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Laura Tolomei’s Reading Reviews & Thoughts

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Review by LallaGatta – That Guy What Kill Topsy by Peter Wood Cotterill


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That Guy What Kill Topsy


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Simply delightful!

I must confess that short stories aren't my usual cup of tea. I like to delve into a plot and get lost in it, something best accomplished in lengthier works. I have been, therefore, pleasantly surprised to read such a charming collection of tales in That Guy What Kill Topsy by Peter Wood Cotterill. Written in impeccable English, with a great sense of irony, and a style …

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That Guy What Kill Topsy -

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Review by LallaGatta – Apropos of Nothing by Woody Allen

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A truly honest insight!

As a fan of Mr. Allen's movies, I have grabbed his autobiography as soon as it came out, and I haven't been disappointed. This is no hollow celebration of a talented man, no sharpened axe to grind against anyone, no sterile retaliation against false accusations. This instead is the story of a life that has had it's ups and downs, the fond reflection of the work done, both the good and the bad, the vivid recollection of the people that have influenced his life and work, again in the good and the bad. There's respect for all the people he has worked or had dealings with, even those he says candidly he does not like. No histrionics, no blaring trumpets, it's an intimate retelling that touched me deeply.

In spite of what you might be led to believe, Mr. Allen isn't the only protagonist. His city, New York, features just as prominently as does the show business that has defined his life and work. His witty, fast-paced and brilliant style bring both alive, and for the whole duration of the book I have been immersed in another time and space. Like with sci-fi novels, except this …

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