Most people see LinkedIn as a professionals website and they would be correct. But for some reason, many authors don’t see being an author of books as being “professional.” The truth is, whether you write as a hobby, to make a little extra money, for a living, or just because you cannot write, you’re a professional and should see yourself that way. It’s amazing to me how many authors don’t leverage LinkedIn, especially given that it’s a great way to introduce people in all walks of life to you and your books.

Here are five reasons Authors Should Consider Writing Content for LinkedIn:

1. It will help you to build your author brand. Authors that write content for LinkedIn will not only bring new readers to their books, but will help themselves to build their author brand.

2. It gives you a chance to share your expertise on particular topics. Let’s say your latest novel takes place during the American Civil War and you did a ton a of research for it. Why not take all that lovely knowledge you learned and write content for LinkedIn. This content will be attached to your author account on LinkedIn, which will drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile, as well as, your website and or blog. Once readers go there, it’s just a click more to reach your books and make some sales.

3. The more people share your content within the LinkedIn community the better your chances are for the your content going viral and driving a lot of traffic to your website, blog and LinkedIn profile. The more shares the more
likely your content will be shared globally.

Hey, you’re a writer. Why not use all that research, expertise and know-how to bolster your author brand? Or make more book sales? Or just generally become better well known? Even the occasional 400-word article is enough to do all of this, so consider writing content for LinkedIn today and help yourself build your author brand!

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