Not In The Game

Not In The Game, Deleted Scenes from The Game, Virtus Saga Plus


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To play Master, he needs a slave. And she’s his only option. But will his jealous lover tolerate it?

To play Master, he needs a slave. Too bad she's his only option. That's why his jealous lover can't stand it!

I can’t wait to start on the serious sex.

No amounts of bodies could ever replace you, Princess.

"I can't wait to start on the serious sex," is Lord Christopher Templeton's announcement at the beginning of the sex-filled marathon that is Cecilia Hurst's Game of Masters and Slaves. But when Prince Duncan Caldwell, the love of his life, admits,

"No amounts of bodies could ever replace you, Princess," he knows he's in serious trouble.

So he'll do whatever it takes to contrast the nosy witch's undue interference in a love that is his and the prince's alone.




Virtus Saga, where nothing is what it seems. Not since soul-mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled, until that fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever.




Prince Duncan Caldwell’s gaze shifted to the alcove, not surprisingly empty.

Obviously following his gaze, Cecilia’s lips curved in an ironic smile. “Since when is a slave pressing business?”

“Since she’s mine.” And Duncan’s cold tone left no doubt he meant the possession in every sense. Then he turned and hurried to reclaim what belonged to him.

Contrary to customs, Duncan bent and picked up Ylianor in his arms, carrying her to his alcove. Just holding her naked body, made his cock spin with an uncontrollable craving despite its already hot night. And he knew he could not resist the witch’s magnetic pull, so halfway through, he took possession of her mouth in a passionate kiss. She surrendered immediately, opening her lips to swallow his demanding tongue and unleash the stream of images they had already shared. Well, maybe not all, so he flooded her with pictures of his sex with Chris, still the night’s most exciting experience. Touches, smells, movements, softness, hardness, penetrations, shoves, thrusts, asses and cuts enlarged, heated flesh rubbing together, wet kisses, tongues wrapping avidly on thick masters, everything whirled together in one feeling alone. And while sensations flowed in a spiral of seductive flashes, their bodies responded to the mind’s onslaught by tensing with each frame and vigorous tongue lash.

From now on, nothing private. We’re going to play here in the open, where I can see you with my own eyes, too, agreed, Princess?

You’re the master.

Damn right I am! And I won’t touch you again, even if it kills me. Setting her down on the table, he moved away as if to enforce the decision.

No matter how much you want me?

He grinned seductively. No, no matter how much you want me. He loved to contradict, especially feeling the ferocious throbbing in her cunt. But I’ll give you to the first that comes asking.

If I like him!

Not necessarily. His lips curled in a snarl. I just realized what the object of our game is and it’s to train your body to sex alone. He leaned forward, being very careful not to touch her. No pleasure, not unless I say so. From now on, your are to service whatever playr I choose because I’ll treat you like a slave has to be treated, a mere thing men and women will use for their pleasure alone, uncaring if you feel any. I want to see how far I can take you, how much you’ll yield to sex for the sake of sex and if your senses will react like I think they will. But mostly, I can’t wait to see them fuck you until you have to beg me to make them stop!

She threw back her head defiantly. This wasn’t our agreement. You—

“Excuse me, Prince.” Cloaked like a master, a tall dark man bowed. “I’m Koren and I want that slave.” He pointed at Ylianor. “I was also thinking of bringing my slave, too…” He looked at the prince hesitantly. “Unless you’d like to join me.”

“No, thanks, she’s all yours.”

But, my prince—

It’s Master to you.

And so he was.