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Sacrificial Sex by Laura Tolomei

Sacrificial Sex







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Will the handsome stranger convince the bloodthirsty sorcerer to stop vicious human sacrifices? But can he afford to pay the price to fulfill his quest?

“Sacrificial Sex is more for the reader who is looking for an intriguing plot and characters which demand their concentration and leave their heart pounding because of the extreme situations and emotions.” DDR rated it 4 Divas

Sacrificial Sex is one story that had me captivated. The plot and subplots intrigued me to the extent that I found it hard to put the story down at times. Ms. Tolomei builds a descriptive primitive world, which had me thinking about scenes for days after I’d finished the story. The main characters are written with strong convictions in their beliefs and their way of life. Sacrificial Sex has twists that you don’t see coming. The sex scenes are explicit, as are the sacrificial scenes, but are appropriately written. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Tolomei’s stories.” FAR rated it 4 Angels

EPIC 2010 Finalist Horror category Horror Erotic Romance

Sacrificial Sex

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

FACEBOOK: Laura Tolomei Horror Side

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Horror, m/m, m/m/m, m/m/f

ISBN# 9781554872435


PAGES# 129

WORDS# 32.250

HEAT: 4 flames

RELEASED: 1 March 2009

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin



An all-powerful sorcerer rules a primitive world of Aztec-like pyramids and bloody rituals that apparently appease sanguinary gods when in fact satisfy a deep-rooted bloodlust and sexual craving on innocent virgins. A young man from another more-advanced world tries to stop the carnage. An intended victim himself, blood and sex are the only weapons at his disposal. But the task is far more than expected, and he will get more blood, sex and lies than he ever bargained for when his technological future impacts this primordial past.



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Sex in exchange of blood. That’s how Rowen convinces Mylos to stop his violent ways. And Rowen, thrown into a primitive world, is all too willing to save the innocent virgins sacrificed to bloodthirsty gods if only the price didn’t include more sex, violence and lies than he’s bargained for.

A young man thrown in a primitive world where blood and sex are sacrificed to sanguinary gods in a vicious ritual. An evil sorcerer drowning his sexual cravings in a bloodbath of innocent virgins. An intended victim himself, he’ll use sexual persuasion to achieve his purpose. Will the carnage ever stop?

A young man from another world thrown in a primitive world where blood and sex are sacrificed to sanguinary gods in a vicious ritual, tries to stop the sorcerer from satisfying his own bloodlust and sexual cravings on innocent virgins. An intended victim himself, he’ll use sexual persuasion to achieve his purpose. But the task has more than one level of reality and when the technological future impacts on the primitive past, Rowen will get more blood, sex and lies than he has bargained for.

A young man thrown in a primitive world where blood and sex are sacrificed to sanguinary gods in a vicious ritual, tries to stop the sorcerer from satisfying his own bloodlust and sexual cravings on innocent virgins. An intended victim himself, the handsome stranger will use sexual persuasion to gain his trust without revealing the truth behind the bloody offerings. But in his dangerous quest to save the virgins, Rowen will get more blood, sex and lies than he has bargained for.




Permission granted, still a lifetime training hampered Patris’s movements so he entered hesitantly the sacred area, walking fast to reach its center and kneel next to Mylos’s naked form. “Master, there is a woman to see you. She has a…an offering with her.”

“How long since she came?”

“Well, Master, we had to look for you so she’s been waiting for a while.”

“Good.” Mylos’s hand grabbed Patris’s neck and pushed him down on his belly. “I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a little longer.”

Knowing exactly what his Master wanted, Patris opened his warm mouth, positioning it over the tip of the erection straining in front of his face. How long the Blood Divine had been like that, he had no idea, although he was sure or the remedy to release his Master’s tension. Without wasting more time, Patris’s hot cavity enveloped the bulging head and swallowed it. His tongue lashed out to curl around its thickness, sliding on the entire length in long, wet laps that covered each side. Hard sucks soon followed, tentative at first as if unsure on how to go about it. Hard, then more forcefully as he drew the cock further inside. He felt it strain against the confined space, hitting his cheek and palate before hovering on the brink of the throat fall.

In an attempt to fight him off, Patris breathed deeper and almost choked on it. Quick as lightning, it had inserted in the even tighter space available, trying to slide all the way down. Managing to keep it at bay was the start of a new game as his tongue wrapped around the stone-like shaft, traveling seductively from top to bottom, his head bobbing along with the movement, partly controlled by Mylos’s continued hold on his neck. He knew his Master wanted him to step up the rhythm so he had no choice but to comply. Using also his hands, he increased his lappings, sucking harder than before, uncaring if he choked, but coughing liberally if he could not resist…anything to please his Master.



Mylos remembered clearly the first time he had seen Rowen. Tied like an animal, dragged by his neck, the blondish man had stood proudly in his office, gaze flashing and defying any of his attempts at submission. Usually, those who came to him, particularly if bound like Rowen, were terrified of the fate that might befall them. After all, to be in such close proximity of the well-known sorcerer in charge of ritual animal killings did not seem like a good start. True, they had no clue about human sacrifices, but something about the place did not look too promising. Perhaps, the Blood Divine’s expression led on to the terrible end in sight or maybe, the lingering smell of fear penetrated their souls. Whatever the reason, they cowered under Mylos’s thorough inspection, eyes downcast and fear stinking from every pore.

Rowen, instead, had acted as if he did not care what Mylos might do to him. His grey gaze swept the room, then stopped on the Blood Divine, never wavering. In fact, Mylos had the distinct impression the young man was challenging his authority and enjoying every minute of it. And if Mylos had any doubts, his annoying smirk, which he would have loved to wipe out, clearly indicated the youth was making fun of his rank.

Mylos wanted to make another tart remark, but the words died in his throat. Rowen’s eyes sparkled as if openly calling him a coward. Mylos shook his head, unsure of what he saw. Rowen did not move an inch. His eyes did all the talking, clearly enjoying Mylos’s predicament. The Blood Divine wanted to tear them off, though the face was too interesting to ruin, but did not dare. Instead, they mocked him into an unprecedented decision. “Forget it,” he said abruptly, mostly angry with himself. “Leave him here.”

“Can I get my money, my lord?”

“Sure. Go.”

The scout quickly disappeared before Mylos changed his mind

With a slow pace, the Blood Divine walked to Rowen and untied the ropes. It never occurred to him that the blondish man might be dangerous. His instinct said otherwise and Mylos trusted it. “What have you done to deserve this treatment?” he asked instead.

Rowen shrugged. “Nothing of importance.”

“Tell me,” Mylos ordered.

“Well, if you really must know…my father has a new mate, a young woman closer to my age than his. She…took a liking to me and my father didn’t want me around anymore.”

Mylos looked skeptical. “So your father didn’t like competitors in his bed.”

Rowen suppressed a smile. “Seeing where he sent me, I guess not.”

“Women are always trouble,” the Blood Divine retorted, “and those who like them get more than their share.”

Rowen took a step forward, his warm breath on Mylos’s face. “I don’t particularly like them,” he objected huskily. “Actually, I’m quite…handy with whatever comes my way.”

Although he had no rational explanation, something about the young man deeply unsettled him so feeling too close for comfort, Mylos took a step back. “Your tricks are not going to come in…handy here, boy,” he warned coldly.

“Maybe not all,” the young man agreed, “but some are definitely useful.”

The Blood Divine eyed him suspiciously. “How would you know what’s useful in here? I bet you don’t even know what goes on in the Temple or what I do in it.”

“Oh, I know exactly what you do here,” Rowen said softly.



Inside the badly lit confinement, Rowen was not alone. At his knees, Mylos recognized Patris’s dark head sliding swiftly up and down on the young man’s long, hard shaft. Impressed, the Blood Divine raised his gaze and met the grey stare. Not at all embarrassed, Rowen challenged him, just as he had in the office, to take some sort of action, do something, anything but stand spying at them. But at first, Mylos only wanted to watch the thick cock disappear inside his disciple’s seemingly bottomless mouth while the two men moved rhythmically together. Rowen pushed his hips forward, striving for a deeper contact. In turn, Patris swallowed the long length, moving back before he choked, his tongue flicking out and wrapping around the bulging head. Through it all, Rowen never took his gaze off Mylos, while Patris did not even notice his Master standing so close.

The Blood Divine kept watching until his own excitement became unbearable. Unable to hold back, he entered the chamber. Patris, confused and startled, scrambled to his feet, leaving before his Master could reproach him or do something worse, leaving the two men alone.

“What do you think you’re doing with my servant?” Mylos hissed at Rowen, his body pressing the other against the wall.

“Wasn’t it obvious?” the blondish man mocked.

“You should leave them alone.”

“Hey, he offered to do it. I certainly didn’t ask for anything.”

“Yeah, I bet you didn’t,” Mylos scoffed.

“I’m sorry you don’t believe me,” Rowen said sweetly, “but not everyone orders favors. Some receive them simply because people like them. After all, sexual satisfaction is both giving and receiving.”

“And I suppose you like to pass your cock around,” Mylos sneered.

“Actually, I find pleasure in both ends…” Rowen paused briefly to level his gaze on him, “which is a heck more than could be said of you.” His cold smile lit his face. “Unlike you, I don’t need to kill people to satisfy my sex.”

Mylos’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s not supposed to be sex. I work for the gods,” he justified.

“Well, I wouldn’t mistake my blood lust with sacred duty either. In the end, you’re just a killer.”

Cold anger drowned Mylos’s hot excitement and he shoved Rowen against the wall, holding him in place. “Then I’d be very careful if I were you,” he hissed when he was in control again.

“Actually, I’d be more an asset alive…” Rowen grabbed Mylos’s erection pressing against his stomach, still hard from the night’s excitement, “rather than dead.” His hand slid up and down, reminding of he flaming desire yet unquenched. “I doubt this is the result of my little scene with Patris.”

Surprised, Mylos eased the pressure. No one had ever dared challenge or even speak to him like this. His reactions were confused. One part of him wanted Rowen to stop raising his burning need to a fever pitch while another begged him to continue. As if reading clearly into Mylos’s indecision, Rowen pushed him back, making him fall on a cot, his tongue on him before the Blood Divine had the chance to analyze the situation. Already wrapped around the hard cock, the young man’s steady laps effectively removed the blood traces that littered it. Skillfully wetting the base, he went to the bulging head, licking each side, before swallowing it whole and sucking deeply while his hands danced on the long stem, sliding rhythmically in increasing pressure.

Mylos could not resist any longer. With a gasp, he spilled hot seed into Rowen’s mouth, reaching in a single jet his throat.

The youth swallowed and pulled away.

“No, wait,” Mylos called him back. “I…was too quick.”


“I…want you,” he admitted painfully, embarrassed by his own admission.

Rowen grinned, a beautiful smile that lit his face. Without another word, he passed his tongue on Mylos’s shriveled muscle, swallowing it whole, his tongue curling around it, trying to bring it back to its splendor. This time though, the Blood Divine wanted to play, too, so he shifted on the cot so that Rowen’s hard shaft found its way in his mouth. He tasted differently from anyone else, Mylos thought as he relished the sensation of his mouth being full, deeply savoring the marble-like hardness that strained at his cheek seeking its way down his throat. It had been long…too long since he had enjoyed the simple pleasure of passing his tongue on a hard, vibrantly alive piece of hot flesh, twitching in delightful anticipation at his every lick and lap.


M/M/M EROTIC (652)

“Hello, killer, busy?”

“For you never,” Mylos replied truthfully.

“I’ve heard about the new…acquisition,” Rowen said, taking a step forward.

Not really wanting to discuss it, Mylos glanced over at Patris again. He was cleaning the fire pits, stacking away the cinders and the dust, replacing it with fresh wood.

Rowen followed Mylos’s gaze. “I guess you have more…pressing thoughts on your mind right now, killer,” he mused, as if reading his intentions. He closed the door softly behind him and went to Patris.

Mylos watched fascinated, wondering at Rowen’s uncanny ability to read his mind. He cleared his throat. “As a matter of fact…maybe it was.”

The blondish man stood up, taking Patris’s head and pushing it to his hips. On his knees, his usual place of business, the acolyte did not need further instructions. With trembling fingers, he freed the demanding master beneath the clothes, then grabbed it and slid his hands on the soft skin, before making it disappear inside his mouth. Rowen sighed with pleasure, holding Patris’s head steady as he pushed to get his growing bulge deeper inside. They moved for a while under Mylos’s excited gaze, his own erection straining against its tight confines.

“Are you just going to watch, killer? I thought you wanted a piece of the action, too.”

The Blood Divine swallowed hard, then reached Rowen to close his mouth avidly on the blondish man’s inviting opening. His tongue, wet and long, plunged inside, battling against Rowen’s refusal to surrender. In the meantime, Patris dedicated attention to Mylos’s growing need, too, his shaft hard as a rock dancing in front of the disciple’s face. With his free hand, he grabbed it and soon his lips flew from one to the other, sucking deeply and using his tongue to raise further desire. His head bobbed rapidly from one to the other, dedicating each a short but intense attention that made both cocks grow bigger in a very short time. Apparently unaware of him, the two men continued with their long kiss, letting Patris play some more until it became too hard to hold back. Rowen broke the intimate contact by moving away from Mylos, already reaching for Patris. Picking him up easily, he laid him on the table where Mylos had been working. “Come, killer. Let’s have some serious fun.”

“You really know your way with the boy,” Mylos observed.

Rowen grinned. “So, I like him and to be honest, I’ve had a few…dealings of my own,” he admitted freely. “Jealous perhaps?” he asked Mylos, his grey eyes half mocking and half challenging.

Mylos glanced at the youth lying, sweet and vulnerable on the table. Rowen had just confirmed his suspicions. For a moment he wondered whether to punish the disciple for his insolence, well knowing he would never blame his own lover. On the other hand, he could not help but admire the man’s honesty. In a world where everyone lied in order to secure his favors, truth seemed a refreshing change. And to be honest, the notion excited him more than he cared to admit. “Actually no, Rowie, but we could have shared him sooner.”

“The important thing is that we’re doing it right now, killer,” Rowen assured, moving closer to the table. “And this sweet morsel,” he grabbed Patris’s penis, “isn’t going anywhere soon, so we’ll have plenty of time to repeat the experience.” Almost nonchalantly, he slid the soft skin, working fast. “Now, killer, what is your pleasure?” He grabbed Patris’s legs and raised them up in the air, exposing the ass, his fingers playing with the tight hole, slipping seductively inside and out. Then he turned to Mylos, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Gee, it’s a hard choice,” the Blood Divine admitted, licking his lips. “But I’d rather watch your skills inside that sweet ass,” he said at last, moving to the other end of the table.

“Suit yourself, killer.”



Rowen felt an incredible arousal. Unlike Mylos, he loved women. He had made the best of his extended stay in Dark Primax. Living in an all-male environment was fine for limited periods, but now he realized just how much he missed the curvy lines and the softness only a woman possessed. He had not had one for so long that her mere presence made his stomach tighten in ecstatic anticipation. Until yesterday, it had seemed like an impossible dream until he had felt her, a prisoner in the pyramid’s dungeons, awaiting only his rescue.

When he had first asked the sorcerer about her, Rowen had known better than to insist, however desperately he wanted to see her. Mylos could be very stubborn at times and the last thing he wanted was to ruin all the work he had already accomplished. Pretending he had not cared one way or another, Rowen had dropped the subject, knowing that he would have to move on his own. And the Blood Divine…well, he had felt sure he would make him see things his way yet again.

This gamble had paid off, he thought, feeling her warm mouth on his hard cock and staring at her firm breasts bobbing along with the head as she switched from one throbbing member to the other. Unable to stand the pressure building on the rock-like shaft, he picked her up and brought her to the cot. With a single move, he took off her clothes, relishing in the feel of her silky skin, cupping each breast in turn, brushing the pointed nipple with his thumb, stroking it until it became a hard tip, then pinching it. With a sigh of satisfaction, he closed his mouth on her breast, his teeth gently grazing the nipple while his hands roamed her body. His tongue caressed each bud, drawing them completely inside his hungry mouth.

She moaned and he continued the teasing game as his thumb and forefinger stroked the hard tips before running down to the softest place he knew. She spread her legs and to his increasing excitement, he found her dripping wet. His fingers glided on the slippery surface, tracing the outer folds, rubbing the soft flesh in which he wanted to drown. But his attentions were only at a superficial level. He carefully avoided slipping inside the inviting trap that she pushed down on his fingers, evidently wanting them to take possession of it. She moaned again, raising her hips to beg him to push inside. Rowen grinned and his fingers ran back up, to tease another very sensitive spot. Stroking the throbbing bud made the woman jump so his thumb and forefinger rubbed it harder, feeling it swell under his decisive touch.

Mylos watched for a time before reaching them. Judging from his expression, Rowen knew immediately that the Blood Divine was not as excited as when he had seen him with Patris, though the arousal was undeniable. “Care to join us, killer,” he suggested, turning to him with a broad grin.


Excerpt erotic M/M/F (565)

As if suddenly feeling his presence, Rowen turned around. “Killer, glad you could join us,” he said, flashing a smile.

“What are you doing here?” Mylos’s cold tone left little doubt to his lack of trust.

“I wanted to see the new…offering, killer, just like I told you,” he replied noncommittally.

“Why?” Mylos enquired, brushing past Rowen in his haste to enter the room.

The young woman looked at him without fear. Her eyes were dark green, the color of a deep pond, but Mylos shifted his gaze. Fighting back a wave of distaste, he imagined her frail pale body, naked and at his mercy, maybe even screaming for her life. He wondered briefly whether she was a virgin and if the mark had a different interpretation from the one Rowen had supplied.

He raised his gaze and met the green eyes again. For a moment, he felt tempted to instill some fear in them, to see her tremble under the sharp blades cutting through her soft flesh. He also pictured the startling contrast between her pale skin and the dark red blood spilling on it, gashing from the neck down to her breasts and sides.

“Don’t get your blood lust going, killer,” Rowen warned as if reading his mind. “I have better plans for her.” He took a step forward, getting between the Blood Divine and the woman.

“Rowie,” Mylos said sweetly, “she has no mark so she belongs to the gods.”

“No, killer, you’re wrong.” With a quick move, he grabbed the woman and placed her on her knees in front of Mylos. “She belongs to us,” he stated. His free hand untied Mylos’s robe and, with a firm shove, he pushed the woman’s face against his hips. “Why should they have all the fun?” he concluded.

Her mouth opened and the shriveled muscle disappeared inside.

Shocked at the turn of events, Mylos had no time to protest, especially since Rowen had left him no choice. I hate women, he wanted to shout. Never suffered the wretched creatures and certainly never bedded one, he would have pointed out, if the young man’s mouth had not closed on his, effectively cutting off any resistance. Forcing his entry, Rowen’s tongue swept the wet cavity with luscious strokes that required an assertive answer. Confused, Mylos responded, his tongue darting out for the challenge while his cock only grew bigger in the woman’s mouth. Even more exciting, he saw the fiend grab her head and turn it to the other demanding cock already wavering in front of her face.

Trapped in the game, she had no choice but to devote mouth and tongue to both. Moving swiftly from one to the other, her tongue wrapped around each, swallowing the hard bulging tips almost to her throat. When she had to hop to the other, her hands, each wrapped around a different shaft, continued the steady movement she had already started, both sliding along the long stems to tease their interests further, keeping them hard as her mouth was busy elsewhere.

To Mylos’s surprise, it did not feel too bad. In the end, her mouth seemed much like Patris’s had felt just the morning before. And if he did not look too closely, her thin, narrow body could almost pass for a male’s so straight and free of many of the curves the Blood Divine found most annoying.


Erotic M/M/M (298, 211 to Patrick coughed)

Rowen’s fingers continued their exciting tease almost as if he felt him still taut. His anxiety had started the moment Rowen had challenged Mylos with his revelation of their promiscuous meetings. In his heart, the disciple knew that no matter how mad the Blood Divine might get, he would never take it out on Rowen. His servant would more than likely be the only recipient of his wrath so Patris’s future had hung on the balance for an excruciatingly long moment.

Relax now, little one, the order seemed to come from nowhere. He’s accepted what we do and won’t hurt you for it.

Patris wanted to reply, but a rush of love washed away all concerns. Not knowing where it came from, he accepted the wonderful gift, melting inside the wave, calming his beating heart and relaxing his muscles as ordered. As if to help him along, Rowen resumed playing with his cock, which had suffered a bit of a fall due to the tense situation. His skillful touch though, soon restored the earlier erection, jerking it confidently.

Mylos pushed back Patris’s head, letting it hang down from the table’s edge, and quickly shoved his rigid thickness deep inside the warm mouth, pushing repeatedly to get all the way inside. Patris coughed, choking on the bulging head that had almost managed to reach his throat, but Mylos did not seem to take heed. Instead, he only moved slightly back in order to plunge deeper with the next thrust. Resigned, Patris worked hard with his tongue to keep the demanding master from smothering him, fiercely wrapping it around the bursting head to hold it steady. An impossible task, he soon realized, especially when he felt it twitch in pleasure at the sight of Rowen’s cock disappearing inside his ass.


Erotic Excerpt M/M (335)

What’s the harm in having a little fun? You deserve it after all this time of serving a monster. The thought flashed unbidden in Patris’s mind. Surprised at his reasoning, he asked a more painful question, though he did not dare speak it aloud. What if he knew? He could send me back to my parents and they’ll be shamed forever.

“He’ll never learn of this, little one,” Rowen was quick to point out. “Rest assured.”

Patris opened his mouth, amazed at Rowen’s apparent ability to read his thoughts. He wanted to ask him about it or simply continue arguing, but Rowen gave him no more time. He quickly untied the acolyte’s robes and his hands took full possession of the growing bulge. Patris gasped at the unexpected pleasure as Rowen slid from the base to the top, wetting his fingers and passing over the bulging head. Then he bent down and repeated the same movement with his tongue. Without using his mouth at first, the blondish man let the hard tip of his tongue run on the entire length, curling around the thickness, sometimes lapping forcefully before returning to the bulging head and circling it slowly. He even inserted it in the tiny hole right at the center and Patris groaned with pleasure. But the best was yet to come.

Without giving the disciple the time to think, Rowen attacked the entire cock, his mouth closing avidly on it and engulfing it with unbearable warmth. His lips glued to the soft skin, he slid his head up and down to cover the hard length, sucking the bulging head deeper inside. His tongue curled around it as it strained against his cheek and brought it closer to the edge of his throat. Then in a single sweep, he drew it all in, almost choking for the effort and coughing loudly.

Startled, Patris pulled back, but Rowen sucked him back in, starting the dangerous game once more as Patris’s shaft only grew bigger and more demanding.


Dark Excerpt PG (186)

Blood, after all, was everything in Ashantarie’s culture. Mylos had a personal fascination with the red liquid. His senses spun the moment he smelled it in the air. He liked the feel of the slippery dense substance as well as its metallic taste. Though materially impossible, he would have liked to live in a world where the sticky fluid replaced water as the primary source of sustenance. With a shiver of pleasure, he imagined dark red streams crossing green countryside, their bloody liquid nourishing both the soil as well as human needs. Yet, nothing worked better than his ritual to see free flowing blood everywhere.

Before Rowen’s arrival, Mylos’s active imagination had played the deadly sequences repeatedly in his head, relishing the bloodiest moments, picturing the red splutters from the wounds he inflicted and inevitably climaxing as he relived the victim’s final minutes.

Lying under Primax’s burning rays, the sorcerer felt goose bumps running on his hot skin while his stomach tightened in anticipation. At the time, it did not seem bizarre that this feeling closely resembled sexual hunger nor did anyone think him a monster.

EPPIC 2009 AWARDS FINALIST: Thrown in a primitive world, can a handsome stranger use sex to prevent a sanguinary sorcerer’s bloothirsty sacrifices?



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