The concpt of Spiritualism is that there is a spirit world, and that humans have the ability to communicate with that world and its inhabitants. Spiritualism has been around for a very long time, though it didn’t always have that name. Cultures around the world believe in the spirit world and that some individuals have the ability to communicate with it. All you have to do is look at the many indigenous cultures around the world in Africa, the Americas, Lapland and even pre-history in Western Europe and you will find psychics, mediums and medicine people performing this role in their individual societies. The Greeks consulted oracles, and the Romans had their own version by practicing divination, using augury (a sign of what will happen in the future). Also, according to many, Jesus was a psychic and medium, and mediumship was practiced in the early Christian church until 4th century Council of Nicaea put a stop to it. At that point, society considered mediums “false prophets.” There are different versions of how modern Spiritualism began, but most sources agree that it started in 1848 with the Fox sisters, daughters of a rural blacksmith in upstate New York.
The Fox sisters claimed that their home was haunted and that they were able to communicate with the spirit through bumps and taps on the walls. It wasn’t long before the publicity generated by the Fox sister’s claims led to the mainstream acceptance of mediumship. Five years after the Fox sisters made their claim, there were twenty-six spiritualist churches in Massachusetts alone. In 1890, an organization pull all the different Spiritualist churches together called the Spiritualists’ National Federation. This helped to allow the concepts created by the Fox sisters to spread and grow both nationally in the United States and worldwide.
While there are those who consider the practice of Spiritualism unchristian, and even atheistic, modern Spiritualists maintain that they recognize Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and others as spiritual leaders.
Spiritualism still exists today as a religion, though not all mediums consider themselves Spiritualists, or even part of the Spiritualist church. As with many things this is individual to the person, and like with most people mediums exist among all cultures, religions and in all countries.
Bottom line, though, is that everyone has his or her own spiritual beliefs, whether they belong to recognizable form of cult, like Catholicism, Judaism or Islamism, while others tend to be more personal about their beliefs. As for me, I am a very spiritual person, though nothing you could trace to any one particular religion. It’s more of a mix taken here and there, much from Hinduism and Christianity, which encompasses bits and pieces here and there until I found a dimension that’s all my own. Same dimension I often put in my books, in the twists where destiny and reincarnation play such heavy roles it’s difficult to miss them. I’m talking about books like Divinitas, the ReScue Series and the Soulmate Series, of course. But would you be surprised to find them in my erotic dark fantasy series, the Virtus Saga?
Knowing me, you probably wouldn’t LOL
It oozes out of the passionate and unending love between Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton. A feeling so strong, it dates back to their first meeting, already laced with all the spiritual connotations that influence all 8 of my Virtus Saga books. In Ylianor’s own words:

Time stood still while the two boys stared at one another bewitched. What went through their minds, Ylianor could only guess from her fertile imagination, which was enough to shatter her inside. Like a punch in the stomach, this awareness broke her into so many pieces she could never hope to put them all back together. In the space of that one look, it was like they recognized one another. No, worse, like they belonged to one another, destined to be together somehow, as if there was a prior connection between them forged in some unknown and very distant lifetime.
Then Duncan smiled at the little boy riding up the hill, and a million lights exploded everywhere. So bright and fiery, they blinded Ylianor and forced her to close her eyes.
Lord Arthur Fairchild’s words also leave no room for doubt, particularly since he’s the Leader of the High Council:

“Dear Prince Caldwell, you chose Christopher Templeton long before you were born, before being aware of all this energy business as you call it. You two connected in a time long forgotten to share many lifetimes together, and it was always a free choice on both sides.”
And what’s more, this spiritualism inevitably laces my three characters’ sex. So here’s a brief erotic excerpt straight out of my edits for the upcoming release of The Sex, Virtus Saga Book 1.
“I didn’t expect to come so soon.” Chris did not release Ylianor until she had licked clean every side of his still rigid piece.
“I did.” And now he could have his share, too. “‘Cause in spite of what you think, this slave is getting to be pretty good at this.”
“Just passable.” Of course, his angel would disagree. “Nothing more.”
“Sure, tell that to her ass.” Picking up Ylianor, Prince Caldwell carried her to the bed. Which is just as delicious as your mouth, Princess. Knowing how Chris would want to play it now, he sprawled her back down across the mattress.
“That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing.” Entering the room, Chris took place at her feet.
“And I suppose it won’t take you much longer than it did before.” No, there was something about her that got to Chris in a way few other people did, and for Duncan watching from the outside, it was one of the most erotic things of late.
“Only if she’s particularly tight.” Lifting up her legs, he spread them in the air and adjusted the narrow entrance right in front of the tip of his erection. “Which she probably isn’t, ‘cause she’s too wet.”
Glancing upward, Duncan noticed the heavy honeydew lining her slit. Talk about wet! She was dripping and hammering with such hunger she would probably come the second Chris stuck his equipment inside.
No, Master. Her husky voice in his head thickened his cock into a marble slab. Even less than that.
Shut up, Princes. Suppressing a laugh, he straddled her face. And suck. Shoving, he impaled his twitching shaft deep to her throat.
Pure delight, her velvety moistness drove him crazy. Her mouth yielded at each of his thrusts, opening wider as though she wanted him to reach her rear from the top.
Immediately, Master. This time, it was not only her voice. I just want to serve you best I can. Her sensations mingled with his, and he was suddenly aware of them.
What about my phase mate? Pure provocation on his part, he knew it as he sank so deep in her mouth she choked.
Oh, he has no need of my compliance to do what he does best. At her coughs, he eased his penetration to allow her to breathe. Hurt me.
And though this was an undeniable truth, she charged it with such a thrill of excitement that he had to wonder why he had brought together the only two people in the whole world who relished pain in bed.
In front of him, Chris closed her legs then shoved between her round buns, fierce and ruthless as only his angel could be.
No, she did not say it. Not even thought it, to be fair. Only the pain hitting him was a clear indication his angel had been particularly brutal in his possession.
“Still no reason to crack her ass open with one blow.” Even if Ylianor’s waves of pain were already retreating, he needed to slow down Chris’s ride, if he wanted this to last any longer.
“Sorry, lover,” the angel snickered. “Just thought it would improve its usually worthless performance.”
“If it did, you’d come the second you stuck your cock inside it.” Already, his angel was losing it, trapped as he was in that erotic hip rotation of hers.
Exactly what she did Duncan was not sure. All he knew was that, just when he thought he had given her all the cock he had, she managed to screw more of it inside, then clenched it so hard it had no choice except unload as fast as it could.
“And open her legs,” he ordered, stuffing her mouth with a couple of well-aimed plunges.
As Chris complied, Duncan leaned over and flicked his tongue on her swollen clit.
It was her undoing.
Already, she quivered under Chris’s merciless beat ramming her behind and stretching it to an unbelievable size. So strong her need to come, the prince had the sensation of a ball of fire lodged in his stomach that was about to explode. With his deep, luscious strokes that also reached the puffed lips of her starving slit, everything accelerated.
Arching her back, she slammed her butt against Chris’s crotch and gagged on Duncan’s huge equipment, all the while sucking more cock in both her ass and mouth. But what pushed her overboard was when he shoved three fingers inside her drenched pussy.
At first, she froze. Then the scream started in his head just as the convulsive swells shattered her body. So he and Chris intensified the pounding to a frenzy, which made her come more times than Duncan cared to count. He was slipping anyway, the load pressing at the tip of his erection requiring him to let it go. So he did, same as Chris spraying her rear with his repeated jets.
Next thing he knew, his plane of existence shifted, and he was beyond time and space, beyond physical reality itself. For how else to explain what he was looking at right about now?
Like empty shells, the many lifetimes he had shared with both Chris and Ylianor stared back at him. Similar yet different, with repeating patterns sometimes, all had a common thread, though he could not quite
determine what it was. All he perceived was that this particular life was a new beginning. Not a repetition,
not the end of a long journey either, this one had the express

purpose to break his chains and set him free forever.
Not just him.
Chris and Ylianor, too, since they were inextricably linked to him.
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