How the Roman world treated a woman in the depended on her status. If she was part of the upper class, or say the daughter of an Emperor then she had a bit more leeway as to the kinds of activities she could engage in. Women were educated, especially if they were high born, and boys and girls went to type of primary school where they were taught Greek, as well as, Latin.

Even if a woman was freeborn, and a citizen, she could not hold a political position, or even vote for the men she wanted to lead. However, this did not stop Roman women from influencing their world. A few examples are Helena who was an Empress and a huge force for promoting the relatively new Christian religion. Another example of a Roman woman influencing the Roman world is Fulvia who led her own army, and had coins with her image on them created and handed out. So, if you were fortunate enough to be high born, while you could not participate in the patriarchal Roman world, you could do things that influenced what happened.

In a strange twist, highborn women who had acted and created change in their world such as Fulvia and Helena had higher status than lowborn Roman men did in Roman society. So, while these freeborn men could vote and hold political office, because of the women’s station they had more status.

In Roman society, women’s value was mostly as wives and mothers. Their value in Roman society was to be either a wife or a mother. Some women worked outside the home, as evidenced by one woman who was a lamp maker, but it was rarer than you would think.

Society expected women to keep the home in order. When men returned home in the evening, the house was supposed to be in order, and clean. Highborn women had slaves for these duties, but other Roman women had to do these chores themselves daily.

In conclusion, Roman society was patriarchal by nature, and while highborn Roman women could still influence their male counterparts and often did, there were limits to what they could do. Julia, who was the daughter of the Emperor Augustus, was very outspoken and had many lovers. Her father Augustus was much more traditional and conservative and eventually he publicly denounced her.

And here’s one of my fantasies about women in Ancient Rome and their relationship to handsome centurions passing through their towns from my novella Roman Seduction, Tespassing Series Book 1.


Her quarters, at the back of the tavern, were no luxury accommodations, but for Attilio’s purposes, they were more than enough. The army trained its men to make the best even of unsatisfactory accommodations because it was often the only way to survive. The room could justly qualify as a last resort with its pile of carpets marking the sleeping area and the worn cabinet on a side holding the woman’s few possessions.

“My…you certainly are impatient tonight.” Domitilla’s hands fondled Attilio’s erection. “You should have sent your friend packing long before you did.”

“I thought I could convince him sooner.” He bit her neck, his hands freely grasping the plentiful soft flesh on her ass. “But I never lose hope on someone.”

She giggled, swaying her big body against him. “No way, Attilio. The only reason he listened to you is that he hopes you’ll invite him in your bed.”

The centurion pulled back. “Do you really think so?”

“Of course, everyone, except his father, knows of his tastes. And he was literally eating you up.”

Attilio buried his head on Domitilla’s broad chest, sinking in the soft breasts. “Didn’t notice much,” he mumbled.

“That’s because you were too busy talking as usual.” She laughed, her hands now firmly grabbing the hard cock.

“No, I was thinking of you,” he lied, pushing down on her shoulders.

Obediently, she fell to her knees, her mouth closing avidly on the thick shaft. He groaned, drowning in her warm mouth and pushing to get further inside. She held him tight, obviously using her tongue to keep from choking while sucking hungrily. When he stopped pushing, her tongue darted on the long length, licking the soft skin still enclosed in her mouth. As her hands pitched in the effort, Attilio found the combination irresistible and he moved again, unable to keep still, his aim to reach her throat. But she pulled away, taking her mouth off and leaving him in the cold.

Attilio grinned. “Hey, I’m willing to settle for something else,” he teased, pulling her to the carpets. Giggling, she took her clothes off before reaching them, her generous curves gleaming in the candle’s pale light. The centurion grabbed her from behind, squeezing the huge breasts, their size too big to fit in just one hand. His thumb and forefinger teased the swollen nipples, pinching them hard. Throwing her head back, Domitilla leaned against him to offer more flesh to his exploration, which was not long in coming. His hand ran down to the hairy mound, first testing her reaction, then taking a decisive plunge into her wet universe. She spread her legs far apart and rubbed the sensitive spot on his fingers, her ass pushing seductively directly on the demanding cock, turning it into stone.

Blinded now by passion, he pushed the waitress on the carpets, making sure she fell on her hands and knees, the plump ass wriggling in the pale light looking only more desirable. His fingers quickly found the narrow hole between the buttocks and slid forcefully inside pliant flesh, which sucked him deeper than he expected.

Satisfied, Attilio switched to bigger dimensions, pushing his cock into the yielding entrance. Two shoves and his long length filled Domitilla completely. Her flesh closed tightly on his rigidity, curling around it in a firm hold that felt blissful. Too good to stand still, the centurion slid from the narrow space only to thrust back with more satisfaction, sparking a sensual dance as the heat of their skins rubbing together grew out of proportion.

After the first moment’s hesitation, Domitilla responded to the movement, swinging back as her fingers worked frantically at the bursting clit. Her moans of pleasure reached Attilio’s ears and made him increase the tempo to a frenzied beat until everything went blank, thanks to a powerful explosion. Exhausted, he collapsed besides her, still feeling the shattering pleasure cursing through his veins.

Domitilla stretched out next to him, curling at his side. “Mmmm…thank you, Centurion. I don’t often get it so good.” She yawned noisily. “Or from such a handsome man.”