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Just friends from now on—fucking–friends

Amazing Amazon  – Soulmate Series Trailer


Set during the sweetest of holidays, this very special MM contemporary romance series, the Soulmate Series, keeps intriguing and entertaining all those who believe destiny is the key to a successful romance.

If finding a soul mate was a tasking effort, it was nothing to the seduction Martin had to work on Drake simply to convince him they were indeed soul mates. But then came the hard part, when got real complicated for the both of them and feelings spun out of control. But with one hard pirate to deal with, surrender will never come too easy.


The devilish-looking pirate against the angelic-looking devil: how far can seduction go?

“An angelic-looking man who is the very epitome of Devil against a devilish-looking man who is a Pirate at heart and shows us he knows what to do with booty.” Reader Jan Tells It All

Martin and Drake are an explosion of hot male loving. Their need for each other goes well beyond sex, and it is great to see how Martin gives Drake the time and freedom to find his way in their relationship. I found this story to be sexy and engaging.” CTR

THE PIRATE’S SURRENDER is a fast paced, sexually charged read that pulls readers into the fledgling relationship between Drake and Martin. Ms. Tolomei doesn’t skimp on the emotional aspect of their feelings for each other and there’s no doubt that the other people they bring into their lives are mere substitutions for each other. There’s a tangled web of sexual relationships that shock the senses but there’s also honesty in those encounters that gave me a sort of respect for these men as well.” RJR


Martin and Drake are an explosion of hot male loving, yet their need for each other goes well beyond sex.

The Pirate’s Surrender

SERIES: Soulmate, Book 2

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

FACEBOOK PAGE: Soulmate Series

GOODREADS PAGE: Soulmate Series

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois, Contemporary, Romance, Holiday, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m

ISBN# 9781771110365


HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

PAGES: 205

WORDS: 59.119

RELEASED: 1 December 2011

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Martine Jardin


All right, so he did it! Marin seduced me. And the sex is fantastic, blows my mind every time, no complaints there, if that thing about being his soul mate didn’t still bug me. Yet there seems no way around it except…can I do it? Do I want to do it? No, I don’t know if I’m ready to surrender. Me, the pirate, and to the blond devil, no less…talk about fucked up destiny!


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PG (669 Martin’s house)

“Hey, isn’t anybody home to welcome a lonely girl who made it her duty to come all the way from London to spend Christmas with her goddamn family?”

“Julia, honey, we’re in here.” Jumping to her feet, Jane rushed to the front door, immediately followed by Martin. But his sister was already on the kitchen’s threshold, falling into her mother’s snug embrace.

“Oh, Mom, it took me so fucking long to get here.” Julia pulled back slightly. “It seems like everyone’s on the road and…” Pausing, she glanced up and moved away from Jane. “Martin, baby, how are you?” Another plunge and Martin felt his sister’s tense body pressing to his, her curves, a bit fattened since he last saw her, adapting nicely to his frame.

“I’m great, Julia.” He tousled the mass of long, dark hair covering her face, smelling deeply of her perfume. Out of everyone in the family, he had always loved Julia best. Over the years, she had also become his confident, the one link to his origins he kept most alive.

She kissed him repeatedly on both cheeks, then stepped back and saw him. “Who’s this?” Without waiting for an answer, she spun to confront Martin. “Don’t tell me you really found him?”

Martin nodded in confirmation.

“I can’t believe it.” Her eyes lit up as she turned to scrutinize the pirate. “He’s gorgeous, too.” Like a hawk scouting the territory, she circled him twice before reaching out to stroke the long strands down Drake’s back. “And what magnificent hair.” Again, she stared at Martin wide-eyed. “No, I can’t believe it.”

“Julia, where are your manners?” Coming forward, Jane squeezed the pirate’s shoulders in solidarity. “Please forgive my daughter. She’s a real—”

“Ass, I know.” Smiling warmly, she extended a hand to Drake. “I’m Julia Shaw, Martin’s sister.”

“Drake Seymour.” After a brief hesitation, the pirate took it. “Pleased to meet you…I think.”

Marin laughed, Jane smiled and at least Julia had the decency to blush. “Sorry I was so rude.”

“Julia, would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, thanks, Mom.” Plopping down on the chair next to Drake, Julia looked him over one more time. “It’s just that Martin talked so much about his soul-mate…” Evidently wanting to win Drake over, she leaned forward. “That’s what you are, right?” But since the pirate’s embarrassment had only increased with the newcomer’s arrival, the lack of an enthusiastic agreement prompted Julia to glance at Martin confused. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have brought him here today, right?”

“Yes, but maybe all this fuss is getting a bit to him.” Protectively, Martin moved behind Drake and placed his hands squarely on the broad shoulders. “Right, Pirate?”

“Pirate?” Julia flashed an amused smile. “How romantic. Or should I say incredible?” She frowned as though trying to decide between the two. “After searching for the better part of your thirty-three years, you should finally find him.” With her usual brashness, she grabbed Drake’s hand. “You must tell me all about it!” Her voice rose a notch. “How you met, how long ago it was, how you recognized one another—”

Another slam at the door and everyone’s head turned. “What’s all the commotion about?” Scott’s voice—Martin could recognize it anywhere—boomed from the hallway. “On the street all you can hear are Julia’s shouts.”

But the first head to pop in the kitchen was Kevin’s. “Hey, Scott, I think I just discovered why she’s screaming like an eagle.”

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Scott and Kevin’s gazes fixed on Drake. Then Scott turned to his mother. “So that’s why you kicked us out of the house.” One thing about his family, they all reacted to beauty much in the same way. “You wanted to be the first to nose around Julia and her new boy—”

“No, you got it all wrong.” Julia immediately shook her head in denial. “I wish he was mine, but he’s with Martin.”

“Martin?” Kevin’s eyes widened. “You mean you actually found it?”

PG MMM (674 w/Eric)

“Martin, baby, I missed you!” Eric jumped on him, stretching on his chest. “Why didn’t you ever call me back? I had to find out you’d split your place from other people.”

“I already told you.” Obviously annoyed, the devil rolled him off, straightening on his knees. “I can’t give you what you want. You’d be better off with people your own age instead of running after me.”

“You’re not that old,” the young man insisted pitifully.

“It’s not just a question of age.” Shaking his head, Martin exchanged a glance with Drake.

The pirate nodded sympathetically. Yes, he understood however heartbroken Eric seemed.

“It’s a question of wanting the same things.” Getting to his feet, Martin zipped up his pants before sitting back on the couch. “For sure, I don’t want a puppy following me around whether I want to or not.”

“Hey, I don’t—”

“Oh, come off it, Eric! Didn’t I answer your text today telling you not to come here?” From the young man’s guilty face, Drake knew he had. “Yet here you are. You showed up anyway.”

“But I love you.”

“Well, I don’t.” And that seemed final in the cold Irish tone.

“Hem…I think I better go.” Nervously, Drake rose, not his place for sure, closing his fly as he headed for the kitchen.

“No, Pirate, stay right here. I’ve got nothing to hide. It’s better if there’s a witness. No matter how many times I told him already, he never got it through his thick head.” Turning to Eric, his tone softened. “It’s not you. It’s me. I just can’t handle any type of deep emotion—”

“But you were looking for something special. You told me so yourself.” Crawling on the floor, the young man almost placed his head on Martin’s lap. “It was the reason you left your wife, so why can’t it be me?”

“Because I…found it…” His green eyes swung to Drake. The intensity of the feeling took the pirate’s breath away. “And I don’t need you to hassle me any further.”

“So it’s him.” Eric swung accusing eyes on Drake.

“No, he’s just a friend…” A fucking-friend or so the pirate interpreted the amused flash in the devil’s gaze.

“But you moved in with him.”

“Gus was going to kick me out anyway. I had to find a place.”

“We could’ve found it together.” Eric’s eyes blazed upset. “I told you I had—”

“Enough, Eric!” There was no denying Martin was getting angry. “Moving in with you was never an option, so just forget it.”

Defeated, Eric bowed low before rising slowly to his feet. With slow, disappointed gestures, he picked up his clothes and started dressing. “Can I still see you from time to time?” His broken heart clinging to every word went straight to Drake’s stomach.

“Call me.” It was uttered more as a concession than because Martin wanted Eric to act on it. “I’m very busy these days, but I’ll see what I can do.” He was about to recline on his seat, when a sudden thought made him lean forward instead. “Oh, and Eric…”

“Yes, Martin.” Expectantly, the young man spun around to face him.

“Next time, if I say no, it’s no, no excuses, no buts, no ifs, no fucking nothing except no. Should I ever come home and find you waiting for me uninvited, you’ll never ever see me again as long as you live.” Pausing, he fixed the blue-green eyes. “Are we clear?”

Dejectedly, the young man nodded as he finished dressing, then went to the door. Midway, though, he changed his mind. Retracing his steps, he came up to Drake. “Congratulations. He’s all yours.”

“Look, Eric—”

“Just treat him well.” The young man silenced the pirate’s protests. “He deserves it.” Then without adding another word, he was gone.

Drake turned to the devil. “Weren’t you a bit harsh?”

“Don’t you start, too, Pirate.” Annoyed, Martin swung his gaze to the door. “He’ll never learn if I treat him nice.?p

PG MM (1.637 Martin’s first return)

“How did things go for you?” However painful the separation, Martin had never called Drake, in spite of the need killing him inside each time he remembered how much he missed the dark, handsome pirate. But he could not be weak at this delicate point of their game.

“I did a lot of thinking.”

“Did you now?” Martin leaned back on the chair. He had not wanted to press the pirate in a corner, but when he had come out with that ridiculous invitation to his parents’ house, he had not been able to control it. Not that he regretted the things he had said, all true and very much so in their context. No, what was getting to him was the fact he could not handle it—being so close to the pirate and not be able to express his feelings. For they had grown, as he feared they would the moment he agreed to live with his soul-mate. Now simply looking at him was laden with the urge to kiss, hold, have him in any way possible. And he longed to say the words burning in his heart, just could not afford the chance to lose his beloved over them.

Even more frustrating, he had watched Drake developing much the same feelings. Too bad the pirate in him refused to acknowledge them, holding them back behind a wall of apparently impenetrable male strength. It drove Martin mad every time he perceived it, then he got more furious in bed, when the sheer passion of Drake’s response made it crumble miserably, to reveal a depth of emotions that would have frightened Martin had his soul-mate let them free.

Yes, the pirate’s innermost world was as fascinating and intriguing as his breathless outer shell. And Martin could not avoid responding with his own brand of love, something that came out in spite of his efforts to hide it. So he was getting tired of their sex without the awareness of the deep sharing they could have, if only his foolish pirate set aside the stupid conventions clouding his heart and mind.

There seemed no way around it, though. At this point, if life without Drake was a material impossibility, life with him was a daily torture. A thousand times Martin wished he could recover his uncaring attitude, the shield he had used against so many former lovers, instead of having to put up with stomach crunching and heart shattering every time the pirate said or did something adorable, which he often did and the memory played in Martin’s head long after it was over until it clogged his senses. Focusing on anything was proving hard, work unimportant, including the new exciting ventures he was getting into. Sleep, food, drink, everything seemed to lose its appeal compared to the striking longhaired pirate and his shiny black eyes. But love alone was hardly enough to bring the soul-mate out of Drake. That was the reason he had agreed to leave for more than two months, knowing it was either distance or betrayal of his feelings. Naturally, of the two, Martin much preferred to keep his door to Drake wide open.

“I have, particularly since I missed you like hell.”

“Well, well, the pirate admitting to a human frailty.” Martin chuckled. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

“All your fault,” Drake teased, then turned serious again. “First you dazzle me with great sex and an amazing life together, then you go and leave me for months, stranded in the middle of the ocean and without any fucking boat in sight.” He raised an accusatory gaze. “Doesn’t work that way, pal.”

“Then how does it work?” He pretended to be amused while his senses were poised on the pirate’s every breath to make certain he caught all the clues Drake saw fit to tell him, especially the unspoken ones.

“That sharing we started before you left…” Pausing, Drake swilled down a generous sip of beer.

“You mean in the sex?” Too tense to do anything besides listening, Martin ignored his can of beer.

“Not only.” He heaved. “There’s something that works between us that I can neither explain nor come to terms with.” He shrugged. “Whatever it is, I want it back.”

“How do you propose we do that?”

“By becoming lovers.” The black eyes flashed in triumph. “Yes, let’s be lovers.”

“Mmmm…is this a promotion?” Martin grinned mischievously. “Do I hear correctly? You want to upgrade me from fucking-friend into lover, right?”

“Yeah.” Watching Drake fidgeting nervously with the can gave Martin the measure of how difficult this admission was for his pirate. It was a step toward greater awareness, and a damn powerful one, too, which acknowledged the undeniable bond that existed between them. “Not that I’m asking for anything official.” Drake was quick to retrace his steps. “Like you said, there are two levels of being—a personal one and a social one. This affects just our personal one, of course.”

“What would it entail?” Very curious now, Martin leaned across the table. “What would be different from what we’re already doing?”

“For one thing, you move into my bed, permanently.” Drake locked black liquid eyes on him. For Martin, the world faded into nothingness. “I want to sleep with you every night if possible. I know sometimes we do it, but I’d like it to become the rule not the exception.” Evidently sensing Martin’s objections, he raised a hand to stop them. “I know you keep your own time and…entertain till late. I’m not asking you to change anything. Simply, whatever time you get home, however many lovers you have to satisfy, just crawl in my bed whenever you’re done.” The pirate leaned forward, too, so their faces almost touched. “I love waking with you at my side, even if I have to rush to work and you keep sleeping.” They kept different hours, another attractive feature of their relationship. “As stupid that it sounds, it makes me feel closer to you. And right now I need the extra comfort.” With a gentle hand, he ruffled Martin’s hair. “Nothing else has to change, actually.” He pulled back slightly. “I’m perfectly happy with the way we live together, with our uncoordinated rhythms, too, and it’s fine if they remain that way. I’d never want to tie you down or pretend an unacceptable compromise—”

“Pirate, you can ask anything you want of me because…” I belong to you. He almost said it, catching himself only at the last second. “You’re worth it.”

“Am I?”

PG MM (540 after Eric)

Drake turned to the devil. “Weren’t you a bit harsh?”

“Don’t you start, too, Pirate.” Annoyed, Martin swung his gaze to the door. “He’ll never learn if I treat him nice. He’s gotten this foolish notion he loves me that isn’t going to get him anywhere.” Again, he stared at Drake. “We both know it’s best if he forgets about me all together.”

“You could’ve let him down easier.”

“I tried countless other times before, honest. It never worked. Believe me.” The devil leaned toward the low table in front of the couch. “He just doesn’t get it.”

“So you’re willing to throw away such a good lay?” Drake teased. “’Cause he’s good, I gotta hand it to you. And you know how little I value men for sex.”

“Oh, he’s good, all right. It’s just that sex doesn’t cut it for me.”

“Come on, Devil.” Playfully, Drake punched his arm. “You’re the sex maniac here, remember?” Then sat next to him. “The one who has wild, indiscriminate sex with whatever comes his way.”

“That was in the past.” Turning to a side, Martin rested his back on the couch’s arm stand.

“I didn’t notice you taking many breaks lately.” The pirate’s lips curved in an ironic snarl.

“Oh…that’s just…” For show. Drake was sure he heard it. “For old time’s sake, a legacy from the past, when I thought the only way to find my s—”

He stopped abruptly. “My you know what was by hopping from one bed to the next.”

“Instead you found him during a normal Thanksgiving spent in your wife’s company at some strangers’ place.”

“Yeah, go figure.” Suppressing a laugh, Martin’s eyes flashed mischievously. “Destiny sure has a strange way of working, considering I’d spent half my life in bed with strangers thinking they might be the ones.” Shifting position, he stretched out his legs. “I guess I used sex to prove my point, not caring much about the people I was doing it with. Once I knew they weren’t what I was looking for, I quickly moved on to someone else. No use wasting time over them.”

“But with Eric, you hit it off after we met.” Pulling the devil against his chest, Drake massaged his neck and shoulders with a firm, steady clutch designed to unwind his tense devil.

“That was different. I used him to get my mind off you.” A crooked smile twisted his lips. “Not excusable either, I know, but I didn’t have many alternatives back then.”

“And now?” Deepening the rub on the tired muscles, Drake worked to turn it into a seductive stroke.

“Now I’m here. I don’t need him anymore.”

“He just wants your attention.”

“I can’t give it to someone who wants to turn it into a commitment or a tie. And I stand by what I believe.” He grinned at Drake. “But you seem to be the only one who understands this.”

“’Cause we’re connected, right?”

“You said it, not I.”

“Well, I don’t mean it in any destiny-related thing—”

“You mean the sex, right?” Rascally pushing him down, Martin toppled him. Then the mouth closing on Drake’s lips and the hands working on his crotch effectively cut off any further conversation.

PG MMF (458 Tipsy)

“Martin, baby, here you are!” She quickly slipped into the room, the farthest one from the elevator.

“Didn’t know you were looking for me or I’d have made myself available sooner.” The Irish accent was unmistakable.

Backed up behind Tipsy, Drake was in no position to see him, so he imagined Martin’s grin in the seductive way he had to charm people, women in particular. And it was so damn unfair his stomach should cave in at the mere image.

“Not me, unfortunately.” She moved to him, touching his arm before swinging around. “He is.”

Martin raised his gaze. Now face to face, the pirate’s breath had every reason to dissolve as though a pump sucked it out of his lungs all together. The grin was actually there, just deepened the moment the green eyes caught his, caressing him in blatant pleasure and excitement that went straight to Drake’s heart and cock.

“Hello, Pirate.” Perhaps the most damaging of all was his husky tone with the possessive slant weighing down the nickname.

“Hi, Devil.” Drake could not help responding, giving him everything he had, including the return of the infectious smile as he breached their distance.

“Well, I’ll go now.” In between them, Tipsy shifted to get away. “Can’t leave the reception unattended.”

“Thanks, baby.” Martin focused on her again as she began moving away. “Hey, what do you say if we grab a drink after the shooting’s over?” He glanced at Drake, his gaze asking for confirmation. “Just the three of us.”

“You mean I get two gorgeous guys at once?” Giggling, Tipsy retraced her steps. “I’ll be hard pressed to decide which of you is the cutest.”

“Who says you have to choose?” Martin teased before bending over her ear, his gaze still trained on the pirate. “When you could have both…” Not really a whisper, it was said only loud enough for Drake to catch. The game was between them, anyway, however tempting the bait.

“If you’re a good girl.” So Drake closed ranks, pressing Tipsy on the other side.

“Oh, I’ll be better than good.” Sure enough, it got her attention. “I’ll be perfect.” She looked first at the devil, then at the pirate who now was very close to her. “What time did you say?”

Martin glanced at his watch. “Around six, six-thirty.”

“Mister, you have yourself a date.” She looked at both of them again. “Just the three of us.”

“We’ll count the hours,” Drake assured, moving aside to let her go.

Suppressing another giggle, Tipsy moved off to the door.

“At least she’s got a great ass.” Lowering his voice, the pirate smirked at the devil. “You certainly know how to choose them.”

“Nothing but the best for my pirate.” The green eyes flashed in amusement. “But all in due time.”

PG MM (635 GEM video)

“Now would you mind telling me what I’m supposed to do? Nothing in the papers you gave me had any significant clue.”

“It’s quite simple, actually. You—”

“Hey, Martin,” Pierce’s irritating tone rang out petulantly. “Shouldn’t we finish up here?”

“In a minute.” Annoyed, the devil turned slowly to pierce the man with a disdainful look. “We’re just about done anyway.”


“Let me tell Drake what to do, then I’ll be all yours.” Placing an arm around the pirate’s shoulders, he dragged him closer to the door.

“He wishes.” Drake chuckled.

“He’s pissed at you, ‘cause without you, he’d have never gotten GEM’s money.”

“I think his motivation is more personal.” Glancing briefly behind, Drake evaluated the man. “He seems more interested in keeping you under his thumb than anything else.”

“He’s an asshole who hasn’t understood the first thing about me.” The Irish tone rang angrier than Martin led on. “But I guess I can’t pretend understanding at first glance, like with you.”

“Just natural when two are…” Soul-mates. Drake stopped himself before the word tumbled out on its own. “Hem…on the same wave length.” Yet Martin caught it anyway judging from his expression.

“That’s why I…” Love you. No, the devil had not uttered it, absolutely not. Just Drake’s imagination going wild again and taking initiatives it should not have. Still he could not help notice the pause and the slight hesitation before the Irishman settled on, “Appreciate you, Pirate.”

“Then let’s hurry up and get this over, ‘cause I can’t wait to sample the…consistency of your appreciation.” Mischievously, he glanced at Martin’s crotch, obviously engrossed.

“And I yours.” With a low chuckle, the green eyes traveled down to Drake’s fly, where it was not hard to spot the bulge straining inside the pants. “So listen. Today I want you to get familiar with GEM—how they’re structured, how they work, what sort of contracts they propose to clients, and what are their biggest events so far.”

“That could take all afternoon.” Without realizing it, he edged forward to feel Martin’s warmth and smell him deeply. “Aren’t we supposed to shoot the spot, too?”

“Not today for sure.” Martin shook his head. “I’m afraid you’ll have to come back tomorrow for that.” He pursed his lips apologetically. “I hope you didn’t have anything important planned.”

Hell, no! Why should I? “Just something to do with Michelle.” Yes, the affair was ongoing or more appropriately, the sex part of it. That was all it was becoming for the pirate, something to take his mind off Martin, however ineffective it was of late. “Nothing I can’t postpone.”

“Great.” The shoulder hold tightened as he moved closer. “You’re a fast learner anyway, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the gist of it.” He licked his lips. “The staff’s at your complete disposal. They’ll fill you in on everything that involves their work. They’ve also agreed to let you call one of their overseas agents, just to get the feel of things.” The warm breath playing on Drake’s face was driving him crazy. “You can start by talking with Marta and Joy and consulting their files.” He was dangerously close by now. If Drake dared turn his face, they would have kissed. “Any questions?”

“Just one.” So he turned. “Where’s the nearest restroom?”

“Ah, Pirate…” The grin split Martin’s face. “It’s right around the corner, and I wish to God we could use it right now.” At that point, he had to pull back, otherwise their lips would have pressed. “But if we do, I’ll never finish here or anywhere else, for that matter.”

“Not to worry.” Freeing himself, Drake also stepped back. “We’ll catch up on our…private matters later this evening.”

“You can count on it.” And it felt like a promise.

PG MM (600 PAC video)

When the blond devil walked in his office, the pirate’s heart melted on the spot. It was probably because of the infectious grin lighting his beautiful face. Or maybe stepping up the relationship had linked them tighter. Either way, Drake was ecstatic every day waking up with Martin at his side. Most times he was asleep. The rare occasions he was not, mornings inevitably started with sex since Drake’s early morning hard-on seemed to have become addictive.

All the devil’s fault for turning sex into magic without any effort. Whatever spell the pirate was under, it took his senses on an erotic flight, from which he hoped never to return. And though he had to every time, Martin was always there to start it anew.

“Pirate…” Drake loved the sexy, possessive undertone with which Martin charged the nickname, like claiming what belonged to him.

“Devil, you look wonderful.” As if he had not seen him that morning. But they still pretended they did not live together. Leaving his desk, Drake moved closer, so close he could whisper in his ear. “And I hope your ass recovered completely.”

“Well, it wasn’t easy. Someone put it through hell this morning.” Martin’s lips curved in a huge smile. “But the damage is not permanent, I assure you.”

“Great, ‘cause tonight it’ll be mine again.”

“Oh, it’s ready right now if you want it.”

“I wish.” Yes, he would have started everything over. Instead, catching sight of the technicians in the hallway, Drake drew back, returning to his desk, just in time, too.

“Good morning, Drake.” Standing on the threshold, Dale looked him briefly in the face before turning to Martin. “Boss, what do you want us to do? We’ve got several locations in which to shoot, so—”

“What do you say if we start with the outdoor first?” Going to the window, Martin checked the weather. “Lighting seems perfect, and it’s not too hot yet.”

“With all our equipment, we’d be on fire even in the South Pole.”

“Just your bad luck you have to do this in mid-August.” Drake pitched in simply to annoy Dale.

“Not our fault our boss went half-way around the world and insisted we wait ‘cause he wants to do this in person.” Dale snapped back, sending Martin a reproachful look. “Otherwise, we would’ve done it months ago.”

That he had not accompanied the devil during his Latin American trip was something Drake learned from Jenny. Not surprising. After what Martin had told him, the last thing the devil would want was to be at close quarters with Dale.

“I am the pirate’s official cameraman.” A chuckle escaped his lips as he spun to caress Drake with fiery green eyes.

“Anyone could’ve handled shooting the spot,” Dale complained petulantly.

“The spot no doubt.” Martin went over to Drake’s desk, half-sitting on top of the open files cluttering it. “Not its star, though.”

Working hard to suppress a sense of pride, Drake locked eyes, cutting off Dale. “I suppose you don’t want me to do anything special, like last time when you just stole my image—”

“You were simply irresistible.” Leaning forward, it seemed like the devil would have buried his face in the long hair had he not straightened up right after. “How could I not take advantage of every opportunity you gave me?” Then he was about to reach out to touch him, but stopped midway. “The editing’s almost done, and it’s coming out better than I ever expected. You’ll see.” They had talked about it, with Martin vowing to bring the material home once ready for Drake to review. “As for today—”

PG MF (542 Drake & Jenny about love)

“You’re awfully mean to Martin, sis. I thought you liked him.”

“I do. It’s just that Dale’s constant moping about him gets on my nerves sometimes.” A static crackle disturbed the line. “But I suppose it’s not Martin’s fault.” The noise he heard this time was more similar to Jenny breathing hard. “Just Dale being extra nervous lately.” She attempted a dry laugh.

“With the moving in thing? Or because you both slaved like mules to get the place ready on time?”

“Nah, not really.”

“Come on, sis! All summer long I couldn’t see you, ‘cause you were always working on the house. In fact, I got to see more of Dale during the spot filming than you.”

“I’m sorry, bro.” Evidently feeling scolded, her tone took an apologetic note. “But we didn’t have much time and wanted to do the best of it.”

Is that also why Dale went out with Michelle a couple of times? No, he did not want to upset his sister. On one thing he had to agree with Martin. In his own twisted way, Dale loved Jenny and going out with Michelle had not changed that. “I suppose Dale helped as he promised.”

There was a pause, a significant one before Jenny’s voice traveled to his ear. “He…did with his rhythms.”

“Meaning?” He pressed her.

“Like I told you, he has his ups and downs. It’s best not to bother him when he’s in the down phase. So I don’t and leave him the freedom to do whatever he wants.”

That explained Michelle.

“In the end, he comes back to me, which makes things right again.”

And his sister knowing about Dale’s field play. “So you’re happy with it?”

“Ecstatic.” And it came out sincere. “Listen, I know you don’t really like him. You’re the same as Mom. She, too, doesn’t believe in him much, but I tell you. He’s a great guy, and I love him.” She cleared her throat as though it was choked by the weight of her emotions. “Have you ever been in love?”

“Hem…” The question caught Drake by surprise. “I’m not sure.” It was the most truthful he could get.

“I guess not, otherwise you’d understand. The feelings become so strong you live for that person alone. He’s the reason you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get in bed at nights. He gives meaning to all the boring and stupid things you’re required to do, which you do with a song in your heart. And if he’s not around, it’s like you can’t breathe or function properly. Without him, the world’s turned off like there was no light to it. With him, lights blaze everywhere. Everything makes sense. Everything is so wonderful you’d never want to fall asleep for fear of missing out on even one instant of him. You wish life would never end, even if you’re so happy you can’t stand it, not if you think about it. But it’s there every time you look at him, overwhelming to the point it comes out of your heart to fill you all up, completely.” She sighed. “I don’t know if you can understand me.”

Too damn much! And he wished he did not. “A bit.”

PG MM (302 this sleeping together)

“Devil…” Unable to resist, Drake circled his waist from behind, pulling Martin to his chest.

“Pirate.” Moving his hands over Drake’s, the Irishman squeezed them tightly.

“I missed you.” Again, it was an impulse Drake could not suppress.

“Already?” Leaning back his head, Martin buried it inside Drake’s embrace. “Ah, Pirate…” Spinning around, the devil came face to face with Drake. “This sleeping together is getting to you.” He pressed closer. “Judging from how sore my ass feels now.” Then he kissed the pirate, nothing too passionate, still very effective in causing a definite reaction in Drake.

“Tell me about it.” Neither the time nor the place to deepen the matter, Drake drew back, going to sit on one of the front steps, the one most in the sun. “Luckily, it’s not just me.” He grinned amused, looking at the devil’s visibly engrossed bulge.

“No.” Martin sat next to him. “And you’re making everything so damn difficult.” He went silent all of a sudden, and Drake would have caught it this time had the devil not turned abruptly away.

The pirate pretended to be fascinated by the immense parking lot extending as far as the eye could see. Of late, he had noticed a funny expression on the handsome face, something resembling a private battle to conceal relevant information. Sometimes he had the distinct impression Martin wanted to blurt it out, managing to restrain himself only at the last second. Well, the edge between the two separate impulses was getting thinner the longer they stayed together, laden by the need to unload whatever was on the devil’s chest. So Drake wondered if this was it, if he would finally learn what was preying on his blond lover’s mind, until, with an effort, Martin chased it away.

“Including leaving you,” the devil concluded.

PG MM (208 genre label)

“I’m sick and tired of the nonsense claiming that to stick your cock automatically makes you superior, while who takes it is considered inferior. This is male chauvinism if I ever heard it! And it can’t be justified in any way.” Unable to keep still, he shifted position, curling on himself. “Take us for example. You’ll end up sticking it in more times than I’ll ever do it to you. Does that make me your inferior or less of a man?” He slammed a fist on the mattress enraged. “Just think if it were true, all women—I repeat all—would be inferior by default, and you know that’s bullshit.” He did not wait for Drake’s confirmation. “The truth is we’re fucking equals, men and women, you and I regardless of which position we assume in bed, of what we do and how we do it. It’s high time we stopped using sex to determine balances in social relations, or rather their unbalances. Who gives what to whom should have nothing to do with how we treat our fellow human beings.” His breath played on Drake’s face. “This basic respect is lacking in today’s relationships, whether it’s lovers, colleagues, friends—”

“Fucking-friends,” Drake retorted.


MM (347)

Drake, however, had the advantage of having guessed his lover’s need to be seduced into his climax, much like the pirate himself. A straight pumping would never do the trick with Martin. He had to drown in the velvety pleasure of a wet cavity, licked on every side, a hand forcing the sperm upward with a steady motion from the balls to the top where the mouth was ready to engulf it all. And so the pirate proceeded, tightening his hold and sucking deeper before accelerating to the inescapable come.

The dense cream filling his mouth, then dripping down his throat was the white flag the pirate sought. The cock shuddered frantically, hitting his palate several times before the tide eased. After licking every last drop, it was Drake’s turn, and he wasted no time in getting what he wanted. Raising the devil’s legs, with a single thrust he cramped the constricted backspace, not so tight considering his repeated use. The butt welcomed him immediately, wrapping seductively around the pirate’s thick shaft shoving its way to the guts. Too bad the balls could not follow or Drake would have made it all the way up. To stick his tongue in Martin’s mouth was another arousing extra, to share the taste that soon became one as their tongues twisted in a fierce knot.

Like Drake was learning, with Martin it was no effort to get trapped in his alluring magic that shut out any uncertainty, focusing only on the motion of melting in his essence. The ass squeeze increased as he rammed the narrow walls senseless. Seeking more space, he increased the beat, getting more snug and hot with every heated rub of their flesh. And if Martin’s ass seemingly expanded, it never lessened the iron clutch on both sides of the pirate’s long cock until it crunched to pieces, literally.

With a muffled groan, Drake lost it, his soul mostly, inside Martin’s derriere, stuck to the many winding twists of the tapered passageway. He just hoped that one day soon, he would be able to retrieve it.

MM (1.157 first fuck EXTASY)

“Would this qualify as my Christmas present?”

“Not entirely.” Back, Martin slipped between the sheets, pressing to him again. “What you got last night was only a…first installment.” His warm palms cuddling his twitching piece had a long experience. Never one to choose between genders, the Irishman had done his time with both, enjoying them for their differences as much as their similarities. And he was not just an expert on cocks. He loved them in whatever shape or form they came, knowing their most intimate desires and providing the comfort they needed. Like now, for instance, slipping below the covers to close his hungry mouth around the bulging head, then sliding his lips to the balls and sucking it practically to the throat. The swallowing effect drove Drake crazy, which had also been his undoing in his parents’ house on Lake Lanier.

Unusual, completely unexpected and unprecedented to come so quickly and without any restraint in a stranger’s mouth, for such had been Martin at the time. Women rarely, if ever, had the privilege to drink his sperm. They never seemed to hit the right spot on his sophisticated dick that did not surrender easily to a vigorous lapping, however practiced the tongue. But Martin had set a different standard from the start, bypassing all Drake’s mechanisms and sucked him dry the first time around. Now it seemed no different.

Swinging his hips forward, he made Martin take more, past the tongue’s blocking to reach the plunge, if a tight curl had not stopped him. Just a temporary setback, though, to allow for a gulp of air before the cheeks pressed again on all sides, while the hands took firmer control of the situation. God, he had a wonderful touch. Strong, forceful yet not hurried, it adapted to the pirate’s rhythm until it was too late to contain the tide. Holding the blond head to screw it deeper, Drake shoved one last time and everything spilled out, soul included, in the warm cavity opening wider to receive it all.

Evidently unsatisfied, Martin did not let go of his prize, which explained why it did not go limp, remaining stiff and ready for more action. Despite their limited sexual activity, the pirate already knew how insatiable the devil was and how irresistible his urgings were. And it could definitely become a problem. Already Drake could not get enough of him, whether down his throat or up his ass, Martin’s mastery over his dick was something unique and seldom experienced before, like coming with a blowjob. To Martin, cocks had no secrets, none he had not discovered and put to good use, with the pirate in particular, judging from the healthy erection rising so fast after an explosive climax.

“Just love them when they’re hard.” Coming out from underneath the covers, the devil kept jerking him.

“So they can stick better in your ass.” Chuckling, Drake toppled him, pressing his stomach down on the mattress.

“Can’t wait to get it as a matter of fact.” Raising his behind, the blond Irishman captured the tip of the erection in his cleft.

“Just open wide,” Drake teased, poking the tight entrance. Knowing Martin, he would not need too much of a preparation, his ass always ready to receive thick pieces. The bulging head was drenched enough anyway, to have no problems breaking through and sliding up the cramped passageway Mother Nature provided.

Hell! Simply fucking delicious. The back end was Drake’s favorite also with women, so at least that had not required too many adjustments. Maybe what he still had to figure out was how to handle life with a man, a prospect he really did not feel ready to face. Martin did not seem to have much experience in that department either, considering he was coming from a failed marriage.

“Fuck! You sure know how to screw an ass.” Moving seductively beneath him, Martin raised his hips to get more inside, something Drake had no trouble delivering. “And to think I had to wait an entire month to get it.”

“Not many resist you, eh, Devil?” It was not a question, merely a statement. Martin’s allure was undeniable. Drake, too, had been fascinated upon first seeing him, but it could have ended there had that disturbing feeling not kicked in to change everything forever.

“No, Pirate, practically no one resisted in my entire life.” Swinging faster, he accelerated the tempo. “Particularly not after one of my great blowjobs ever.”

“So I’m a little slow.” Long hair brushing Martin’s shoulders, Drake went along, stepping up the shoves to ram the narrow hole to a pulp.

There was a moment’s silence on Martin’s part that Drake used to penetrate to his balls and pump with greater force. Then the blond Irishman moved in such a way the pirate had to pull back and allow him more leeway. When it became clear the man wanted to change position, Drake reluctantly left the snug confinement for the time it took Martin to lie on his back. After the change, it was only a matter of seconds to slam back in his ass, legs cradled to Drake’s chest.

“No, Pirate, you’re anything but slow.” Now the devil caught his face between his palms. “Your only problem is that you’re scared shitless.”

And he was right, too. “Oh, come off it!” Shoving harder on purpose, Drake tried not to think of it. “No way am I going to be scared of a great ass like yours.” Maybe humor worked better. And fucking was having its results, too. The deeper he sank, the more pressing his need to come again and forget about everything.

“You know what I mean.” Arching his back, Martin brought the dick all the way inside with a suddenness that cut off Drake’s breath…or rather the little still left after the devil pulled him down for an avid kiss, which blew the pirate’s mind to outer space.

Martin’s tongue pushed down his throat, wrapping around his when it did not have to battle it for supremacy. An exciting addition for sure and had Drake’s shaft not been stuck in Martin’s butt, it might not have had any consequences. Instead, the two effects combined the second the ass squeeze became irresistible, the fleshy walls cramming it on every side. On top of it, his pounding was jerking off Martin’s dick, caught between their bellies, until everything spiraled to the point he felt the wetness on his stomach before he realized the devil was coming. So he let it go, plunging with a muffled groan into Martin and bursting.

“You’ll see how much better it can get once you accept it, too.” Martin’s voice breathed in his ear as he cuddled his head to his chest.

Right! He had almost forgotten the goddamn catch.

“Our connection, I mean.”

He was his fucking soul-mate, for Christ’s sake, and there seemed no way around it either.

MMF (710 blowjob + double cunt lick)

The second they stepped through the front door, Tipsy attacked both cocks, unzipping their pants to free them immediately, attempting to taste them at once. Sadly, she had just one mouth, thus had to settle for one at a time. In any case, two were simply too many for her small cavity, however willing the woman was. No, no way two huge pieces like his and Martin’s could fit together, so she swallowed first one, then the other. But she was a pro nonetheless. If her head bobbed between the two erections, her hands entertained the one in the cold with decisive slides on the thick stem.

Yes, they were hard, both of them. For Drake, the arousal was more of Martin’s doing. The way the devil kept his ironic gaze fixed on him alone throughout the entire blowjob turned the pirate’s cock to stone, literally. And instead of enjoying the expert sucking, he craved to be alone with Martin.

Not her fault, of course. She was good, drawing his dick to her throat and making it linger long enough to give the illusion of a plunge. Her tongue also worked effectively to lap him lavishly on all sides, sometimes curling so tight around his bulging head he wished she would never let it go. The forceful jerk helped immensely, too. No, he had no complaints there either. Still she could not cut it, not for his demanding shaft that rarely surrendered to an oral job, however capable. Nor did he want to remember Martin was the exception he had never expected to encounter. Damn! Enough of him! “You’re great at this, honey,” he lied, picking her up. “But you’re just making me want more.”

“Impatient, Pirate?” The smirk on Martin’s face told Drake the devil somehow saw through his bluff.

For you, always. “Yes, I think it’s time to explore her body more.” Holding her up, Drake drowned in Martin’s eyes. “Care to help me?”

“Absolutely, Pirate.” Coming closer, he grabbed her hips from behind. “You know how I love to play with women.”

No matter what the devil’s gaze actually said, which had nothing to do with women, Drake pretended to believe his words and laid Tipsy on the table, back pressed down, legs spread wide apart. “Then let’s undress her, shall we?”

“With great pleasure.” Quick to comply, Martin stripped off her skirt and panties.

“Mmmm…she does look inviting,” Drake could not help commenting, rubbing his fingers through the intricate curls of her pubic hair.

“Delicious, I’d say.” Dropping to the floor, the devil was the first to savor her, his tongue treating her to a lavish lick that made the pirate only want to suck the flicking tongue to the hilt.

So he bent over and caught it on the rebound, before it dipped to her ass, holding it prisoner for a second. Martin did not pull it away, his kiss spiced by Tipsy’s heavy flavor that was intoxicating Drake the longer he protracted it. Then he let go to brush her clit instead.

Tipsy moaned loudly. It was not just his lapping of the tender folds or the circling of the drenched slit. It was probably the combination between him and Martin, who had gone straight for her ass, his tongue tip rimming her narrow entrance in seductive spires the pirate was sure she would not resist much further. His eyes glued to the devil’s arousing pampering, Drake increased with a finger play that tried to penetrate in spite of Martin’s blocking the way. Not a problem, though. The devil was quick to make the tiny opening available, gliding upward to intercept his tongue again and swallow it.

No, there could not be a better game than this. Mixing scents with a woman while drowning in Martin seemed unsurpassed, not even by the steady drill in her butt. Then it was not just his fingers, but Martin’s, too, giving their own forceful push to the game. And in her cunt, they were both having a grand time of it, licking her in between passionate kisses and shoves. Goddamn, this is too fucking much!

“All right.” Reluctantly pulling away, Drake picked up Tipsy and cradled her to his chest. “Come on, Devil. Help me fuck her.”

MMF (827 double penetration)

“What is your choice, Pirate?”

“I’ll take her cunt for now.” After handing her to Martin, he was free to remove his shoes, trousers and underwear, then went half-naked to the couch. “But I’ll want her ass eventually.”

“All right, we’ll share. No problem.”

“As long as you both hurry up.” The real anxious one was Tipsy, thrashing in Martin’s arms to get to a cock, whichever one probably made no difference. She had them both at her disposal anyway—one under her after the devil had reached the couch, the other pressing against her ass.

“Not to worry, you’ll get it.” One hand playing with her trap, Drake noticed how wet her trap had become. And Martin used it to drench her ass hole, too, slithering his fingers from one to the other.

“Here you go.” Grinning, the devil screwed her on the pirate’s erection, pushing down her hips for deeper penetration.

She was fucking wet all over. Drake sank in the sticky fluid literally dripping from her slit. She swayed, evidently to feel him, and Drake filled her completely. But his eyes were glued on Martin covering his erection and getting ready to take her ass. To facilitate him, the pirate pulled her back against his chest and spread her buttocks wide.

“Want to guide it through, too?” Ironic, the Irish accent challenged.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Drake retorted, taking the swollen dick, hitting the tiny entrance. To his consolation, the devil barely stood the tension himself, their game obviously as devastating on him as it was proving to be on Drake. Still he broke through the constricted opening and occupied the cramped flesh with a few thrusts.

Room in her pussy suddenly became scarce. Martin’s considerable equipment in the rear narrowed the space to a minimum—to the point the pirate’s shaft stroked the other cock from the thin barrier separating them. Every time he shoved upward, he slid on the devil’s cock pulling back to get ready for a new plunge, which started the moment Drake left his snug position freer. The two rhythms synchronized effortlessly, alternating their pumping to the other’s tempo with a rapidity justified only by their taut intimacy. Their degree of closeness, not to mention the continuous erotic rub of the bulging heads together, was so damn exciting Drake was sure to lose it if things did not change. Irrationally, he wanted to save it for Martin, so he stopped. “Time to switch,” he announced before slipping out of her cunt.

Martin removed his cock, too. “One tight ass coming up.” Then grabbing Tipsy, he turned her around to face him.

“Not so tight anymore, Devil,” Drake teased planting his feet firmly to the ground as the back entrance dropped down the stem to enfold the whole of his dick.

“What can I say?” Martin drove her down to the pirate’s balls. “It was irresistible.” Then he slammed in her widespread pussy while pinning her shoulders to Drake’s chest, his head leaned on her right side.

It was the pirate’s undoing. The position required more closeness from the two men and not just of their dicks. Now the devil was just a kiss away. No barriers prevented Drake from capturing his thin lips or mouth, for that matter. Their coordinated beats brought them face to face every time one shoved while the other slid outward. Simply unbearable! He wanted Martin with an intensity that suffocated his very breath and no amount of ass, however cramped like Tipsy’s, helped to get rid of the yearning. Then again, it was all the more arousing to know they could not indulge in themselves, not with Tipsy, a person Martin had to work with, like it or not.

It had been different the other time with Jo Jo. One of the devil’s many lays, she knew all about his tastes. With Tipsy, instead, the unspoken rule was to play a hetero game, two straight men fucking a woman, nothing more. And though Martin had never spelled it out, Drake knew he had to restrain himself, avoid stepping beyond the dangerous boundary, which would not keep him from spilling his guts in her ass if—

A cell rang somewhere. At first, Drake did not connect it with them. The second insistent thrill, though, could not be ignored, so he discovered it was Tipsy’s by the way she scrambled away from the two cocks.

“Hello?” She listened in for a second. “Oh, honey, it’s you.” She glanced around the room nervously as if afraid he was standing right there. “I told you I’d be working late.” Another brief pause before the next lie slipped out. “Yeah, I’m about done here, and I’ll be coming home shortly.” Again, she cocked her head to check the right-hand side. “Yeah, I’ll be careful. Don’t worry. See you in a little while.” Then she snapped the cell shut. “What is the fastest way out of here?”

MMM (534)

“Hey, I could’ve saved myself the trouble of rushing home.” Martin’s ironic chuckle interrupted the action as he came through the front door.

“Martin, finally!” Eric wriggled to get away, but Drake’s forceful hold prevented any unwarranted moves.

“What the hell took you so long?” Drake slammed harder to split the constricted space in half. “I was just keeping him warm for you.”

“I bet you were, Pirate.” Still grinning, Martin watched the steady pumping of Eric’s ass. “So I might as well take advantage of it.”

“Not in this position you can’t.” Pulling out of the snug hole, Drake whirled the young man around before forcing him down to the floor. “But we can arrange something.” He got up to take a place behind Eric’s butt.

Understanding the drift, Martin plopped on the seat Drake had just freed, with the pirate making room by yanking Eric’s hair to pull up his head. Then they continued to coordinate their priorities, with Drake shoving in Eric’s ass while still holding on to the hair to allow Martin to take out his growing piece. Once it emerged from his pants, the pirate poised Eric’s face on it, aiming for a sudden intake that was sure to make the devil gasp in pleasure.

And Martin did, throwing back his head and lifting his hips to gag Eric with what was fast becoming huge. It was just too exciting to watch, particularly with Eric flinging back his ass at the force of the swallow. Grinding against Drake’s shaft, he screwed it all the way in until the pirate was literally in his guts and about to lose it entirely.

“Don’t you dare come, Pirate.” The Irish tone had a vague threatening note Drake found most exciting. “Not in his ass.”

Raising his gaze, Drake crossed the fiery green eyes trained on him. As with the woman, it took no effort on Martin’s part to turn the young man kneeling between them into a mere object of their game, a go-between whose only purpose was to heighten their play and turn it into pure explosive bliss.

“I’m the only one entitled to drink you,” the devil added as he, too, pinned Eric’s head to his cock.

The shock of having Martin’s warm palm pressing his made Drake’s dick throb with the need to come. But he had to resist. Untangling his hand, he focused on ramming the sweet derriere opening up to his merciless attack. There were no obstacles to plunging to the hilt in several sweeping thrusts that could have easily come out of Eric’s throat, were it not too busy blowing Martin’s demanding piece. And the devil appreciated it beyond words, his satisfaction evident from the hips surging upward to plant the bulging crown deep down.

Yet their eyes never wavered, their gazes locked on each other in a silent challenge. If resistance was the key, the pirate did not think he could win, his senses melting too fast to deter the hard ball of fire in its rush from his balls up to the tip of the erection. But as usual with the devil, things happened too fast to give them any sort of rational order.

MM (1.150 WEBSITE)

“Just your bad luck this Christmas no one brought anybody along except for me.”

“I doubt the result would’ve changed. They were all hooked on your soul-mate thing…” Which I still find hard to fathom, much less digest.

“All right.” Evidently reading his perplexities, Martin raised his shoulders. “Listen—”

“No, you listen to me.” Unable to avoid the cold tone, Drake toppled the devil, crushing him to the mattress. “This is all happening too fast for me. One moment I’m driving to my parents’ house for a boring, Thanksgiving celebration. The next, a gorgeous blond tells me I’m his missing half, and that my life’s supposed to change because of it. Christ!” He pressed his weight more, the long hair falling to cover the lighter ones. “I never imagined I had a special destiny or any of that crap. In fact, I never went beyond thinking I’d find someone I liked and settle down someday. But whatever the scenario, it never included a man in the picture. Damn!” The pressure increased. “Before I met you, I never even fucked with a man, much less thought of one as a possible…mate.” Pulling back slightly, he eased the compression. “Which doesn’t mean I won’t consider it.” Gazing at the brilliant green eyes, he could not help the twist of his heart. “And I’d be lying if I said I felt nothing when we first met. There was an undeniable…” Blow to the stomach! “Spark, a bell or…something unexplainable that probably qualifies as the moment of recognition, as you call it. But for me, it’s not enough, not yet.” Too fucking near for his anger to simmer, the compelling attraction for Martin, as incomprehensible as the soul-mate warning, took control, forcing him to trace the thin lips with his tongue tip, resisting the urge to plunge inside. “All I’m asking is more time to get my prospective back and reason things out without all…” The pirate’s hand slid down to Martin’s crotch. No doubt, the extreme closeness was dangerous, judging from the hard dick slipping into his palm. “This great sex getting in the way.”

“I get it.” And he did. Drake saw it from the flash of understanding lighting the intelligent green eyes. “I won’t bring it up ever again, this soul-mate thing. In fact, when we return to the States, I won’t phone or look for you in any way. If and when you’re ready, you’ll call me.” Inching his hips forward, he intensified Drake’s hand job. “Just know I’ll always be ready for you.”

“And you’re willing to take the risk I might never call you again?” The pirate chuckled wanting to provoke him. “You might lose me forever—”

“The way things look now, I’m already losing you.” Martin shrugged. “And insisting on something you can’t grasp is only going to make it easier for you to run away. So what would be the point?” His cock, now huge, stiffened to command more attention. “I’d rather we stayed…friends…”

“With or without the sex?” Obediently, Drake tightened the hold to jerk the stem more forcefully.

“It’s not required, but it’s certainly preferred.” Martin’s dick twitched in agreement.

“Mmm…so just friends from now on, no, make that—fucking-friends.”

“More or less.” The devil grinned, pushing the pirate’s head on the tip of the erection.

“Then, my fucking-friend, you’ve got yourself a deal.”

There was no point in more talk. Drake’s mouth closed on the bulging head in an effort to swallow it whole. Not his department, of course. Banging a man was a novelty he still had to master. Fantasizing about it in the past had been rare and always associated with a woman, never picturing himself going all the way with a man alone. Yet Martin made it easy, at least as far as sex went, to plunge into a vortex of new sensations as exciting as being with a woman. Maybe it was a matter of surrender, not a given between two men, which turned it into a passionate game for domination where the play became an end in itself. And drawing the rigid piece to his throat, or at least trying, was certainly part of it.

The dick had a mind of its own anyway, shoving to choke him while attempting to dig deeper. So if his tongue and cheeks failed to thwart him, it would get its wish, already forcing Drake to pull back a couple of times for a coughing spell. Still he did not mind it, too taken by the challenge to satisfy the demanding piece. Not that he was sure to succeed. Martin was a pro in both the giving and the taking, probably used to better pampering than his own.

Drake, however, had the advantage of having guessed his lover’s need to be seduced into his climax, much like the pirate himself. A straight pumping would never do the trick with Martin. He had to drown in the velvety pleasure of a wet cavity, licked on every side, a hand forcing the sperm upward with a steady motion from the balls to the top where the mouth was ready to engulf it all. And so the pirate proceeded, tightening his hold and sucking deeper before accelerating to the inescapable come.

The dense cream filling his mouth, then dripping down his throat was the white flag the pirate sought. The cock shuddered frantically, hitting his palate several times before the tide eased. After licking every last drop, it was Drake’s turn, and he wasted no time in getting what he wanted. Raising the devil’s legs, with a single thrust he cramped the constricted backspace, not so tight considering his repeated use. The butt welcomed him immediately, wrapping seductively around the pirate’s thick shaft shoving its way to the guts. Too bad the balls could not follow or Drake would have made it all the way up. To stick his tongue in Martin’s mouth was another arousing extra, to share the taste that soon became one as their tongues twisted in a fierce knot.

Like Drake was learning, with Martin it was no effort to get trapped in his alluring magic that shut out any uncertainty, focusing only on the motion of melting in his essence. The ass squeeze increased as he rammed the narrow walls senseless. Seeking more space, he increased the beat, getting more snug and hot with every heated rub of their flesh. And if Martin’s ass seemingly expanded, it never lessened the iron clutch on both sides of the pirate’s long cock until it crunched to pieces, literally.

With a muffled groan, Drake lost it, his soul mostly, inside Martin’s derriere, stuck to the many winding twists of the tapered passageway. He just hoped that one day soon, he would be able to retrieve it.

MMM (225 truck driver)

Together, the two erections took turns to fill his mouth completely, pretending also a hand job whenever left out in the cold. Choking was also part of the deal, so Martin gagged on both, having a hard time controlling their urge to plunge to his stomach. Then again, they liked it rough, so he doubled his efforts to satisfy them with hard sucks he hoped would replace an impossible swallow.

“Your friend is good.” Sticking past the palate, Joe swung his hips forward.

“You gotta try his ass, too.”

“Are you his master?”

“Me?” Pulling away, Drake went to Martin’s backside and stripped his buttocks naked, reaching from behind to grab the hard shaft just freed. “No, I’m his slave.”

At the words, Martin’s cock twitched with a wave of sheer pleasure he feared would overwhelm him. Drake was unbelievable! Turning the tables on him unexpectedly, switching their roles, which made for a damn seductive game.

“’Cause he’s taught me all I need to know about fucking men.” Pushing Martin’s back down, he jammed two fingers inside the narrow hole before nudging it with the tip of his erection.

Suddenly, it was like Martin had always imagined it. As Drake shoved his thick dick, his perceptions shifted. It was just the two of them, the third one simply there for the show.

“Including the finer pointers.”

MM (581 can you handle it? Toilet)

“I knew you couldn’t handle it.” The Irish accent sounded very ironic. “The worst thing is…neither can I.” Coming up behind him, Martin’s arms circled his waist, crushing their bodies together before his warm palms slipped down to free the beginning of a formidable erection.

At the bare clutch, Drake gasped in pleasure, which was nothing compared to the wet mouth that soon replaced the mere touch. After a quick spin around, it was a matter of instants for Martin to bend over and draw the cock all the way to the throat in a single intake. No questions about it. “I fucking missed you.”

“Me or my mouth?” Pulling back slightly, the devil grinned mischievously.

“Both…” Pressuring the devil’s shoulders, Drake waited for him to be on his knees before returning the blond head to its task. Drowned in the slippery sensations enveloping his stiff piece on all sides, he had almost forgotten how good Martin was with his nimble mouth, capable of taking him whole in one lengthy suck, swallowed to the hilt. And the tongue playing on the bulging head drove him crazy, to say the least. Curled tightly around the swollen crown, it partly prevented suffocation, mostly increased the pirate’s bliss by stroking right where he liked it. “And more.” Despite the urge to explode in Martin’s cavity, Drake craved to make the most of the limited time at their disposal, the restroom being a public place after all where anybody might walk in at any moment. Grabbing his shoulders, the pirate pulled him up and crushed his lithe frame to a mirror wall.

“So you missed my ass, too.” Chuckling softly, the devil helped him slide down both pants and briefs.

“Immensely.” Not just the ass, its reactions mostly, the way Martin moved to screw him all inside the second the hard tip nudged the narrow entrance. Like with the mouth, he strove to take it all in one single sweep, however impossible that proved to be. This space needed the pirate’s seductive maneuvers to concede territory in spite of the devil’s vigorous throwbacks. Whatever the effort, though, it was well worth it. The erection slid slowly but surely, an inch at a time until it was planted firmly in the tight behind, enlarged for the occasion.

Drake could not believe he had lived without it for so long. It was not just being in Martin’s butt, which felt delightful like coming home. It was being pressed to him, smelling his unique scent and having the elegant, cat-like body digging into his. The devil’s rigid shaft was also arousing him beyond anything he expected. His palm was quick to grab it before Martin did. What he most wanted was to control the Irish beauty completely, to reaffirm their connection in a way neither would forget. And pumping his ass while jerking his dick seemed like the fastest way to do it.

Martin groaned, and Drake nibbled his ear. “At least I wasn’t the only miserable one.”

“Fuck you, Pirate!” Thrusting back and bending down further, the devil sucked Drake’s shaft in its forward shoves. “Why didn’t you call me sooner?”

“I don’t know.” Yes, why didn’t I? It was too complicated to explain, particularly now that his cock was about to bust in the cramped space holding it captive. “But it’s a mistake I won’t repeat.”

MM (912 lube)

Grabbing his hand, Martin dragged him to the bed, impatiently stripping him naked. “Will you let me have you, Pirate?” After the seductive whisper, he pulled back to take in his beautiful body, partly covered by the long hair, an irresistible temptation of itself. The long, muscular legs and narrow waist leading up to a broad chest, sustained round, firm buttocks Martin longed to possess.

“Are you sure you can take me?” The black eyes twinkled mischievously as the pirate reached for him. Returning the favor, he stripped Martin naked before clutching with warm palms what was unbearably stone-like. “Or do I need to make sure you’re up to it?”

“I’d say you better check.” Pushing on his shoulders, Martin made him fall on his knees. His cock twitching impatiently, he could not avoid the groan at the wet cavity’s intake. “Take it all, Pirate, and make it fast, ‘cause I can’t wait to stick it in your ass.” Pressing his hands in the sensual hair, Martin made sure Drake did what he was ordered, pushing his hips at the same time to reach complete depth in one stride.

Not that the pirate could hold the position for long. Letting go seemed a better alternative than suffocating him, which would have been deplorable on his ass-fuck plans. But the cough did not move him to either pity or mercy. Once it subsided, Martin grabbed Drake’s head to force his thick equipment down his throat again. “Have I told you that you’re getting better at this?”

A gagging gurgle, then a gasp followed by another bout of coughing. “I suppose that’s why you’re trying to choke me.”

“Makes for a better learning experience.”

“I thought you had one planned for my ass.”

“All in due time.” Chuckling softly, he pushed Drake back to his oral duties, holding his head and shoving through, fucking his mouth like he would an ass or a cunt. “Don’t be so impatient.” But his cock had tightened so painfully at the reminder he could not postpone it.

“Damn!” Stopping his rhythmical pumping, Martin pulled away. “You’re getting too good at this. Not fair the student should eclipse his teacher.”

“I guess I know what the punishment will be.”

“And you sorely deserve one.” Extremely turned on, he was about to push Drake belly down on the bed when the pirate stopped him.

“No, take me up front. I want to see your face when you sink into me.”

“Up front?” The mere prospect almost made him come there and then. “Pirate, I’m not sure it’s the right position for you. I mean it’s not like you’ve been doing it long.” God knew, his first and so far only time had been the most arousing experience in Martin’s life, but they had not pursued it.

“I’ll bear with it.” Inexorable, Drake lay down on his back.

“Have it your way.” I just hope I make it inside your ass before I lose it all.

First, though, his soul-mate needed to be wet, very wet. “Get me the lube.” Martin gestured at the flagon on the floor, next to the right nightstand.

“Is this how you’re going to make it hurt less?” Teasingly, Drake reached over to grab it, then handed it to Martin.

“Just wait and enjoy.” After squirting a large dose of the transparent gel on one palm, he returned the flask to Drake. While rubbing his hands to drench them, he remembered he had learned of this trick, the wet hand-job, during one of his trips to Asia, to Bangkok if he recalled correctly, still reeling from it as immediately after the trained prostitute had finished with him. Impossible for a man, any man, to resist. Even for the most endurable of them, the slow slide he began on the pirate’s stem with a touch as light as a feather and as moist as a waterfall. The two effects combined worked like a charm on a man’s dick, making it stand stiffer than a marble cave in Carrara. It was the wanting more that drove him rabid with the frenzy to have more while getting less, only the merest brush, which turned it into the most exciting game Martin knew. So despite the pirate’s obvious efforts for a firmer jerking, Martin kept it light on purpose, wanting Drake to die from sheer longing.

Well, he nearly got his wish. Frantic, Drake pushed up and down, thrashing under every breeze caressing his cock, until Martin almost felt sorry for him. “Poor Pirate, getting frustrated?”

“Stop torturing me and do something.” Drake growled. “Anything.” Now it was more of a plea. “Please.” Yes, definitely groveling this time.

“Oh, I will. Don’t worry.” Hands circling the balls, his fingers slipped down to the narrow entrance. “I’ll have your ass, remember?”

“Then take it now!”

“Impatient pirate.” Chuckling softly, Martin teased the tiny hole opening up to his fingers’ probing. “I’m the master now, so I’ll do it on my own time.” Bending over, Martin licked his lube-flavored cock, a cruel and unnecessary addition before reaching between the legs for the narrow hole he, more than Drake, was dying to enlarge. Spreading his legs, the pirate allowed him more space for the rimming, which drenched the tight entrance inside and out. Testing it with his fingers, Martin noticed that, unlike the previous time, Drake gave in immediately to his pressure. “Didn’t know you wanted it so bad.”

“Just stick it in.”

MM (500 Martin POV birthday invitation)

“But if this speech doesn’t work, I’m prepared to do anything to have you at my parents’ house the end of November.”


“Anything.” Bending over, he gobbled the thick dick in one gulp.

He was getting to love it, this rigid stem shoving its way past the palate while going for the throat. True, his tongue was learning to deal with it, curling tightly around the bulging head to prevent sudden lurches aimed at gagging him, though it often slipped from his control. So he accepted the inevitable coughing spells as part of the game. In fact, he got aroused more because Martin tried to force him to suck harder than because he lapped the rigid piece from top to bottom, balls included. And knowing it was destined for his ass—for sure the devil would not pass up this opportunity—turned his own shaft into stone.

No, he had no problems with it anymore. Everything was fair game in bed, like Martin claimed, and battling on who got the top and who the bottom made it all the more arousing than Drake ever imagined. And if the pirate still played hard to get, he did it on purpose, to increase both their anticipations the moment he surrendered.

Understanding Drake’s rules instinctively, the devil flipped him over. “Then today I’ll give you the ramming of your life.” Without bothering to wait for a sign of readiness, he shoved the narrow entrance with a powerful thrust that enlarged it all at once. “And no coming until I say so.”

Well, there was no risk of it at the moment. The penetration was a bit more forceful than Drake expected. It took him a vigorous cock jerk, not to mention the better part of the initial pumping to get past the dull ache in his butt. Once gone, though, the pressure became irresistible.

“I said no coming.” Pulling out, Martin dragged him to a wall, making him lean with his back bent. Then spreading the buttocks apart, he took possession of the ass again.

Needless to say, the despicable devil kept his promise. Dancing around the room, Drake had to bend, go on all fours, lie on his back, lie on his stomach, roll on a side to let Martin’s cock hammer the tender hole at its own terms. He could neither complain nor say anything, simply let him have his way in filling the cramped space craving for more.

If it were not enough, the heated rub, of the fleshy walls on the whole length of Martin’s erection, planted to the hilt, was driving the come from the balls straight up the tip of the fat crown. It was no use to avoid touching his dick. The tide was too strong and was about to spill, Martin’s order notwithstanding.

“Fuck you, Pirate, for being so damn irresistible.” Twisting, he grabbed the pirate’s shaft. “And I can’t help falling for you, harder and deeper each time.”

MM (367 plane toilet)

Another kiss was in order, this one hotter than the one before. Then again, he had missed him so fucking much he could not believe a month had passed since the last time they had sex. Now being so close to the most arousing man he knew was bound to have its side effects. And they were devastating, to say the least, if all he could think about was having Drake inside him.

So as soon as the plane took off, he dragged the pirate to the toilet. Not something they were supposed to do, but flying first class gave a few extra advantages to justify its outrageous price. And slipping in together while flight attendants were busy fetching passengers a mid-afternoon snack was one of them.

In the cramped space, there was no room to move around, only one position possible. They also did not have much time. The plane was to land in Washington DC in just a mere hour, which left Martin barely enough time to scrunch against the hull and let Drake take care of the rest.

Pulling down pants and underwear to his ankles, the pirate did not resist a lavish ass lick, not too long, thorough nonetheless. Rimming the tight entrance with drenched circles, Drake’s tongue dipped only to wet Martin’s appetite for a hard slam, which came soon enough. After a quick nudge, the thick dick penetrated to the hilt. In a series of shoves, it adjusted its position to fill Martin’s cramped space to satisfaction, then began a steady ramming that went deep inside.

Oh, fuck! No, he did not say it, lest his voice attracted someone’s attention. But it was hard to keep his mouth shut, dying as he was under Drake’s expert ass fuck. The heat increasing with the tempo as their flesh rubbed faster together, Martin felt it all and wanted more. Swinging back his rear, he tried to swallow the balls, too, an impossible task however capable the pirate was in interpreting his needs. Like that of a burning point at the tip of his erection, now craving only to burst in the sheer pleasure of sensing the connection that went far beyond skin level.


The story picks up from where To Seduce A Soul Mate left off, with Martin and Drake, the devil and the pirate, going to Ireland to celebrate Christmas with Martin’s family. The story had started the Thanksgiving before, with Martin and Drake meeting at Drake’s parents and for both a bell had rung when their eyes first crossed. If for Martin it meant he had finally found his soul-mate, for Drake it was just a disturbing sensation more akin to sexual attraction. However little Drake’s tastes ran in that direction, the attraction turned out too strong to resist, so after a month, Martin had seduced his pirate Drake into having sex with a man, something Drake had never considered as an option in his life. The sex is great, reason enough for Drake to accept Martin’s invitation, but things in Ireland are not so smooth.

Overwhelmed by Martin’s family Christmas welcome, Drake understands he’s not ready to commit to anyone, much less a man whether his soul-mate or not. Martin agrees to drop all references to the soul-mate business and on their return to the US, they’ll spend a few months apart. During this time, Drake gets transferred to a new division and starts an affair with Michelle, a new colleague. But all he can think about is Martin. No way, though, he’s going to call him, but business exigencies bring them back together. The first time they meet again, Drake learns Martin has to leave his apartment, so he offers to rent him a room in his house. Martin eventually accepts, and it’s Drake’s undoing. No, not because the devil spins Drake into a vortex of sex with men and women, but because the living together and being so close every day is something he can’t handle. But as it will turn out, neither can Martin.

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So he did it! Marin seduced me. And the sex is fantastic, blows my mind every time, no complaints there, if that thing about being his soul-mate didn’t still bug me. And to surrender…but can I do it? Don’t miss the romantic sequel ot To Seduce A Soul Mate.



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