He glared at her.

For she was making everything more difficult on purpose.

“Or can you at least grant me the privacy of your room?” But if she wanted to see him squirm, she still had a long way to go.

Ylianor stepped aside, then closed the door behind him.

“So everyone’s talking about us?” The room did not offer much in terms of accommodations besides the bed and a solitary chair placed on a side.

“Yes, also your mother—”

“You met my mother?” So he chose the bed, Duncan’s advice echoing in his ears.

“She wanted to meet me.” Ylianor sat next to him. “She’s a nice lady. Too bad she doesn’t know how to use her healing gift, not even on herself.”

“I know. My birth almost killed her—”

“You really hated women from the start, didn’t you?” If the tone was teasing, the words seemed dead serious.

“And haven’t stopped since.” Chris kept his voice deliberately light, but he was too painfully aware of her body near him, more aroused now than with the prince just minutes ago. “Which is why I try to get rid of them.” And at the moment she was so damn inviting he wanted to take her right there and then. So by the gods, he did!

Rising, he pulled Ylianor up on her feet, so close his lips almost brushed hers. “Of course, it’s easier when it’s the worthless life of a miserable slave.” Knife already in hand, he trailed it on her throat before slipping down her back to rip off her robe. “Particularly if that slave happens to be you.”

“If you think you still scare me, you’re dumber than I thought.” Stiffening, she straightened her shoulders and dared him to go further. “Especially now that you need me for your family’s sake.”

Damn! She was right. “Don’t flatter yourself.” Gone all clothes, the blade dipped into soft tissue, rupturing the skin and making the first smudges of blood. “I can have anyone I want.” Another vicious slide and more blood dotted her back.

“As usual, you overate yourself, Lord Templeton.” As he moved to taste her arm, she did not flinch despite the red trail he left behind. “I for one care nothing to please you—”

“Is that why you became my slave?”

“Only because he insisted on it.”

Damn, she was good at playing the game, he had to hand it to her, almost as good as he was. “What a smooth liar you are.” The incision cut deeper than he intended, and Ylianor trembled slightly without a word escaping her lips. “As if you didn’t beg me at Brickstone Crossroad long before he ever ordered you.” Twisting her arm behind her back, he drew her against his cock straining with the need to have her.

“Like now you’ll beg me to accept your proposal!” Ylianor spat cruelly, swaying her hips against the erection as to reinforce her point.

“Ha, you wish!” He thrust her back so their closeness would not overwhelm him. Fuck! His lover was right all along! To silence his urge, he carved more tender flesh, aiming this time for the other arm, then going to the back again, now completely smeared with red streaks. “As if I’d beg expendable slaves.” He could not help bringing her near again to tilt her head and run the blade on her neck.

“I know.” Instead of whimpering like a coward, Ylianor raised a blazing green gaze, staring him straight in the eyes. “You’d rather do the manly thing and erase his memory, too scared of the competition.”

“Fuck you, woman! Don’t tempt me ‘cause I might get it right next time,” he breathed in her ear, but it was his undoing. The erection he had been nursing since the beginning of the exciting game, threatened to burst. “Now get down on your knees and suck me dry before I do what I should’ve done the moment I laid eyes on you.”

“Chased me instead of him?” Her lips curved ironically as she resisted his pressure.

The gall of the woman was simply unbelievable. Mostly, it enraged him to have thought of it, too, not in any great detail, more like a nagging perception at the back of his mind. “My, my, your ego has grown in Harbor Town.” To let his fury cool, he swished the blade a few more times on her back, going as far down as her waistline, keeping away from her ass, the only valuable piece of her otherwise cheap hide, and one he had no desire to spoil. “But if you think for one second I could ever choose you over him, you’re crazier than I thought. The gods know neither you nor anyone else will ever replace him.” Then to get her to comply with his earlier command, he yanked her hair. “Now enough talking. You have work to do.”

The moment she pressed her face to his crotch, temptation to come became irresistible.

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Infuriating angel-demon!

Virtus Saga, Book 8

“So what do you say, Princess, if we tell our infuriating angel-demon what he means to both of us?”

Actually, he just wanted to bend Chris’s back and penetrate the tight ring of muscles all the way up to the throat, to celebrate Chris’s escape from death by rubbing their bodies together, then burying himself inside Chris and never pull out.

Ever again.

“You and I together? So that maybe we can finally teach him some manners?”
This new twist would raise the level like few other times before in their fucking.

“I can’t wait to start, Master.”

He needed no special Virt to interpret Ylianor’s immediate peak of excitement.

“How can I best serve your purpose?” Taking a step back, she bowed, having a hard time quieting the incessant throbbing of her slit and clit. “How can I best serve your lover and you yourself in the fulfillment of your pleasure?”

“I’d say we first get indoors.” Even if she had said nothing, he had caught her shiver of cold. Only natural, since the weather had taken giant leaps into the fall while playing Cecilia’s Game. An unusually icy autumn, if he was any judge of it.

With a simple adjustment of their energy, he brought them all inside one of the Nephis Valley’s shelters, changing nothing of their position. “Now strip.” Inside, the temperature was definitely warmer. “Slaves should always be naked in the presence of their masters.” His angel would appreciate this for sure.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Chris smacked his lips, his blue-gray eyes following intently her every movement as she removed the whole of her clothes. “Too bad she’s too beautiful to be a credible slave.”

There was such a tender twist Duncan could not block it from going straight to his heart. “She’s all we got.” He had not thought his angel would have noticed how much Ylianor had bloomed since becoming pregnant, much less reacted to it. The fact he did, added to Duncan’s arousal. “So we’ll have to make do.” Fired it to the stars, to be precise. “But don’t think you can take any advantage of it.” Hooking his thumb on Chris’s breeches, he held the angel steady while getting them open. “Like I said before, you are to obey as much as she.” Once undone, he pushed them down to Chris’s ankles and gripped the bare stone-like cock fiercely. “Is that clear?”

Chris’s gasp was enough of an answer. Raising his gaze, the prince intercepted the green eyes staring at his hand sliding on the thick length. Was it his impression or was her mouth watering?

“Oh, she wants it.” Quick to read the same signs, Chris jumped to the only logical conclusion. “And badly, too.”

The bastardly twist told Prince Caldwell nothing would please his angel more than denying her this prize. “All the more reason she shouldn’t have it, right?” Yes, this was turning out so much better than he had envisioned it.

“Definitely, lover.” Leaning his head on Duncan’s chest, he thrust out his hips in a cruel tease that was extremely erotic.

As though she had not heard, Ylianor dropped on her knees.

Well, he could not ask for a more submissive attitude than that. “Maybe not a taste, but how about a smell?” From the shaft’s lurch, he guessed Chris would not mind, so he shoved him forward until the tip of the erection brushed Ylianor’s nose. “Just so she knows what she’ll miss out on.” Deliberately heartless, he slid the fat crown up and down her face, relishing the extreme restraint she had to impose on herself.

She was literally dying from craving what she could not have that it drove her beyond crazy. He knew it for a fact since he had linked their sensations, feeling also how much the pungent odor made her dizzy with the memories of the sheer pleasure it could bring her if only he allowed it.

“Lover, I never thought I’d say this.” Best thing of all, Chris was losing it, too, melting in his own wanting of her. “But as far as cruel bastards go, you take the cake.”

“Only because I learned from the best of them.” He chuckled, enjoying Ylianor rocking on the spot while trying to keep her head down so that her mouth would not be anywhere near the tempting bulge. “And you, slave, raise your head.” Another thing he would not allow her. “This cock is entitled to the whole of your face.”

Squirming violently, she tried to keep still as he widened the cock’s aim to include her cheeks and neck. But when he brought it back to her nose, her tongue darted out for one quick lick, so fast he was not sure she had actually dared.

“Goddamn it!” Chris, of course, liquefied against him. “Please, lover, let her have it, or it’ll be me dying right now.”

“Not a chance.” He suppressed a laugh. “I’ll give you something much better instead.” From behind, he jolted Chris to a side. “Come on.”

As they walked together, Duncan did not let go of the equipment he kept stroking.

“On the bed.”

Before making the angel lie across the mattress on his back, he removed his shirt.

Naked, yes, it was how he wanted them, both of them, totally naked and at his complete disposal.

He turned to Ylianor. “You, here.” He gestured at the opposite side where Chris’s legs hung out.

“Are you going to make her crawl, lover?” Chris sniggered.

“You want to see her crawl?” Leave it to the angel to go for the humiliation, too, as if it was never enough for him.

“Absolutely.” The meaty piece in the palm of Duncan’s hand wiggled impatiently.

“All right, then she’ll crawl.” It was the angel’s treat, after all.Wasn’t it?

At the words, she placed her hands on the floor and moved toward the bed. But the final effect had nothing of the humiliation Chris was aiming for, not with the leader’s gaze glued to her rear swaying erotically from side to side. “Fuck!” In such way, he wanted to ditch Chris and impale her ass instead.

“Hot damn!”

Since Chris was about to do the same to him, Prince Caldwell wrenched him harder.

“Why didn’t we ever make her crawl before?”

“I have no idea.” This was getting to be a whole lot more. So much more, Duncan was afraid he would not make it another second without spilling everything right there and then. “But I’ll be sure to remember for all our future games.” And spotting Ylianor’s triumphant smile, however low she kept her head, thrilled his senses further. “Oh, and let me remind you that the first rule for both of you is—no coming unless I say so.” He glanced at Ylianor, then at Chris. “Is that clear?”

“I know you’re going to make it extra hard for me.” Chris heaved, already holding on barely.

“That’s the idea.” Duncan chuckled and watched Ylianor.

She nodded in acceptance, then resumed her crawl. Reaching her assigned position, she knelt again, raising a defiant gaze. “How can I serve my masters?” In spite of her ironic tone, she made an enchanting picture, with her full breasts and pronounced belly.

“Spread his legs.” As she worked to widen them, Duncan climbed on the bed. “You down, Angel.” He pinned the blond head on the mattress. “And open your mouth wide.” Knees next to Chris’s face, he unbuttoned his fly and let his huge piece drop straight into the gaping cavity.

Damn if it was not a shock! To be there, again, enveloped by the fiery tongue curling tightly around every side and gliding all the way to the throat no matter the gasps for air, then stuffing it to the rim without allowing the slightest whiff of air in or out. Duncan shuddered, the pleasure already traveling from his balls upward. It would be so easy to let it go, to burst and drown his angel’s mouth in hot seed. But he could not get distracted. He had a game to command.

Bending over Chris’s chest, he splayed the angel’s legs farther apart. “Now I want a thorough rimming of this delicious hole.” Stretched as it was, he could see it as well as Ylianor could. “Take your time, but make it really wet.” The prince avoided touching the ring of muscles on purpose.

He had very definite ideas on how he wanted Chris to come, and it implied a long and tortuous road for his lover’s scorching excitement.

“‘Cause I’ll be sure to use it to its full extent.”
As Chris’s straight cock twitched and rubbed his cheek, Duncan grabbed Ylianor by the nape of her neck and shoved her toward the widespread ass. Her tongue tip circled the constricted edges, slow rounds that were like a hypnotic come on for the leader’s greedy gaze, deep circles that irradiated from the center out. Then she flattened the whole of her tongue and covered the entire perineum. Luscious laps soon followed, alternated with the tongue tip’s tighter rounds, before plunging inside.

Duncan wondered whether he would manage to resist. Between Chris swallowing him to the hilt and Ylianor pampering the ring to the fullest, he was in deep trouble. It was getting increasingly more difficult to keep the measure of detachment a master needed to command his slaves properly. And he would really hate to spoil the game now.

Chris’s shaft flicked again.

Prince Caldwell ignored it again.

Lover, please, I don’t know how long I can—

Shut up and suck.This other torture was working just as efficiently as the lavish ass rimming.I get to decide if and when you come, remember?

Too late he noticed Ylianor’s tongue sliding upward and fondling the ball sac. “You’re forbidden to touch or even come near the angel’s cock.” Palm on her head, he pushed her back down. “Without my express permission.”

The moistness around Chris’s anus was making his shaft itch to claim what had always belonged to him. “Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master.” Her licking muffled Ylianor’s words. “It won’t happen again.” She raised a challenging gaze.

“I know it won’t, ‘cause now I want you to test his hole.” Spreading Chris’s legs further, he peered at the gleaming ring. “I want to see exactly how much he can take.”

Do you really need to test it?Her ironic tone boomed in his head.

What I really need is an obedient slave first of all,the prince snapped.

Lover, maybe she’s right.Chris sounded at the end of his wits.If she touches me, I won’t guarantee—

You better guarantee it. One look at the princess and Duncan knew she, too, was having a hard time holding on. “Come on. Start with one finger.”

A long, slim finger ended up in her mouth. After making a show of sucking it, she tapped the anus’s outer border, then began a slow penetration. Duncan watched fascinated until her finger disappeared. “Now a second.”

The second one slid much like the first. At her third, Chris’s cock began pulsating, but things turned serious when Duncan ordered her to widen the hole and keep it stretched.

Chris was about to lose it. No amount of telling or ordering could stop the tide mounting faster each second.

So Duncan took pity on him.All right, since you’re unequipped to resist.His lips closing on the tip of the erection, he slid to the base.Come for me, Angel.Just in time to receive the full load of the angel’s juices.

Down his throat it trickled, sprayed by a beast that refused to go limp.

Duncan licked off every last drop, the intoxicating taste and smell piercing his senses. Then pulling out of Chris’s wet cavity, he went to where Ylianor knelt. “Go to the other side,” he ordered in no uncertain terms. “And wait for further instructions.” He picked up the angel’s legs, keeping them as far apart as he had before.

In the middle, the hole seemed to beg him to make it his own.

“What a bad angel.” His shove was neither gentle nor loving. “You can’t abide to the simplest order.”


He wanted it rough. Breaking through the tiny entrance fiercely, he slammed to fill the entire space in the matter of a few quick pumps.

“If you keep this up…” Chris’s groan of pleasure mixed with the words. “I won’t be able to resist this, either.”

“I’m about to give you another simple order now,” Duncan smirked.

What he was about to tell him was neither simple nor easy.

“Don’t mess it up this time.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve me holding it back.”

Oh, no, way harder. You’ll see. Not sharing the thought, Duncan caught the green gaze, staring at him from the other side of the bed. “Climb up and take my place above his head.” When she was with her knees around the angel’s head, the prince cleared his throat. “Now listen up the both of you.”

All the while, his erection sank in the fieriest ocean he had ever known.

“You are to avoid any and all contact.” The mere prospect sent shivers of pleasure down Duncan’s back that nearly ended things for him.

“What?” Ylianor’s cunt was on Chris’s face, one tongue flick away.

“We can’t do anything?” For her it was equally difficult, given the angel’s rigid monster waving in front of her nose. “How…” Are we going to manage it?

No, she did not actually say it. She was too smart for that.

“This is damn unfair.” Whether to defy him or on a whim, Chris’s hips went up, bringing his shaft closer to Ylianor’s mouth. “Not to mention unbearable.”

“Those are my orders.” It worked on him, too, this strain between Chris and Ylianor thickening his cock to a spasm and making it ram faster. “There’s no arguing.” Drilling the rear hole to the guts sucked Prince Caldwell to the balls. “Just compliance.”

Explosive to say the least—that was how he would describe his two lovers forced apart by his twisted game—but also indomitable. Despite all the orders, their bodies were seeking one another, with a fierceness that went straight to Duncan’s shaft and stiffened his every nerve. For if they usually oozed sex from every pore, his interfering was spinning it out of control faster than he had expected.

“Please, Master,” a whimper, a low-throated whisper escaped Ylianor’s lips, “Let me have him.” Her hips swayed dangerously over Chris’s face, pressing her cunt right smack on the angel’s mouth. “I beg you.” Bending, she stretched out on Chris’s chest and flat stomach.

Too close to the angel’s shaft for sure.

“If you’re really dying for a taste of her, Angel…” He deliberately ignored the princess. “You can rim her ass.” A ferocious thrust underlined his words. “But no more.”

“Does that mean my cock will get a taste of it, too?” Eager, Chris raised his head slightly to level their gazes.

“Only if you are a good boy.” Duncan chuckled, the anticipation of what he planned to do engorging the tip of his erection out of any proportion. Or rather—that was before he saw his lovers’ sensual movements. Chris’s tongue skirting the edge of Ylianor’s ass was worth a loud orgasm, though maybe not as much as the princess dancing over him, pressing and rubbing to get her fill.

Incredible what the two of them could do on a bed.

Out of it, too, according to the memory of their first night at the Game floating through his mind.

Returning to the shelter, he had to brace himself to avoid a climax he wanted to delay as much as possible. Not easy, considering how deep his cock had embedded inside the angel and how lost his two lovers were in each other. And hammering the constricted space squeezing him to perfection worsened matters considerably.

“I said her asshole, Angel.” Duncan was quick to intervene, having spotted how far down that tongue was heading. “Nothing else.”

“If it’s her ass you need, then it’s more than ready.” To prove it, Chris stuck first one finger, then two, three and finally four into Ylianor’s yielding and uncomplaining back ring. “See?” He twisted them forcefully, making her jump. “It can take whatever you see fit to give it.”

“How about your cock?”

At the words, Chris’s piece jerked. Not once. Not twice. More like three times.

So Duncan was quick to grab Ylianor before his angel lost it for good. “Yeah, I know I’m being too good.” Raising his gaze, he met her brilliant green eyes. “To both of you.” His own shaft still firmly buried in Chris’s delicious behind, he made Ylianor stand up over the upraised equipment. Facing him, their eyes never lost contact. “Now stuff your ass with his cock.”

By the gods! This was going to be too exciting!

“Do it slowly, so he doesn’t miss a single screw.”

“Yes, Master.” She was dripping right atop the erection. Her shimmering cunt was testimony enough.

Balancing herself, she spread her buttocks and held them apart.

“Holy shit!” Chris gasped it out, eyes glued to what must have been a fantastic view.

But Duncan did not have to wonder long. Taking a hold of himself, Chris straightened slightly and began sharing the images as they happened, the splendid wide-open butt definitely something to curse about.

The fact she kept it spread was also enough for an orgasm. No, make that several. So Duncan had to slow down lest he spilled everything right then and there.

Seductive as she had never been, Ylianor bent on her knees, edging every inch closer to her target. Just so she would not miss it, Chris had his palm curled at the base to orient it better. She came down on it without hesitations. When the tip broke through, she paused only a second to adjust to the new sensation then resumed her downward glide. Soon, her capable ass swallowed the whole of the angel’s taut monster.

“By the gods!” Seemingly out of breath, Chris laid down his head again. “I’ve never seen anything so exciting.” Lifting his hips, the shaft dug deeper into her.

“Couldn’t agree more.” Raising his gaze, he leveled it with Ylianor, holding herself on precarious balance from the juggle Chris caused her. “But the show is far from over.”

Ylianor was too beautiful for words. The sensation caught in his throat and almost strangled him. Her green depths flashed as if in agreement, and Duncan was lost. Reaching forward, he pulled her into his arms.

Not to steady her.

No, he wanted her mouth.

Wanted to claim her whole.

Pressing her wet cavity, his tongue forced her lips apart. Inside, he plunged, getting to her throat with a few sweeps. Deepening the kiss, he set the rhythm for all of them, his tongue and cock following the same tempo.

Chris soon adjusted to it until the ramming was at an equal pace.

Prince Caldwell did not know what he liked best. Whether stretching his angel’s ring or filling his princess’s mouth, either was bound to precipitate him into a vortex of unabated pleasure. He just waited that extra second for her to come.

She was so close to it. He felt it from the quiver of her flesh, the tightening of her muscles, the waves that she dumped on him. One, two, three…Ylianor shattered.

He held her to avoid a brusque collapse on Chris’s belly.

Not that the angel would have noticed. He was busy climaxing himself, which left Duncan free to burst his own semen and flood his angel’s ass.

Before he realized it, their energy had curled into a fiery mass. Fueled by their lust and out-of-bound Virts, it soared ready to take flight, had Prince Caldwell not deliberately stopped it.

He had no desire to go into their unique dimension and be just a spirit. It was more important now that their bodies became one. Far more important he touched the man he had almost lost and the woman who had wrestled him from death’s grasp.

Yes, Duncan needed their physical side to bring down any residual barrier that might hamper the bright future he saw shining for them up ahead, just a stone throw away. So he reversed Chris’s enflamed energy and forced it downward, until they were all back in the shelter.

As usual, Chris was the first to react to the change. Scrambling up, he held on to her hips. “By the gods, I want more of her ass.” Without allowing her to pull away from his cock, he carried her to the nearest wall and pinned her to it. “Like nothing else in my life.”

Legs widespread, back bent, he possessed her rear. Left free to express their deep-rooted attraction, the two of them made an intoxicating picture, because it was so beyond any physical play, like Duncan had told Chris during the Game. Despite having seen it tons of times, his cock reacted accordingly, getting to full mast in the matter of seconds, demanding its share of the action.

Since the only available hole at the moment belonged to the angel’s tempting ass, Duncan reached him from behind.

“Knew you wouldn’t resist it much longer.” Chris groaned. “Not after your first ride.”

“What can I say?” It made his shaft jerk in anticipation. “You’re irresistible.” Making Chris bend forward, he adjusted his position, until the tip of his cock nudged the back entrance. “Or at least your ass is.” Clamping his hips, Prince Caldwell dragged them back, then shoved with the full swing of his weight, his cock slamming to the hilt at the fierce impact.

“Damn you, lover.” Pushing out a heavy breath, Chris opened his legs as far as possible. “You don’t want this to last, do you?”

“On the contrary.”

That Ylianor was making it extremely difficult for Chris to hold on was evident. She was lost in her own pleasure again, and none more than him knew how deep she was in it.

He was still linked to her sensations after all, daring to take the chance and live both sides of this arousing game. A dangerous gamble, because it made for shorter playtime, though a most satisfying one in the end. “I do want this to last.” At least he hoped it would.

By now, Ylianor was thrashing, flinging her ass back without any sort of control.

“But if you don’t steady her, Angel, none of us is going to achieve it.” Tightening his grip on Chris’s hips, he made him slow down his hammering to fit his equipment better.

“I’m right on it.” Wrapping an arm around her waist, Chris forced her to follow his rhythm. She resisted at first, then surrendered. Her body moving in perfect sync with the angel’s, she was about to slip a hand between her legs when Chris intercepted it.

“No touching,” he snarled softly, “Not without permission.” Throwing back his head to the leader, he scoffed, “I can’t believe she’s forgotten she’s a slave.”

“Oh, we’ll remind her.” Now fully embedded in Chris’s cramped butt, he thrust to reach greater depth. “Don’t worry.”

“Please, Masters.” Her voice high-strung, Ylianor did her best to sound pleading, “I beg you permission to touch myself.”

“Permission denied,” the angel spat, enjoying himself immensely. “No touching for now.” For good measure, he twisted her arm behind her back.

“I beg you…”

As she whimpered, Duncan felt the wave of disappointment washing over her.

“Not a chance.” Inflexible, Chris tightened his grasp. “It’s not like you haven’t come enough already.”

She was burning, scorched by her own greediness, which prevented her from climaxing again.

At least for now.

Seemingly uncaring, Chris stepped up the pounding in her ass. And the way he flung back his own butt to Duncan’s blows was distracting enough to make him concentrate on his own pleasure alone.

On her part, Ylianor took another unauthorized initiative—she attempted to close her legs. So Chris blocked that, too, with an abrupt order, “Open them.”

The angel was right in his denial tactic. The more Ylianor’s frustration grew, the more Duncan’s orgasm built, until she picked it up and relaxed all together. Her butt rotated against Chris’s groin, screwing the erection so far up Duncan was sure she would suck up the rest of his angel, too.

She was also playing with Chris’s fire in that seductive way of hers that hypnotized the angel into doing her bidding and falling off from his master act to satisfy her slightest whim. It was uncanny and worked like a charm, with Ylianor seducing Chris into total submission or in this case, coaxing Chris into touching her.

Like every other time, resistance for Chris was futile. Before he even realized it, his hand lowered to brush between her legs. Casual strokes at first, they evolved rapidly into steady drilling of Ylianor’s throbbing knot and repeated spearing of her swollen pussy. It was the end of his princess. And since there was no defense against her convulsive clenching, Chris’s shaft unloaded everything, immediately followed by Duncan’s explosive jets.

Which sparked the beginning of a new game.

How long did they play?

As always, when in the Nephis Valley, time flowed in a way it did nowhere else. Like entering another dimension and floating without a body in their unique space, only here, the body was more real than anywhere else.

Duncan went from having sex to eating. From sleeping to sex, back to eating and sex, then sex, sex and more sex in a progression that blurred the very passage of days, hours, minutes and seconds. Nothing seemed important, except sinking into the two lovely bodies he could rightly call his own.

Thus, he did not bother with anything else, until one day a knock at the door changed everything forever.

Want to be a Bestselling Author? 4 Experiments Pam Grout Style! Part 3

The first two articles in this series dealt mainly with learning how to change your thinking, and alter the scripts in your mind so you can receive that which you so much want to receive, bestselling author status. I am now going to propose four experiments author Pam Grout style that you can use to prove to yourself that there really is a universe, God, divine Poo Ba or whoever that wants to give you exactly what you want. Honestly, just like Pam I don’t really care what you call it, The Force aka Star Wars, God, Athena, Zeus, or the field of infinite potentiality (that’s Pam’s name for it). However, in order for these experiments to work, you do have to believe in something out there that is greater than yourself, whatever name you choose.

Pam’s books E-squared, and E-cubed and Thank and Grow Rich have experiments and party games that are pretty awesome. These are just games you can play to prove to yourself that there is something out there greater than yourself and that indeed wants you to be happy, or in your case be a bestselling author!
Have fun, and please do let me know your results!
Experiment 1: State very clearly “Okay, universe, force, God, higher self (insert the name of your choice) if what Pam and by extension, Laura are saying is true then you want me to be a bestselling author. Okay, so prove it. I want to sell fifty (or whatever number you’d like) books in the next 72 hours. You have 72 hours to prove to me this is all true.” I also suggest keeping a journal of your experiments or party games as Pam likes to call them. Date them, write out your statement and then start watching for miracles because they will happen! Make sure you document what happens and when. Oh, and if you’re not self-published and can’t check sales by date, don’t worry, you can check your royalties statement from your publisher when you receive it and you will be able to tell that you received what you asked for!
Experiment 2: Exercise your gratitude muscle! Tell the universe every day often for a specified amount of time, it can be 48 hours, a week, a month or however long you like, “Thank you for my selling (insert your favorite number) books!” At the end of the specified period, check your sales and you will find that they reflect what you’re grateful for.
Experiment 3: State the following, “Okay universe, I will go to Amazon and see that my book (list the title) has become a #1 Amazon Bestseller. You have (name an amount of time) to make it happen!” At the end of your experiment go and check your book listing on Amazon. As long as you stay happy and believe it’s already happened, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Remember you choose your reality, and the universe only wants to give you whatever you want!
Experiment 4: Here’s the big experiment and once you complete the other ones this one should be easy! State the following: “This is the big one universe, I will receive a notice that my book (list the title) has been listed on either The New York Times Bestseller or USA Today Bestseller List! You have (name your time frame) to make it happen. Thank you!” It never hurts to exercise your gratitude muscle at every opportunity.
Negativity and old mental scripts block you from the blessings that the universe wants you to receive, and keeping this in mind helps you to stay positive and keeps those blessings flowing. As the results of your experiments unfold, remember that there are no problems or obstacles, but only blessings. Stuff doesn’t happen to us, and there are no problems left to solve or obstacles to overcome, our thinking draws to us what the universe thinks we want. So, stay positive, and grateful, and let me know your results!
For more information read E-squared, E-cubed and or Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout.

Want to be a Bestselling Author? Change These Four Mental Scripts! Part 2

As I spoke of in Part 1 of this series, the only thing really that is stopping you from being a bestselling author is your thinking. Mental scripts that we learn from our parents, from society, and even from other authors and publishers often prevent us from having what we truly want from life. In the case of this series that is to be a bestselling author.
As an author, I hear three scripts over and over from both authors and publishers that I believe prevent many from becoming bestselling authors.

1. “There are too many free books available, no one is going to want to buy my books.”
2. “There are too many .99 books available, in order to compete I too must price my books at a very low price.”
3. “I know so many authors who have had their books pirated, it’s just a matter of time before my books are pirated too.”
4. “It’s impossible to become a bestselling author when there are so many self-published authors now.”
These mental scripts are just that, scripts. They are only true if you believe them. If you convince yourself that these so-called “facts” are reality then they will become your reality. However, if you instead change these mental scripts and repeat new ones until they become “facts” and “reality” to you, then they will indeed become true and will assist you in becoming a bestselling author sooner rather than later.
But how do you change these scripts. It’s simpler than you might think, thinking instead of the four first scripts think these:
1. “The more books I give away, the more books I will sell. I am grateful for all the sales I have made, because of all the books I have given away.”
2. “My books will sell regardless of their price, because I am a fantastic writer that tells fantastic stories.”
3. “It doesn’t matter if my books get pirated. My books will still sell by the kajillions because I am an awesome writer and there are plenty of readers who want to buy my books.”
4. “It doesn’t matter how many authors or books there are, there are plenty of readers to go around. My books will always sell because my stories are well written, fun, and edge of the seat reading for readers.”
All you really need to remember as an author is that what you think matters. If you think the first 4 mental scripts are true and factual, then you will create that reality. But if you rewrite your mental scripts, then you in essence tell the universe you want more of what is in the 4 changed mental scripts and your books will rise to the top of bestseller lists with what feels like very little effort on your part.


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