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How to Get New Story Ideas? Read my tips and erotic BDSM excerpt Becoming Zero: Slave for a Summer!

As much as we’d all like to say, “Uh, yeah, I always have ideas for stories.” You and I both know that’s not always true. Sometimes inspiration strikes and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes your characters are talking to you and sometimes they’re not. So, how do you get new story ideas when you feel like your story idea well has dried up?
1. Read
That’s right read a few books, short stories or novellas. Take time away from writing and help to feed your muse by reading. After all, who hasn’t read a storyline and thought, “I could do better than that”? We all have. Now keep in mind I’m not suggesting you steal the other author’s idea, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a concept another author used and turning it upside down for your own story. For example, you read a story about a dragon shifter and a human that fall in love even if forbidden to, and all the obstacles to their happy ending that happen during the story. You could write a story about an alien prince who is also a shifter who just happens to shift into not an earth animal, but an extraterrestrial type …

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Welcome to my Erotic Halloween!

Looking for some special reads this Halloween?
Check out my selection of horror books. Meet my characters. And get thoroughly hot and thoroughly scared!
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Nothing satisfies Lilly. Not even working at The Dungeon BDSM Club as a bondage slave for hire. A slave looking for her true master. None have fit the bill so far. Until Terry. He spins her craving to fever pitch. And she might just fall in love with him, if she could only be his slave. Not just his. Julien and André’s, too. His gorgeous Creole lovers. Because they are the perfect Masters. But also keepers of the Black Room. On Halloween, she’ll discover just how bad and dangerous their pain-lust game can really be. Will she be able to fulfill their true needs? Or will she perish in the attempt?
ClickHEREto read a Halloween excerpt
Lilly – a bondage slave for hire
Terry – owner and manager of The Dungeon club
André – Terry and Julien’s lover
Julien – Terry and André’s lover
Can you take a regular bondage slave for hire and turn her into …

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Do Readers Care About Characters Backstory?

There is nothing more boring than reading a ton of backstory crammed into scene after scene in a book. At least for me, now don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in the character’s motives, why she might hate men in general. Or why he hates women, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do the backstory.
Here’s the brutal truth, your readers don’t care why your main character Matilda hates polka dot dresses or doesn’t eat banana splits. And they don’t want to hear about it, ever. The just want to know when the action is going to start. And they want you to keep it going. If in the middle of the action you put these boring facts, you are quickly going to lose readers and book sales.
So, what do you do about the backstory, especially since every character has one? Here are three ideas for what to do about backstory.
1. Kill it all together!
That’s right!
Don’t add in any backstory and instead keep the action going. Resist the urge to write up long character bios before you begin writing your book. While it is important to keep track of important facts such …

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Ancient Romans: Myths or Facts?

Almost everything modern people know about the ancient Romans comes from movies, and fictional books, and unfortunately much of the historical information regarding the ancient Romans is incorrect. Here are five myths about the ancient Romans that many people think are fact.
1. All ancient Romans wore togas. This is in fact untrue, the toga was considered formal wear and as such was only truly worn for either formal occasions, by the very wealthy, as burial clothing, and in an odd way by some prostitutes. Most ancient Romans had everyday clothing in the form of tunics.
2. A vomitoria is a place that Romans go to vomit up all their food after they eat to excess, so they can go and eat to excess some more. This is a myth. A vomitoria was actually a passage in an amphitheater that allowed people to get to and from their seats quickly.
3. Ancient Romans were significantly shorter than modern Romans. Skeletons discovered in Pompeii and Herculaneum actually give the idea that ancient Romans were taller than modern Romans.
4. Hadrian’s purpose in building Hadrian’s Wall was to keep the Barbarians from overrunning Roman territory. Historians now think it was built for …

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Want to be a Bestselling Author? Change Your Thinking! Part 1

What if I told you that you could be a bestselling author in a short amount of time? You’d think I was crazy, right? You’d think, “Dang, that Laura, I don’t know what she’s sniffing, but it must be some good stuff!” Right? Right. But you’d be wrong. You don’t need a lot of money, a blog with a lot of followers, tons of hits to your website, or even a large mailing list (although all those things do help!), you just need to change your thinking.
So, what do I mean by “change your thinking” anyway? Well most of us who are authors see becoming a bestselling author as a “problem” we have to solve, or an “obstacle” we have to figure out somehow how to get over. But what if becoming a bestselling author wasn’t a problem at all, or even an obstacle. What if instead your thinking was the problem? What if instead you marketed your books, stayed positive about said books, accepted where you are right now with your books and were grateful to get to where you are now, and enjoyed where you are right now as an author. After all, it’s awesome that you …

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A real insignificant piece of nothing much

A real insignificant piece of nothing much
Erotic Multiple Partners
The Game,Virtus SagaBook 2

“Master Duncan, can we take a moment of your time?” The two very tall and very beefy men now approaching meant business for sure.
A harsher one if compared to the two who had fucked Ylianor just minutes before.
“I’m Master Dorek and Galyor is my guest.” More like his phase mate if the air of complicity Duncan detected was any indication. “We ask permission to play with your slave.”
“Permission granted.”And you better satisfy their every need.His gaze averted on Ylianor for a quick peek.Which from the looks of them seem plentiful and very demanding.
I can take them.She just had to say it, if only in his head.
Because, and totally like his angel, she could not resist a dare.
You’ll see.To clarify her intentions, she spread her legs wide, dripping honeydew all over the table.

Which did not fail to catch both men’s attention and hold it mesmerized. No, make that with their tongues hanging out.
“You can have her,” Duncan added ln a hurry, before the two men’s swollen sticks burst out of their …

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If you’re scared, leave! if you stay, keep your trap shut and follow instructions! Erotic excerpt from the ReScue Series

However you lived your past, today you’re the key to changing your future
“A fascinatingly, if at times disturbingly, erotic affair. Lifetimes of disappointment, desire and death has done one good thing for the prey, it has become as ruthless as its hunter. The final coupling makes the whole story come together and readies the reader for more.” Coffee Time Romance rated it 4 Cups
“RE-SCUE is a more intense and startlingly horrific than most titles I’ve read.  Now that being said I was actually fascinated by how Ms. Tolomei was able to jump genres so frequently within one book and still have it all make perfect sense.  The whole theme of the story is a simple one – falling in love can destroy you, but with time and effort love could ultimately save you.  If you’re faint of heart or strongly opposed to the more shocking fetishes then you might want to steer clear of this one but if you’re more adventurous (at least in your choice of reading material) then pick up a copy, sit back and prepare yourself for a heck of a wild ride.” RJR rated it 3.5 ribbons
(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs …

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Want to Be More Creative with Your Stories? Follow These Tips & Create Exclusive MMF Excerpts #VirtusSaga

It’s funny to me how some writers don’t see what they’re doing as being creative. They’re just “writing,” and while this is true, writing whether it is creating fiction or non-fiction is creating pictures with words. So, yes, writing is creative, even if you don’t always think of it that way. Some writers turn writing into a “grind,” especially if they’ve decided to make it into a “job” or “career,” not that there is anything wrong with doing this, but doing so can sometimes make writing seem as though it is a task rather than being creative.
Here are six ways to bring the creativity back into your wrting:
1. Learn a new creative discipline.
Take an art class. Learn to make ceramics, learn to paint or draw, or create paper mache. I think learning something where you aren’t stuck in front of a computer and where you use your hands is best. These types of activities are very right brain and can help you to see pictures, and colors and images in your mind much more clearly. They can also help you get new and wonderful story ideas!
2. Create collages.

I love making collages. There is something about …

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Special Valentine’s special excerpt: Chris, Ylianor and Duncan’s unique pledge in Book 5 of the Virtus Saga

SERIES: Virtus Saga Book 5
GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménag à Trois/Quatree, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m/f

“Christopher Templeton, do you pledge your heart, spirit, body and mind to Ylianor Caldwell and to me, Duncan Caldwell, to be our lover, mate, friend and kindred spirit?”
“I pledge my love and my life to you both, Ylianor and Duncan.” Chris looked at each in turn. “So that we may be one while still being three. I want to be your lover…” His hand slipped down to fondle their sex. “Your friend…” He squeezed their hands. “Your brother…” He placed his palm over their hearts. “And your mate.” He touched their heads. “For as long as I breathe because it’s what my heart commands.”
Impulsively, he wrapped his arms around Ylianor and crushed her against him, ravaging her mouth hard and deep. “I don’t have any special sharing power, so I’ll have to rely on inadequate words.” Out of breath, he drew back slightly. “I love you, sleeping beauty, …

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Who Is Horus? And How Is He Related to Divinitas?

Horus is the Egyptian god depicted as either as a falcon or as a falcon headed man.
He has a very ancient and long history in Egypt and is one of Egypt’s oldest deities. Egyptian royalty revered him so much that people believed pharaohs were Horus’s incarnations, and rulers often took some form of the name Horus for their own.
In Egypt’s antiquity, Horus was a sky god, believed to be from the sky and to have the moon for one eye and the sun for the other. Because of this association, Egyptians also considered him a solar deity.

Horus actually came to Egypt prior to any of the Egyptian dynasties in Egypt’s pre-history. In fact, the original followers of Horus were invaders of Egypt, but in spite of this, Egyptians were very quick to adopt the god into their pantheon. It was not long before he was also said to be the dutiful son of Isis and Osiris, although some sources claim he is the brother of Osiris and Seth.
Horus was so important in fact that the Romans adopted him into their pantheon just as they did Isis, and there are still those today who call on the …

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