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PG MMF, Erotic MMF, Erotic MM

Want to know all about Atlantis’s last days? Let The Moon Priestess mesmerize you with her enchanted tale of love and betrayal.

Let the Moon Priestess enchant you with her tale of Atlantis’s last days!

The Moon Priestess

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

FACEBOOK: My Novellas

GENRE: Erotica, LGBT Gay, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Novella, m/m, m/m/f

ISBN# 9781771115803

ASIN# B00D6Q10A4

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames


WORD COUNT: 15.472

RELEASE: 1 June 2013

Originally part of eXtasy Anthology Atlantis Allure released 1 June 2013

Original release: 15 March 2008

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin


Her nightmares warn of impending doom on her home, Atlantis, but how to ensure her people’s survival? And why has her lover fallen for a mysterious stranger, bewitched and intrigued to the point he isn’t listening to her anymore, to her who is the only Moon Priestess?


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Keylar has nightmares warning of impending disasters. She plans to take her people to safety, but a stranger says it’s a trap. Passionately involved, Keylar hesitates.

PG M/M (348)

“Wow.” Shaking the last drops off his monster, Jaydon let it fall on Vyler’s crotch. “That was fucking fantastic.” And from the thud it made, it was still hard.

“You make it so.” Stretching out his arms, Vyler pulled Jaydon down on him. “And I can’t get enough.”

“I can see that.” Jaydon settled on Vyler’s chest. “Particularly since you had sex with her before coming to me.”

“How could you tell?”

“Your cock tasted of her.” As if to emphasize the words, he licked his lips. “And I have to admit she doesn’t taste bad at all.”

“Still thinking we can screw her together?” It was one of Jaydon’s ideas, though Vyler was not sure why he would suggest such a thing.


“How do you suppose to convince her?” Ironic, his lips curved in a snarl. “She doesn’t want to talk to you. Imagine how well she’d take you asking her about having sex—”

“Whoever said I’d ask?” At the huskiness of his voice and the gray eyes’ malicious gleam, Vyler’s cock twitched. “I want to take her, period.”

“But she’s the Moon Priestess.” Worried now, Vyler tried sitting up.

“She’s a woman first.” But Jaydon’s weight prevented any movement. “And like with any woman, you just have to find the right way to convince her that what you’re offering is exactly what she wants.”

“Aren’t you overrating yourself?” Skeptical, he took Jaydon’s face between his palms. “She’s no ordinary woman—”

“And I’m no ordinary man.” Self-assured, Jaydon smirked. “Or need I remind you that, before me, you didn’t consider men as sexual preys?”


“There are no buts.” The kiss cut off Vyler’s objections, along with his breath. “Only things to do.” The second time their mouths met, Jaydon’s tongue parted Vyler’s lips for a slow sweep that perked up his shaft’s interest. “And it really wouldn’t be hard.” The tongue traced Vyler’s jaw upward, landing inside his ear. “Just bring her to me, and I’ll show you how easily she’ll beg for the both of us.”

PG (352 Portia)

“People are scared.” She brushed back a loose strand of Keylar’s hair. “They don’t know what’s going to happen to them, and you haven’t been too forthcoming.” Leaning forward, Portia scrutinized her face. “Changing strategy ought to convince them and stop their discontent.” Then it was as though she found the answer she had been seeking, for a flash crossed her eyes, and she drew back. “But something tells me this is not the reason you haven’t been sleeping well lately.” Her glance fell on the empty place next to Keylar, the pillow looking untouched. “He didn’t sleep here last night either, like he hasn’t had for the last—”

“No need to remind me.” She sighed.

“So the rumors about him and Jaydon are true.” Nodding to herself, it seemed like Portia was connecting a few dots of her own.

“I’ll get him back.” Defiant, Keylar sat up straighter. “I am and remain his first and true love.”

“I have no doubt you will, pet.” Portia patted her comfortingly. “But in the meantime, this Jaydon guy tells things to people as if the Sun Pries backed him—”

“The Sun Priest supports me.” How easily the lie slipped from her lips. “He believes in what I say and knows Jaydon is lying.” And how very late to take it back.

“Are you sure?” Shifting position, Portia pulled back. “Or maybe you don’t want to listen to him because he’s Vyler’s lover?”

Keylar’s heart sank. The words hurt more than she cared to admit, the truth tearing her heart.

“Now mind you—I’m not saying he’s right.” Portia shook her head firmly. “If the Goddess gave you a message, then it must be true.” Keylar wished she had the woman’s blind faith. “Still, your mother used to say that sometimes She spoke through layman, so it was the Moon Priestess’s duty to listen to everyone, then discover the divine meaning of their words, if there was one.”

“You’re saying my mother would have at least talked to him, even if he’s a stranger to our lands and knows nothing of our customs.”

PG M/M/F (600)

“Your Highness.” As Jaydon got up and walked toward her, Keylar shivered. “It’s a pleasure and an honor to meet you, finally.” With an exaggerated bow, the man’s head almost touched his knees.

“The pleasure and honor are yours alone.” Haughtily, she tossed back her head to fight off the unnerving sensation he provoked every time he happened to be nearby. “I assure you.” The blond beauty in front of her was really disquieting, so light-skinned, so unlike any other Atlantis man or woman for that matter. If the predominant skin color tended to be darker, Keylar and Vyler’s chocolate shades and brightly colored eyes stuck out in a crowd, at least until Jaydon’s arrival. “I’d have gladly forgone both.” To be honest, nothing compared to Jaydon’s utter difference. Tall, blond, with intense gray eyes, his skin was an uncommon pink Keylar had never seen before. “If my duties as Moon Priestess did not require I listen to all my subjects.” On top of everything else, no one had the slightest idea where the man came from. For all she knew, he could have dropped directly from the moon above, which naturally added to her suspicions and mistrust. Friend or foe? She wished he had the answer stamped all over his face, much like his undeniable beauty. He was gorgeous, disturbingly so, however attracted she felt to him, particularly now that he was at arm’s reach. “Even the most foreign or miserable ones.” She deliberately gave her words a disparaging twist, so he would have no doubt where he stood with her.

“Then I’m doubly in your debt.” To her dismay, Jaydon seemed unaffected by her scorn. “And at your service.” To the point he took a step forward.

“I highly doubt I’d be interested in anything you could offer.” Challenging him to prove her wrong, she threw back her shoulders.

“I beg to differ.” Picking up her dare, Jaydon had no qualms in moving nearer. “For one thing, I could satisfy your curiosity.”

“About your absurd tale?” Sneering, she glared at him.

“No, about my relationship with Vyler.” Now very close, his warm breath played on her face. “Because you do know we share the same lover.”

“So what?” Just to be on the safe side, Keylar took a precautionary step back and bumped into Vyler. “I already know everything about it.” Who blocked her by gripping her at the waist.

“Everything?” Taking advantage of Vyler’s entrapment, Jaydon was on her. “Including the details?”

If he thinks he can scare me, he better think again. “What details?” She snorted. “I already know all about men fucking together.”

“Also when there’s a woman between them?” Jaydon’s seductive pull was suddenly unbearable.

“I…” Or maybe the fact she was immobilized added to the sexual tension building without her consent. “I don’t give a damn about it.” Either way, her cunt drenched, no, dripped to the point she had to fan out her legs to prevent the fastidious wetness from irritating her delicate skin.

“Your Highness is lying.” Jaydon’s raspy voice weakened her legs.

So she was. How the fuck did this damnable creature catch on my wildest fantasy? “How dare you!” She tugged at Vyler to get free, without any success. “The Moon Priestess doesn’t lie!” At least not always.

“She does when her mouth says one thing…” The blond man’s fingertip traced the contours of her lips. “While her body quite the opposite.” His eyes seizing her up undressed her as they went from head to toe, spreading the fire that had begun unbidden.

Keylar swallowed hard, unable to speak.


M/M (287)

“Can’t stand it one moment longer.” It was the truth. From the first time Jaydon had screwed his ass to bits, Vyler had not been able to stop wanting it over and over. “And if you don’t hurry, I’ll spill everything right now.” His fault for sure for missing out on one of life’s most exquisite pleasures. And knowing both sides of the give and take had made him a better lover, too, at least judging from Keylar’s reactions lately.

“Glad to oblige.” Shifting away from his face, Jaydon settled between his legs. “I can’t wait to taste your sweet ass, either.” Adjusting his position, he lifted Vyler’s legs until his hungry beast nudged the constricted opening.

Vyler braced himself for the impact, knowing it had not been easy the first time, with Jaydon having to coax his entrance through extenuating pauses designed to give his ass time to adjust first, then give in entirely. On that occasion, Vyler had learned the value of relaxing his muscles, taking deep breaths and working on the pleasure end of the deal until it overwhelmed the initial pain, which seemed a permanent fixture of ass fuck. But everything considered, his rear was still a neophyte at this new game, so he could never be too careful.

Thankfully, Jaydon had it under control for the both of them. One shove and the fat crown broke through the tiny entrance. Another thrust, this one more forceful, and he began stretching the hole. A third push and half his cock disappeared inside the enlarged passageway. A fourth slam and he cracked it open.

M/M (184)

Unable to resist the strain, Vyler rolled to a side, bringing Jaydon along and toppling him. “And what about all the things you should tell her?” The urge was growing with every one of Jaydon’s sensual wriggles beneath him.

“First sex, then we’ll talk.” The nice thing about the new position was having Jaydon’s buttocks clamped to his groin. “I’m willing to bet anything she’ll be more in the mood to listen once her body has been satisfied.”

He had to hand it to Jaydon. “You’re really terrible.” The plan was making him feverish at the mere prospect of sharing Keylar with such a hot-blooded lover. With a brusque gesture, he ripped off the blond man’s pants, then stuck a couple of fingers in his ass hole, not surprised to see it giving in immediately.

Another thing he had learned about Jaydon—he loved receiving ass fucks almost as much as he loved giving them, which explained why he was so good at it. And since Vyler’s cock was still slick from his earlier come, he had no problem splitting Jaydon’s rear in half.

M/M/F (389)

“Love.” Gripping more decisively, Jaydon stepped up the rhythm, making the tip of Vyler’s erection become fiery red. “Love changed everything.” So impossibly mouthwatering, Keylar wondered if either man would object to her gulping it down. “Love is so unpredictable.” Then again, she wondered if Jaydon’s cock was as rock-solid as Vyler’s. “I thought my mission was easy, until I saw you, lover.” Too bad it was hidden behind Vyler’s frame. “And everything changed.” Then he rolled Vyler’s hips against him and shoved.

What? Had she missed something? Air sucked out of her lungs, Keylar could not believe Jaydon was actually inside Vyler’s ass. And though it had happened under her very eyes, she had no inkling it was coming. But maybe Vyler had, at least judging from his extremely pleasure-filled reactions or the way he threw back his rear to facilitate Jaydon’s penetration. Deep—the blond man was going for the guts, if not beyond. And Keylar was rooted to the ground as she followed their sideway screwing, her body screaming because it was missing out on all the action. Not much she could do about it, though. Not bold enough to go to them and demand her share, her hand took the initiative on itself, slipping down between her open legs and trying to placate the furious clit pounding practically in her ears.

“No need for that.” Before she could get anywhere near started, Vyler stretched out and grabbed her arm. “Not when we’re here.” As he pulled her forward, she slid on the floor, ending up sprawled right next to him.

“And three is always so much better than two.” His lips curving in the shadow of a smile, Jaydon pushed Vyler until he landed on top of her, his dripping cock pressing on her belly.

Oh, she wanted it so bad! She immediately dragged herself upward so the shaft would have no trouble taking her pussy. But Vyler’s target seemed another, for he forced her to go further up until the tip of his erection nudged her asshole.

“Keylar, raise your hips.” It was an order, pure and simple, nothing she dared oppose. Entirely at his convenience now, Vyler thrust back, settling more on his knees and his giant monster impaled her rear without any effort, none at all.

It was all happening too fast.



M/M (891)

“Precious.” His heart leapt at the joy of seeing him awake.

“Lover.” Spinning around, haloed by Atlantis’s gleam and with a dazzling smile splitting his face, Jaydon seemed more beautiful than ever. “Come here.” Opening his arms, he invited Vyler. “I knew you’d be back tonight.”

Vyler had no need for a repetition. Taking two strides at a time, he reached Jaydon and fell in his embrace, his mouth already searching for the blond man’s lips. When they met, Vyler could hardly contain his arousal. Attacking Jaydon’s mouth was the only way to quench his senses, so he had no qualms in forcing the lips apart and plunging his tongue inside, sweeping the wet cavity to fill his irrational need for the man.

Jaydon responded with equal voracity, his tongue battling Vyler’s for control, his hands clutching Vyler’s ass cheeks and pulling them toward him, so their cocks, both engorged, clashed. Vyler could feel how hard Jaydon was through the flimsy fabric of their clothes, and the throbbing started—not just in his shaft, in his butt hole mostly. And Jaydon seemed to know it, for he slid a finger enticingly between the cleft.

“Can’t wait to have me, can you?” It was a whisper in Vyler’s ear, Jaydon’s hot breath tickling.

“In more ways than one.” Making space between them, Vyler bent to bring his mouth to Jaydon’s crotch, already savoring the delicious morsel he was about to swallow.

“You’re not the only one.” But evidently, Jaydon had other plans. With a swift move, he unbalanced Vyler, and they both fell on the soft, sandy ground. “I’m entitled to my share, too.” The way they landed, Jaydon was on top of him, his knees holding Vyler’s head prisoner. “Now take your pants off,” he ordered.

Vyler obeyed immediately. One thing about Jaydon—he had definitely shown Vyler new ways of loving. If more brutal than what Vyler was accustomed to, the pleasures he had discovered in the brief time he had known Jaydon were incomparable to anything else.

“By the gods.” As Vyler’s cock popped out, slick with the first traces of pre-come, thick and swollen to stand on its own, Jaydon‘s sharp intake of breath sounded like a whistle. “You really couldn’t wait one minute more.”

“You neither.” Vyler’s febrile fingers unlatched Jaydon’s pants, rewarded by the monster dropping straight into his wide-open mouth. Its taut, firm length gagged him as Jaydon stretched out across his chest to reach the other demanding equipment at the opposite end. Not that Vyler had any cause to complain.

He had come to love having his mouth so full of his lover he could not breathe. And when the bulging head went beyond his tongue’s blocking efforts, the choking added to his arousal. This time was no different. No, in fact it was better.

The moment Jaydon gulped the rigid cock to his throat, Vyler’s impulse to gasp made him open wider, thereby letting Jaydon’s shaft slip farther than the safety point, claiming the whole of the wet cavity and yonder for its exclusive use. When Vyler simply laid still, mouth gaping, Jaydon had no trouble fucking it, literally. Vyler’s senses were tied elsewhere, anyway—to the blond man’s adept tongue lapping him on every side, driving him mad with its lurches to the balls followed by unexpected sucks. Against Jaydon’s seductive onslaught, there was no defense, so Vyler gladly submitted to it all.

Then the level increased when Jaydon spread his legs far apart and dipped his head right between them. The first wet lashes at Vyler’s tight ring were pure bliss. Never in his life, would he have imagined his ass could give him so much pleasure. Never in his life, had he considered exploring such an erotic play with a man. What a fool I’ve been! And how much time I’ve wasted.

Not wanting to miss a single rim, he arched his back, with the predictable side effect of swallowing more of Jaydon’s bulging head. Or perhaps it was the hips’ fault for pressuring furiously and driving the enormous piece of meat where it should have never strayed. Clogged, yeah—that was how he felt at the moment.

Struggling for air, he drew aside, able to breathe, steadying himself for the next wave of longing that hit him the second Jaydon thrust his first finger through the tiny rosebud.

Amazing how good it felt! “End the torture, precious.” Amazing how much more he craved! “Please take me now.”

“Impatient, lover?” Sniggering, Jaydon slipped two more fingers inside, sliding them back and forth to get his appetite rolling.

“Can’t stand it one moment longer.” It was the truth. From the first time Jaydon had screwed his ass to bits, Vyler had not been able to stop wanting it over and over. “And if you don’t hurry, I’ll spill everything right now.” His fault for sure for missing out on one of life’s most exquisite pleasures. And knowing both sides of the give and take had made him a better lover, too, at least judging from Keylar’s reactions lately.

“Glad to oblige.” Shifting away from his face, Jaydon settled between his legs. “I can’t wait to taste your sweet ass, either.” Adjusting his position, he lifted Vyler’s legs until his hungry beast nudged the constricted opening.

Vyler braced himself for the impact…

M/M/F (1.738 lallagatta + extasybooks)

“Your Highness is lying.” Jaydon’s raspy voice weakened her legs.

So she was. How the fuck did this damnable creature catch on my wildest fantasy? “How dare you!” She tugged at Vyler to get free, without any success. “The Moon Priestess doesn’t lie!” At least not always.

“She does when her mouth says one thing…” The blond man’s fingertip traced the contours of her lips. “While her body quite the opposite.” His eyes seizing her up undressed her as they went from head to toe, spreading the fire that had begun unbidden.

Keylar swallowed hard, unable to speak. As if on cue, Vyler’s hands slid from her waist to rub her cunt from above the clothes, which was really the end of her.

“You know…” Joining forces with Vyler, Jaydon pressed her on his lover’s hardening bulge, digging it between her ass crack. “I’ve always wanted to know you better.” His hand now went up her shoulder before dropping downward. “I like you, Keylar, but so far you haven’t given me the chance to prove it.” That her breast was his target became evident the second he cupped it, rhythmically brushing the nipple already hard in anticipation. “Lover…” He stared at Vyler who had not stopped stroking her most sensitive spot, dissolving all her qualms and shooting her craving to a feverish pitch. “Do you think she’s ready for us?”

“I’d say she definitely is.” Disjoining the sides of her long skirt, Vyler reached her naked flesh and parted her inner lips to plunge two fingers in what had become a streaming river of honeydew, causing her to moan and arch in Jaydon’s direction at the shock of the sudden pleasure. “But check for yourself.” Abruptly removing his hand, he stuck the same fingers into Jaydon’s mouth.

“Delicious.” Licking them avidly, the blond man made no mystery of how much he really liked her flavor. “But before we go any further, let me take a good look at her.”

She had no time to react. Without warning, they stripped her naked and spread her legs further apart. Then Jaydon slowly circled her, glancing at a few spots here and there, and Keylar felt like she was sure the horses did during market days—coldly evaluated according to some standards they could not possibly know anything about.

“Ah, she does look as mouthwatering as you said.” An appreciative flash lighting the gray eyes, Jaydon’s attention was on Vyler alone, talking about her as though she were not there at all.

“And you haven’t seen some of her best features yet.” The note of impatience transparent in Vyler’s voice, he made her bend until her hands touched her toes. “Like her ass.” So up in the air, so open, so defenseless, it was hardly surprising a wet fingertip rimmed the tiny ring at the center of the rift.

No, what was surprising was her clit throbbing twice as fast as Jaydon’s murmured his approval and probably added his own sensual tease, for she felt more hands on both cheeks.

“And she’s begging for it.” One of Vyler’s hands slipped to her cunt again, ravaging in no gentle terms the moist folds burning with desire. On her backside, Jaydon had taken firmer possession of her butt, continuing to entice her hole with his sensual play until something far wetter replaced his fingers.

Holding on for dear life, Keylar had to steady herself for fear her legs would buckle at the sensations wrecking her body. The rhythmical rib of her clit was bad enough, but the addition of the tongue lapping her tiny entrance drove her out of her mind. She swayed to tempt Jaydon to take the plunge into her rear, something he refused to do, thus increasing her maddening need for something more. Not just behind, in the front, too.

As though reading her mind, Vyler fell on his knees, and tongued the exact spot where the ball of fire was about to roll. She could not believe they could make her feel so good, so charged, so ready to explode with just a few licks of their adept tongues. So she wanted to prolong the moment, dancing on their tongue tips, pressing down to narrow Vyler’s efforts on her pounding knot, then throwing back to receive whatever Jaydon saw fit to give. And she would have continued for hours had not the men changed their strategies.

Too sudden for her to realize it, they stuck three fingers in her cunt and ass. It was simply too much. The orgasm burst uncontrollably, rocking her to the very foundation while she could not help screaming it out loud, which drained her energy, to the point she would have collapsed to the ground had Jaydon not clutched her waist.

“Now why don’t we let her have a taste of us for a change?” After setting her on the floor, Jaydon extended a hand to Vyler, inducing him to rise. “While we exchange hers.” Pinning Vyler to him, his mouth went for the other man’s, gluing greedily on one another.

Crouching on the ground, Keylar watched fascinated. In spite of her brash claim, she had never seen two men kissing before, convinced as she was that they would disgust her. She could not have been more wrong. Maybe it was the context or just Vyler—whichever the case, the fiery, wet exchange, with tongues sweeping the mouths opening up to have their fill, only added to the renewed desire already growing inside her. She wanted to see more, feel more from both men, particularly of their impressive bulges threatening to rip out of their pants any moment soon, incredulous at how hungry she was for the stranger. And they finally noticed she was there, too, breaking off their kiss to focus on her.

“Hungry?” Somehow, Vyler had no trouble reading her.

“Starving.” It was the bare truth.

Grinning widely, they both undid their pants, letting them fall to their ankles. Magnificent. It was the only word that came to mind as she neared the two amazing cocks, swollen and enormous, with the purplish head jutting out in a demanding stance. From which to start? Jaydon pushing slightly forward decided for her, the tip of his erection bumping on her nose before sliding inside her open mouth. He was bigger than her eyes had told her, able to fit little of his hardness, with the exception of the fat crown thrusting in her wet cavity. Opening wider helped accommodate it further, but not nearly enough considering its thickness and length. Still, she tackled it, curling her tongue around the attachment between the head and the mast to draw it deeper, sliding her hands on the soft skin to control its lurches that risked to gag her every time. Not that it displeased her too much. There was a strange sort of excitement coursing through her each time Jaydon reached beyond a certain point, drenching her cunt worse than it had been before. The taste and smell of him were also intoxicating, so she completely forgot she had another cock to attend to until a tug at her hair returned her.

“Now why do I get the feeling she really likes your cock, precious?” Vyler’s sarcastic comment echoed in her ears as he bobbed her head over to his needy equipment.

The tip seemed redder than before, if at all possible, maybe her fault for having left it out in the cold. A mistake she would not repeat and as her lips slid down to the base of Vyler’s shaft, her hand continued jerking Jaydon’s rigidity.

“‘Cause it’s fresh meat.” At Jaydon’s reply, they both laughed.

Not Keylar, her mouth too stuffed at the moment. Not true either. If Vyler’s taut beast was not the novelty Jaydon’s was, Keylar enjoyed it just the same, or rather more because she knew exactly where to lick and lap to get the reactions she wanted. And it rewarded her, playing to her tongue’s flickers, slipping to her throat without too many obstacles in its way, only slowed by the pressure of her grip. Then again, she had no time to relish her conquest, not with Jaydon yanking her hair and forcing her to release Vyler.

Switching to Jaydon, she engulfed his erection, this time fitting more inside. Perhaps she was learning how to do it right, which was great news since she could not afford to stay on him as much as she had previously. Springing back and forth between the two, her head moved on its own, sucking to the hilt before returning to the other monster waiting for its turn. Lapping them alternatively, Keylar was about to determine which she liked more when Vyler picked her up.

“Time to get seriously fucked.” He brought her to the double carpet he used as a bed. “Wouldn’t you agree, precious?”

“Absolutely.” Reaching them, Jaydon took Keylar from Vyler’s arms. “Come on. Lie down.” He swung her around. “And I’ll take care of all your needs.”

“Just until you take care of yours.” Vyler chuckled.

“Right.” Oddly, she did not feel threatened in Jaydon’s embrace, thrilled would be more accurate. Then she raised her gaze, and it was her undoing.

Jaydon’s mouth flew down on hers, darting his tongue inside to claim and possess what she so freely opened, requesting for her complete surrender. Keylar did not challenge him. Savoring him, she inhaled his scent deeply, perceiving him wanting more of her until, with a visible effort, he broke their passionate kiss. “Ready, lover?” Peeking down at the makeshift bed, he winked.

“What are you going to give me?” Lying down, beautiful body vaguely glistening with sweat, cock standing straight, Keylar realized Vyler had stripped while she had been tied up in Jaydon’s mouth. “Ass or cunt?”

“Her best part for sure.” Jaydon’s smacked his lips.

“Yeah, sure, and I don’t have to guess what you’re taking.” Neither did Keylar—at the forceful clutch on her ass, she knew exactly what he would take.

Turning her so she faced Vyler, Jaydon brought her down on the huge beast twitching in aroused expectation. Grabbing her hips, Vyler pulled her all the way to his balls, impaling her pussy and occupying the entire available space. Then, straddling her more comfortably, he lowered her head, so close his lips brushed her ear. “Now are you ready, honey?”





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