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10 Holiday Gifts to Give to the Writer in Your Life

Do you have a friend or family member who’s a writer? I’ll bet you’re wondering what the heck to get that person for the holidays aren’t you? Writers can be some of the most difficult people to buy for. I mean I don’t know about you, but most of my family and friends seem to think giving me an unending supply of those lined journals with flowers and or cute animals on the cover is what I want. I mean I have a drawer full of those things, and umm…hate to tell you this family and friends, but they aren’t getting used any time soon!
So, what do you give the writer in your life for Christmas? There are many more gifts that writers will appreciate than the oft-used lined journal. Here are ten ideas to get you started!
1. The latest version of Microsoft Word. Yup, you guessed it, a word processing program. This can be an expensive item for writers and most of us would just as soon use our 2007 or 2010 version than buy a new version. So, make sure they don’t have the latest version first but if not this is a great gift for …

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Masters & Slaves in #VirtusSaga

If the masters are two, the slave is always one. And she remains the same throughout the Virtus Saga.
But she’s far from a regular slave, so things aren’t always as they appear to be.
Sometimes, the slave becomes the master, and there’s nothing to do except accept it.
It’s what happens to the three main characters of the Virtus Saga, which isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. It’s the making of a trio, of two gorgeous masters and their very unique slave coming together in a way no three other people could ever.
But how did it all start? And how did it progress to the point neither Prince Duncan Caldwell nor his phase mate, Lord Christopher Templeton, can do without their slave, Ylianor Meyer?
[image:image-0]“How did you manage it?”
“Manage what?” Now thoroughly confused, Ylianor creased her forehead, hoping she could resist one second longer before the tide drowned her.
“To get in their bed…” Extremely close by now, Cecilia’s breath played on Ylianor’s face. “And in their hearts?” She made a funny face. “I’ve seen…no, make that everybody has seen how they both look at you.” Her dark eyes bore into Ylianor. “What’s your …

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7 Tips for Writing Your Author’s Bio That Help Sell Your Books

Writing your author’s bio can be one of the more stressful things about creating your author’s website and helping to build your author brand. Many authors don’t know where to start, how much to share about themselves or how to put together an author’s bio. The thing is while you want your bio to be interesting, you also want it to make potential readers look at your books. So what do you add to your author’s bio that will make readers do that and then buy your books?

Here are five tips for writing an author’s bio that will keep readers coming back for more!

1. Be professional. It’s difficult to take authors seriously when it comes to their books and their writing if they don’t seem to take themselves seriously or behave in a professional manner. So always be professional whether you choose to use first or third person when writing your author’s bio.

2. Be confident. Even if you don’t feel confident on the inside, write your bio as if you are and as if you feel that confidence daily. People tend to be more attracted to people that are confident and they’ll be more likely to buy …

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