Are you wondering what exercise has to do with authors? More than you think! While the benefits of regular workouts are obvious to most of us, weight loss, endorphins that make us happy, more energy and many more, but there are some specific benefits that help authors who include regular exercise in their day.
Here are five benefits of exercise for authors:
1. If you write after your workout, you will be at your creative peak. This is scientific fact.
2. Regular workouts make you the writer into a better thinker.
3. Many writers including some famous ones such as the poet William Wordsworth have discovered that when they are moving they are at their most creative.
4. Regularly exercising before working on your writing will clear out all the non-important stuff there is in your brain. And if you go for a walk or run with the intention of thinking about your writing in most cases, you will come back with what you need to get started and to write well.
5. There is a protein in the brain only activated when you are exercising hard, it’s the BDNF and it makes your neurons healthier, and you a better thinker.
If these benefits aren’t enough to convince you that if you’re a writer you need to get up out of your chair and go for a run, or to the gym or take a walk, or get on your bike then I don’t know what will! Even thirty minutes of exercise a day will help!