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Prince Duncan Caldwell, Leader of the High Council

“You are the fucking sex in this goddamn world. That’s why Virtus is so damn afraid of you.” (Christopher Templeton, The Lord Virtus #8)

“It all hinged on you not on us, because you’ve always known your strongest connections would come from the start.” (Christopher Templeton, The Lord)


Lord Christopher Templeton, permanent council member for the Dartmouth District and Co-Leader of the High Council

“The demon side gives you the strength to be a better angel. It’s also the source of your intoxicating fire, the very foundation of your Virt.” (Duncan Caldwell, The Princess Virts #7)

Lady Ylianor Templeton, permanent council member for the Silcamore District and High Council Co-Leader

“She was the link to the unconscious after all, Duncan’s connection to the world beyond the merely physical, the guiding light the leader would inevitably rely on more and more as time went by.” (Christopher Templeton, The Lord Virts #8)