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When I was about ten years old, my niece used to stay with me. She was three years younger and very afraid of the dark. My mother wasn’t big on ‘pandering to irrational fears’, so she wouldn’t let us have the light on.

My niece was terribly afraid of ghosts. It’s not unsurprising, given we lived in Cemetery Road and spent a lot of time playing in the graveyard. Nor was it unfounded.

Anyway, on the wall of the room we stayed in, was a plate. It was a 3D plaster wall plate, something like the one on the left.

Truthfully, it was bloody awful but my mother loved it.

Lying together, in my mother’s bed, I made up stories about a ghost called George, who got up to all kinds of humorous adventures. I don’t know if it took away her fear of the dark completely, but she always went to sleep with a smile on her face when she stayed with me. I got so bored with George by the end!

As well as my niece, my cousin who is in between the two of us in age, …

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Review by LallaGatta – Last Act In Palmyra by Lindsey Davis

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I simply adore Falco!

He's one of my favorite PIs of all times. And I've loved all of his books, but this is a notch above the others. Great great setting, the author does such fabulous job with it that I had the impression of actually being there. And since I toured the area extensively, inluding Syria the year before the war, iit wasn't easy. But she pulled it off with such vividness of details that I relived years of traveling in one book alone!

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Review by LallaGatta – Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh

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Not my kind of book.

Dull, boring, not credible but with fascinating cultural insights .

It was dull and boring, downright not credible. A man would never act as this author describes him. He would have discarded his fantasy long before Michael did and made his life with his new bride work. And the tug of war between the two characters went on for far too long, their giving and taking deeply boring after just a few scenes. If I give it a 3 stars, it's only due to the very interisting cultural aspects that left me fascinated. I loved the setting and, having grown up in Nigeria myself, it was like getting back to my roots, except that I learned a whole lot more in the process.

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