Most of us that love m/m romance, have to wonder when we read about gay Romans and other historical figures how their worlds viewed homosexuality. Well, wonder no more, because historians have a relatively good handle on how the Roman world viewed homosexuality, and it’s not exactly what you might think.

In ancient Rome, there was no stigma per se against homosexuality. But rather against males who took the more submissive role. There in fact, were no words to describe homosexuality as a lifestyle as there is today. Instead, ancient Romans paid attention to behaviors, so one either applauded or punished the behavior itself. There was a law to cover this. Called Lex Scantinia, legally penalized a Roman male of high status and or freeborn for taking a submissive role when having sex with another male. So, male homosexuality was legal, if you were a high ranking and or freeborn Roman male who enjoyed being the more submissive partner, this could cause you problems legally.

There were a few exceptions. It was perfectly acceptable for a highborn, or freeborn Roman male to have sex with a male slave, prostitute or war captive. To do so in no way took away from the man’s place in society providing he took the active role during sex play. However, in a strange play on the rules, it was punishable by death for two soldiers who had the same status to have sexual relations, even if it was consensual.

Roman society was patriarchal in the extreme in some cases, and freeborn males were taught to lead from an early age. As such, it was absolutely imperative that males took the “active” role during sex, particularly males who were freeborn, and or highborn. So, while sex with another man was okay, everyone had to know that the man in question took the active role during sex.

Even though the Lex Scantinia law existed, it could not be used against a highborn Roman, or any freeman for that matter, who committed acts of same sex rape against a slave or had forced passive sex with a male who was not a freeman. This unfortunately included male slave children. In contrast, it was punishable by death for one man who was freeborn to rape another freeborn man.

As you can see, Romans had a rather different view of homosexuality than we do today. From a historical perspective it’s interesting, though some of the practices, particularly the fact that freeborn men could have sex with male slave children with no legal penalty is disturbing.

But beyond the laws and regulations, I like to imagine that men and women in Ancient Rome, just like men and women today, have feelings and emotions that laws and regulations cannot suppress, no matter how stringent they can be. That’s why Attilio and Aurelio, the protagonists of Roman Seduction, don’t let them stand in their way of a sexually fulfilling experience.

One night, hurrying home, Aurelius thought he heard someone following him. Turning to search the darkness, he saw nothing. Unsettled, he quickened his pace, but cutting a corner, strong hands grabbed his shoulders, shoving his face to a wall.

“Well, Pullus, seems we meet again despite your reluctance.”

Feeling Attilio’s warm body pressing against him, Aurelius’s stomach caved in. “I—”

“Shut up. I’m not interested in your lies. Listen to me instead. We’re pulling out in a few days, moving to Carthage. Will you come with me?”

For a moment, Aurelius did not believe his ears.

“You heard me right, Pullus,” Attilio confirmed softly as if hearing his doubts. “I want you to join the army and come with me.”

“But you don’t want me,” Aurelius blurted out.

Attilio turned him around, this time pressing his shoulders to the wall. “I never said so.”

“You didn’t have to, Attilio. You made it more than clear that night at Vittore.”

Attilio grinned. “That was only a test, Pullus. Do you think I’d ask another man to keep me company while I fuck a slave?”

Aurelius swallowed hard. “You don’t understand, Attilio,” he said, staring straight into the mocking blue gaze. “I want you, not as a game and not as a one-time affair. But I know you’d get bored eventually of having me around so—“

“You’d rather play coward and take the easy way out?”

“I’m not a coward,” Aurelius spat hotly. “I know this will make you laugh, but ever since childhood, I’ve had the feeling I was born to meet someone special.” He lowered his gaze for a second, ashamed to admit such a private thing. “When I first saw you, I thought it might be you.” He raised his head again. “This is what scares me the most and after that night, I couldn’t pretend anymore you were just a casual acquaintance. So I avoided you…to play it safe.”

“One thing the army taught me, Pullus, is that there’s no playing it safe. Life is a never-ending challenge that calls us to battle every single day. We can act as cowards or take our responsibilities and be men.” He eased his pressure. “The choice is yours, Pullus, and I’m not going to force you into anything you don’t—”

But before he finished, Aurelius grabbed Attilio’s crotch, feeling the erection growing. With a hungry growl, he slid down the wall until his mouth was at the right height to suck the bulge, swallowing the clothes, too. Attilio freed his prize possession and Aurelius’s tongue finally lapped the bare skin on the hardening shaft. Just a few licks before pulling it to the edge of his throat, choking on the bursting head straining against the confined space.

Excited to have the man he most wanted, Aurelius’s senses spun, enflaming his body with a fiery heat that hardened his erection to stone thickness. But he would have gladly ignored it, happy to play with Attilio’s demanding cock, recognizing it as his true Master from that moment on.

Attilio had different plans. Grabbing his shoulders, he pushed his face to the wall again. The tempting, round ass stuck out and Attilio uncovered it. Aurelius bent his back to push out the ass, his legs spread apart, his buns wide open. When Attilio nudged his cock against the tight entrance, Aurelius pushed back and the thick shaft slipped easily inside.

With a groan, Aurelius closed his flesh tightly around the hot rod, sucking it to the hilt. Attilio moved, too, his forceful thrusts penetrating deeper. As their fleshes rubbed harder against one another, the centurion increased the rhythm, leading Aurelius into a sweet oblivion that exploded almost as suddenly as the powerful jet, which first hit his hand wrapped tightly around his own cock, then stained the wall before trickling to the ground.

With a satisfied look, Attilio pulled out of Aurelius. “Damn you, Pullus. I don’t usually take my lovers in the middle of the street, but you’re a hard one to resist.” He straightened his clothes, then grabbed the young man. “Come. If you stick with me, I’ll show you places you’ve only seen in your dreams,” he teased. “And you’ll meet more people than you’ve ever imagined, even the very ones you were destined to meet, I promise.” He steered him to the tavern. “So let’s get a drink and discuss about your future.”

Aurelius grinned widely. “In the army, I presume.”

“Of course, Pullus, where else?”